Do not be God and Do not be a Prophet

Riyadul Haqq


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One scholar is student who had spent some time with him.

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You when he was about to depart, he said,

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our great teacher and shave Any parting advice? So the teacher said to him, don't be Allah and don't be the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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What kind of advice is that?

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he is about to depart? So parting words of advice? Don't be Allah and don't be the prophets of Allah. Heidi.

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What do you mean?

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When he explained it's a lesson

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only Allah subhanho wa Taala has control over the world.

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You have no control.

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he was a harsh way of putting it but it was a way to hammer the message home. Only Allah has control over the world. So don't go from here thinking that you have control of affairs. You do not control anything. Remember that much. So when things are beyond your control, except Don't be the prophets of Allah Almighty who said the meaning only a prophets of Allah has the right to feel that they have to be obeyed. Since Allah says in the Quran, sunnah Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and our we have not sent any messenger except that he should be obeyed by the command of Allah. So even the messengers are to be obeyed, because Allah commands the creation, to obey them. So only a prophet

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and a messenger of Allah has a right to feel, and to be entitled to be obeyed by everyone. Because that's the Express command of Allah. So don't be a prophet, in the sense

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that, don't go thinking, don't go away thinking that everybody has to follow me. Everybody has to obey me. And if people don't, then you will become enraged and agitated. If you take go away with these two lessons, life will be so much easier and simpler. Things aren't, don't be God. Things are beyond your control, too. Don't be a prophet, in that don't expect to be obeyed. Even the prophets of Allah weren't obeyed, even though they had every right to be obeyed, and not only were the disobey were they disobeyed by their people, knew how they have surrounds disobeyed by his wife and son, and Lord Alayhis Salam was disobeyed by his wife as Allah testifies in the Quran.

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So, we want perfectionism we want a perfect situation, a perfect marriage, a perfect family setting. Allah subhana who would the Allah did not even give all of the prophets of Allah a perfect set in their family?

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So what perfect what perfect situation do we want?