Will a Convert Be Rewarded For Their Good Deeds Before Converting – Ask Shaykh YQ #145

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The speaker discusses the conversion of a Christian brother to Islam and the importance of rewarding those who convert to Islam. They also mention a previous hadith from the Hereafter that states that reward is only for those who believe in the Hereafter and in Allah, and that anyone who refuses to accept Islam will not receive reward. The speaker suggests that the conversion of the brother is a gift given to him by the church.

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Brother Ivan from Kenya Mashallah Tabata Cola, he emails and he says that he has a Christian friend who shall be converting to Islam soon he's hopeful for that. And he is asking that will his good deeds that he did as a Christian also be rewarded? So the question, is that a convert? Will they still get their good deeds from the past or not? One

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So this question is a very good one first and foremost, I encouraged the brother then to you know, welcome this convert to help him out to facilitate him. And I'm assuming that he's also played a role in this conversion. So this is something we're all happy about, as our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, If Allah azza wa jal uses you to guide another person, it is better for you then basically a million dollars then a whole herd of camels, they got a lot of money is better for you that you guide one person, so this is good that you're working on this brother, inshallah tada that, when he converts, you know, welcome him, help him, you know, facilitate his his conversion to Islam,

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and also inform him of the good news that Hakeem in his arm one of the Sahaba embraced Islam at the time of the prophets of the law, it was sent him after the conquest of Makkah. And he said, O Messenger of Allah, I want to ask you about the good deeds that are used to do in the days of jaha, pre Islam, I used to give charity and I used to free slaves, and I used to be good to a family, will I be rewarded for those good deeds, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, as slumped as laughter mean higher, you have accepted Islam, along with all of the deeds that you have done in good they are with with you. And this hadith is of Sahih Muslim from this a number of Allah ma have

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derived that the Convert has a double blessing. The first blessing is that his sins are all wiped off Colleen, he has no sin that is lived with him when he converts. And the second blessing is that the good deeds that he has done because every human does good deeds, every human, you know, gives charity and charlo Tada helps people out I mean, does good deeds. So anybody who did a deed that was good for the sake of his Lord, even if he was a non Muslim, there's going to be some reward in this world. Even as a non Muslim, we believe this because the Quran tells us this, of course, the Hereafter, that reward is only for those who believe in the hereafter and in Allah and in heaven and

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hell, but in this world, any good deed is going to be rewarded. Now, if the person converts to Islam, in this case, this hadith tells us that inshallah tada they shall get the rewards of their good deeds. Now, of course, as you can understand, there's always going to be a dissenting voice. And some scholars interpreted this hadith in other ways, because they say that the one who rejects a lot, none of his good deeds are going to be accepted. And the response is, you are correct, the one who rejects a lot and dies in that state alone will not accept his deeds in the hereafter. But this is a person who has accepted Allah subhana wa Tada. And he has good deeds, pre acceptance, so as a

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gift to him, as the profitsystem said, Islam to Ireland has left them in favor, you have accepted Islam, along with all of the good that you have done the good old because the evil has been wiped away. And therefore, you may tell this Christian friend of yours, that he should not delay and embracing and embrace and give him the glad tidings that not only are his sins forgiven, but also that all of the good deeds that he has done have been rewarded.