Sweetness of Salah – 07 – Takbiratul Ihraam

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alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Juana and he was such a demand. So we talked about what we talked about. And we talked about all the necessary steps before so that we look at. Now we're ready to start off with our

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two views. The one is the tech community say a lot of work to get into the salon. Now, what's interesting is we have to recognize that we just talked about We're now entering into this direct conversation with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We're entering into a conversation with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now what's interesting number one, is that the word from the word that comes from the root word, come, how do you how about me, that means a sanctuary,

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a sanctuary, a place where you find comfort, and, and rest and peace. So you enter into the home and

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so you're leaving off the stresses of this world in this dunya and you're entering into the state of comfort.

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And not only that literally, literally means the disengaged from something.

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No wonder we use hear the word used the most.

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In hedge, right, when you click on weird

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things, such as the clothes you wear, it's a state, when you're doing the thump, you're disengaging everything from this world, you don't cut your nails, or trim your beard, nothing like that. And you're focused on a lot from that point on an answer that I'm using the bake along with a baby until the end of the bake along with the whole time to focus on Allah. So here when he sees a beautiful or disengaging from the world, and we're entering into the sanctuary, this place of comfort and peace and relaxation, which is don't

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even say what's amazing about that

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is that the hand movement itself has been so what is engaging the world, but even our hand movements, it's like we're throwing the world behind us. this dunya get off my mind, and we think a lot and we enter into prayer.

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The hand movements itself have meaning. And then now this is what's scary, though, because we already define what it means it means a lot is greater. Now the question is when we enter into sada are we lying when we entered into prayer?

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Can you imagine somebody is going to talk to Allah, and he started with a lie. What do I mean by lying? Brothers and sisters, if you're coming to prayer, and you're saying Allah, but Allah is greater, but your heart or your mind is thinking about the game, or thinking about the video game or thinking about thinking about whatever it is,

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you're thinking about your school or your children or, or grades or whatever, then you're seeing a lot is greater with your tongue. But in your heart, your grades, or your school or your work or whatever it is, is actually greater because that's what you're thinking about.

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So it's as if you're entering into sauna line. Because what is in the heart is not confirmed by what is on the tongue. So when you enter the Allah, Allah is greater and it's your reminder Hey, buddy, focus. Forget everything else, throw the world behind you disengage from the world, enter into the sanctuary and recognize that Allah subhana wa tada is more worthy of your attention than anything else.

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he says that,

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that when you when you pray, when you enter into prayer, he says what I've done is called shape on runs away in the Muslim culture runs away again. In the meantime, he came back then almost called he runs away again. Then we start wanting to join and he starts he says, Shivam comes to him. And he says

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Lima, Lima. Good. Yeah, even comment. He says shavon is gonna come to you when you start reading and see remember that remember that remember that one? Do you know cut you off on the on the way to the mission? just random stuff comes to your mind. shavon is always putting those thoughts in your mind. When you start praying, the most random things come to your mind. chiffon is one who doesn't until you don't remember how many times your brain

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shape unconsumed reminds you.

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He's like, No sweat. I'm saying like, he's just like, he just got the steps. So this man comes to me. He's like, I need your help. He's like, I had this you know, back then there's no banks or anything. He said, I have this for a significant amount of wealth. I hid it somewhere.

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Right? So you know, can you help me out here? Do you have any advice anything I can say anything? You know, when you get it?

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You take it you run with it and you don't you don't go over a second opinion.

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Don't even tell them look, this is my advice.

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If you go home, I want you

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Stand up and pray the whole night long.

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Pretty big moment. Normally somebody will remember words. So the man is a cool, man.

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He goes home, he plays, he goes home, he starts alone. He doesn't even start it. And he's like,

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his money is hidden.

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Quickly comes the next day didn't drink the whole night.

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You're the man.

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I hit my money in the first woman a prayer. Nobody even tells him. He says, I knew you would. Because I knew shavon doesn't want me to pray the whole night long to come remind you where you hid your money. And you didn't pray the whole income. So someone comes to us with the most weird things and you're reminded that we're standing, Allah, Allah is greater, you're focusing on Allah Subhana Allah, and then you begin your prayer. Now, when you pray, when you're praying, you actually lower your gaze, look at things.

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Again, let's

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look at the bigger

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picture frustration that was interesting about that is that three things number one, lowering your gaze is a sign of blow

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up in the house.

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Before there was no one no one more hated to me than the process. After Islam, there was more accurate the cables said there's no one more love to me to the puppet to the point that if you asked me to describe the Prophet, I wouldn't be able to do so. Because I loved him so much when I send him when I would come in his presence. I wouldn't feel shy to even look at him.

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So when you come to us, number one, the first and foremost reason is the first time I said didn't do it. So you do that's just like Why don't you report to the profit center? Not because this tapeworm this disease and this that why do you ready to dabble? A lot of you know, the problem is that Allah said do it do it, then we have benefits as well. So they're going to do it. So we do it. But number one know another point is, is that out of love for Allah, you lower your gaze number two, a sign of humility. Do you ever stand before like, let's say your mother, your boss or somebody, your mother, your good example, when you're a child, your mother, you know, you broke the vase. And she calls you

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can hear you're in trouble. When you stand before your Mom, are you looking at her like yeah, I broke the vase. You

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never missed that before. So you look down twiddle your thumbs kind of back and forth, out of humility. So we stand before Allah humbled to be lowercase number three, the place of six that is the most awesome part of so that I will talk about ourselves. But like in this life and ability, system, the most amazing part. So when you're looking down to the place of frustration, it's like you're longing to go to the place that you can't wait to get to.

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So you lower your gaze in front of us. Now,

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what do we, what are we saying? If you do and this is in your handout, again, number one, you say the three different variations you can say any of the three, I encourage you to memorize all three. So you don't want to enter into not you know, autopilot. It's not just the one you memorize, just say that every single time. If you memorize the three, choose which one you want to say maybe it's not the same one, but as you can see another depending on how you feel, and we'll see what we mean by that precedent set up.

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And it hasn't I think that when you stand for prayer

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when he said he was stood for prayer, he would say

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Subhana Allah Mohammed was about a customer to Allah to Allah. It was very reasonable to say that when he stood prepared, the first thing he will say is Oh, he says how absolutely perfect you are, Oh Allah, and with your praise I continue most of us that is your name and exalted high beer majesty, there's absolutely nothing worthy of worship except for you.

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So this one is all about Allah subhanaw taala so maybe you're you know, you want to praise Allah want to thank the law you want to say that maybe you saw a beautiful sight and thanks to Pamela how Allah is the Creator and sustainer then you want to praise Allah you start with this

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and you know what he was even more I mean, we talked about loving Allah is standing before a lot of love you know the person who sent the site either in the in the habit of Quranic Allah

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Subhana Allah Mohammed was about

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the same job the most love speech to Allah is this God

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answer prayer. You're worshiping Allah.

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You want to start with words that he loves the most out of anything else. So you see this he loves this more than any other speech sound the one who loves a lot will love to see words that he loves to you. Just like your your wife or your husband loves to hear certain words like Oh honey, Oh, sweetie, whatever it is, oh my light of my life and all those you know kind of nice words you say? You say those things that you know your spouse loves dies. How should we act Allah kinda what we love more than anybody else. When the dean shut up and enough those who believe are more intensive their love for Allah.

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Anything else? So you start with words Allah loves the most you praise him You can also say it's like that. Another another. Another thing that you can say is

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what Jackie was getting.

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Anita was lucky enough to listen to

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me, luxury Cara

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muslimeen I have turned my face sincerely towards he was originally to the heavens in the earth. And I am not opposed to associate others with Allah, certainly my prayer, my sacrifices, my life and my death of solely for Allah, Lord of the worlds he has no partner with this I am commanded and I am of the Muslims. So you also say this job this is affirms your commitment to Allah. So maybe you feel like you want to reaffirm your commitment unless you choose this draft to start your career with a third guy you can mention

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name and decide that when he sends a pray you could say hello the bad day and he will be in Hawaii come back to being aluminum they need to come and

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hello Sydney with minify and Marie with LG. You can say, Oh Allah, what a great distance between me and my mistakes, as great as the distance you put between the East and the West, Allah tells me of my sins as a white garment is comes from film. Oh, Allah washed away my sins with water and snow and ice. Now this is about forgiveness. So maybe somebody committed sins, and they want to ask a lot of forgiveness. Pamela, by the way, shavon when we come into sin, Chicago, come to us and say don't pray. How dare you stand before Allah and pray to him when you've done all these bad deeds? Who do you think you are man? You can't pray to Allah that acts you make a mistake, good progress to

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prayer, you make it then rush the prayer. This is our level. Wait, wait are your sins in the past? Do they have enough good deeds? Why do we bad deeds? So pretty to start with this two hour long distance me between the mind between me and my sins like this between the East and the West and cause me in my sins with water and snow and ice? So this is in the handouts again, if you want to memorize them, they're in the handout.

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So so you you choose which one you want to think based on what you're feeling? Not. So again, you're not on cruise control, you're actually thinking about what you're doing.