Balancing the Dunya and Akhira 01

Haifaa Younis


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The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be about a variety of topics including working on a parable or a life event. The speakers seem to be discussing labeling a home and the perception of beauty in various ways.

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How did you find dooney? under any way you can think of Allah will make us remember the What did Allah describe to me?

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Exactly that's the famous I have sort of headed which is probably one of the most comprehensive description of domains and sorted heading. Yeah, no, no, I know my mother will hire to do the parable of his life and hire to do me the lower life the lower or the obvious life you're living in the near life in dilemma we're here to dunia right what KLM want to know not matter your animal animal hair to be near Larry born wanna live is play now his distraction is how they describe it so when the child is playing that's playing when the child is playing is getting distracted from what he should do that's low

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so in normal hangout of doing a lot more than a lot of things in order no meaning learn this remind yourself of this teach your children this teacher said first year animal Animal Health label will

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play amusement distraction, true or false. And

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never had to do it. Yeah. Well, that was Xena.

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Xena to beauty. Don't tell me life isn't good. Don't tell me like as long beautiful. Don't tell me how to get nice children is not good. Having a good car. Looking good. Wearing nice Xena beauty. So Ally's describing it as it is. He didn't put a glow yet will probably grow afterward. But for now. In normal how to label where the home was in atone Beauty Water Catherine, Dana, Bella Phil and Walley world.