The Parables of The Quran #14 – Al-A’rāf 176 – The Parable of The Corrupted Scholar

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Hi I'm

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Nina Shay. banyule onging Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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watching can

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see one

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smilla Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Ali he will be.

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Our lecture for today is suited to our off verse 176 and 177. And this is a very, to be honest, scary parable. It is a parable or it is a symbol to that should send shivers down all of our spines. It is one of the harshest similitudes in the whole Koran. And our scholars when they mentioned this, you can sense the fear and the dread when they're making a shot of this symbol to and Allah subhana wa tada says what to do, I they him, never led it now who I attina tell them the story of the one whom we gave him all of our signs and miracles he had knowledge from Allah Subhana which Allah Allah blessed him with the knowledge of this as a total this from the Bani Israel fansler homina and

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rather than follow that knowledge, he turned around and abandoned all of it. In Seneca means he literally peeled off he abandoned completely and will tell you the story of who this person is for its bow who shape on once he took out the protection of knowledge once he abandoned what Allah gifted him of the knowledge of the Torah shavon followed him all the way to the end for kinda middle holloween and he caused him to be destroyed. What Oh, *, not a lot of fire now who will be her? If we had willed we could have raised this man's ranks high up Why? Because knowledge raises people's ranks. This is in the Quran eurofer Allahu Allah Dena amin, amin come while Latina amadora

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judge Allah raises the ranks of those who have a man and those who have in amongst you your phyla. If Allah had wanted, I would have raised this man high up What did the man do? What oh * not out of fire now who behalf while I can now Who? Elon rather than being raised Hi, he wanted to live permanently on this earth. Rather than doing something Noble. He wanted to come down to this earth. And that's another Elon. How What did he do? Whatever Haha, he followed all of his lusts and desires, whatever, aha, then comes the similitude one of the most harshest simple tools in the whole Quran method who who can method is California to be

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his example, is that of the dog for method hukum SLE calb. His example is that of the dog, this is the wild dog, the rabid dog, that in time in LA, he went through koalas, if you try to shoot the dog away, tell him to leave or what not. He doesn't understand. He's panting all the time with his tongue out. And if you let him be, he's still doing the same thing. He's still panting, ignoring you. Whether you try to advise whether you try it, it's all the same. The dog, the untrained dog, the wild dog, the rabid dog, he doesn't understand your commandments. So he's going to react in the same way that Allah says this is the example of those who abandoned our signs. Now, what is this

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story? And what are some of the benefits we can derive? It is said in the books of tafsir that this is one of the people of Devaney Australia during the time of Musa alayhis salaam. He was a worshipper of Allah and Abbott, he was somebody who had memorized the Torah and Allah had gifted him with special knowledge. Allah had gifted him that his dog and he also had certain skills and talents. You know, those were different generations. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Go and tell the stories of the bunnies right in because strange things happen amongst them kind of female. strange things happen. They had powers and they had talents that were now no longer privy to

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those were different generations. They had things that we don't know about. So Allah gave this man certain powers and talents. Now, the story varies what exactly it was. But basically, this person was tempted and seduced by another king, a pagan king, to join sides against Moosa and the king attempted multiple times. And initially this scholar this chef refused, because how can I be against the Prophet of Allah, but eventually the king bribed him with wealth and power and fame and women, he got all of this dunya and so he used the talents and the knowledge that Allah gave him.

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He used it for the dark side for the other side, and he caused damage to the money is through. Until finally Moosa overcame him. So this was a scholar who used his scholarship and his talents for the battle for the wrong side. And Allah subhana wa tada said, tell the story of this man, tell the story of this man, we gave him all of this, and if we wanted to his ranks would have been raised high, but he refused because he wanted this dunya he turned away from the signs of Allah, he turned his back to the religion of Allah subhana wa Tada. And what did he do? He dropped down to this earth wanting to live forever. It's a very powerful passage, you're right, that 100 out of the whatever.

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He literally is down on this earth like a dog is and he wants to live forever by following his does desires. Then Allah says this is like the example of the dog or rubella. You know, Allah created the animal kingdom. Some of the animals we respect and admire, like the lion, as brave as the lion as sharp as the Falcon, other animals, it is our fitrah. all societies consider these animals to be demeaning. The dog and the pig are universal insults in all societies, by the way, in every language and culture, you want to insult somebody, you can call them a dog and a pig. This is it's in our fitrah we don't do these animals as noble animals, and especially wild dogs and rabid dogs, which is

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what this parable is about. By the way, not all dogs are evil, by the way, Allah azza wa jal explicitly mentions in the Koran that if you train the dog, and you send him out, then you may eat of the food of that dog. That dog has special rulings and commandments. Notice, by the way, a trained dog right Allah says more I mean, you're the keylab that are more I limb the dogs that are trained they actually raise up in ranks because they have in their in even raises the dog literally no exaggeration, whereas the wild dog Allah uses and another example, the point being, how can we benefit from this, it is a dire warning to all of us who have knowledge and especially the art we

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all are scholars often protection, to not use our knowledge to service evil, and we seek Allah's refuge but this needs to be said well law he because one of the biggest fitness of our religion as a material hottub said that and in fact, there are a hadith about this as well, that the thing that I fear the most for you are ima imaams that are misguiding people. And we're going to talk about the alongside one of the ways that Islam will be destroyed is when the scholars become misguided. We seek Allah's refuge. And we see this will law he it needs to be said I'm not going to be that blunt, but you get the point here, there are odema we seek Allah's refuge. They had him and they had the

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Shahada 10 degrees, and they had all that was required, but then when they got to a level of power and position, they were seduced by powers that are there were seduced by subtlety in and by governments. And they were able to call off to these scholars by power by money by giving them titles of shift and move the and Grand Mufti and we see this rodya line with our own eyes, justifying every Balto justifying every evil. If there are protesters in the masjid, go ahead, kill them. These are high wattage, sometimes even the rulers might not even be Muslim, there might be no reason to lose. And you have heard me saying, Oh, this is hardly the only as our leader would do

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Billa these are Lama su these are. These aren't Rama sunalta and we call them scholars who have sold themselves to the highest bidder, and they're justifying all types of battle. And everybody knows this, but Subhan Allah, this is the fitna that we live in, and that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned odema from associating with dictators and and and the Salatin, he warned the scholars he said he jaquan I caution you from going to the doors of the rulers do not entertain, have friendship with those that are in power, because scholarship must be independent of rulers. It is the scholars who keep the rulers in check and not the other way around. So we seek Allah's refuge

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but we see this reality in our eyes. It wasn't just this person in Bani Israel. His name was, his name was.

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But I'm in

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a strange name, but I'm in ba. It was a strange name back then. His name was Ben. I'm in Babylon. He flipped sides from the side of Moosa to the side of the tyrannical King, and he sold his knowledge to the highest bidder. Well, Billa we have plenty of Bill Adams in our times here. We seek Allah's refuge. But so even if by the way so of course the parable is primarily to those who have literally sold their religion and flipped 180 degrees, but still, every one of us that has knowledge and all of us insha Allah have some knowledge. We should be terrified that this parable, even Paul

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Partially applies to us when we turn away from that knowledge. And we don't act upon that knowledge. And we go to this world and we follow our desires. We seek Allah's refuge, but a portion or a fraction of this might apply to us. So this is a very, very dire warning that we should try our best to implement the knowledge that we have. We don't want to be like the dog. The parable, of course, is obvious that the dog the wild dog does not benefit he acts the same way whether in front of a wise person, whether in front of a nobody, the dog is gonna pant and act wildly. So Allah is saying, This is the example of the one who used to have knowledge but now that knowledge is of no benefit to

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him. It did. There's no acting upon it. He's acting the same as if he didn't have any knowledge just like the rabid dog. We don't want to be like that brothers and sisters, whatever we learn, thank Allah for that and try our best to act upon it. And if we commit a sin never justify that sin never ever justified the sin much less change our religion to the highest bidder. This is what this parable is against. We seek Allah's refuge from ever going down that avenue shallow will continue tomorrow and there's no worker, the ganas who can serve in return TGV Shay below either shoe, Ernie era v was to be

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had by the Obama Team lagina Annie