Summary of Juz 23 – Surah Yaseen

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The speaker discusses the importance of the surah in Islam, and how it is used to describe the shaping of our fate. They also mention the importance of the afterlife, particularly in light of the afterlife door, and the importance of the importance of the afterlife door in our lives. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from the story and taking lessons from it.

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WhatsApp was set up. Kareem was having his mind about today's presentation begins in the towards the beginning of surah. Yaseen. And that's the shoot I want to focus on today. Surya scene is known amongst Muslims in general, as the heart of the Quran. And although the difference of opinion amongst the scholars of police on whether the Heidi's calling in the heart of the Quran is authentic or not, this is a name it has become common amongst Muslims, and we can accept it as a description of the surah that is very suitable, because the heart of our fate is our mind, our belief, and surely I see is a summary of the core beliefs of Islam. So this is a early makansutra. And we don't

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know exactly when the market was renewed, but we know it was revealed in Makkah, because it has all of the signs of a market hoorah. And none of the signs of Medina Shula. So you've seen discusses mainly three topics. These three topics are the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the importance of the prophets and the messages, and then finally, the importance on the day of judgment and the afterlife. Now, when you send our email our EDA, it is generally divided into three categories. I believe in Allah, I believe in the prophets and our belief in the afterlife tauheed result I have here. And these are the three exact themes of Surya Singh. So Surya sin includes all of our core

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aqeedah, that we can learn from this about the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he signs in the creation, and we can learn from this, about the importance of the profits, and why Allah in profits to to this world. And we can learn from this the importance of the day of judgment and preparing for it in the surah towards the very beginning, in fact, the passage that we begin reciting tonight, there is a story. And this story is one of the more ambiguous stories in the forum wants to go Hello darling talks about three messages that were sent to a city and nobody believed in them except one man. Now the owner might have a difference of opinion about who is the story about,

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right the first opinion and this is a weak opinion is that this is just a metaphor, a parable, giving us an idea of what happened with nppv property prophets come to a city and only one person believes, then that's still fine, they still did their job by actually is a small group of older man willing to suggest a parable because of the word used to describe it in the Quran. Another opinion that is more famous is that this is a story about three prophets are they sent to the same city? So Allah Subhana, Allah sent to prophets to a city when people didn't believe in them, and there wasn't a third prophet as well. And at the end, only one person believe Indian. But what seems to be the

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strongest opinion Allah knows best is that this story is about three of the disciples of Jesus Jesus peace be upon him, that were sent to a nearby city to preach the true gospel, the true message of Jesus peace be upon him after he was lifted up. And they were rejected by the people and only one person in that city believe in them, that this story is not talking about profits, it's talking about the followers of Aesop's. So there are these different opinions about who the story is about at the end of the day. It doesn't matter. If it was important for us to know who the story was about Allah would have mentioned in the Quran, there is this principle in nuptse, that he loves to handle

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data has been mentioned who a story is about, it's not important to the wounds about what's important is that we take the lessons from the story. And so the story seems to have two messengers went to a city, the people rejected him. So Allah said, the third messenger, the people rejected all three, only one man stepped forward. And he believed and he called on his people to believe, and his people killed him. After he died, he went to Geneva. And when he saw agenda, he said, I wish my people could see this so that they will behave. And this is the story is a very short story, a very simple story. But in India many powerful lessons. Number one, the importance of doubt. Number two,

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our data is not counted by numbers doesn't matter how many people believe in you or follow you. What matters is that you do the dollar solely for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Number three, thou must come from a place of caring for your people of wanting good for your people. Very often, many of us have this idea of just hating the disbelievers and hating people, and preach to them from a place of superiority or a place of arrogance. This is not the real dour. This man even of these people killed him. He still wanted for them. He still wanted them to believe he still cared about him. And so these are some of the lessons that we can take from the story that is the model of

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sowing seeds. Very powerful to a very beautiful surah we all should take the time to study and succeed in details and to apply teachings but I would like to have a handle on the is that the nbfc Poon was Adama mousseline. What hamdulillah