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The recent political climate and strong support for the Federal Republic ofix is highlighted, along with the need for strong support for the political stance. The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding the political stance and not paint media with the same brush. They also stress the need for individuals to stand for their beliefs and not be caught in the Yoanae of the world. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to address the issue of false political effects on social media and address the importance of not being caught in the Yoanae.

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Get your footwork custom made today, the way you wanted with the ruling you want for just 1999 that's right just 1999 at scholars for Apply now and get to fence was for the price of one that's right to fence was for just 9099. There's a limited offer terms and conditions may apply. Why we might find something like this to be hilarious to be funny. The reality is, the political stances that we see from the scholars in the days that we live in, is far from being funny. In fact, the reality is, is that people no longer trust the scholars because of the political stance that we're seeing from individuals today.

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And this is scary when people turn away from their scholars. This is when the people go straight. This is when the doors for ship on Open. Even we look just a couple of years back those who fell into extremism and went away why because they went away from the scholars. But obviously, when we see these types of stances, we have to be realistic when we see these type of weak political stances and stances, which are not just some time a week politically, but things that clearly go against what Islam is, it clearly goes against the way of Islam. So all we do in this situation, how do we know what is correct and what is not? And what stance we should make? We go back to what Allah

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subhanaw taala said, because obviously it's confusing. We don't know what to do. We go back to what Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran. Allah told us very clearly first decree in Guatemala to Allah moon, to ask the people of knowledge, if you don't know. But he was saying that the people now have become the scholars have become scholars for dollars as people were saying and this by the way, I don't think it's the best way to talk about the scholars scholars for dollars. And we go back to what our scholars and how they divided this up. That's what I want to share with you tonight. That the reality is is that the scholars there's three different types of scholars and once we understand

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this, and we understand the factors that are passed, we understand which type of scholar they are. And this is from the explanation of the other side of meaning or shape shifting with a mean Rahim Allah, Tala. For The Real scholars, when we say go back to the scholars, you go back to the real scholars, the likes of Chef and what they mean. Rahmatullah Ali, Chef, you know what they mean, Rahim Allah, he said that the scholars are three different types. There's three different types of scholars, he divided them into three categories. He said, The scholar of the Miller, the scholar of the religion, and we're gonna explain each one of them. The first one is the scholar of the Miller,

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the scholar of the religion. And the second one, he said, It's the scholar of the dola, the scholar of the state, and the third one, the scholar of the OMA meaning the people scholar. So these are the three categories of scholars. He said that the first one, the scholar of the middle of the scholar region, let me read to you exactly what he said. He said that this is the one who spreads the religion of Islam, and they give the Feds work in regards to the religion of Islam through knowledge, which is based on the Quran and Sunnah. They give it to this knowledge, and they do not care if the law in the dish of the Sharia that they pass is not in accordance to the desires of the

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people or not. They're not concerned with what the people say, This is what the Quran and Sunnah said, this is the fence what they give, and this is how they spread Islam. This is the first category of scholars. The second category of scholars, he said, they are the scholars of the state, the LM Abdullah, he said these are NEMA these scholars. These are the ones who the one who acts looking for that which the state wants, he sees what's the state wants, and he gives Betsa in accordance to that. And he said, even if it contradicts the book of Allah and the sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and the third category, he said in regards to the scholar of the nation, the one who are the people scholars, he said, that he is the one they looked at that which pleases the people, they look at that which pleases the people. And if they see they are upon something particular, then they will use a fence work that pleases them in this issue, and he tries to falsify the evidence from the Quran, and from the sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so that it will agree that it will agree with the desires of the people. So these are the three categories of the scholars. Why is it important that we understand this when we see some of these festivals now? And

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we're hearing people keep contacting us we're here on social media, about we said the political fence was that we're hearing now which is it's mind boggling. It's really an understanding and understandable how people can can be saying the things that they are from the scholars and as people who will try to adhere to the way of I listen to what your mom, we know that speaking out against the rulers and rebelling against the rulers is not the way of the Senate. It's not the way of our pious predecessors and However, at the same time to come in praise people and to make fence was which is not according to Islam or not correct as well and to supporting

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Also, it is also not the way of the self as well. The point is, is that when we see these type of fetters, we look and we see which category that the people fall into. So the ones who are passing, obviously, any false or incorrect political effects was we know that they fall into being the scholar of the state, the ones who are passing federal laws, which are things that are clearly haram. And this is something we see all throughout history, and is nothing new, even nowadays, we live in the ones who are, and that's what they call the scholars for dollars, the ones who are the people, scholars, or the people, or for the state or whatever, that the people who are the scholars

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of the people who want to please the people, the ones who want to get more following on social media, the ones who want to, you know, appeal to the people. So the the mix of the things and no issue fence was in order to please the people and to get more following. And sometimes they get some money in return people that will support them because they give the photos they want. So these two types of scholars obviously, are the ones we're not going to take from. And the ones we need to focus on are the scholars of the middle of the scholars of the religion, who passed their footwork and who spread Islam as the shift said or him along China and accordingly, in accordance to the

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Quran and Sunnah. Even if it's not appealing to the desires of the people, even if not appealing to the desires of the state which they live in. This is the way of the scholars and the scholars and shaping with me and Rahim Allah Tada. He said at the end, when he when he divided them into three categories, he said this Allah law, and ye Jelena min Allah and mill allow me to be here, he said, May Allah make us from the scholars of the middle of the scholars of the religion, and those who act upon it, who act upon their religion. And we say I mean, your noble Alameen, may Allah subhana, WA Tada make us from those scholars and make us from those who, who adhere to that. And to call to

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that, and who follow our scholars, who are the serious scholars and Chautala. As we said, understanding this, it will, it will help us to be able to know where the scholars fall, which of the categories that we fall into. And it's very important as well, that we don't paint all of our scholars with the same brush because of the mistakes that other scholars made, because they could be the scholar of the state or a scholar of the people in the not from the true scholars, And subhanAllah what this this has proven to us and we need to understand as well from the Hichem of Allah subhanaw taala, that Allah, throughout history of mankind, and throughout the history of

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Islam, we have different test different calamities that come to us to see what is our stance going to be? What is our stance going to be? And we see that these scholars today who have issued these ridiculous photos, May Allah guide them, that they are people who have failed the test, many of them who have millions of followers on social media, and we thought that they were true scholars, and they were, you know, people who are upon good upon the weight of the self of our of our early pious predecessors of this ummah, that in reality, they will just do it, they will just do it, who are calling to somewhere, but they were weak when it came to certain stances. And when I say weak, what

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I want to say is that it doesn't mean you have to speak out against the rulers, it doesn't mean you necessarily have to speak out against the bottle because sometimes it might just be better to stay quiet because it's safer for yourself and safer for the for the ummah. And we know even from the Sierra, there's certain times weakness times of strength. So you might not say anything, and this is what you need to do these scholars if they were true scholars, if you can't say what is what has helped, if you can't speak against certain evil, then at least remain quiet. But to come in to support evil, and get that wasn't to support even to support that which is wrong. This is the issue

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here. The point is my brothers and sisters, we don't paint all of our scholars with the same brush. And we realize that many of those who claim to be following the likes of Amazon have been humbled Imam Muhammad, and Muhammad even to me as journalist them Tamia that they're far from that because the ones who follow those scholars, you'll see that they were willing, they were willing to what to stand up against that which is falsehood, and to stand for that which is truth, even if it meant them going to prison or facing difficulties. And here I want to point out as well, that even though throughout history, many of the scholars went to prison. And that doesn't mean necessarily that to

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be a scholar of the hub, could it be a scholar of the minute that you have to go to prison? Like we said, it could just be that you acquired at a certain time and many of the people many of the great scholars, even during the time of Imam Ahmed right Motala when the issue of Quran came that Imam Ahmed stood up and he spoke out other scholars who supported him, they remain silent. And if we have nothing good as unbelievers to say as we know we should we say good, or remain silent as our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us and this one I want to share with you, my dear brothers and sisters is that the scholars are one of three, as she definitely mentioned, Rahim,

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Allah Wattana, that they're either the scholars of the Miller, the scholars of the religion, or they're the scholars of the dolore of the state, or the scholars of the people. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from those who act and follow the scholars of their religion and make us from them make us die upon that Euro bill Alameen