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SML Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, who other early he also be a woman who Allah Hammerberg. Shall a very short reminder we see around us today, especially in our modern world, we see people have such great intelligence, they can do amazing things, their accomplishments are clear for all of us to see they can go to the moon and back. Yet for some reason that intelligence doesn't seem to benefit them when it comes to human when it comes to spirituality. In fact, one of the arguments that a lot of atheists used against religious folks is that the majority of the scientific community, the majority of those, you know, the top level thinkers are actually not believers in

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religion and God anymore. And perhaps this is true in the Western world. It's not true in the overall world. But perhaps in the Western world, surveys have shown that a large percentage of those that are at the top in terms of their intellectual genius and acumen, perhaps spiritually they are not upon any faith. So they use this as a Hoja as an evidence, what are we to make of this dichotomy of this difference between the clearly intelligent minds that so many people have, and yet the bankruptcy at the same time of the soul? The response to this actually is very profound it is in the Quran.

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We learned from the Quran, that there are two types of alchemy. There's two types of intelligence. By the way, footnote here before I move on with the two types, the Quranic terms for intelligence, the Arabic terms for intelligence are very profound and deep, I can is the main term that is used after an Africa is actually linguistically it is the halter that you put on a camel or on an animal. So that halter, that strap, you know, you hold something in an animal that is actually called often that's what actually comes from right. And the reason why your intelligence is called alkyl, is that your article should stop you from acting foolishly. This is why Apple is called Apple, like that

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harness on the animal keeps the animal in check, right? You hold that harness on the horse, and you make sure the horse is rightly guided that is called outcome. So the outcome is pre Islam, they call it intelligence from that, because the intelligent person knows to go straight and not to go here and there. And the word Tada bull is also used, and tada, biryani from Deborah to go back and forth. So to the board, you take the same fact. And you look at it from many different angles, this is to the board, you don't just move on quickly superficially, you spend time you examine this is to the board and use the term tadhack core is also used for data karoun. And to that core is reflection

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that brings about a change in the soul. You English we say a spiritual epiphany, like a knowledge that causes an impact on you that is the core anyway, these are some terms that the Quran uses very profound terms. Now we said there's two types of different coda to the book, there's two types of alkyl in the Quran. And the terms I will use because the Quran doesn't differentiate specifically their terms I will use we can call it the superficial intelligence and the spiritual intelligence, okay, the superficial intelligence. This is the intelligence of this world. This is the intelligence of understanding the creation around us. This is the intelligence of getting to the moon and back to

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that's intelligence of this world here. That intelligence call it the intelligence of the mind if you like it is not directly proportional. And it is not even necessarily linked to the spiritual intelligence. The spiritual intelligence is the angle of the bulb, not the angle of the mind. This is the key difference here. Because we believe the curl by polvere I mean soul I don't mean the the pulsating, by the way, just like there's a physical element. There's a spiritual called Same thing here. There's a physical alcohol, it's up here. And then there is a spiritual alcohol, which is in the soul, the spiritual alcohol, its function, and its methodology. And its scope is totally

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different than the alcohol of the body. Okay, darker of the body. This is what we know up here, as I said, and this is the occult that we study and examine and we go to new heights. When we go to college, we do our training, we learn our skills, that's doctor of the mind. And Allah has given the occult of the mind differently to different people. And these are talents that people have in the Quran, the act of the mind, the physical Apple, the superficial Apple, in and of itself, it is never praised. It is like any other thing like your wealth like your money, it can be good. It can be a fitna. It is like a blessing of this world, the physical apple in and of itself. It is not blessed

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and holy, just like wealth in and of itself. It is not blessing and holding. It can be a blessing, and it can be a curse, just like physical strength. It can be a blessing, it can be a curse, just like health. So two intellectual accolades, super

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official Apple, physical Apple is the same in and of itself in the eyes of Allah. It is not praiseworthy, it is potentially praiseworthy, but it's not necessarily praiseworthy, what is the actual praiseworthy thing in the Quran, it is the spiritual Apple, it is the apple of the URL, it is the apple of the soul, the act of the soul is very different than the actual of the body, and you can have the actual of the body and not have the appeal of the soul, you can have the act of this dunya and the act of the soul is dead. And this is what the Quran continuously affirms over and over again. Yeah, and I'm gonna move on here a minute higher to dunya welcome Herati homologue if you

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don't, they know they have in of the outer mechanisms of this world, Allah has affirmed this is their actual, they have a realm of the VA here of this world. But when it comes to the akhira, they are completely hoffen their actual of the mind did not impact the outcome of the soul that is disconnected. Likewise Allah says that would be him Akin 10 And yet a who we have placed a covering on their hearts so that their hearts do not understand notice their brains can understand this dunya the hearts cannot understand the spiritual realities. So placing the Shaohua placing the covering on the heart and the F A who who Allah says in the Quran, their hearts will not understand this is the

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outcome of the soul. This is the outcome of the insight and that's why it is very possible you have the outcome of the outer body and you don't have the outcome of the soul and it is very possible that you do not have a lot of outcome of the of the body but your outcome of the soul is mashallah Tabata cola amazingly high. The two are not necessarily connected together and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, I'm the home Kowloon yeah okay Don't Don't they have hearts that they think by right in the Hala Tamil of sorrow wala can Tamil Kulu Bula Tito pseudo. It's not the eyes that are blind. It is the hearts in the heart that have become blind. This is what Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying, the

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hearts have become blind. What does it mean here blind it is the actual of the of the heart of the inner being. Now, question here. What is the relationship of the outcome of the body and the outcome of the mind response, it goes back to the purity of your own heart, the ideal relationship, and this is the paradigm of the movement, like your wealth, and your health. And every blessing you have. The more you have it, the more grateful you should be. And the more pious you should be. So the one who has a lot of wealth and he's giving sadaqa we are envious of him in a positive manner, we should be like him, the one who has health and he's always hidden of other people. That's a positive thing. So

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to the one who has alcohol and his alcohol is in conformity with the *ty I leading him to the path of Allah that is a very positive thing. And that's why Allah subhana wa Tada wants us throughout the Quran, the main guitar, or the main address to the uncle is to link the output of the body to the actual of the soul of Allah to the Quran, don't you think? Don't you see? I will Emile Luffy Mallacoota Sama, don't you look at the creation around you Maha doc, Allah Allah, Allah didn't create this except with truth. So this is the act of the of the mind being led to the pocket of the soul. Allah is saying, examined the creation, that examination, which is the act of the mind, it

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should lead you ideally to the outcome of the call. Therefore, if we are believers in Allah gel, all of us are here, then the more accurate of the mind we have, the more our iman in Allah should go up. The more knowledge we have of science of physics, of chemistry, of astronomy, of biology, the more we understand the mahalo art of Allah, the more Iman we have in Allah subhana wa Bucha, either because our Article of the mind has led to the appeal of the cult, and that is the ideal, the combination, but the appeal of the mind and the color are not necessarily connected. And as Allah says, You can have as the shower, you can have a seal, you can have a covering that blocks the

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outcome of the mind from affecting the outcome of the world. And therefore you can go to unprecedented heights with the outcome of the mind, and your culture has no color whatsoever. And this is what we see the reality around us. contrast to this, you might not have much color of the mind. There are people that are illiterate, uneducated peasants, they really don't understand much of this dunya they might be innocent in their valleys, jungles living like this. And yet they're eemaan is better than many of us, all of us in this room. They're eemaan and their emotional spiritual intelligence. Their understanding of the purpose of life is better than all of us

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combined. And that's why mama the hubby says that Allah does not care about the intelligence of the arrogant one. And Allah loves the intelligence of the

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People have those whom people think are foolish what he means by this, the intelligence of the arrogant one is like the scientists who reject God. Allah doesn't care about that who care what what has your in benefited you? How has your aim of this dunya benefited you on your journey to the ark era, and the one who has no knowledge of this dunya doesn't know how to solve the most basic equation can't even read and write, but they have the angle of the column. That is the angle that is praiseworthy. And that's why great philosophers of our tradition towards the end of their lives, they repented from this angle of the mind. You know, Imam Al joinI famously remarked that, you know,

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I spent my whole life thinking about philosopher and now I die, I die upon the religion of the old ladies of Nisha poor. That's the Eman I want. The old ladies have moved to other DNA is in Asia poor, the elderly ladies the Auntie's of Nisha poor, that's the Imaan. I want. He was a philosopher, one of the greatest, you know, of our tradition. And he spent 60 years writing books, this and that, at the end of his life. He goes, You know what that path did not give me the certainty that these aunties of Nisha put up. That's the article. And that's the image that I want. This is the interesting point here. So to conclude, and to summarize this point, the reason why so many people

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of our times seem to be so intelligent is because they are intelligent, but it is not the intelligence that is praised in the Quran. It is the intelligence of the mind, just like the physical body can be strong and spiritually, walk clockwise or morally bankrupt, right? How many people they go to the gym every day, their bodies are physically fit, but their o'clock their kindness, their compassion, completely missing. This is the same analogy. There are those who are super smart of the mind. They know things that amaze all of us here, but they have not utilized that intelligence to tap in to the spiritual intelligence. So they are spiritually intelligently

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bankrupt. Of what use is that this is the reality we see. And Allah azza wa jal says these people there is a barrier between that article and this article that after will not benefit this article, the message of the Quran, we should take the outer ankle, the ankle of the mind, the ankle of the body, we should take that Afghan and tap it in channel it to the ankle of the soul, as Allah says in the Quran, as well, that it's a fact karuna, if you have a summer what do you what are the believers are those they think they have to call about the makuu caught about the heavens and earth. Then when they see the mclucas of Allah when they study science immediately. Rob Bernama has after heard about

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either from the angle of the mind, you are led to the actual of the soul from the difficulty of the macrocosm. You get to spirituality, this connection is what Allah wants. And that is the praiseworthy uncle, the uncle that leads to the boat that the fan home that at the core of the heart, that is the anchor that we want. Therefore, don't be surprised brothers and sisters don't be surprised when you see such massive intelligence and yet people reject God or people worship Mahalo. Are they worship idols or they worship a cow? Don't be surprised. Don't be surprised, that is the Afghan of the mind. And they have made a barrier between the outcome of the mind and the column. And

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as for us, we thank Allah Hamdulillah that we have Insha Allah, at least enough academical to know Islam, but now we have to keep on improving and increasing and the ideal point each one helps the other. There's a combination. The more we study, the more we know, the more we should believe in Allah put our trust in Allah worship Allah may Allah Subhana Allah to Allah make us of the alkylene and we seek Allah's refuge from being of the Jah hidden as Allah says in the Quran, by the way, we'll call you Lacan and tomorrow, I will not pay to Makana feels habits. If we only had an apple we wouldn't be in Jahannam which Apple is Allah talking about? About the appeal of agenda, the apple of

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the call? These are super smart people. They end up in Jahannam and they say lacuna smart Oh Nakuru, if we only had Apple we wouldn't have ended up here. They had alcohol of the body they did not have after with the soul we seek refuge from being in that category Zakouma love fest and I'm about to catch up.

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