Jesus (pbuh) Fasted for 40 days. Then how can the Muslims Claim to be More Christians

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My name is Natalie mon. I work in Dubai as a salesman. Now my question is just on fasting. I just want to know how somebody can control himself by fasting from morning up to in the evening. We know very well that Jesus Himself fasted for 40 days. And yet to say that Muslims are more Christians than Christians themselves. We're asking the question that Muslims, we fast from dawn to sunset, and Jesus gespeeld were born fasted for 40 days. You say that

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40 days, there is no mention of Jesus gespeeld were born in fasting for 40 days in the Quran. And even the Christians when they fast, they don't fast like the Muslims do. They have a different sort of fasting depending with respect to belong to some sect for fasting and not having non wage. Some say they only boiled food. So there are different sects in Christianity, which fast in different ways. I don't know of any sector in Christianity, we fast for 40 days.

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If they fall, they may have Okay, no non veggie only vegetables that that type of fasting. Some fasting is only having boiled food that they're fasting. There are different types in different sects. But I don't know of any sets in Christianity, which fast like the Muslims or neither, like they fast for 40 days continuously like the way you're saying I hope that answers the question.