Yasir Qadhi – The Contentment of The Heart

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The success of Islam and the desire for a comfortable life is essential in achieving happiness and success in life. The importance of shayGeneration and the desire for a joyful life is also emphasized. The importance of feeding the soul and finding one's way back to the physical body is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need to practice these behaviors and not just sit on the road.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hamdulillah. We thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for the blessings that he has bestowed upon us the blessings that we understand and see and the blessings that we don't understand that are hidden from us. We thank Allah subhanahu wa tada for each and every blessing and the biggest blessing and the most blessing of all blessings is that he has guided us to Islam Alhamdulillah Hilda de Hidalgo. He has one acuna, Lena, Lola and her Donna law, all praises due to Allah who has guided us to this, where it's not for Allah, we would not be guided to this Subhan Allah, we are here in the one of the massages of Allah azza wa jal on one of the most blessed hit of all nights, and we thank Allah that

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we are here for every one of us that is sitting in a Masjid, there are millions that are clueless of the blessings of this month. And there are those that are a part of our faith, but they're not taking advantage of this month. And so despite all of our sins and Allah who we are sinners, and despite all of our shortcomings, and Allah who we are all short comers, Alhamdulillah we thank Allah, we thank Allah that Allah has chosen us, Allah azza wa jal has gifted us this is a gift and a blessing from Allah, that I am here and you are here. We thank Allah for this blessing and and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. For that, dear brothers and sisters, short talk for a reminder for

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myself and all of you will law heat there is one goal that every one of us wants, and that is satisfaction, that is to live a comfortable life. This is the ultimate goal of every single human being. And one of the biggest blessings of it I'm old on one of the biggest blessings of Melbourne is that it reinforces for us the reality of contentment and happiness. This, for me is one of the most important factors that remote bond bestows upon us. Because it reminds us not academically, not intellectually. It reminds us in our very experiences of the month that nothing can grant us satisfaction, like the worship of Allah, can we all Excel, that's why we're here. It's 3am. Many of

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you have worked tomorrow. And yet here we are, we're sacrificing our sleep. We're Sacra we have limited time. We are this is the time we're supposed to rest and then eat and then before and after. Why are we here? What are we giving up? We're giving up that which is precious to us our sleep. And in the daytime, we give up that which is even more precious to us, our food and our drink? Why? Why can it how and that's why non Muslims are shocked even water, right? They just can't understand even water. They just it doesn't occur to them, that we have a sustenance and a pleasure that is one llahi more precious to us than cold water on a hot summer's day. The fact that we are doing this is

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demonstrative to all of us that there is a happiness that is far superior than the happiness of the worldly pleasures and will law e we know the worldly pleasures give us happiness. That's why we commit sins. Why do we commit sins, we know that the pleasures of this dunya that are not allowed and hamdulillah By the way, we thank Allah listen to this carefully that every urge we have, Allah has allowed a halal way to satisfy it. We're allowed to have the best food and the most delectable drinks and every type of sensual pleasure. We can do it in a halal way. But unfortunately shaytaan tempts us and he goes Oh, forget the cocktail juices go to the Haram stuff. Okay, there's plenty of

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halal stuff if we wanted to, but shaitan makes the Haram alluring just like in gender for our father Adam, what did he do? All of Jenna is open gulaman Hot Rod and he Toma but just one tree was made out on our scholars say this is the reality of life. The default is everything is halal. But Haram is a small bit. The default is everything is halaal. So much out there. How long is a small bit for shaytaan comes seduces talks keeps on what's what's up until finally we fall into that small amount of how long thinking that that how long is more beneficial to us than all of the * out there. But you know what brothers and sisters even in satisfying our halaal desires, that is halaal that is

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good. But there comes a point in our lives and the life of every single human being that they understand that there's more to life

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Eating and drinking and sensual pleasures. And that's perhaps Allah who are them. One of the reasons why we see so much depression, and so much loneliness in the world around us right now that people are given all types of pleasures at a young age. And at a very young age, they discover it's not good enough. I'm not happy, I have everything, but there's still an emptiness, perhaps we'll lower them that this modern technology with all of its, you know, contrivances and all of this entertainment, it has expedited the discovery in the younger generation. And perhaps that's why and Allah knows best. I'm just, you know, just saying theory. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why

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there is so much depression and emptiness and spiritual loneliness, because they discover maybe at 20 what perhaps most other human beings would discover after a lifetime of trying when they reach 50 or something. So panela brothers and sisters, it doesn't matter how old you are, even the teenagers in the audience, you know, you know, that satisfying your bodily desires, even in a halal manner only takes you so far, a hella satisfaction is good, but then it goes away. You had the best meal that money could buy, that's halaal. Okay, how long are you going to enjoy the meal, okay, and what's gonna happen to the meal in 10 hours? Okay, good, how long once they leave you with something

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in your hearts, a clear, an unfiltered and uncleanliness that is like a bitter pill that you have to you just feel guilty about. So the bodily pleasures don't give us satisfaction in life. And that is because what really makes us human is not the physical flesh. Animals have physical flesh. What really makes us human is something that is divinely gifted to us. And that is the rule. That is the soul that is what is inside of us. And that's why our father Adam was created out of clay and the body lay there for ages and ages and ages. He didn't become human. When did he become human? When he we blew into Adam our rule. When Allah blew into Adam the rule, the divine mystery that will never

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understand. That is what made Adam human. And that soul is what separates us from the animals. The animals have a different type of soul. Our soul is a divine gift from Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah breathed it into Adam directly. This is a Allah's blessing that he gave to other mothers. That's what made Adam Adam. So what makes us human is what's the soul is, therefore feeding the soul is what gives us that comfort in life, not feeding the body, feeding the body will give us animalistic pleasures. If they're good for a day or two, we'll be happy if they're How long? Well, we'll be happy for a day or two. And then we're going to be followed by guilt, by conscience by our fitrah

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probing us Why did you do that? What was the purpose? Either way, physical pleasures only last so long. We all know this. Spiritual pleasures on the other hand, feeding the soul feeding the room, giving the room what it needs. That is what makes life not only worth living, but sustainable. we overcome the problems of life in a more optimistic manner. It gives us a sense of serenity, a sense of peace, a sense of comfort, we understand why we're here the stronger Our eemaan is in a law the more European we have, the more you floss the more tawakkol we believe in cuddle. Therefore any calamity any masiva pollen you'll see when it lemma Khattab Allahu Lana whatever happens happens by

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the will of Allah we believe in the Quran. Every calamity that is given to us we know that Allah azza wa jal has also revealed for in the migratory use run in the migratory use rock, we believe that for every calamity, multiple blessings and ease every trial, every pain, we firmly believe that Allah will reward us when we're patient. So even the pain becomes worth it not that we wanted, we don't desire to be tested. But when we're tested our emaan brings a sense of comfort that if we didn't have demand we would never have and most importantly, most importantly, by feeding the room. by feeding the soul, we attain everlasting life in the next life. And of course, the soul is fed by

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where the origins of the soul are, like the body is fed by where the origins of the body are, the body comes from this earth, the body comes from the soil, how do we feed the body, we go back to the soil, what does the soil give us the water is stored over there, the plants, the fruits, the animals, they feed on the soil, our physical body needs, what is around us, the vegetation and the plants and the animals. So we feed the body via that. As for the soul, it comes from up there. It is what Allah gifted us. So when we want to feed the soul, we're not going to find the nutrients of the soul down here. The nutrients of the soul is in reconnecting it with its origin and that is

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Turning to Allah azza wa jal reading the Quran, our such does our job, our thicket that is where the ultimate happiness lies and and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah in the month of Ramadan, every one of us we experience this reality, we understand it, we live it. Unfortunately, many of us when Ramadan finishes, we think the burden is back over it. Let's go back to our lifestyles as if we didn't benefit from the lessons of this month of Ramadan. Subhan. Allah dear brothers and sisters will lie. Isn't it amazing? That even once again, experience teaches us another fact of life, which is that, generally speaking, and again, we all know this, or especially those of you that are in your 20s 30s

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are more than this. Generally speaking, with age, people become more religious, isn't this the case? Right? As people grow older, 40s 50s 60s 70s they become more and more religious, okay, this is something I myself went to college with groups of people back then when I was 20, I would have sworn By Allah, they're never going to become religious. When I was a kid, I would have done that. Not that we should do that. And now Subhanallah they are, you know, active in the Messiah doing this and that. This is the reality that generally speaking, people become religious. As they become older in life, they face problems, they realize that life isn't worth living without that connection with

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Allah. Now, we're very happy for all people who discover religion and become good Muslims, even when they're 7080 and hamdulillah. And I'm okay with it. But guess what? When you discover religion, when you're 7080, you can't possibly do the quantity of good deeds that you can do if you're religious your entire life. They're not the same. The one who chose religion at a young age, and I speak especially to the youth here, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave you all an encouragement, one of the seven categories that will be blessed on the Day of Judgment is a young man or woman Shabaab young prime of their of your youth teenager, early 20s. That's what a sharp is a young man

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or young lady, they grew up in the worship of Allah being in good good Muslim Subhan Allah. So the one who chooses religiosity at a young age, and then consistently maintains that, that cannot be compared even though we don't you know, we're not discouraging, becoming religious, older, but you can compare the one who, for some reason, some tragedy happened and they chose religion at an older age. We're happy for that person. But the point is, we're given the opportunity now, and Allah azza wa jal told us this in the Quran, he said it to us. When our father Adam came down to this earth he told our father Adam, two simple things. This is the rule that Allah gave to our father Adam

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Newman. Hi, Jimmy. You and Shay believes both of you come down bow bow comedy, but I do realize oh Adam, the two of you are going to be mortal enemies. That's rule number one. A police is your enemy he's going to seduce who is going to tempt you like he tempted you in the garden. He will continue to tempt you on the garden of Earth. What is Rule number two, for in Maya Deanna comany houden feminie tebrau budaya Salah el de louella Yasha woman, Aldo and Vickery for nll humare shaddam banca Yokohama tiama whoever follows my guidance. This is the second rule, the main rule that we're told here, whoever tongue comes to Allah subhana wa Tada. Whoever follows the hedaya of Allah from any

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tebrau who Daya that person shall neither go astray, nor shall he be in difficulty Sha one means pain and suffering. Now, this doesn't mean that if you turn to Allah, you will not face pain in this world. It means you'll be able to cope with the pain, it means you'll have the mechanism to deal with the stress of this world.

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As for the one who turns away from my worship, Allah says that person shall live a difficult life a constrained life. banca means your chest is constricted banca means it's just difficult. And then on the Day of Judgment, we will resurrect him blind in this world. He is going to live a difficult life in this world, every issue that happens, every calamity every masiva is going to make life so difficult for him. And again, this is what Allah says in so many verses. Allah tells us that whoever does good deeds and believes in Allah azza wa jal, Fernando Hina who has written for yerba, we're going to grant this person a beautiful and sweet life. Hyah Tampa yerba is promised to the one who

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believes in Allah and does good deeds. And this dear brothers and sisters is what the reality of Ramadan teaches us. So the goal for all of us is that we learn from our own experiences. As we feel right now. We feel physically tired, but spiritually, we feel alive. Our bodies are tired. We've been fasting all day. Now we're going to stand for an hour and a half. We already stood an hour before this physically, we're tired

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But will law he inside of us, all of us the happiness and joy because you know what we feel as if we've done something meaningful May Allah accept we feel inside of us. This is what I'm supposed to be doing. I feel good for being alive. Nothing I could be doing right now is more precious than bowing my head to Allah making dua to Allah doing Vicar for Allah subhana wa Tada This is what life is about. We feel it inside of us now at greed wonder Milan finishes, we're not going to have the ambience we're not going to have the people coming to the Messiah in this manner. We're not going to have officer job for an hour leading us agreed that level is not going to be there. But the point

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is, as I keep on saying we don't come crashing back down to where we were in charbon CompTIA one CompTIA one. Yes, we're gonna come fluttering a little bit down. If we rose up 100 ranks let us come fluttering 10 2030 maybe even 80 if you have to, but where you stop? It must be more than where you began Ramadan. That's the goal. That is my ask for myself and all of you shall well and this entire year until the next Ramadan has got to be at a plateau that was higher than pre Ramadan. And if you've done that, you've learned the lesson of Ramadan, then the Ramadan after that, you're going to raise the bar again then daramola after that, you're going to raise the bar again so that every

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single Ramadan gives you your annual boost. This is your battery being charged right now. This is your eemaan being redone right now. That's the point of Ramadan. So from now dear brothers and sisters, my time is up from now I asked you two simple things. Number one, what are the shortcomings in your rituals and routines that you need to work on? Put that in your mind that inshallah from next week? He does next week? When are we going from next week when it comes? That ritual will now be a part of my routine, as it was a part of my routine in Ramadan. For those who weren't praying five times a day? Well, lucky enough is enough. hulless Enough is enough. This is the time this is

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the time from this show one first of show what I'm going to be consistent as I wasn't normal bond. If you added Suna sunon in the month of Ramadan, that should be your ask whatever you did extra that you can do do that in the next year. And then the second ask the sins that you managed to withdraw from in Ramadan. You showed yourself you prove to yourself you can do it voluntarily. Nobody put a gun to your head. You voluntarily lived a better life in this month. And you felt better for it didn't you feel more clean, more pure. So now that major sin or minor sin that irritation that nuisance that makes you feel inside disgusted and dirty? Now you make that commitment to Allah that

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insha Allah who tada I'm not going to do this for the upcoming year. And if we do that, then hamdulillah Ramadan has had its impact on us. May Allah azzawajal accept from us and make us of those who pray on a day to

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