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Today we will discuss an aspect of the Syrah that is hardly discussed, and inshallah we'll explain why we're discussing this. Today's entire quarter is about an animal. Which animal do you think I'm going to be talking about?

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The camel of the prophets of Allah for Allah who was suddenly now why would I talk about the camel of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we will find out in sha Allah Allah.

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This camel story is actually a summary of the entire Syrah.

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And so many incidents happened on it, and as a part of its life, and few key rulings can be derived as we're going to discuss today, and theological benefits as well. So we have for example, from the very beginning of the story of the camel.

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The first entrance of this begins when the Prophet system decided to migrate to Medina. For 4050 years of the process of his life. He did not have the wherewithal to purchase a camel and he had no need for a camel. So the bulk of his life he did not own a camel. He did not have a camel. When Allah azza wa jal commanded him to migrate to Medina. That was when he needed a camel. And so he told Abu Bakr Siddiq to purchase two camels

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and Abu Bakr so they understood Inshallah, that he's going to be the second person. It wasn't clear yet, but he hoped this was the premonition that will be the second person. So Oba Chris has purchased two camels from the tribe of Bunraku shale, and the cost of these two was 800 did hunts and he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, This one is for you, ya rasool Allah, and it is a gift to you. And the Profit System said, law be Semenya Abubaker No, I have to purchase it with its price. I'm not going to take it for free. This was not the methodology of a process that um, to take advantage like this. So he paid 400 Did hums for the camel. I calculated to

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the roughly would that would be an hour modern US dollars. It's a little bit over $1,000. Now we will say $1,000. That's so little money. But for those who didn't have a steady income, for those who don't have a salary, the bulk of people 1400 homes was a mini fortune. So the process M spent the bulk of his money on that one camel. The name of the camel, of course is called swap. It is most likely that the tribe named the camel this why? Because camels if you don't know they actually are very intelligent animals. And they are trained to respond to their names. And they form relationships with their owners and masters very strong relationships. And so the name pasa was

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given by the tribe before the process of acquired it, and it continued throughout the life of the prophet saw Selim. Now the name Khasra. What does it mean? A SWOT like most animal names, it doesn't really have any type of noble meaning. It basically means a camel whose ear has been marked or signed, plus was ear had not been marked or signed. But it was just a name given to it. And it was also common to have rhyming names for the same animal. So a SWAT was also called allowed the BA very rarely but the general name was a casa How old was a SWAT when it was purchased? Some sources say four years old, some say seven years old. In the age of Camel years, this is like 1718 like fresh

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young. Camels stay with their mothers for four to five years. So called SWAT was purchased right when it becomes an adult. Right we say 1817 That age equivalent human years, right when it's able to be independent and have a new owner. That's what a swan was gifted to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and a SWAT remain the only animal the only camel excuse me that the process that I'm owned until he passed away, because sua was the animal that the Hijra occurred on. The Prophet system was hiding in Hadith old and Casa was brought to him on the third day. And on the third day on crosswalk, he marched to Medina and the famous incident that took place between Soraka the famous

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story of Soraka you know, the the bracelets, it happened on crosswalk and crosswalk was the camel that the people of the people of Booba saw when they saw the process of coming, they saw a crosswalk first in the distance. That was the sign the process of had arrived in Medina and when he walked into Medina on crosswalk he's riding on crosswalk. Everybody tried to take the reign of Casa and our profit system said Leave us alone for ALLAH is commanding casa. The process

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Jim has owned Costco for two weeks. And already he is saying this is a special animal. This is a special animal leave us alone. Don't hold on to it. Everybody wanted to take cassava to their tribe. And the President said Leave it. Allah is commanding it in the Hama Mora and so called SWAT walk through the city of Medina until it stopped at what is currently the front entrance of Medina where the Imam enters from from the front of Medina haram Mr. The harem bus was stopped right there and the prophets have said this shall be our message it so we owe it to a sua of course Allah commanded Casa must you the number we it's demarcation took place at the hands of should I say hands up

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proposal at what do you call her nose? Camel pot hooves mashallah we have here veterinarian, better than me. Definitely hooves. You're right. It is hooves, isn't it? Right at the homes of course. Well, of course Allah commanded obviously, right? But it was a sua that parked or you know, not even parked? What is it? Sat down. Now there must be a better word you, huh?

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What is it? No, no, there's this there must be a technical term. I'm not a veterinarian, but sat down is the return we'll use where Casa sat down. That is where must do the noble way there was an empty plot there. And the President said we have to purchase this plot from the orphans and Masjid that never was built. And in front of that, or some reports say a SWAT traveled another distance and some reports in front of that, a boy you bet on somebody's house where the process and lived for six months while his house was built when the process of migrated on costs while the Quraysh used the name of swap in their poetry against Islam and against the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he never owned

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a camel. He never owned a camel until the hedgerow and he used the camel to leave Makkah. And so the worst enemy of Islam, one of the worst Rockabye and I'd be more ayat, do you know what Raka is? Raka is the one who threw the entrails of a dead animal on the profits of someone who was in such the that is when the process of migrated there will be more LT versified and poetry. Yeah rocky urban Nakatsuka Swati ha Jharna Amma Kalyan terani Rocky Belfor Rossi were in the room hey fi confirm mountain hero who was saved for Yahoo domain comm call them will never see oh you who's riding on crosswalk. Oh you who's riding on crosswalk, meaning who are the prophets of Salaam and who fled

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away from us? Just wait. I'm Colleen. In a short period of time, you shall see me in my armor. And I will be sharpening my arrow and my sword riding on my horse, and you will find no refuge against me. So he threatened the Prophet system. And he called him Sahiba rakibul casa, the one who's writing hotswap. Of course, the battle a brother takes place in the first year of the hero, and the second the second year meaning when you're after the hero. Of course, the hero takes place in one year. So the second year of the hero one year after the hero, the Battle of brother takes place and the prophets ism is riding Casa in the Battle of butter. And on Casa de victory abuddin takes place and

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Cuba is captured. And all of the prisoners of others are forgiven, except for three or four. And Cuba is number one on this list. This person shall not be forgiven for all of his past crimes and sins. And so Akbar was executed and CASA is right there looking at the entire surroundings. The battle a brother was the greatest victory up until that point in time the prophecies and wanted to inform the people of Medina of the victory. So he gave a swap to Zaid even Haritha and he said to his aid you ride my camel. Why? Because two reasons. Number one, his camel was the fastest camel and number two it is a positive omen. You recognize the camel of the Profit System and you see it coming

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back generally speaking the custom was that if there's bad news the Campbell owner has died. The Campbell comes back empty into the city as a sign it as as Tolkien what not. When you have somebody else using that camel galloping quickly. This means the owner of the camel has sent the camel with good news. So the Prophet system sent Zaid ibn Hadith on cassava and he's marching in jogging in racing into the city and he's shouting out Lacava has been killed. Abuja has been killed for now and he goes over the entire list until some of the people thought Zaid has lost his mind. It's not possible that all of these 70 people have been killed and ze this writing the animal of the process

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and um and the rumor accidentally or incorrectly spread stock for Allah but maybe the poor

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A system is no longer and Zaid has lost his mind become delirious and he's writing coursework because of this. They couldn't believe that better was such a victory. But the point is the process of chose a SWAT to write in to the city of SWAT had a special pen that where the cameras live close to bioclear, genital Alarcon. And it's so happened in early Islam that a group of Bedouins raided the city and stole hotswap along with some other animals. You know, in those days, you had the fear of enemy attacks, and you had the fear of bandits robbers. In this case, this isn't the Quran attacking Medina, this is bandits. This is highway robbery. So a group of people stole a swab, and

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other animals that were in the outskirts of the city, and there was a female Shepherd shepherdess. They took her as well. And they took her and they fled outside the city, and Allahu Allah, what they would have done with her. So the Sahaba they become panicked. Their search for for the lady for CASA was going on. And in the middle of the night, the lady managed to Sahabi issues a Muslim a lady, she managed to loosen her bounds her ties, and she walked over to the area where all the camels that had been stolen work. And she wanted to ride a camel to go back into Medina. Every camel she came close to didn't recognize her. And so it made the noise of camels. What is the noise of camels? Is it an

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A? Is it a grunt? Is it a bark? Whatever it is, what is the noise of a camel?

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Camel noise? Okay.

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I think it is a grunt if I'm not mistaken. Hmm. Name is a horse. I'm not sure somebody Google that quickly and tell me, I think it's a grunt of a camel because you have technical terms for these. So the camel made that grunting noise because it didn't recognize the lady. And she kept on going camel to camel until Casa came up. She came across. She didn't know it's possible. She did it. She's just trying to save herself, right. She's in the middle of the night. She wants to flee back. So she jumped on to the one camel that understood what's going on and allowed her to ride in the middle of the night. And that is a swap. And as she's galloping back into the city, now she looks back. She is

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free. She knows she's made it. She says that hamdulillah Oh Allah, I promise you another. I promise you an oath. That as soon as I get back to Medina, so she wants to thank Allah. What does she say she's going to do?

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I'll sacrifice this camel. Yeah, Latif

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instead of thanking the camel hugging the camel kissing the camel. As soon as they get back to Medina, sacrifice this camel on your behalf. So she made another in the name of Allah subhana wa Tada. Right. When she went back to the city, this day breaks she tells the Sahaba where everybody is they go and they get rid of the Bendis you know, take care of them get all the stuff back the next day she walks into the Masjid. She says yeah rasool Allah, I need your camel back.

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He says why? She said in Nina zero to another one. I made another a promise for Allah subhanho wa Taala in the journey Allah if Allah says me, and harana I'm gonna sacrifice you know, casa, so the prophets has some smiled and said beats images at half what's an evil thanks you have given back to her you know, meaning as a joke don't say the word evil Annie. How unfortunate like the camel saved you and instead you are wanting to kill it right but somehow Jazz at Howard a bad thing that you're rewarding the camel for and then he said and this is a key principle from this incident the tidy doesn't say Muslim from this infinite we learned some basic filth. What do we learn? Our Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lao Alpha Lynette Indian female sia Tila when our female Yakubu Adam, there is no fulfilling of the Nether over something that you over something that is disobedience to Allah, in this case is not a disobedience to Allah, and over something that you do not own. You couldn't have made this another because you don't own this camel. This is another that you cannot fulfill. You must give the kuffar of another you cannot. So when you make another you must make another that is permissible and that is something you're capable of doing. You cannot make another of the Haram or have something that's beyond your control. This hadith isn't Sahih Muslim.

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Another incident of crosswalk that we learn a lot of fit from say the minimal say you have said that a SWAT was the fastest camel and no camel could outrace

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crosswalk once a Bedouin came with another camel, and a race was held a race was held in Medina of the camels, and that Bedouins camel won the race against crosswalk.

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The Sahaba felt sad that Casa had lost pause here. While law he What love for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Isn't this mind boggling? It's an animal.

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It's a camel. It's just a play race. But their love for the prophets of Psalm was so much the Sahaba HeZI knew they felt distressed and sad that the camel of the Prophet system had lost the race. So the Prophet system spoke to them to calm them down. Amazing, isn't it over a camel? He spoke to them. And he taught them some basic theology that we all learn. And he said in the Hakuna Allah He, it is Allah's principle and rule that whenever something is raised up, Allah azza wa jal also brings it down.

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Don't worry, this is life. Only Allah is dual Jalali when it Crom. Only Allah is alcohol. As for every created object, even those who are beloved to Allah, the process of them had better than he had or hurt. This is the reality of life. So he taught them a lesson in theology through cassava. It's no big deal. You don't have to read in just because a Bedouins Campbell one And subhanAllah what maturity by the way, and what beautiful aqidah as well. No human being, no creation of Allah is consistently winning. It's no big deal. Sometimes it'll win sometimes it'll lose. This is the reality of now from this as well. There's the issue of having competitions and races between

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animals. This is completely Halal when there's no gambling. And our scholars have derived this right. The Haram is the gambling, but you can have races and it's fun to have races and whatnot. No problem. So this is another filthy ruling as well. Another interesting story about a swap reported in the more general cognitiva Barani. And inside, Omaha's you ever walked at that once crosswalk was nowhere to be found. Because you know, camels, they have a pen, but they're allowed to wander and feed on themselves. They're not like sheep. You don't need to, you know, once the camel is trained, the camel knows where to go back. So you don't always need a shepherd for the camel. Unlike sheep

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and goats, you always need a shepherd. So one day a sweat was nowhere to be found. So the prophets Islam sent out people to find a swap. One of the leaders of the hypocrites sitting in his house, amongst the other one African said,

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This man pretends yesterday and we assumed or he claims that Allah speaks to him from the heavens. And he can't even find his own Campbell on Earth. The whole Rockwoods illa biLlah making fun of the prophecies him Gibreel came and told him what that will not fix it. So the process and stood up in the masjid and said Are you Hannahs oh people, it has reached me that some people are saying this and he knew who it was, but he didn't mention the name

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for Wallah, he I am just a bishop. And I know only what Allah tells me to know or allows me to know, I don't claim to have in my life. I know only what Allah tells me or allows me to know and he has just informed me that cos WA is stuck in such in such a valley. It's rain has become entrenched to a tree. He said this in the masjid when the emissaries were still searching for cassava. So they went and they found exactly as described cassava was eating food and had gone around the tree and it's you know, it's rain, it's harness. It came entangled, so it couldn't have come back. And so Allah azza wa jal told him where cassava is to teach this one off, pick a lesson, beautiful lesson. Our

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profit system does not know in Malay, but if Allah tells him he knows, whatever Allah tells him, and when somebody tried to mock the Prophet system in this manner, Allah azza wa jal told him a sua is over there. This is it another benefit from a swap. SWOT was the camel that march to who they be as well. And when it was outside of Maccha, because SWOT just abruptly stopped in its tracks and refuse to go on.

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And the Sahaba became irritated a swap and they said, Go on hell hell, which means move on, on and on. And crosswalk did not do anything rather it's sat down. So somebody said, crosswalk has become stubborn, is being rude.

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camels by the way, some of them, it's well known, they have the capacity to be rude. If they don't like you, they will treat you rudely. This is well known. They recognize somebody who is mean to them and they treat them rudely. Our prophets have some defended the honor of a swap.

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He defended the honor of a camel. And he said no, called sua has not become stubborn. And nor is this a hook that she has ever been guilty of this is not a swas manner to be stubborn. Rather, the one who blocked the elephants from Makkah, has now blocked Casa as well. Meaning Allah subhanho wa Taala has told her to stay here. So this is a sign from Allah that I shouldn't proceed. And then where cos was stopped, that's where the Treaty of her they be, it took place. And that's where the entire incident took place where US was stopped and Allah azza wa jal told the process of to stay over there. The next year after her they be it was on pa swap that the Prophet system came back and

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performed the Omura his first Omura their own routes will cover in the seventh year of the Hijra. And on a swap he rode, and he did the tawaf. He did the tawaf on casa. And from this, the scholars have derived that you may do throw off on a mound or an animal without any reason to do so it is allowed, it's not as if he was six Hello, Selim, he did throw off on a swap. And if you throw off a swap later on in hydrated with that as well, no problem. And you know, last century when the first king of that kingdom to power, he purchased a Rolls Royce drives it into Makkah, and he did throw off when the Rolls Royce around the cab, and the scholars were asked, how can he do this? And the

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scholars said, Well, technically his job is a swab. Did the wharf on the camel technically shirt and these days some people use the buggies when they're sick or whatnot. You don't need to be sick. Actually, it's allowed to do throw off sitting down you don't need to be standing up. We learned this from a swap called swap multiple times. Allah revealed Quran on cassava

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multiple times. Quran came down on cassava, for example, after the treaty with her debut and the process was going back where a lot of the hip hop came up to him and spoke to him and he didn't respond and he thought maybe you know the process was angry with him. Then the Prophet system recited What did you recite?

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In Fatah Han Allah convert him Medina this came down on a swab. In the hydrogen Wada, Ibn Abbas said I saw a swap sit down because Surah Thelma Ada was revealed and the weight of Surah Telma Ada was so heavy the process and him could stand it. So I had to sit down. As a human being the Prophet system could bear that. But the animal could not bear it, and Casa to sit down. And one more verse we're going to come to at the end was also revealed. Casa was the animal the Prophet saw some road on when he conquered Maccha factor Makkah and Ibn Abbas and Ennis and others say, we saw the Prophet system enter from coup de by the coup de, he entered right in casa, saying Allahu Akbar, and his head was

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so low, it was touching the neck of Casa bobbing up and down, it was touching the neck of a swap out of humility. You know, when an emperor when an arrogant general conquerors of city, puffs his chest out, puts his head up, but that's not a Prophet SAW Selim. When he conquered Maccha his head was lowered so much so it was almost touching the neck of crosswalk.

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And on crosswalk he marched through entire Maccha until he entered the Kaaba and on crosswalk he did toe off, and as the Sahaba are seeing the symbolic sign of tawaf in hedgetrimmer, Wada. The books of Sierra say, they began to say to Kabir, so loud Lahu, Akbar, Allahu Akbar, that Maccha began to tremble from the tech be rots. Can you imagine that scene? And when he finished the toe off on crosswalk, still on crosswalk, he took his staff and he walked to every single idol, and he tapped it. And he said, which I, which I did he recite, John I'll help causa Cal Barton in El Bartylla Karnas, a hookah and every time he touched an idol. It just collapsed and demolished and

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disintegrated on casa, he's doing all of this. This is the fourth time aka taking place the eighth year of the hijra, right after Fatima aka The Battle of her name takes place two months after this and the Battle of her name.

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If you remember, they trapped to the Companions, the sahaba. They had the arrows from the top and there was a valley, they trapped so much. So some of the Sahaba didn't understand what's going on. And they fled naturally as human instinct, right? Casa did not flee.

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A SWAT remained firm where it was because the process of did not tell it to leave. And in spite of the arrows and in spite of crosswalk stayed there, and from crosswalk the process and called out to the Sahaba, come back, come back. And when they heard His voice, they came back and they fought in her name, and they eventually won the victory of her name. It was on a swap that the Prophet system went to about there. And the famous incident that he had with him, Isley and Abbas or others say it depends on who you are. Some of the reports have different things, that there weren't enough camels if you remember, but there there weren't enough camels. Three people were sharing every camel. And

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so the Prophet system also had two people assigned. And they said to him, ya rasool Allah, I mean, what would you say? Yeah, rasool Allah. You right, and we'll walk so okay, we're young whatnot. The Prophet system smiled and said, No, neither are the two of you any younger than me, even though they were but he's saying yeah, and nor am I in any less need of the edge than you I also need the edge of we will share. And so even though he was the Rasul allah sallallahu, alayhi, wa sallam he shared, taking turns one out of every three, everybody, two people walk one person, and they keep on doing this, the entire journey of the book, this is a swap. And then in the ninth year of the hijra, after

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it's a book by two months, the prophet system sent Abu Bakr Siddiq to perform the only hedge in human history where Muslims attended and more should record attended at the same time, only time in human history. And he sent Abu Bakr Siddiq to lead a group of Muslims and to announce that after this year, no more should record can come for hedge. So obrigado Sadiq was going and he's going towards going towards Mecca. On the way there, he hears the grunting of the camel.

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And from the distance he says, this is the noise of cassava. Can you believe he recognizes crosswalk? And he turns around thinking the Profit System is coming. But it wasn't the Profit System. It was highly even

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the Profit System had sent early on crosswalk the fastest Campbell in order to catch up to a walker before he got to Makkah and boubakeur became a little bit anxious.

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Are you substituting me am I being demoted? Like obviously it's human nature the process and put him in charge? This is a no doubt it's an honor. Then Ali is coming on casa. A worker feels Am I Am I moving down? Are you getting in charge? And I know the Allahu says no. Rather, the prophets of them sent me as his envoy to announce on our alpha, the first verses of Surah tilbyr But ultimate Allah so you can read the student sections right? And so a sua was used Why was Casa used to catch up to obika before he got to Makkah, the fastest camel was Casa to get there. And so on the day of alpha added all the Allahu and recited these verses from Casa, and the final point of CASA, the final

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incident for us. A SWOT was the camel that the prophets Assam did the entire hedge on and there's literally and I'm not going to go over all of them. 10 at least reports about cassava and vegetal WADA from Minar tomb was that refer to our facts and the cassava features in every single, you know, episode of hedgetrimmer WADA and who was writing with the process and sometimes his job at dilla. Sometimes it's Osama bin Zaid, sometimes it's even Abbas. And each one is saying I was writing a crosswalk and this happens I was writing a crosswalk and this happens. So crosswalk is an integral part of hedger to al Qaeda and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So multiple things are

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filled with over this thing, for example, that in the hedgetrimmer, that the Prophet system was standing on was sitting on cassava and making dua on a squat and artifacts. So it's allowed to make dua when you're sitting on your in your car in your bus, you make dua as well, no problem. And this is really interesting. He used a sua to give the most famous hutzpah in all of human history, hospital Wada. A lot of you don't know this, many people don't know this. He gave that hook but at least portions of it on purpose while

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standing on crosswalk. Like standing means he's going to stand up on the saddle right

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It's not like you don't stand on the back of the camel but you stand up on the saddle standing on crosswalk, and he's addressing the entire crowd. And he gives that famous sermon that we've all memorized since we were children that was given on a swap. And it was during the last days of Hajj, on cost Sua, that Allah revealed one of the final sutras in which the prophet has seldom knew this was the end. Ibn Abbas says, even even Omar says, Excuse me, that this surah came down when the Prophet system was in the days of Mina after hedge, and he was on a swap, either ger nostril law he will

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see certified that came down and the Prophet sallallahu ala he was selling for out of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and now Hallward

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the process of new this is it and then the Hadith goes on. So either Johannes Rolla who will Fatah came down on Casa and from the surah the process of interpreted my end is near and as you know, when he came back on crosswalk to Medina, within a week he felt sick. And few weeks after that few 10 days after that he still Allahu Allah He was seldom passed away. And the story does not end here. Casa was 1516 years old 17 Max depends on which age he was purchased. And when the process and then passed away, casa, began to cry

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until it became blind.

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And in its grief, it stopped eating and drinking normally. And within a month, it passed away.

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Even though cassava was 1560s Camel lives 40 to 50 years, a camel on average lives 40 to 45 years. So a sua was the equivalent of like 35 years old, human years, but without the Prophet Sasaram. He couldn't, it couldn't manage, and in grief, it couldn't live normally. In grief, it passed away less than a month after our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away. To conclude here, why are we talking about a camel? Because our love for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is so strong, that it includes those animals that associated with him, and those animals that he took, and those animals that loved him, our love for Him solo ism is so strong, that we want to know everything

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about him, and we want to know everything about the animals. And if a swamp in his grief can or in her grief, I should say can become so overcome and distraught. Then how about me and you so every information about the process and including information about cassava brings life to our heart, and I conclude with this point that our our brother and I are very familiar with a Motorola Dre Dre Leila or Kabiru LG daddy with LG Dar, Walmart hook booty out to shut off Nickleby when I can hook boomin second Dr. Dre. This is why we want to talk about us well, it's not the camel. It is the memories that come with the camel and what is associated with the camel and the love that the camel

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itself had. That's what we are interested in. May Allah subhana wa Tada make the love that we all have for the Prophet system, our strongest love in this world. And may Allah subhanaw taala united with our Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Africa was Santa Monica Welcome to La Habra, Katrin.

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me what to feed

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the what?

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feels cool. We took mimic journey tassa down

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