Angels in Their Presence S2 #20 – Allah Spoke Directly to Him

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The segment discusses the narratives of the prophets and their actions, including the death of an unarmed father, the loss of family members, and the distraction of a hub where a woman is supposed to be. The group is upset and angry, leading them to cry loudly. The prophets lie about a woman named Janae who was killed by Cassia Ron and the woman being killed by AlinaLive, and promise that Subhanab will be hit by a bushel. The speaker also talks about a woman named AlinaLive who was killed by Cassia Ron and promises that AlinaLive will be replaced with a new one.

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When the prophets like Selim came to Medina, Jabba didn't know Abdullah will be a lot of time on who was one of the most famous of the unsought was a very young man. And he would go on to be one of the most instrumental people in Islam I mean, the Hajj of the prophets lie Selim is narrated primarily by job it'll be a lot of time on hold. There are so many narrations there's so much closeness that job it'll the law on who would enjoy with the Prophets lie Selim, throughout his entire life and Medina. But it starts with his father. And what's very interesting about his father is what we know about his father basically pertains to his death.

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His father, Abdullah, I don't think a lot of time on who who embraced Islam, dedicated himself immediately to the prophets, I saw them. And he had Java or the Allah Tala and who and then nine daughters. So he has Java, and he has nine daughters. And because of that, he didn't want Jabba the Allahu Anhu to fight with him embedded or an eclipse because he wanted Java to take care of his nine sisters in case something happens to him. So on top of Jabba being young, his father asks him to stay back. And instead he can serve in another capacity. But he doesn't want him to go forth and actually participate in the battle in case something happens to him. So job it'll be a lot of time

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on who was serving the thirsty soldiers. He was doing what he could. But at the same time, he wasn't fighting in the battle, because his father directly told him not to. Now, before a hood starts Jebel the Allahu Anhu narrates this heart to heart conversation between him and his father. Abdullah tells him waking up in the morning, he says, Listen, my son,

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I had a dream last night. And the way I interpreted that dream is that I'm not going to make it pass this battle that, you know, in sha Allah, I'm going to be blessed with martyrdom, I'm going to be blessed with shahada on this day ahead. So he gives him this will see this will on how to take care of his sister's, the nine daughters he's going to leave behind, as well as some of the debts. He had a lot of debt and he had nine daughters, so it's going to be difficult on job, it'll be a lot harder. And his father is telling him Listen, this is what I want you to do, after a loss prints out grants me martyrdom, because that's what I saw on the stream. And that's what I think is gonna

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happen on the day ahead. Subhanallah what ends up happening job, it'll be a lot of time and he mentions that my father was amongst the first that were killed on the day of hurt, and Jabba was there but he wasn't allowed to fight. So he then describes the next part of this he says G IV IV in an obese mice, Rama Murthy, rubbishy. They brought the body of my father to the prophets lie Selim, wicked Murthy to be he means that they may you know, he was crucified, basically he was mutilated. He was not simply killed. But his father was basically cut into different pieces. Well, will the idea he said he's put in front of the prophets and the seller, and he had a cover on him and the

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prophets lie some was keeping him covered. So he says the hub to actually find what he that I went to uncover his face very powerful, you know, and human hair race and I want to see my dad's face. And he says, for now, honey, homie than everyone held my hand and said, Don't do it. Right. They knew what would happen if I saw what was done to my father. And so the women of my family, his sisters, and you know, the widow of Abdullah, they started to cry loudly. So they started to will loudly. And the prophets lie. Some said, lads up, Kate Mazara did melodica to Linda Hall, the Ashley hottie ha. He said, You know, don't cry, because I see that until now, the angels have not left

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Abdullah with their wings, they're still following him. And they're shading him with their wings. Subhanallah What an honor for him. So the Prophet slice on the scene, the way the melodica are following this procession, even though he has just been killed, they're still keeping their wings over him. Now, Jabba will be allowed to and who says, you know, that obviously, this was this was difficult on the whole family, to lose him. They knew that he was blessed. They knew that he had the bushel on, they knew that he was, you know, given the glad tidings and martyred but at the same time, it hurt them, right to be missing such an important figure in their family. So he says the

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prophets lie some came up to me and he said, Yeah, Java, 90 rockin when Cassia Ron, you know, subhanAllah it's so beautiful, the profit slice, I'm even recognized as your job and why do I see you broken when Kassala like you're broken. And he says he also loved my father has been murdered, and he left behind, you know, a lot of daughters and a lot of deaths. So it's overwhelming. So the prophets lie Selim said, Should I not tell you what happened to your father after he passed away? So I said that I got to sort of like yes, a messenger of Allah. So we already know the angels were following him around

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As with their wings and shading him throughout that entire process. The profit slice on him says Markella Mala who had an Cut 11 What it hijab will kill lemme abarca Keifa Han This is so beautiful. He said Allah never spoke to anyone except from behind the veil, but he spoke to your father directly. It's Pamela like that's, that's a huge NEMA huge blessing, right? That's something that is beyond what anyone could expect, like Allah spoke to your father directly, rather than from behind a veil. And what did he say to him? He said, Yeah, Abdi Temen. Natty? Oh, my servant asked me anything. Yeah. Abdullah, and I'll give it to you. So this is a conversation that the Prophet saw

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some is relating to jabber about a conversation between Allah and his father. So he said, Yara, he said, Oh my lord, tahini for Oak terrifica Zania Oh my lord. My wish is that you send me back to the dunya and I'll be killed in your cause again, it's like give me life again. Yeah, Allah. And let me be martyred for your sake again. Why? Because you know, the martyr wants to come back not because the martyr is not enjoying what they have, but it's panela when they see what Allah is giving them and giving your life for Allah means nothing at that point, right? I mean, that it's compared to what Allah is giving to you. So Allah subhanaw taala responded and he said in now Saba community,

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and Nahum la had I already own I have already decreed that the people will not return back to it, meaning you're not going to go back to the dunya. And he said, Ya Rob for Oblivion, and voila. He said, Oh, my Lord, then convey the news of what is happening with me to those that I left behind. Tell my family what happened with me. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed what taxa then Alina cote roofie Sabine rely on water bell here on and Robbie him yourself. Do not say of those who have been killed in the way of Allah that they are dead. Rather they are with their Lord being sustained.