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The speakers discuss the lack of morality and social norms in modern society, citing the current crisis of peace and potential conflict between Muslims and non- Muslim countries. They emphasize the need for change and a focus on social and political stability, including the historical process of printing the Koran and the importance of the phrasing of the Bible. There is a lot of talk about trees and animals, but the main point is that trees have rights, while the Bible has rights.

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And that's why Muslims always saw that scholars that were aligned with government rulers or government leaders that were in their pay, and things like that, to visit them to speak the truth to them to that encourage an alum should go, and if he's able to tell the truth, to an oppressor or to a ruler, and most rulers are oppressors in some way or another, that's encouraged, but to become a court, moolah, or the real scholars fled from that, like they would flee from a lion, because they knew what it meant. And then in our view of things, politics was never a very important issue. For the vast majority of Muslims throughout history. Like most people, many Muslim thinkers, were

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intensely interested in establishing social harmony and equilibrium on the basis of shediac. But they do not see this as something that should or could be instituted from above. And that's the truth. I mean, you look at all these other men read their books, they never saw the idea that you could Institute ethics or morality in a society, ethics and morality comes from families comes from the way you were raised comes from how your parents taught you, and whether you're going to live up to those ideals and morals that they gave you. And in bad societies, parents don't have ethics or morals to transmit to their children. A lot of the world now it's just there's very little real

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ethical and moral behavior because people aren't raised with those ideals anymore. They see their parents cheating and doing all these things. And that's what they end up doing. So simple as that. Few seconds, just some questions mentions that the province of Lyceum considered suicide. Yeah, that was wrong. You know, those those narrations are not have never been considered by sound scholars, the problem would have never contemplated suicide, but he was troubled by that.

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Well, this class is an open class. So people, it's encouraged always to dress modestly. But are we as American taxpayers accountable for our state's decision to sell weapons? Well, there's some accountability if you're paying taxes,

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some accountability, Thoreau went to jail because he wouldn't pay taxes, read civil disobedience. I was growing up. They taught that in high school. I don't know if they still do teach it anymore. Probably not. But I mean, he went because he wouldn't pay taxes because he thought the government was supporting slavery. He thought that was wrong. And when his friend Emerson went to get him out, he looked down and he said, Henry, what are you doing in there, you know, behind bars, and he looked at Ralph Waldo, he said, Ralph, what are you doing out there?

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Because he said, in an unjust society, the only place for adjust man was in jail. Yeah, global war picture is a war race because Muslims or Arabs, people of color. So the war of religion? I think it's a very strange thing. But I think right now, what it seems to me that's going on is there's a lot of money to be made now in war. The one great deterrent historically for war was commerce, which is why Muslims were always commercial states. And Muslims actually preferred peace to war, because they like to do business. They like to trade with people. And when you have a society whose number one industry is war, you have a problem. And Israel is the biggest arms producer outside of America

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and France. I mean, it's just massive on production. I do like fairness. You know, the Arabs have been saying for years, they're gonna chase every Jew into the ocean and Europeans were stuck in the middle of the Middle East. by Europeans. It was a crazy idea and most foolish thing that the Arab did was they got rid of all their Jews, that Moroccan Jews never want to go to Israel, the Yemeni Jews didn't want to go to Israel. They didn't want to migrate. They'd been in those countries. For centuries, the Persian Jews loved Persia, and I've met Persian Jews that told me about growing up in Persian what an incredible country it was Iraqi Jews loved Iraq. And that's the truth. And you can

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still find stories of this. And the Muslims have never had a problem with Jews Hamza Brubaker who was Imam of the mosque in Paris, the Imam in Paris hid Jews. Well, you won't see this on Schindler's List the imaam in Paris, he Jews in the basement of the mosque in Paris from the Nazis, 200 of them right and fed them, the Jews of Morocco because King Mohammed the fifth wouldn't deport Jews to the Germans, and they were protected. The Moroccan Jews love the king, Moroccan Jews go from Israel to Morocco to take bath with the king, whenever a king dies in Morocco, so the Jews have never had a problem with the Muslims. There's rare exceptions where Muslims did stupid things like how can

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somebody lead follow me who

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was just an insane ruler killed us and killed Christians. But he was insane, literally stark raving mad. And it was an unfortunate period, but nobody's ever justified it. The Muslims have never had pogroms. They've never killed Jews. They've never gotten massacred and done these things. We didn't have that problem. Unfortunately, the Jews were treated like dirt for centuries in Europe, they were spat on, they were humiliated. They were shamed. They used to force them to run naked through the streets as a kind of joke. And their children would throw rocks at them and spit on them and read the history of Jews in Europe. It's horrific. Muslims didn't treat them like that. In fact, Jews

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ended up reaching some of the highest levels of social status in the Muslim country. Some of the greatest philosophers Andrew co produced the greatest Jewish philosophers in the history of GABA wrote and worship in maimunah, near him, and these, these are some of their greatest scholars, and they came out of Islamic Spain, Islamic Spain, and they wrote in Arabic, and their teachers were Arabs. But you know, this is just crazy. So things are everything's going insane, and people are going crazy. And it's happened before. This is not the first time people

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you know, read history, humans are just unfortunately very imbalanced. And it's just, it's going crazy right now. And things come around. It's just we have to ride it out. You know, we might survive it. We might not this is what humans do. They just ride out this stuff. But there's a lot of imbalance in the world. There's a lot of imbalance on the planet. People are very out of balance. You know, they're walking around in states of just total imbalance. You know, what we're doing how we're treating each other how we're treating, I mean, just the trees. I mean, I think you know, the trees 300,000 fruit trees have been uprooted in Palestine. What's their crime? What did they do?

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Right 300,000 fruit trees? What did they do? And then you wonder why that Heidi says, you know, there's a Jew behind me and come kill him. In Sahil Buhari. I mean, what would I say if I was a tree about ready to be pulled up? And I could talk get rid of this character? You know, get get rid of him? Why is he doing this to me? What did I do? You don't think trees have a right to be here? Was sheduled when nedjma was scheduled? Yes. Do that. Trees worship God. trees don't have any legal rights. They have rights. trees have rights. prophets Eliza never harmed a tree. aligning yourself with Heaven is what Islam is about. You know, get back into order get back into harmony. That's why

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we're supposed to pray with the sun. Get up with the sun. Go to bed with the sun. Be in order be so I mean, my advice to myself in all of you is just try to find some order in your lives. You know, go walk go commune with I mean, it's incredible. What What an incredible world you look at it. It's just awesome. What a glorious day What? perfection. It's everywhere except in this one. Odd figure out the human.

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He's the only thing marking it all up. It's all perfect. Frogs are having five legs now. Do you read that? Right? They're all getting mutated. What did they do? What did the frogs do? Really? before they're I mean, they're different. And that's what they're called in the Koran. What did the lift that do? You know, it just wants to worship God. That's all they want to do. They just want to worship God. And now they're mutating because all these chemicals and all this horrific stuff people are doing then humans guinea pigs. I mean, it's just madness. So anyway, I'm starting my rant.

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We know what do we do? Just

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write it out. The moment you check out of this hotel, I guarantee there's no looking back. Dunya is not something to write home about.

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rahima Salatu was Ramada shut off

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with a whole load of water in

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a loving manner.

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In the contract, Mr. Hakeem allama alumna male founder

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tena was in edma, or studied of Mrs. Ada mahamadou. It was

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one thing I wanted to say about Jihad that I didn't mention in the session was that

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and this leads into the med hubs that there is a difference of opinion about reason for jihad, out of the four Sunni Muslims and they are about hanifa mo Matic

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a Sheree and Mr. Ahmed and before I go into explain that I'll just because that's the section here is on the med hub is that when the initial Islamic event occurs, which

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begins in 610, with the province ally said in the beginning of the revolution, and ends approximately 632, in which the province allied his sudden passes during this time the Quran was being revealed. And initially the province of ICM prohibited them from writing down his words, because he did not want the Quran to be mixed with the Hadith. And just to explain the difference for people that don't know, the Koran is Muslims believe that this is directly from God to the Prophet, through Gabriel. There's no other means of transmission that the Quran came everything that the Prophet slicin and other that was from the Quran, according to Muslims came through Gabriel,

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there is a second source of Revelation, which is called Hadith. And a hadith is anything that the Prophet said, or was said of him, or was done in his presence or said in his presence, and he agreed with it. And then some add to that a fourth category, which is descriptions of the prophets a lot is to know. So generally that is what had eath is obviously the strongest one would be something that he himself said. Now, the Quran is over 6000 verses. And it comes in 114 chapters or surah, which means enclosure, it's made up of which are roughly translated as verses and of the over 6600 verses in the Quran. There are approximately 500 that directly relate to legislative matters, the vast

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majority of the Koran does not relate to legislation, it actually relates to what we understand about God. And then the historical process history, its purpose, what human beings are here, for, a lot of it is calling human beings to reflect on the creation. Some of it tells us of the stories of those who went before us this conflict between the prophetic tradition and the moronic tradition. The Koran, in a sense sets up a dialectic in the world, between a moronic impulse to control and a prophetic impulse or a prophetic truth, to liberate people from control models, and to enter into a type of submission, in which they're no longer subjugated, or subjected to these control models that

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terrifies them and keep them basically trapped in delusional ways of viewing the world, and what the world is here for. So the pharaoh is his symbol is the pyramid, it's very interesting symbol because the pyramid is moving to a human apex, which is the Pharaoh and his inner circle, and the rest of the society is supporting that structure. So human beings are really seen as servants of those in power or those in charge. And those in charge, then have magicians they have basically there's four components that the moronic model has a law says enough, I don't know how many would you do

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that there's federal own, which is the political component. And then there's hemin, which is the economic component, it's the economic power base. And then there's the military component, which empowers both the political and the economic, to do what they want. So these three and Allah says that all of them were wrongdoers. So being a soldier for this system is also participating in the crime of the system. There's a fourth component, and these are the magician's, the Sahara. These are the ones that keep people in all that but which people that put veils over them to make them think something is real, when it's not real. And so that is the frog system. Those are the four components

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of the phoronix system that are mentioned in the Quran. And one of the things about the pharaoh is he's very sensitive, like he sends spies out. So he uses a spy network. He also wants to know everything that's happening in the society and he's also very fearful because what he's afraid of because Allah says in the Quran, that the Odia Hemen Farah, I don't know how many Joon McCann woman whom you don't allow is going to show that our own his economic power, his military power, the very thing that he was fearing, so Pharaoh fears the prophetic element in the story.

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It because the prophetic element is exposing the lie of the moronic culture. And so the frantic culture has a deep seated fear of this element because it's an element that's it's telling people. You weren't created to build pyramids.