Tafseer of Surah Maryam #08 – She came to her people with the baby in her hands

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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Shuttle dia

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Freightliner rajim Bismillah R Rahman you're walking dead to be here called Maha Camilo Koinonia Maria malapa Digitation. Very often our own Americana abou camera so why America and Machiavelli sort of Allah will have him. Indeed the tail becomes more intriguing more riveting. We concluded on verse 26, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala had informed the unit and Maria Marie has Salam, that if she has to cross paths with any human, and anybody intense, accusing her of blemish in her character, then all she needs to do is in in a derogatory Rathmann indicate to the people that I have made a vow with Allah Phelan Oakley Melia Wilma INSIA, and surely I will not speak to a soul.

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We've briefly touched on the fact that in Bani Israel, there was a type of a forest that was observed, where a person will remain silent from dawn to dusk. As we would observe a fast and by abstaining from food and drink and satisfying one's needs, with his or her partner, and in the Sharia of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is the final shedding. There is no type of fast by observing total silence. Rather the message is to say a kind word to say a good word go loco lensa de da, say the correct word. The philologist tell us the word CBT is all inclusive, all embracing it's accurate. It's correct. It's free from any exaggeration distortion etc. And yes, if

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you are unable to say the correct word, if you are unable to say a kind word, then failure cool Hi, Ron owlie yes smooth, then you would observe silence. So your first form of your best option would be to communicate and to convey a good message. But yes, in Bani Israel, observing silence was also an act of Riba. Okay, we move on to verse number 27. For at that to be Omaha may know La Ilaha illa Allah. So I tend to be toma D'Amico, she brings her son TAMIU carrying him now a mother who has become a mother for the first time and she's got her new bone in her in her lap in her hands, the pride the joy the excitement, just knows no bones knows no bones. And yeah is Maria Maria has Salam

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with her child who is just not a regular or every child. But this is a child that arrived in the world miraculously. And of course he is going to become one of the great messengers of the Almighty, for at that vehicle Maha definitely lo hemella Yummy leukeran her child

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kanoria Maria Mala DJ Titian and fairy. The nation responded by saying Kado they said Dr. Maria Oh, Maria, love by the GTHA and feria, surely you have done something preposterous, something monstrous, something bizarre and ludicrous. Something rather strange. Fairy are literally the philologist tell us means to get free in Arabic literally means to cut. And to sever and year it means you have done something completely strange, completely outrageous. Everybody knows you are not married and you will not wedded and now suddenly you are presenting a child. And furthermore, in verse 28, they say to Maria Marie has salaam yah, yah ha Runa Makana abou Kimura so in one Monica net Machiavelli yah,

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yah, yah ha rune, oh, the sister of Harun Monica, Anna abou Kimora, so in your father was not an evil man. Why Monica net omake Baliya and your mum was not immoral or unjust, who is the father of Maria Malay has Salam. As the reference in the Quran, his name was Imran if God let him ora Tory Marana or be in Nene as a ruler gamma V botany. And his wife here is referred to as imra to Emraan. That was the mother of Maryam, but the scholars say her name was Hannah. Her name was Hannah. So you are from a very noble

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Family you are you're coming from a very noble ancestry. We simply cannot tie up this action. We cannot reconcile this behavior with the family from which you come. Of course there was nothing untoward that said at dinner Maria Molina Salam had committed. She was clean. She was pure. She was changed. She was modest. She was bashful. However, the verse does release a hint as captured by Mufti Shafi Rahim, Allah is the seed, that when you come from a noble family, then the expectations of society are elevated. And often you would find children would make the remark and say, it's not easy to be the son of a prominent figure. It's not easy to be the daughter of a famous personality,

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etc. But surely there is a an elevated expectation from society. And this is precisely what the community of Maria Malay has Salam had said to her, Maracana, abou Kimbra. So in, and by extension, by extension, and I'm saying this message to myself, my brother and to you and my sister, that remember, we are the followers of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is wrong, it is wicked, it is evil for anybody to commit a crime, but us who are the recite is of the Kalama.

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The followers of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, more so if we carry the Quran in our chest or in our bosom, and we have a an association to a greater extent with the deen then obviously people will expect better character from us. Sadiq wala on Siddiq wala on when a person when a person had heard nasty things to say that Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu and Abu Bakr Radi Allahu anhu, then retorted in a strong manner, and the messenger SallAllahu wasallam said that that trait and Siddiq cannot be found in the same person for daily Vinaya Rahima hula, he said, Jamba really Harmelin Quran. Allah Yes. Who Merman? Yes, who, when a yellow merman yellow that it is not becoming

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of a ambassador of the Quran? The person who commits the Quran to his bosom, and yes whom I mean yes, who were in yellow Mammon yellow, that he also blurts nonsense, or makes the common mistakes and errors that average and common people may you are now carrying the Quran in your bosom you are you've committed the Quran in your chest my sister, Allah has privileged you, Allah has honored you. Surely there is an expectation in the manner in which you conduct yourself young but really hamdulillah Quran a URL for believing in the NASA Moon will be Sunday either nurse who?

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dilemmas Rudra the Allahu Anhu said that a half is of the Quran should be identified by his nocturnal prayer when others are sleeping by his side silence when others are talking futile discussions by his prayer and concentration in prayer. Be so me the nursing of balloon by him observing optional fast when people are indulging. So the point I'm saying here is, they said to Maria Marie has Salam, you come from a noble family, you come from a noble family, hence the expectations of nobility are greater on you. Another academic reflection here in verse 28, is the reference to Maria Malay has salaam as the sister of Harun. Now that apparently outwardly would

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sound quite strange, because Musa and Harun Allah imam in Allah He a Salah to with this name had passed away centuries before the arrival of Maria Malay has salaam you would know my brother and I'm sure you are aware, my sister that Risa Alayhis Salam is the last prophet and after resigning his Salam there is no nubby and then is of course our beloved Habib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is the period of Fatra zamana la de la Mubarak three Hina bu in a period in which there was no Nebby so post the ascension of Risa to the heavens, and then the arrival of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam there was Fatra there was no Nebby so laser benei were being a Hoonah BU and

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between say, dinar ISA and BLE salaam, there's no prophet. So Insightly is Salam is right at the tail end, his mother is in the tail end and Musa and Harun Allah imam in Allah, He has Salah toward the Salim were much higher up in the ancestry in terms of the arrival much earlier. So how was Miriam and for the record, Harun Alayhis Salam was elder than Musa Haruna

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As Salam was Eldred and Musa, of course between the two SETNA Musa alayhis salam was a greater personality and a greater Nabi and prophet of the Almighty. But in age say either now, Harun alayhi salam was elder, how was Meriam Alayhis Salam then referred to as the sister of Harun, and this was the same question that was posed to movie Robin shot about the Allahu Anhu when he went to the people of Niger Ron and they said your Quran refers to Maryam as the sister of Harun and so you Dinamo lira been sure about the Alana was unaware, he came back he mentioned it to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he SallAllahu sallam said, oh Madeira, you should have informed

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them or the Allahu Anhu that your Harun refers to a man who had the same name in the family of Maria Maria has Salam and not Harun the Prophet, because it was the practice of the people that they would name their children after the names of Zambia were in need some made to Benny be Esma is shahada law. I love them. Yes. Saloon the incident of a particular Saburo the Allahu Anhu okay.

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So, verse number 28 Yo, da Ron Monica Anna Abu camera, so in womankind to omake Belia Oh, the sister of Harun, we've put context to that how she was referenced as the sister of Harun Makana, Abu Kimbra so in your dad was not evil? Well, my kinda Tomoki buddy yeah, your mom was not unchanged or immoral.

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Verse number 29. Can you imagine how she contained herself how she persevered? People are just accusing unaware of the miraculous nature of the birth of Israelis Salaam. You've done something strange, etc. You've, you know, come from a noble descent. What is this all up to? Verse 29? For Ashara LA, she pointed towards him and that's exactly what Allah subhanaw taala had told her that she must just gesture for then a shout out she pointed, she just did lie to his Alayhis Salam. So this enrage them even more this enrage them even more continuation of verse 29 Kalu they said, gave an Oakley more men can fly the sabe. Yeah, as you follow along, I really wish my brother and my

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sister you had basic Arabic understanding? And may Allah granted to me and you? I don't claim anything that I have anything? No, not at all. But it's just that if you could appreciate it directly, without the intervention of a translation. And of course, we could commonly enjoy

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the shadow hand the commentary of the scholars of the sea, which is enhances the beauty. But when you can understand the translation directly, it's just unique in its own way. Okay, for how noken limb Can we speak men, the one candidate who is feeling madly in the cradle Serbian as a baby, like now is the logic where's the logic? We asking you Maria, what a strange thing. And then you counter the question by pointing to a child in Gradle how do we speak to a child in a credo

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Subhanallah verse number 30 narration suggests that's a dinar isa Alayhi Salatu was Salam was was

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lactating, he was latched on to the chest of his mum, and he he moved aside, he detached and then he spoke and I'm reminded of that hadith, authentic hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in which he speaks about the other children that spoke in that cradle. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that a woman was nursing her child, and then a man passed by authentic hadith.

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riding on a horse Hassanal hay in a very impressive appearance. And the mother looked at this horseman and looked at the manner in which he passed by impressive his his his stature, his confidence, his wealth, his appearance. So the mother said Allahu mudgil ebony Mithila Oh ALLAH today I'm nursing my son. I hope I pray. I wish and I dream that one day my son can become like this horseman and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for Tara get fed via the child detach from the chest. And he said Allahu Mala, that journey Mithila Oh, Allah don't to make me like this man. And the mom is like nursing a child. And the child is like, No, I don't want to be like him.

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Can you imagine obviously a child that is being given milk? It's a baby. It's a toddler. It's an infant. And then a woman passed by. When people were flogging her, and people were ridiculing her and people would disgracing her, and people were saying to has an 80 serratus. And at Sarathi you're an adulterous, you're an adulterous you immoral. You have committed theft. You have stolen goods.

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And then the mother looked at the humiliation and the disgrace of this individual. And she said, Allahu mulata John ebene Mithila ha, oh Allah don't make my son like this woman. And again, again the child detach from the mother. And he said Allahu Madani, oh Allah make me like this woman, Allah made me like this woman, Fatah, Al Kalam, Fatah Raja al Kalam. And then the mother looked at the child and said, like my son, what is this? I am making dua that Allah makes you like that horseman, impressive, you know what, confident, wealthy, enviable. And then you say you don't want to be like him. And then comes this woman whom everybody is looking down upon. And I'm saying Allah, rescue you

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and save you from such a outcome and you saying you wish to be like this? And the child told the mother, and these are the words of the messenger SallAllahu Sallam that this child had spoken in his infancy. I say it openly my brother and my sister. I need no proof other than the fact that Habib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said it for me that is enough, I am convinced it's absolute, it's absolute. And I believe it with total certainty. Was it not the Hadith when the messenger SallAllahu sallam said, in the previous nations, a person mounted onto a cow, and

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he started writing it? And then the cow spoke and said that you know what, I'm not a mode of transport. So

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those that were present, they said Subhanallah Bacara turn datacolumn Subhan Allah, is this a cow that was speaking, and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Abu Bakr and Umar Radi Allahu Anhu I have accepted this Abu Bakr and Umar Radi Allahu Allahu Allah have accepted this. May Allah grant us that level of submission to the will to the teachings of the messenger SallAllahu wasallam I marvel at Satan arama Radi Allahu Anhu when he came to the Hydra password, and then he said yeah harder in the irlam and NACA Hydra stone I know you're a stone my 10 Fat oil at the door. You cannot elevate aroma nor can you disgrace armor you cannot benefit armor nor can you harm armor loader and

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Neeraj eight rasool Allah He your kaberuka Mata Balto, but Omar the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has kissed the stone and your honor and your your success lies in following the teachings of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and hence you will also kiss the stone Allahu Akbar.

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So then the child said the first man who you were making dua for me to end up like he was a tyrant. He was an oppressor and I said Allah saved me from that. And the second person she was innocent people were accusing her of adultery and theft, but she was innocent. Anyway, here we have it. Verse 30, out of the 98 verses of Surah Maryam chapter 19 of the Quran, say denarii Sally Saran speaks out to the people Carla he said in near Hubbard Allah, Verily, I am the servant of Allah, the opening commands the first utterance the first statement, that the prophet or Isa Jesus peace be upon him ever made in his life was admitting to his servitude, that I am a servant of the Almighty and that I

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am not the almighty myself. In near Abdullah, I am the servant of Allah, Attorney al Kitab. Allah has given me the book. Now.

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At this stage, the engineering was not given to him, the Bible was not given to him, it was going to be given to him at a later stage. But the revelation of this Kitab upon say, dinar, Isa was so absolute, that the Quran referenced it in a past tense and say dinar, Isa Alayhis Salam said it to his people are tiny al Kitab. Allah has given me the book Allah has given me the book, what are Allah Nina via and Allah has made me a Prophet. Of course he was not yet a prophet, but

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the certainty with which Prophet would was to be conferred upon him was the reference in a past tense, Allah Akbar. And this is the expression of the Quran regarding the people entering Paradise. Allah subhanho wa Taala says we're all the thriller levena Am I know I mean, Sally had the pious have entered paradise. What Newfield have is sued, the trumpet has been blown, we'll see if the levena Topo robber Romila Jannetty is umara the buyers have arrived at Paradise will circle levena Cafaro Elijah Hannah Mazuma rah, the criminals have been driven to help the buyers to paradise the criminals to hell. So Allah subhanaw taala refers to the events of the Yama with a past tense

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indicating its absolute certainty. Can you imagine the nation gripped in shock spellbound mesmerized caught off guard that is

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Though busy hurling their accusations to Maria Alayhis Salam, like when how, why, what? And she says nothing. She just points and she barely points. And then this young lad who was to become this great prophet and became that great prophet is our Alayhis Salam spoke out, he refuted the allegations and made people understand that he was the servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that Allah has crowned him with Naboo. Let's wait on that note, and we'll take it from there to see what else did say the Narissa Alayhis Salam conveyed to people in his infancy while he was being nursed by his mum