The Islamic Perspective on the Phrase, ‘God Loves Us All’ – Ask Shaykh YQ #146

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We have a question from sister Hannah from New Jersey sister Hannah from New Jersey says that we often hear the phrase that God loves us in this culture that we live in that God loves all of us as Muslims should we use this phrase is something that is an Islamic phrase that we always say that God loves us. One

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out of seven

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poverty in Asia. No, he him first.

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The response is that Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala is the ever loving of his names is Allah dude and Allah dude means the one who has a merciful love and of His name's is of Rahman and Rahim and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Indeed, Allah is more merciful to his servant than a mother is to her child. So notice the example of mother to child and our prophets of Allah Wiley, who has said himself that Allah is more merciful than a mother is to her child. And so there are a lot of yet and a lot of, you know, concepts that Eliza is the loving and Allah is the merciful and Eliza, which he loves to forgive, and Allah loves to have mercy, and everything is encompassed in

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his mercy. However, however, to say that God loves everybody unconditionally, is not the same as saying that of the names of Allah is that he is the one who loves there's a difference between the two. Because you see this actual point of saying that we are God's beloved, and God loves us, and we are God's children. Actually, the Koran literally quotes the alikat app. And he challenges the Christians for saying this phrase. It is in Surah tenma ada, verse 18. Please look this up. It's very important. Allah says, we'll call it a to do who do one na, na, na na na La Habana HIPAA who they are who then the nosara They said, We are the children of God, and we are the beloved to God.

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God loves all of us. This is in the Koran. Then Allah says, Fatima you it will come with an OB can say, Why then are you are you being punished for your sins? Why is there pain in this world? Why are you not living in eternal bliss? You see, Allah's love once it is bestowed, unconditionally, then this means that you're living in a blissful you know, a peace which is going to be engender, the ultimate love will be manifested. When we worship Allah subhana wa tada in this world, we shall attain internal blessings. And when we pass away, we will attain the blessings of Jenna However, we do not unconditionally state God loves all of us, rather a lot is loving, but a lot as origin only

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loves those who are worthy of that love. There is a difference between the two. We describe a law as the merciful and the loving and forgiving, no problem, but then to say, am I just saying Allah has forgiven me? Can anybody say this? You cannot say this, you do not know. You can say I wish Allah forgives me. Yes. I hope Allah forgives me. Yes. So I hope Allah loves me. I'm optimistic in sha Allah that Allah loves me. I want a love to love me. But to categorically claim a love loves all of us. The Quran itself says How is that possible when you are being punished right now? How is that possible? When you have painful lives? How is that possible? When Allah azza wa jal is going to call

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you to task for the sins that you are doing? So the Quran actually clearly mentions that Allah loves categories of people. Allah loves categories of people. The Quran mentions eight categories. Allah loves them we're seeing in the mercy no one will love your herbal mercy Nene. Those who do good. Allah loves them with pain, those who have consciousness and taqwa of Allah, Allah loves that. So we're being those who repent to Allah subhana wa to Allah. Allah loves them without hating those who are purifying themselves in their body and in their souls. Allah xojo loves the saw beauty and those that are patient, Allah subhanho wa Taala loves them without killing those who put their trust in

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Allah and Allah azza wa jal loves those who are doing pretty well in his way. So these are eight categories, that Elias origin has mentioned that he loves them. And on contrast this Allah azza wa jal explicitly says he does not love many categories of people will love hula your horrible mistake between Allah does not love those who are arrogant, Eliza does not love them more to Deen, those that go beyond the bounds. Allah xojo does not love the hawan the one who is a treasure, the theme, the sinner, the musi, DFL, all those that are causing evil and corruption in the earth. So Allah mentions almost a dozen categories of those whom he does not love. And therefore, Dear Muslim, dear

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sister and all of you. This is a very beautiful question. And in fact, it's a very theological and a very deep one.

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And we say a large zoa gel is loving and Allah is Forgiving and Allah is merciful, no problem. But then to extrapolate that and categorically then assign it to yourself. It is a sign of arrogance. We do not say, categorically, Allah has forgiven me and Allah has shown me His love, that's not acceptable. You do not know that. Rather you say that Allah azza wa jal that I want a lot of love, and I want to be amongst those whom Allah loves. So our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was said would make dua to Allah. Allahu Allah India said Luca hubback, wa Herberman your head book, Allah I asked, you have your love. So this is the law or law, we want you to love us. We want to be of the beloved

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to Allah and ask for the claim of the keytab that we are the children of God, and we are the beloved of God. Allah himself says in the Quran, you should not say it categorically like that. That does not make sense. And it is a sign of arrogance and it brings a level of complacency to one's faith that contradicts the humility. That is the essence of Islam. The essence of Islam is submission and lowering our head to Allah. When you go about boastfully claiming we are God's people, we are God's chosen we are gods. You know, God loves us, you know that type of statement. You know, it justifies our evils. And that is why this phrase this motto, the slogan has been adopted by people whose

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lifestyles are clearly against the ethical teachings of the religion of all divinely revealed religions. And they say oh, God loves us despite the fact that they openly flout the lifestyles and the commandments of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is clearly not something that should be done. We rather say we want Allah is love, we want to be of those whom Allah loves and we will try our best by doing what Allah loves. So those eight categories, read them up and go over them one by one and be amongst them with 10 be amongst the sabihin be amongst the mercenaries and inshallah Allah will love you and avoid those whom Allah azzawajal has said Allah does not love them. Allah does not love

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the arrogant and to say God loves me is a sign of arrogance. So May Allah make us amongst those whom he loves.