Yasir Qadhi – The Do You Condemn Game

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of war crimes against innocent people and the transformation of everyone. They argue that everyone is going through a period of transformation and that anyone who supports a particular political party should not say their own political views. The use of drugs and alcohol in the past has affected people and caused chaos in the world. The goal is to educate people on the war's consequences and the importance of peace, and to help peacefully.
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The entire narrative is constantly framed as a specific condemnation of one group and the tactics of one group and the recent events that one group has done. Go listen to every interview, go look at every press release, go look at what our own president has said. It always hones in on the tactics of one group, we condemn this. Do you condemn that? Very well? That is a fair question to ask. But we have to ask in return. Why is it that we have never once heard in over 80 plus years? Why is it that this deafening silence that we noticed? Why is it that what is blatantly absent from every press release from every interviewer is the condemnation of war crimes against innocent Palestinian

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civilians? Where is the condemnation of the inhumane treatment of the barbaric realities of the blockages of the humanitarian efforts to over 2 million people? If you want me to condemn one tactic? Are you willing to condemn 80 years of 1000s of tactics? This reality brings into the sharp contrast the difference between the race, religion and ethnicity of the victims, not all human beings are treated as equal, according to the eyes of the world that we live in. Not all blood is the same according to our own presidents in our own countries. No, the fact of the matter is that Palestinian blood, Muslim blood out of blood does not carry the same weight as that of other people.

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And hence, there is the blatant dehumanization of an entire category of humanity, sisters and brothers, my hope. But today is a direct call for action from every single person, not just here, but around the globe who hears my speech, I'm not going to go over the history of the issue. I've done that, and many have done that before. I'm not going to talk about the sanctity and blessings of philosophy and very easily available, I will not list in detail the inhumane conditions of the people that because for the last 80 years that to Google it away, and click it away, very simple. Rather, what I want today is to ask all of you, without exception, to become active, and to do

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everything in your power, with wisdom, with tact to educate people around you about the reality of the situation, this is the very least that we can do. Every one of us this is a call to action, to stand up to learn yourself. And then to preach the truth to others, we must change the narrative, we must change the entire vision of what is happening in that land. And the only way that is going to happen is that the grassroots level at the ground level when you and I talk to our neighbors, our colleagues, our friends, when we get involved on social media, when we change one person at a time when we eliminate ignorance from one person at a time. Today is a blatant call for action. Today is

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the day that every one of us is going to get involved in try our best in the long run to change what is happening over there. The fact of the matter, brothers and sisters is that many of us we don't even know ourselves what to say. We are cornered our colleagues come our bosses come our corporations come unbelievably corporations and universities in this country are blatantly getting involved in politics. What business as a corporation have releasing a statement, why should a university get involved in take sides in a political matter? Unbelievably, across this country and in Europe, and many Western countries, personalities, media personalities, Hollywood stars are

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getting involved in a political crisis spreading misinformation. And anytime one of us stands up to educate, we are challenged. Do you condemn XYZ? What is your stance on whatever they might follow with that? And I have to stand here bluntly and say, We don't have to support a particular political party of Palestine. We don't have to defend a particular tactic when we want to defend the human rights of 2 million people because this is what is called a red herring. This is what is called trying to change the subject. I am not here to talk about the tactics of one group. I'm not here to justify or not one specific action. I am here to talk about the plight of 2 million people who have

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been deprived of basic humanity for 80 plus years. What about them find you want us to condemn? We will condemn whatever you want with the condition you will be just unfair and you condemn with the same anger you want us to condemn you condemn what is happening for 80 plus years, brothers and

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Sisters next time you are asked, Do you condemn this or do you agree with this? Take a step back, learn from the Quran and Sunnah learn from the Quran and even from the Old Testament, these are the tried and tested tactics of people before. Do you know one story in the Quran that this reminds me of around the Pharaoh? The Old Testament tells us the Quran tells us the Pharaoh persecuted 1000s of people he killed 10s of 1000s of babies he subjugated an entire civilization the irony, the children of those civilizations are now subjugating others he subjugated the children of Israel and Prophet Musa was sent to them. Prophet Musa came to them Moses, a figure we admire and the people of Israel

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admire Moses one to fit out. And in the process, you're all aware, Moses got involved with the fight with an Egyptian he punched him the Egyptian was accidentally killed, fit out the Pharaoh after killing 10s of 1000s of people after massacring 1000s of babies. The Pharaoh accuses Moses of being the terrorist and the Pharaoh says, You killed an innocent man without a father take a lady for altar, one terminal caffeine frown accused Musa of being caffeine, can you get more ironic than that? The Pharaoh says to Musa you are the kafir meaning you are ungrateful. The Quran teaches us If truth is truth, we speak it. What did Musa say? Or the file to her even? I did it. You're right. I

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accidentally kill somebody when I'm in a ball lien I made a mistake. But then he challenged the Pharaoh and he went back to the Pharaoh. And he said, What right do you have to mention this one mistake of mine in light of all that you have done? What Tilka near magenta Moon new ha the year and a bathtub in Israel. If you have subjugated the children of Israel you have decimated and massacred them. By what right? Do you mention one small mistake and one small perk you gave to me in light of your own history? This is what the Quran teaches us. We flip the narrative, we change the script, even if some of you feel we need to condemn a tactic that is on you. Me personally, I will not

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apologize and I will not have anything to say about what subjugated people do. But if somebody feels that they need to do that, as long as you move on to the bigger picture and you say, Okay, how about what is happening there for 80 years, the Sierra teaches us a similar incident when the Muslims were expelled from Makkah. When the Quraysh killed and persecuted dozens of Sahaba one Amar saw his own parents yes and and Sumaiya literally shred into bits when beloved is dragged through the streets when the Prophet system is attacked and attempted to be assassinated, and the Muslims flee for their own lives. In one skirmish in one skirmish. Some of the Muslims were engaging the Quraysh in the

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sacred territory of at home, and during the sacred months, and they killed one Karachi. The Quran immediately began spreading news. Oh, look at these terrorists. They are killing a Karachi on sacred grounds inside the Haram area. In the sacred months, the Assura Iran, these are the real terrorists, they are disobeying the law of Allah, they are disobeying every law known to us. And so this became problematic for the Muslims what is to do now? I mean, technically, technically, this quarter she was killed in the sacred haram and he was killed in the sacred months. So the Muslims were perplexed. Allah revealed in the Quran, listen to this wias Ilona garnish Anisha Harami Peterlin fi,

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they ask you about fighting in the sacred months they asked you about what happens when somebody is killed in the sacred months. And Allah says and this is what we should say, or locate out on fee he can be killing anybody on sacred land and in sacred times, it is kebele It is a sin. It is something that should not be done. Allah did not justify this, Allah did not sanction this. This is not something that theoretically is good to do. But then Allah subhana wa Taala speaks to the coresh and Allah says to them, but you preventing people from coming to the masjid that out on expelling innocent people massacring them spreading your fitna and facade, it is much bigger and a far greater

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crime. Then one person having died while fitna to Russia do mineral cartel and your chaos in the land is far worse than the killing of one person that you are angry about. This is what we call Islamic justice. Muslims, we do not need to defend tactics Muslims, we do not need to defend that which the general rule of humanity and people of faith says should not be done because we know the general rule of all societies of all people of faith of international law. And yes of our Shetty is that innocent people should not be killed innocent women, innocent children who do not

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Was any threat should be spared. And we preach this publicly and we say it unabashedly. But we also point out, we also point out, not to justify, not to condone, but to educate, to contextualize, to illustrate the reality of war, again, not to validate, but to educate that the targeting of innocence during times of war during times of conflict, this is a brutal reality that happens across the globe. And the very people, the very organizations, the very countries that are pointing fingers are themselves guilty of far greater crimes in this exact same genre. Once again, I have to be super careful. every word I say will be taken by Fox News and by memory and others and misquoted, so I

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must be careful, this is not a justification. This is a contextualization This is an education. So we understand war is brutal, and sometimes things happen in war that nobody wants to happen.

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