Is It Allowed to Check the Horoscope of the Partner You Intend to Marry

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AI: Summary © The speaker advises against checking the partner's horoscope and advises against sticking with the partner's belief in God. They suggest finding people who have a strong history and knowledge of Islam to help with reference. The speaker also advises against sticking with the partner's belief in the superstition of the beast and to practice practicality while avoiding hor impressions.
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Another question here

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a salam ala Ko is allowed to check the horoscope

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of the partner you intend to marry? Is it allowed to check the horoscope of the partner you intend to marry? The short answer to that is no. Don't check the horoscope of anyone, not yourself not not anyone you're intending to marry at all. Why? Because horoscopes are

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basically astrology right? And of course the Prophet sallallahu wasallam forbade astrology, right? In the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever learned anything of astrology has learnt a branch of witchcraft. He called it witchcraft. And in many other narrations as well, you know, astrology, soothsayers, people telling us, you know, what's gonna happen in the future? The all of these things are things that are basically shake. You know, they're associating partners with Allah. Why? Because we're depending on something other than Allah, and we're ascribing to other than Allah, knowledge that only Allah subhanaw taala has, right, because when you go to when you

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check horoscopes, and when you go to somebody, for example, an astrologer to tell you things about somebody based on the stars, you're basically saying that something other than Allah has knowledge, or controls the universe, right controls people's fate, people's lives, people's personalities, et cetera, right. And all of this is false. And Islam came to remove all of this from human beings and human societies, this superstitious stuff. So don't check horoscopes don't go anywhere near horoscopes, okay? And the real way to check somebody out, is, of course, to look at their track record, get some references for that person, right. I recommend you get some references, somebody

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who's traveled with that person, somebody who's lived with that person, somebody who's studied with them, maybe done business with them. If you find those types of people, and you ask them sincerely to offer to provide you with a reference or character reference anything about them that you want to know, then it's their duty to provide that to you. Okay, so I think we need to start becoming practical. Stay away from superstition. Be practical, look into the person's personality and history through you know, practical means, and stay

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far away from horoscopes stay away from astrology as a Muslim