Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2021 Boost 16 – Who shouldn’t fast and why!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during the menstrual cycle is discussed, emphasizing the benefits of avoiding permanent fasting and achieving health and success. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being happy and not fasting to manage health during the cycle and to avoid saddening oneself with fasting timing. The most practical way to achieve this is doing the six fasts in Shawwal and then doing the cover as needed.
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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah heywire Allah, Allah, he was happy. I mean, my brothers and sisters, I'm on a journey, but I thought I'd still do the boost in order to reach out to you guys. And to be able to say a word or two that might be beneficial. May Allah grant us paradise. I'm actually at an airport known as bolay International Airport in Addis Ababa. It's a beautiful airport, I found a little corner where I'm just recording, and inshallah I'll try my best to upload this before my next flight. Now when you're on a journey, you need to know Allah gives you the option of fasting or not fasting, if you don't,

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you can make it up later. And there is no sin upon you whether the journey was difficult or easy, plays no role in that particular leeway. But I have a habit that if the journey is quite easy, I will always fast in fact, I, I barely have not faster during a journey, unless I've been really unwell. And that gives you the next reason that you may choose not to fast is when you're unwell. And if you have both where you're on a journey and you're feeling unwell, then you have all the more reason not to fast, but it's not compulsory, not too fast when you're on a journey. So you may do the fast. I don't like to make up fast after I'm alone. I'd like those fasts to be the voluntary

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ones, rather than making up fasts that I've missed. Now, that is a complete blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you're unwell, you're on a journey, you're allowed not too fast. For example, if you're breastfeeding, you may fast and it's good to fast actually. But if you cannot breastfeed

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because of the fast, then you have the option of not fasting and making it up later. The same applies to a pregnant woman, you may fast I know many pregnant woman in fact, most of those whom I know would actually prefer to fast during Ramadan because they say the baby actually takes its nutrients from you and will not be affected by the fast but you may be affected by the fast so you've got to look at it because it's definitely not easy to make it up later. It's definitely not easy. So it depends on your health, whether you can manage or not, but there are options for those people that I've just mentioned now and they may make it up later if you are unwell or you cannot

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make up a fast after I'm a van because you simply can't fast due to the nature of your illness or your age etc. In that case you can give out a video a video is to feed a certain amount for every single fast so you can find out from your local scholars what exactly the video is in terms of your locality, your country and so on. Today, I want to speak about something very important and that is women are told that when they're on their menstrual cycle, they don't fast. Okay? when they're on the menstrual cycle, they don't pray either meaning the five daily Salah as for supplications do our car, etc, etc. All that is permissible, but what's not permissible is the prayer the five daily

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salah and the fasting. So the five daily Salah you don't have to make those up. But the fasting, you have to make it up after Ramadan. And that's not easy. Many would have from five to 10 days, every Ramadan that they need to make up. Now, some people feel sad and this is why I'm making this video to let you know Don't be sad if you haven't fasted in the month of Ramadan due to your menstrual cycle because happiness should be in obeying the instruction of Allah when he says fast I will fast and reward when he says don't fast I won't fast I'm rewarded equally SubhanAllah. So if Allah has told you something Surely your happiness, your success, your goodness lies in adopting his command.

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So when you're on your menstrual cycle and you haven't fasted, you need to be happy that I'm adopting what Allah has instructed me to do. And I'm not going too fast because he doesn't want me too fast right now. SubhanAllah. So continue with your car and with all other ibadah as far as possible, but remember, you don't pray and you don't.

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You don't fast. Those are the two that come to my mind, connected to the month of Ramadan. My beloved sisters, you need to understand that after I'm Yvonne it's not going to be easy to make up the fasts. Now, people ask about the six facets of chawan which are very, very important. Now, those need to be done separately from the ones you've missed. For those six, you cannot connect your intentions and say, I'm going to do my other which is what I have to make up and I'm going to do my fastball show one which is the voluntary The reason is the fast of Shawwal the reward of it is actually going to be as though you fasted the whole year because every good deed is multiple

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By 10, so I need to have the month completely, which will then be multiplied by 10, equivalent to 10 months, and I need another six days, which would then be multiplied by 10, equivalent to 60 days, that's two months. So 10 months and two months makes the whole year. If I haven't completed the number in this case, then I don't get that full reward. So in the case of the chawan fasts in particular, you need to make him separately for the reason that I've just mentioned. And this is the opinion of the majority, as far as I know. Now, my sister's The question is, what should I do first? Should I do my leftover fasts? Or should I do the show one fast, there are several opinions of the

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scholars, it is preferred. Obviously, some say you should do your cover first, because that's far out, it's compulsory, and then you can do your show one later. And some say that for as long as you've done the six fasts of shiwen, you have a leeway to do your job for several months, it doesn't your cover doesn't have to be in the month of chawan. So if you connect those opinions together, I think you should try to do your at least six fasts within Shawwal, which would be the sixth house of chawan, and try and make up as many of the cover that you have. But if you haven't made up all your cover, insure, well, don't worry, you can make him up as soon as you can, inshallah. So May Allah

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make it easy for us, I thought I'd clarify this because there are other opinions, we respect them. But this is something that I found would be much more practical much easier as well. And there is nothing to say that your cover has to be in the month of chawan. Okay, but the six months of Shawwal have to be in the month of chawan. So from an evidence perspective, it would be more appropriate to say exactly what I've said. Now the people who say it's compulsory to do your color first, they base it on the fact that but Kava is fine. But then again, Kava, you've been given the leeway to do it up to perhaps even the next number one, in some cases, or at your earliest convenience. May Allah make

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it easy for us. So this is why I'd say my sisters, don't despair. Don't be saddened, Allah make it easy for every one of us. And Grant has goodness. And it's something that really needed needs to be addressed in here I have addressed it. You do have that's not a leeway. That's an instruction from Allah Almighty to say, hang on, I don't want you to fast. You say Oh Allah, if you told me not to fast, I'm not going too fast. And I know I will be rewarded for obeying your instruction because the reward is for obeying Allah's instruction. May Allah make it easy for all my sisters going through the menstrual cycle or any other issues those who are pregnant and expecting those who perhaps have

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other health issues, whatever else it may be those who are mothers who are breastfeeding, may Allah make it easy for you My beloved sisters, and May May we be from among those who are more conscious of this type of, of the people who go through all of this. I'd like to stop there and end and I see a Kunal Kohli, hava cinema Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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