Abu Bakr Zoud – How to achieve sincerity, honesty and a present heart when making Dua

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The importance of achieving sincerity in Dwyer's diet is emphasized, along with avoiding distractions during busy activities and avoiding wasting time on dryers. The speakers emphasize the need to maintain a hearty diet and avoid distractions, as well as to avoid wasting time on dryers and fasting during busy activities. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and a video about fasting during a meal.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi as mine. All praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as thought follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. And in a few minutes, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a very important question, and that is, how does one achieve sincerity, honesty, and a prison heart when he is making dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is so important, because if you're sincere and

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honest, and your heart is present with you, as you make dua, then be if nilla by law, permission, that buyer of yours will be answered and will be accepted. So it's very important to understand how to achieve these three things. Let me begin with the first one. How do we achieve sincerity in a Dwyer sincerity my brothers and sisters in Islam means that you make this solely for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you do not involve anyone in this worship. So you're directing the worship of Dwyer to Allah Zoysia alone, and no one else. This is how you achieve sincerity in a diet. You want Allah to hear you. You want a man to reward you for your Dwyer, you want a lot to

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answer your dryer, you want a laws, appreciation, and you don't want the people. You don't want people's appreciation. You don't want the people's recognition. You don't want people to reward you for your dryer, or to look at you and throw some comments and say martial law. Look at this person making right you don't want this. When you direct the worship of Dwyer to Allah alone, wanting him subhanho wa Taala and his pleasure. Now you are sincere in your diet. And what helps what helps you achieve sincerity in Dwyer is, the more the more you make dua in private, the more sincere you become, the more you make dua in private, the more sincerity there is in your diet. So when you make

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diet to achieve sincerity, number one, make sure that you're directing this worship only to Allah and you want him to accept you. You don't want anyone's approval. And number two, hide this. Hide it. Keep it away from public eye. Go into your own room in your own corner as much as you can make Dwyer in private because that is closer to sincerity. That is closer to sincerity. Not like we see people today. They film themselves making Dwyer and then they post it for the entire world to see. Where is the sincerity in that. It destroys sincerity my brothers and sisters in Islam. For the more private your dryer is the much more sincere it's going to be that's number one. That's how we

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achieve sincerity. Point number two, how do we achieve honesty in this very important honesty in Dwyer? In other words, what are you going to ask him? What are you asking him for forgiveness? Jenny, are you really honest? Are you honest? You want a loss forgiveness or not? That's what sincerity is. How do you achieve this? By selecting the times in Where do I is accepted? When you select the times during the day in the night, in Where do I is accepted? That is you being honest, that you really want to ask a large version for whatever it is that you want of him subhanho or from him subhanho wa Taala so for example, what to sow is a blessed time it's an honest time walk to sow

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is the time just before then envision that's called walk to sod when you're having that time then it is highly encouraged and recommended to make sure at the time especially a list of all to ask Allah sojourn for forgiveness and for his mercy to salestone thornleigh Why is that an honest time? Why? Because just before failure, which is still nighttime, this is a time in which people want to sleep, the body wants to sleep and the body wants to rest. But you prefer the love of Allah zosen over the love of your own self. So you prefer to stand before the hands of Allah Zoysia begging him for forgiveness and mercy. When in fact your body wanted to rest and sleep just like most of creation

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and the majority of the world is doing sleeping and rest

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thing at that time. So to achieve honesty in Dwyer, for example, at the time of sound, just before failure, when you get up and say, Oh ALLAH forgive me, a stone thought Allah, when you say a stone for life, that time, you're being honest in your diet, because that's a time in where your body wants to sleep you want to rest, but you prefer a lost love over what your body wants. So you got up and you're asked Allah at that time to forgive you. Now you're being honest in your diet. Another time in which you can be honest in your diet to achieve honesty in your dryer is between the event and the corner, and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us that between the event and the

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karma, there is a moment of an accept the Dalai Lama.

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So if you're honest, that you really want what you're asking Allah azza wa jal for, then don't waste that time. How is that an honest time? It's an honest time. Because when you hear the event, when you hear the event, that is Allah calling you to come to the prayer Allah is calling you. So you add sort of last call and you go to the masjid. Now that you have answered allows call, Allah Zoysia will answer your call, He will answer your supplication. This is why the dryer between them and a comma is an honest time. It's as though you're saying Oh Allah, I answered your call. I came to the masjid I answered your call you called me Hey Allah Salah come to pray, I answered this call. Now

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Allah and some idea and some idea and you make do I at the time Allah like well, it is an honest diet. And for the sisters that are listening, that might ask what about us if we were to pray at home, how can we achieve this except the dryer between then and the apartment for the sisters, if they were to pray at home, then the except the dryer between event in your comment is based on her event an apartment in the house. So for the sister not to waste this opportunity of except the dryer, make event if you're praying at home, make an event at home. Then wait, pray your sooner whatever it is sit down and make while that's your except the type of diet after that make your

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ikoma empty the solid B if Neela you would have achieved a moment of an accept the Dwyer which is between a van with a comma same as the men that are praying in the masjid.

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So that's how you achieve honesty in be honest, choose the times in which your body is preferring to do something else. But then you stop and you come to Allah subhanho wa Taala begging him for his mercy and forgiveness and asking him for whatever you want. That's honesty in a diet. And finally, how do we achieve a present heart during a diet? This is my last point. Very important point. Listen to me very carefully. Then the diet your heart needs to be present in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said while I level a number Hello yesterday boom in Kanban or feeling less in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us that you all better know that Allah does not answer the dua that is

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coming from our heart that is awful heedless, lay him distracted.

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What does this mean? It means in order for your heart to be present with a dryer, you must keep away from two things, heedlessness and distraction. Now what do these two things mean? If your dryer is free of heedlessness and distraction, that means your heart is present as you're making a dryer and there is a high chance that this dryer will be accepted and answered by law solution. So

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how do we how do we avoid being heedless? Listen very carefully. What does it mean? Do not be heedless, and distracted when making

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heedlessness means when you do not recognize and acknowledge the greatness of Allah, social, and the vastness, the greatness of His mercy and His forgiveness. So if you're making Allah forgive me, but you're doubting in your heart, you're doubting I doubt that's gonna happen. How is Allah going to forgive me? Or if you're making and you don't recognize the greatness of a lot of social? you're in doubt you're just saying, you know what, I'll, I'll try. I hear a lot of people speaking about how incredible advice is. So let me just make Dwyer if you're doing that, meaning you are heedless, your heart is not present as a result that might not go through

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You need to keep away from heedlessness. So when you're making dua, don't be heedless. That means when you make to her, you say Allah humbug fiddly and you acknowledge Allah is great. Allah has mercy is vast. It's huge. It encompasses all things what I met he was he a lot. So he says My Mercy has encompassed all things. And you you're a human being, you're a think you're a sheep. So Allah azza wa jal encompassed you and envelop you in his mercy as well. Now, when your heart The way you bring your hot present in a dryer, is you need to acknowledge a loss greatness when you make. When you do that, you're no longer heedless. Remember, you need to keep away from heedlessness for your

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daughter for your heart to be present. And the second thing you need to keep away from when making dryer in order for your heart to be present, is let him distraction. What does distraction mean in

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distraction means that you see something you do not know what it means.

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If you're if you have a Bible, can you just reading through it was slowly sorry, mata pulu. Bina, you didn't even know what this means, then your heart is distracted when making dua.

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Therefore Your heart is not present. So most likely, it will not be answered. Allah who annum.

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So in other words, to keep away from distraction, when making dua, make dua that you understand and you know what you're asking Allah.

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If you don't know how to speak Arabic and make dua in the Arabic language, then make dua in your own language. Make it why my brothers and sisters in Islam make a dua that you understand.

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Because when you're making dua, you understand. Now you are not being distracted in your diet, your heart is present. As a result B if the length is too high, it will be accepted.

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But this is very, very important for your heart to be present when making.

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ask Allah sosial in your own language, if you don't know how to make dua in Arabic,

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ask him in your own language and it's permissible even in solid even in your suit. Irrelevant why mama they see if you know how to make dua in Arabic, then you should only make dua in Arabic When in your solid in your suit. And if you don't know how to make dua in Arabic, then you can make it in your own language until you learn how to make in Arabic. For this is my brief short message to my brothers and sisters in Islam. Take the opportunity of a Dwyer in this Blizzard month of a Dwyer. This is the month of Ramadan, it is the month of dua as well. This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala

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mentioned the area of Dwyer

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among the areas of fasting in salt Al Baqarah. There is a passage of fasting it begins from a 183 and it continues for about four or five eight. In between these ad there is an air cold air to dry an air that speaks about Do you remember or hammer home Allah they said the wisdom behind this is alive teaching the servants that the best time to make dryer is while you are fasting. And while you are fasting in Plum avant la hakavod so my brothers and sisters in Islam, don't waste this opportunity. If you've come late to this live session, listen to this video again. am I explaining how you can achieve sincerity in Dwyer honesty and a present heart when making May Allah subhanho wa

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Taala and so all your May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive our sins well most of what Allah forgive our shortcomings and grant us the paradise be if me here dialer. We ask Allah Zoysia to bless us and to bless the remaining days of Ramadan for us. And we asked him Subhanahu wa ala to allow us to catch Leila and cuddle and we asked him subhanho wa Taala to make Lila uncovered a source of blessing for us in the holy Valley called powder rally or Salalah who was a limo about a gallon of Vienna Mohammed was early he also be mine was Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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