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translate for yourself? Well, we have that means right now there's so no one has an excuse to say I can't pick up the Koran. How am I supposed to read Arabic, I don't know if there's a translation for it. So educate themselves first understand what Islam is maybe, you know, the day would know the period of it. So they don't have to say that Oh, so and so on me to just Java hotter, it gets a new fat, I just want a job. Because of that, no, it has to come within New rights, and it has to come. So when you first picked up corn, Sharif and you read it,

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what motivates you the most about it, you know, what caught your attention so that the kids know that, they don't have to just, you know, put it on the side and say I respect it, I want them to pick it up and say, let me know what it is about. But what got you that motivation? You know, first off, if anyone wants to read the crowd and the English translation, please email me, there is many different translations, you want to get a translation, I have a translation that I got, as Pamela has had these stories on the bottom. So what it does is it is the time when the each suitor comes in. And then the heads kind of explained in more in terms because the Quran can be difficult to

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read, because it's very, very rich. So you want to make sure you have a version where when you're reading it, it's making sense. And also to be able to have to have these the stories really empowered, because you're like, wow, this happened during this time. And this is why this came up. So it's really, really empowering and enlightening to know that you need to make sure that you've written the right version, just don't get any copy. Because there could be faulty there could be you know, I know this, I've been through it. I've read a couple of versions. So I know what it took to get the version that I'm like, I love to death. Now, you know, and I give this to any non Muslim

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that asked me this is the version I give to that. So second thing is why I wanted to read it so bad. And what was it was because it's a book that has not been changed or altered in 1400 years. 100 a lot a lot. I mean, the only book of Allah subhanaw taala. Number two is the word of God. And I said Cipolla here it is that a lot of Allah has given us instructions, laws of how to live our life to be the happiest, most fulfilled. And yet, I haven't read this book, and I'm working on a PhD and I read 1000s of books, why didn't I read this book? And it was the delusion in my mind. And I know many Muslims have this, the fact that if I read this book, do I have to change? Will I have to become a

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hijabi? Well, I have to give this up or I have, don't get that delusion in your mind. Don't fight, don't fight with Satan, pick it up, read it, you might not change overnight, you might not. And I did it, it took me time to take every step of what I was doing, from cutting my fingernails to making sure I don't have nail polish, little things. It took me time to get to where I'm at, and it's gonna take effort. But the fact is that you pick up the book and you acknowledge it, and you respect it and you read it. And then you make dormancy Yeah, Allah guide me, inshallah, in your way, alumnos that, you know, the con that was given over a period of 23 years, it wasn't given in one day

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or one month. So if it's gonna take you a little bit of time to read it, just keep reading it. But don't think you're going to change it one day, don't think some might and slides from a lot if it happens. But even if you have that in your heart that inshallah I will try, I will try the best. I would say, picking up that con, at least try to pray, don't give up your prayers, no matter what you do. I could be at the airport, I could be at Costco, I could be anywhere. And we're praying it when it's prayer time, it's prioritized, nothing comes more important than the last one. So hold on to your prayers and just try your best. No one's perfect. And no one's better than anyone else. Just

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because I am praying and I am reciting the Quran. I am 32 years old, everyone who doesn't know I just want you to be aware of I'm 32. I just started learning how to read the Quran, Arabic at 3131. Mind you, I was working on a PhD. So it's not that I'm not educated by 31 was the first time and I'm doing it through the internet with a teacher in Pakistan, who teaches me half an hour every morning. And that's how I'm learning.

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I didn't get a teacher here because I'm too busy with my schedule. And there's not a lot of teachers available when you need them. I'm doing it on my time with a teacher in other country, but I'm making sure I get it done. So is it possible? Absolutely. Can you do it? Yes. Should you do it? Absolutely. Because if you're lost and you don't know where you're going, and you think that this world is just the best and you just want every Friday night, we're getting ready for a party, we'll get ready for wedding and it's the next dress the next thing or the next. That's part of life. But that's not all of life balance. If you're gonna go with that lifestyle, you got to balance it with

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the rest of knowing. Okay, what did the last one fella tell us? Why are we doing certain things already? Why do people pay five times? What do we do? What do we say when we pray? is important to learn? And absolutely because when you know what you're asking a lot smarter than you really know what you go Where are you when you pray you just right after prayer, you have this very content and calm feeling like nothing really will bother you. It's and I think honestly like you said you see the results. Absolutely. You see the results and it does really change. I mean, you ask

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for something your grandson wishes it's meant for you to have