The Double Standards on Social Constructs and Identities

Yasir Qadhi


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Brothers and sisters, the irony of ironies Wallahi, the irony of ironies, the same movement, the same strand of you know, social justice and whatnot, who believed that there are more than two genders, who believe that the whole gender is a social construct, look at their discourse about race and about ethnicity, they say, they say that race and ethnicity is a social construct, which is actually true, there is no such thing as race, my brown skin color, you're black, you're white, if I were to take a blood sample, you couldn't tell my skin color. Race really is a social construct. Ethnicity really is something that changes every few centuries, my ancestors 500 years ago are going

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to be totally different from my children and grandchildren. 500 years from now, race and ethnicity and social class are 100% constructed by mankind. That much is clear, right? Okay. Now go to the same crowd and say, I want to choose my race, race, which is a social construct, ethnicity, which is a figment of the imagination. You cannot tell everybody's ethnicity by their facial features. We all know this. Sometimes you can't. Sometimes you can't. Sometimes you're mistaken. race, ethnicity, social hierarchy, who is the royal family who's born into the kingdom? This is completely arbitrary. This is a social construct. Okay, go to the same movement that wants to tinker with gender and say

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to them, let's tinker with an actual social contract construct. Let somebody who's ever white skin color identify as from African heritage. Let somebody who's from the Far East identify as Caucasian. Let somebody who was born into a poor family identify as being from the Royal kings of Norway, let the descendants of a royal dynasty you must announce me by my pronoun, Her Royal Highness. That's going to be my pronoun. What will the same movement say? Have you lost your mind? Or how dare you? That's insulting social appropriation misappropriation. You have no right to claim your ethnicity is different than what you are you have no right to claim your class. Your social hierarchy is

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different than what you are. This is social misappropriation. So Subhanallah we say you're right. You're absolutely right. Yes. I have no right to claim that I am Caucasian or I'm of African heritage, my heritage is Indian boxer. Absolutely right. But then when we acknowledge that this race and ethnicity is 100% man made, then we are telling you go beyond this and go to that which is from Allah subhanho wa Taala do not tinker with what Allah subhana wa Taala has gifted you brothers and sisters IBLEES threatened threatened Allah subhanho wa Taala IBLEES threatened Allah and he said, because of what you have done, I will misguide all of these people, little we are known as your

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Marine. And he believes said to Allah, the majority of them will be unthankful and you know what he believes said

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whether arm or under him further you her urine, hello, kola.

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I'm going to misguide them and command them to the extent they will change the way that you created them. They're going to disfigure their own selves failure you her urine now hello cola. They're going to change the way you created them. All Muslims. What bigger disfiguration is there? What worse mutilation is there? Did not IBLEES say he would do this and we see this happening here. What greater disfiguration when the gift that Allah has given you, you reject it and say, No, I will cut my own member off. I will disfigure my own body, and I think this is something that is praiseworthy brothers and sisters, we should not tinker with the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala what this

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movement is doing, it is playing God and you cannot play God with the creation of God because you are not God. What this movement is doing, it is implementing the misguidance of the beliefs and rejecting the guidance from Allah subhanahu wa taala. So we seek Allah's protection from this misguidance and to Him we turn

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either call

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me, Ms. Dahiya. Doll Seanie

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we go to fifth.

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Sunday, what

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are we to miss?

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Jenny Tansa down to

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