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when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam arrived in Medina one hour

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prior to his arrival, there was a person by the name of Rohit. He was an individual who had accepted Christianity in the days of giant Leah, he was from causative which was a tribe of Madina, munawwara and because of his knowledge and his, his influence of speaking, the ability he had, when he spoke influence he had on people, he had been more or less unspoken Lee appointed as the leader, his future was to be the leader of Medina mineral water.

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And then the professor of law, he was sort of arrived to Madina munawwara when the progress that allowed him it was sort of arrived, and within one hour, he kind of lost that Limelight and that position that he was expecting from people. So he secretly became an enemy of the purpose of the law while he was in it. And when he did, it was in the Battle of Berlin, he was hoping the Muslims would lose, but it happened to be the Muslims were victorious. And when the Muslims won the first battle, he realized now the Muslims even had strength on the battlefield because prior to this, the Muslims hadn't shown their strength on the battlefield. So he became very worried and he immediately ran to

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Mecca macabre, and he said to the people, you must prepare another army and attack the Muslims this time. And he was the one that kind of gathered the army together to fight against the Muslims in the battle.

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When it came time for the Battle of God, he was standing in the lines of the disbelievers. And from that side, he began to call on his buddies on sod. He said to them that leave Muhammad and come to my side we were friends before he came, he came and messed up our friendship. So the Muslim from this side, they said to him, you stay on your side, we're staying on our side. We've chosen the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we will stay with him till the end. At this point, the prophet said a lot of audios to them also gave him that way said come to Islam. What are you doing? Let aside your ego forget everything, you know, believe in Allah subhana wa Tada. And as a part of

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that alone, while he was still I was giving him Dawa, he only increased in his areas during the battle. He was actually one of the reasons why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was injured. He caused the promise of a lot while he was sort of tripped out and fall over, which resulted in the province that allowed him instead of breaking one of his teeth, and also the profits and a lot of money was spent on being bruised and bleeding from his head. After the battle was over, he realized that he couldn't stay in Medina anymore because his hatred for the Muslims was no longer a secret. It was not open to everyone. So he ran to the Roman Empire.

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And he moved he met the Roman Emperor whose name was hit up. He said to him, that I was someone who lived in Madina, munawwara and I have lived with these Muslims, and I know exactly what needs to be done to drop them down. So he'll often entertain the idea. And meanwhile, this individual of while I'm alive, in order to take down the foundation of the Muslims in Medina, he began to put together an espionage team in Medina manana, people that would spy against the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam people that would motivate the Muslims, they were called them when I see the hypocrites. So as their numbers begin to increase, finally, this I will admit a lot heavyset to the Roman Emperor.

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It's time that we make our attack on Medina menorah. So the Roman Emperor said, What's your plan, he said, I will establish a base in Medina menorah in which all of my men will be sitting there, and all the weapons we need will also be sitting there. And they will keep track of the departures and arrivals of the Muslim armies and where the soldiers are and everything in Medina, they'll have an eye on it. So when we do come, we will crush them. So the Roman emperor was very happy with this idea that meanwhile this he sent a letter to Medina when all that are telling his men to build a muscle. They built the machine. They finished off the structure. The profits of a lot while he was

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sitting was one day walking past he said, What's this machine? I didn't realize this was a new machine. Where did this new machines come from? They said O Messenger of a lot. We have some old people that live in this area. And sometimes right attending the main question for prayer is hard for us. It rains sometimes, you know it's a distance. So just for our convenience, we built a little measure here so people can conveniently pray their soul off. The problem is that a lot of audio some did not object to that. And this is a very interesting point. Because if you know this is a real point, some that we should we should ponder upon. In our communities in America. Sometimes there'll

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be multiple massages in one community. Is that okay or not? This is a big question. We Some people say no, that's not good. Some people say it's okay. Now when these people when they place their excuse in front of the conference that a lot of it was so they sent a message of a lot. We are building the smaller muscle as you wish to call it or the smaller machine so that it can be convenient for people to pray sum up the progress of a lot of audio center realize that if it's going to be convenient for people to pray, then let it be let there be another machine.

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However, when it would come time for Juma Salah the smaller massages will be closed down and people would come to the mosque of the prophets of Allah Han he was seven. So there was a concept of the Jamia Masjid, like you know, the masjid that congregated, everyone on the big date. But throughout the week, not everyone can come to the big mansion, maybe someone that's 15 minutes away, maybe someone that's 20 minutes away, it may not be convenient for them. So for their convenience now establishing smaller massages, there's nothing wrong with that. However, they say for the purpose of allowing it was mentioned of a lot. We finished off the structure of the masjid, we would like to

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have a grand opening. And for the grand opening for the inauguration, we would like for you to come here and pray to God to validate this being the province that allamani was sent him said that we are going for a journey right now they were traveling towards the Battle of the book. He said we're going for a journey right now we have a battle ahead of us. When we return we'll pay the total cost here.

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Not in their mind they thought they had everything under control, the profit is going to come back is that a patriot icon here The machine will be certified by the prophet and then officially unofficially this will come this will become the base of the hypocrites This is will they will do all their spying on Medina marijuana from when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is returning back from the Battle of the book. The narration mentioned there was one day or a part of a day left between where he was in the position of this machine. And the purpose of love it was some of the turning revelation came to the purpose of the love audio system. And we recited those verses today.

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A lot so I don't without I said what is it better than the Roku for the for the

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way the software hardware saw delivered horrible, horrible sort of woman COVID when

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personnel law in the UK it would lead to

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a loss of power instructs the Prophet do not pray to god there whatever happens. That machine is a machine that does not it's a source of corruption, they are causing to cause harm to people. They are causing dispute in the community. What does the law say for me now if there is another message that's being built within the same community, but the reason is the three of them been meaning to split the Muslims to split them literally. That's the reason that was the intention behind it. I lost a penny last time the Prophet Lazarus. He never one pray there. Because these people are causing fitna in the community and fitna, and this fitna is the worst thing that can happen to the

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Muslim community. Trust me, I've been to so many communities, even within our country and internationally, we're on one street, there are two massages, on one street there to massage. There was one time I was in I was in the UK. And I was traveling, and I gave a lecture at university. On the way back from the lecture, we were about to miss our motive salon, I had a pretty mouse that either, so a second was coming to an end and mother town was about to enter. We were on the highway, I said to one of my friends, let's stop over and play solo. So he took the exit, we went to the nearby machines we prayed there. After I played mouse epsilon, maybe there was five minutes left for

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mother. And we parked our car somewhere far away because in England, everything's very congested. So he said to me shift, let's go get another budget. I said there's only five minutes left. How can you go to another machine? He called me out. We were standing at the door of the machine where I had pretty awesome. He pointed to the other machine. He said it's right there. I actually counted, there were seven, maybe seven to nine cars that were parked parallel between the doors of both massages.

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How many cars? Maybe not let's just be exaggerated, say 15 cars, okay, 15 cars that were parallel parked between the door of one machine and the door of the other machine. And I asked him What is this? So then he said to me that shift. These are people who are from one part of India, but they speak to different dialects. This dialect opened up this machine and other dialect opened up that machine. Right? What kind of nonsense is this? In Chicago, I actually saw this as well in certain areas. There was one place that I went to a machine that I paid a lot there. And after I finished my career after I finished I was walking on the wall of the machine that there was a window there I

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looked through the window and across the street I saw a building with an arc in their building in their window. So I asked one of the brothers like What's this? So he said shift that's another motion. You know close it was if that was 15 cars parallel park this was no more than three cars parallel parked in front of each other? How many

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know that that was that was 15 this is three and if I'm gonna exaggerate I'll say five no more than five cars apart from each other. So you ask yourself what is the purpose of this today every new race comes in opens up their own budget. People can coexist in one motion because a few key differences fit wasn't made to divide us it was brought to unite us so we can unite together on our principles in worship Allah Subhana home without a smallest things that come up people are not making them a reason of opening up another machine to four members can get along let's open up another machine to races coming along. Let's open up another machine. You're not having someone from

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our race on the committee and board. Let's go for it another machine you guys are too conservative. Let's go find another machine. You guys are liberal. Let's go open another machine you know you guys don't like the Olympics. Let's go open another machine. You don't like cops ice cream. Let's open up another machine. Like the silliest and smallest things people are literally taking them and let's go open another budget. You know, we need to learn that the massages are the house of guidance. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that this measure was a reason for

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dispute in the Muslim community, Allah subhanaw taala prophets have allowed them to not go and pray that not only did the Prophet not pray there, he immediately called to Sahaba from the from the, from the army that he had. He said, Go to that budget. This is the GPS location go there and burn the mosquito. What did he say?

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burn it down. These men they went there and they slipped the machine on fire and the Sahaba they say we were standing at a distance and we can see the smoke in the air that much that had been destroyed down. Then Allah subhana wa Tada. He says that that much it was built in the name of that machine is called mushy they'd be wrong. What's it called? It's called

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the much of the corruption that much of the pain to the Muslim ummah. And right next to it was another question. Allah subhanaw taala says that much it was corrupted, but this is a good machine. What's the machine name next to that? machine Koba Allah subhanaw taala.

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Don't stand in that machine. masjidul taqwa mean overly Yeoman, hukou and diplomacy, however, the next term is its foundation was built on the fear of a loss of power without the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the consciousness of Allah subhana wa tada the blood and sweat that was put into building that much it wasn't only for rich people who were just donating and fundraisers and they felt that they had done the most of the favor. These were people who were involved. The products that allow while he was selling himself is carrying the bricks on his shoulders. And this However, they see the progress of a lot while he was sort of as he was carrying the bricks on his shoulders

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to build the masjid. He was reciting poetry Allahu Allah I shall I shall fulfill and firewall hedgerow or law, there is no luxury but the luxury of the hereafter. So forgive downside and the hygiene. And the Prophet himself is carrying the bricks. You know, not only was their fundraising, not only was their donations, but they were involved in building the machine today, we just pay for them. And then we act as if we own it, like we just pay for a car or something. But when a person builds something, it's not only you own it, you feel like you're a part of it. You know your child, you don't feel like your own your child, you feel like you're a part of your child because you were

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involved in every step of the development of that child. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala doesn't say that the people who pray and there are pious, Allah says that Majid from the very first day, its foundation was untidy, the people involved they fear the loss of the people that were involved in donating, they fear the loss of those who are constructing, they have Taqwa the one that was leading the people behind hatha, you know, this is the type of machine you should be praying in. And this is the type of massage we should aspire to build, not only big structures, the USA already has enough a $5 million massage across the country, we have too many of them. But the problem with many of our $5

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million massages are there is no one standing in them. There is not human there, there is no one to give a down there, the slot of time comes the doors of the massage of their life. And we put five to $10 million down for that machine. It's not about the structure. It's about the people that are inside the structure. I was one day walking in the mosque of the Prophet sallallahu. It was set up. And I recall very clearly as I was walking on the left side for those of you who have gone before, when you're going to give your set out to the progress of a lot of audio system, the profits original mosque is actually on the left side. So as I was walking, and I was looking to my left

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side, I was just looking at it. I started reflecting over the ahaadeeth regarding the Prophet's mosque, how it was made of de Pog treats the roof where the leaves, right the roof where the leaves and the roof was very low. And then at the same time there was no carpet there. They literally did such that on the soil. That's why they didn't allow it was told us how about if you're going into such that new feature, there are stones that might poke you in your forehead, move them once but don't sit there and keep moving then that's going to destroy the focus in your prayer. So it was such a simple mesh. It's such a basic motion, no chandelier, no air condition, no chairs, no carpet,

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just a standard much though calligraphy. And but not much. It produced some of the greatest men in history than what I've been was beloved your loved one whose footsteps are already been heard in gender. The mom was hammered Ursula the father is behind the Imam the front soldiers who have left her alma mater Anita has

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the women has the back. They were all going to gender. The kids running around in the emergency room causing havoc. They were going to gender as well. It says everything about that Masjid was based on taqwa. That's why when this ayah was revealed, what two Sahaba were debating? That is this magical Susana taqwa the masjid, the foundation of which was built on top What is it referring to much of the Oba Are you referring to the prophets Moses to Sahaba were debating

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and they went to the prophets of Allah while they were some of the service of novella, this ayah which machine is referring to your machine, or most of the fuller so on one occasion the profits of my machine and another occasion the profits and a lot of them said my machine. first occasion he said my machine and another narration said no machine, a football so both narrations are there. The point that I'm trying to make is that we need to invest on pine, the people that are building the massages, they need to be connected with the law. So part of what you want your mother to be a source of guidance, make law for your question.

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Raise your hands and pray and I just saw the Allah make it America played yellow make it a beta. Yellow make it a place where people will come and shed tears and connect yourself to your greatness. Make these laws from the first day and then establish the masjid. Establish the things that are occurring in the masjid. Don't worry about expansions, they expansions will come when the time is for them to come. But before they come, focus and and give your attention to your youth directors, find your religious directors, find your Imams, find your homeschool, find your halaqa and build the work that needs to take place within the masjid. I always quote the saying of LMS bog where he

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referred to the mercy that was built overnight. You know, the overnight machine that was built in 24 hours, the Muslims and the non Muslims had a debate in India, who did the prophet who did this particular property belong to the judge was a British man. He said whoever decides to build whatever they're going to build first. It's there's the non Muslims. They said we'll build it. I will build our temple in one month. The Muslim said we'll build our budget in 24 hours. And they literally built the budget in 24 hours. It's called much of the Shabbat. The overnight budget, you know, UPS overnight, overnight budget, they built the whole budget overnight. So unless somebody refers to

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that, he says, If Barbara Odisha came and bought or mimolette A Costa Rica has even takoyaki even he first starts off by praising himself saying, Oh, you're so intellectual and so far sighted, you have the ability to put any of your emotions into words. Today you become the master of speech. We'll start by lousy but today you're a master of speech gives back when it comes to actions, you're empty or zero. Mazel Tov and Alisha Berman, Mr. Harada.

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Khurana poppy happens.

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When we got excited in the fundraiser, we raised the funds, we build the measures overnight. But now one year later you come to the budget, and no one is paying any salon there. Allah subhanaw taala is going to ask us about how we build a massage. And he will also ask us about how we pray inside the massage as well. So it's our responsibilities as Muslims to give that piety that duck walk to the masjid. And not only that established circles of learning and Iboga inside the machine. And not only that accommodated for everyone, don't be exclusive that if I'm Pakistani, I'm only going to serve for the Pakistani Muslims. And I'm Indian, only the Indian Muslim. And if I'm positive, I understand

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that certain times, there may be a need to give a preference in a language to a segment of your community. If there are Bosnians, you may need to find a hottie look, speak in their language to give them a lecture that makes sense. But don't divide because of that. Still establish your Institute's that involve everyone that can bring everyone in, you know, certain massage and in the country, unfortunately, there it's so bias that they're absolutely based off one race. My teacher used to say something he used to say, ha in order that sounds really good. By the way. I'll translate translate in English for you. He said Hmm.

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you say Haha, yes, yes, their name is Beloved. What do they call the machines much of their beloved, but they will get a black person sit on the board. He's talking about the racism. Then he said how much

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they call them Ayesha, Ayesha, but a lady can sit on the board, you know. So we find every opportunity to just exclude people out. There are some signs that I have seen across the country where there is absolutely no space for men at all. Literally, there is no no place. There. You know, there are certain massages that I've seen in the country where women are literally going for shopping, they can sit in a cafe, they can go have coffee, they can have any hottie they can go have some thicker, they can go have some coffee, but when it comes to salon 10, they can't have the machine. So that's not how our massages should be. Our massage should be like the machine with the

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properties that allow it instead of which was a center for everyone. The kids, the women, the adults, the soldiers, sometimes it was gatherings of knowledge there. Sometimes someone's being hospitalized there. Sometimes it was rehab taking place there. Sometimes there was fundraisers there, and one after the other. The purpose of a lot of audio setup had built in machine, which was kind of like the downtown. It was the most valued property because everything you needed to be done was taking place right there inside the machine. And the properties around the machine were the most valued because they were closest to the place that had everything taken place within it. So I've

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heard that a lot. So I don't want that allow us all to be from the people who have Taqwa. Rather allow our Messiah to be built on taqwa. And at the end of the ayah and a lot of talks about the people of Cuba, he says in the law you should be we think

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that there are two things that will allow you to build a much tougher first thing, we tend to a lot abundantly. Yeah, last I made any mistakes while building the structure Forgive me. And for those of you who are involved in building the message for the Brookfield community, read the story of how Ibrahim did. However, he built the garden. You'll learn a lot from that Hydra, he might as Rob he was so humble while he was building the collar with his son is made on Islam. And the second thing Allah loves those who are excessively clean, who purify themselves excessively, physically, externally and also

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internally as well they keep their hearts clean if any animosity as a community leader trust me, you will feel like making bad intentions for the people first backbiting other people are slandering other people. It happens on all the boards of all the massages of the country, unfortunately.

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Well, you wouldn't want to keep your hearts clean as well, unless that allows us all to act upon this for so long.