Importance of Women Attending the Eid Salaah

Zakir Naik


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Zakir, could you explain the importance of women attending the practice? As far as the Fed is concerned?

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It's compulsory for all the men to attend.

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And even the children, including the woman, irrespective whether they're young or they're old, as a single whether they're married, even if the menstruating, the prophet said they should attend, even though they don't have to have a Salah left written, and the various petite, we speak about this. It's mentioned in St. Bahari. One number one

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in the book of Salah Hadith number 351, that amiata Menlo predator, she said, that we were commanded we were ordered that all the woman, even the menstruating woman, and the will remain, they should go for each Salah. Even though the menstruating woman should keep away from masala mean they should not have a Salah that they should go and when one lady when woman as the Prophet, that no prophet what a woman does not have a veil, to the Prophet replied she should share the whale of a companion. That means you should borrow the will from the companion, even though she's not well she should borrow it is that important to attend the congregation

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and omit to continue then save that. Hello, Peter, that we asked at least to attend the gathering and the invocation. No dog menstruating woman who cannot pray, at least they should attend the invocation and the gathering. It further mentioned in say Buhari one number two in the book of two Aedes, Hadith number 975.

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Abner Bassman Lopez with him. He said that when he was a young boy, we went with the Prophet for the Salah. And he says he doesn't remember whether it will allow it.

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And after the Salah, the prophet gave the sermon and then he addressed the woman

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and he preached to them. And he said that they should give up they should give charity.

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It further mentioned in say Buhari one, number one, in the book of Mrs. Haddad number three to four that have some Allah visitor, she says that we did not allow our virgin woman to go for each Salah. And she continues. Then a lady comes. And she says that my sister was the wife of one of the companions of the Prophet.

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And we used to attend to the soldiers during the fights in the battlefield. And she continues, and the Prophet said that the menstruating woman and the veiled woman should go for each salah

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and if she does not have a will, she should borrow the will from the companion, later on motya malarkey that she enters. So she has that have you heard so and so so and so thing?

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So she said, Yes. That's what the prophet said that even the menstruating woman and the matured virgin woman and the young virgin woman

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and married woman they should go for eight salah and if the veiled woman does not have a whale, she should borrow the whale from a companion. So have some LAPD does menstruating woman she said yes. Don't they both and the alpha so they can go to they can go find vocation they can go to attend the gathering though they don't have to offer Salah it's mentioned in Masonic shaybah volume 200 number 5786 that is Norman Lopez at him. He used to take complete of a family for the Salah as much as the family that he can take he takes for the Salah. So this shows that the woman they should go for the

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it Salah even if the minister declared slightly for the gathering and for the invocation. Okay, thank you, doctor.