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Is Using The Term ‘Sunni Islam’ Divisive

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know the name?

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali was it as random about as usual on Tuesdays we have an open q&a. The first question that we have somebody emailed and said that you have used this term Sunni Islam for many times in your lectures, don't you think this term is divisive? Why don't we just say Islam or Muslims? Why do you use the term Sunni? And this is a very valid question. A lot of people ask this question often, and they are inshallah very well intentioned, they want to bring about unity in the oma. And they feel Why do we have to have all of these divisions and we say, I say I sympathize with your sentiment. But whether I use the term or

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not these divisions exist in the oma and my usage or non usage will not change the fact that different Muslims have different understandings of Islam. So, we are not using the term Sunni as a proper noun, we're using it as an adjective. We have one proper noun, Allah says in the Quran, who has some common Muslim in a macabre Wolfie hada he is the one that has called you Muslims, before from the time of Ibrahim, and now in the time of Mohammed Salah lie send them the name that we have as a religion is Islam, we are Muslims. Now, within Islam, we would like there to be one interpretation and correct interpretation. But from the time of the Sahaba differences occurred, the

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first splinter movement to break away and have a different understanding of Islam was the group that is now called the hottie dice, but they weren't called Hutterites, back then, at that time, they were called How to rock how to re they were called. So they had a different understanding of Islam. And they said, for example, that we will not accept sooner we're only going to accept the Quran, this was one of their main points. So for example, when Allah says in the Quran was Saturday or Sunday, or two factorial idea Houma, the thief cut off his hand, the sooner tells us that the hand when all the conditions are met, is cut off at the wrist, but the Arabic word yet means anything. So

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when the hotter giants stole, they would cut off the hand from here, because the Quran says cut off the limb, and yet in Arabic, yet can be anything. So because they didn't take the sun as their source, they had a very different understanding of the shediac because they said we're not going to accept Hadith generally they rejected had the that was the hybridize of old. So the point being this splinter occurred in the time of the late Sahaba. after the assassination of God alone, as you're aware, that's the whole issue that happened, as well, in the time of the late Sahaba. Other deviations began to reject other the criteria were called they rejected other they said, there's no

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such thing as predestination, we don't believe in them. So they will call the khazaria deniers of Qatar and another group came along, and they said actions are not a part of Eamon noodle joumana illa we will delay our affairs to Allah. So they will call the delay or is the Moto G. This is also in the late Sahaba time. And then the difference between the Sunni and the Shia came along. This came along after Karbala, so none of the Sahaba were really involved in that, but to have your own time it came along. So they call themselves shy to it, the supporters of it, and then it was dropped, and they now call themselves Shia. So the point being that these terms have existed from

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the time of the Sahaba and tab your own and we have to somehow characterize whether you like it or not, there are different understandings of Islam. So what do we do? How do I explain Well, according to this understanding, you can say according to those who respect the Sunnah, sorry, who accept the Sunnah, and respect the Sahaba and affirm further and you list all of the points of Sunni Islam or you can say according to Sunni Islam, which of the two number one number two, the term itself where do we get it from? It is a term that is found in the Sunnah itself.

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It's not something that is invented by outsiders. And that is why the first person to use this term that we know for sure as a full term is none other than Eben Abbas or the Allahu taala and even abass. In the verse in the Quran, yo Mehta boo boo hoo notice what do we do on that day, certain faces will be bright, certain faces will be cloudy. It been abus said the people of Alison, Noel Gemma, their faces will be bright. And the people who rejected the sun and they fell into deviation he meant the house

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rejoice because at that time the hostages were fanatical fanatic group they were murderers and killers and again later on we'll have longer lectures but I have said this bluntly and I stand by this if you study hostage history ISIS is a manifestation of hostage ism This is what highlights were killing Muslims everybody's a conflict unless you're with our interpretation my way or not just the highway but the grave my way we will kill you. And they kill more Muslims than and, and and the same fanaticism that we find in these groups, goes back as our Prophet system said, there will always be this group hybridize, there will always be coming out and forth until that gel comes and

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in one heading, it is said and they will then fight on the side of the job. Pause your footnote we see are allowed to be like evil scholars to our time still justifying tyranny and whatnot. You know, on the side of the thoughts of our time. Don't be surprised that you're going to find on the side of the judge himself when that happens. We asked a lasagna The point being that the term 100 Sundar, Gemma where did it come from even Ibis word it had been abuzz come did you do you think he pulled it out of his pocket? He turned his goofy turban upside down and pulled it out? Hmm. Not out of his hat but out of his turban. Where did he get it from? It is found in the Hadith itself. Our Prophet

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system said you will see a lot of st laugh after ID idi you will see a lot of istilah after I die. So this hadith of Buddha would find a combi suniti then I command you to follow my son and the son of the rightly guided hola in another Hadith reported and didn't meet the our Prophet system said that my oma will divide into many groups 73 he said they said yeah rasulillah Which one should we follow? He said, Allah Gemma, follow the Gemma. What is the Gemma I mean? It has many meanings number one, it means this is the primary meaning of Gemma the bulk of the oma follow them follow the bulk of the L Gemma means the group follow the group number two Gemma means the Sahaba they are the

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main Gemma as the Sahaba follow the Sahaba Okay, and there are other interpretations as well The point being so in this Hadith, he said follow the GMR and the other edicions is follow the Sunnah. So we take this hadith we take that Hadith and we get the term what the people of the Sunnah and Gemma, we got it straight from the Hadith of the processing and Subhana Allah. From the earliest days of Islam, the main splinter groups that formed they rejected Hadith, the How odd is rejected Hadith the merger of rejected had the Kataria rejected Howdy. And then those who supported Allah, we should say they claim to support it and my more academic lecture detail that I give online, you'll

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find it I say in reality we are the true supporters of Alli, we are the real supporters of Alli, that group is saying they are supporters. They're not the real supporters of the loved one, but the point being those who claim to be on the side of it and the partisans of it. They don't follow the sooner do they, their second source is that what the Imams say for us? What is our source the Quran and the Sunnah for them? What is their source, the Quran and the Imams? So we have a fundamental difference and that difference is what Sunnah. So the main point of difference between our interpretation of Islam is that for us, the Sunnah is a necessary source. You cannot understand the

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Quran without the Sunnah. So we call ourselves Sunni. Now I understand an innocent Muslim says oh, we are using this term to be divisive. And you know what, at a certain level, I agree with you but

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it is possible for a correct or onic term to be mis applied and used to divide the oma. So then what do you think about a term that is not in the Koran, it can be misused and applied. The fact that the term can be misused does not negate the validity of the term. For example, in the Quran, we have the term waha, Jude and unsought correct. It's in the Quran. Right very explicit in the Quran. Allah azza wa jal mentions when will hygena when unsought Allah mentions well hydrated unsought these are or onic terms yes or no Allah divided the Muslims into Mahajan inside Yes or No? Okay what happened and the return of the has will have been animal starlock the munaf own began irritating and they

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said Lera Jaya Elin Medina t local agenda as human health as well. And they began causing discord and they engineered something and what that is a long story and the muhajir on the muhajir own and the answer to have their youth started fighting one of unsavoury one of them and one of them beat up the other which is what happens amongst teenagers and kids. They're always you have to deal with it and you know, this is testosterone coming our job to calm them down. That's the problem of our youth is common, so we calm them down they come but they didn't come down. Each one said he did this How dare and anger inflamed and

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The Voice went out. Well hi Joan, come on, sorry come and they lined up to have a fist fight amongst themselves. The profitsystem heard the commotion and he came out his face was angry, like a poem and granted, this is the Roman. This was the highest form of anger. They say his face was angry and he said, while I am still alive, while I am still alive, you are doing this and he rebuked them a harsh rebuking and he calmed them down. And he said, leave this division. It is something that goes back to Jay Hillier. Now, the term Mahajan and saw correct or incorrect.

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What happened here? Was it used correctly? No. Do we negate Mahajan, unsought because it was used incorrectly? No, we simply use it correctly, or there fanatics that use the term to inspire hatred while law he Yes, there are we correct that hatred. The term is not meant to inspire hatred. The term is not meant to make people uncomfortable or make them feel anything like that the term is meant as a description we are describing when you asked me a question sometimes about advanced theology, I have to say, well, we shouldn't need to believe this. So that you know that there are other interpretations. I obviously don't agree with those interpretations. But you know, what it is

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necessary to be educated, it's necessary to know what is the red line, very necessary. And I will be very frank amongst you and say, just because somebody disagrees doesn't make them a Kaffir. This is a very important point. Because the rest of the groups we said it many weeks ago, three, four or five weeks ago, forgotten now we've talked about the 7073 groups, I said these groups are all Muslim groups. We're not talking about the groups outside of Islam, those that the process of said are incorrect, misguided, he called them my own Ma, my own mobile divided into 73. These aren't the coffers, there are groups that are outside the fold of Islam. They're not within Islam, and I gave

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an example and the group that says there's a messenger after then it'd be so some they're not within Islam, they're not from the 73. So the 73 are within Islam. So it is important we educate ourselves, not so that we agree, but so that we know our faith, number one, number two, if the opportunity arises, we call them to the truth and number three, so that we at least create a civil society you will not hear from me very often listen, we need to learn to disagree without being angry or violent. What good does it do Allah Hi, my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, look back home. The violence that takes place between the sects of Islam look back home, the anger the fanaticism, this

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is not from the student. It is not from the Sahaba themselves. And I'll give you the best example for this. The Hawaiian age the ones who became so fanatical the ones who became so crazed and they started killing people and whatnot. Before they were only talking they weren't acting that fanatical adira Viola one cent even our bus to debate with them. And they had a big debate a third of them came back to the truth and a two thirds remained as they work or it is said one third remain tutors is both rewriter founder basically a large amount remain over two 3000 people remain hot digits. They refuse to change their act either. Now, this isn't an Islamic State. This is hola Russia don't

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this isn't just a halifa of the oma Weezer a bussers or Mamelukes on vocals. This is Ali Ebony. Vitaly rhodiola, one

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4000 Muslims say we don't agree with your theology, we're not going to be Sunni. Our leader, the Allahu anhu said, there's nothing we can do. I cannot force you to believe like, I believe I can open your heart and force you to be Sunni. I cannot force you. You go you live your lives you do as you want. He gave them freedom of interpretation in an ideal Islamic State. What do you think in the modern countries, we cannot give them freedom of interpretation? Well, I think about it in an ideal Islamic State under the Holy Father rush, you don't really know the Allahu anhu said to them, You are free to do as you please, we can't do anything other than talk to you, but don't harm the

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believers don't harm the believers. The how arlidge they didn't stop at talking. They began to attack hijack. And then what was the last straw they massacre brutally? Mohammed Ibn Ahmad, a vinyasa, vinyasa son, and they took his wife who is pregnant with a Bella slit her throat open, not through the belly, took the images gruesome fanatics, as you see these people burning in cages and massacring journalists exact same mentality thinking that they're defending Islam. This is their fanaticism, same thing. So I'll leave it alone and couldn't let that go. You're disturbing civil order. So he fought them. But before that, what did he say? We have no right over you as long as you

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don't harm us. So panela if this is in an ideal

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Islamic land. I mean, can you go and force people to accept your interpretation? As long as they're not violent as long as they are, you have the right to debate you have the right to argue you have the right to preach the truth. But if a group of people insist we're not going to accept your theology, what are you going to do? So the term Sunni is not meant to divide. It is meant merely to educate and to preach. Some people misuse it agreed some people incite violence, hate hatred agreed. We need to talk to them, and we need to make sure they don't do that. It doesn't negate the ability of the term.

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