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In yet another profound talk, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi encompasses the importance of knowing Allah’s names, calling upon Allah by those names, and includes the discussion of the number of Allah’s names.

He makes us understand that every Muslim who seeks knowledge about Allah and to increase his love for Allah can do so by learning more about His names and attributes. By learning more about Allah and about His essence, one can appreciate His power over all things, and can make one sincere toward Him and increase in taqwa (piety).

Citing reference to the hadith that says, “Allah has ninety-nine names, one hundred less one. Whoever learns them will enter Paradise.” (Reported by Al-Bukhaari (2736) and Muslim (2677)), we are reaffirmed that we will taste the reward of Jannah if we memorize these wonderful attributes.

However, Shaykh Yasir insists that many scholars conform to the fact that learning the 99 names doesn’t mean that all names total to ninety nine. The Qur’an alone has 200 names mentioned in various Surahs.

Allah commands the believers in the Qur’an to call upon Him using His names (that we know). The verse states:

“And (all) the Most Beautiful Names belong to Allah, so call on Him by them…”

[Surah al-Aaraaf 7:180]

Hence, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi stresses on the very fact to constantly contemplate, comprehend, memorise and then implement the names and attributes of Allah SWT in our daily existence while making dua’. This, he assures, will pave a way for the ultimate destination – Paradise.


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salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He will be here woman while

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we were talking about a man in Allah subhana wa tada and that has been mentioned to you from the very first day. My main book that I'm using is called the Encyclopedia of the branches of Eman. JOHN Mary this year about a man of the famous scholar of Hadith Imam will be happy when it comes to a man in a last panel with Dalai Lama they have a dedicated the majority of his first volume and he spent over 100 pages about the issue I will summarize in the next five to 10 minutes and that is the issue of a part of a man in a law is to understand a laws names and a laws attributes. The concept of a laws names and attributes. We spent an entire road on doing it I think it was three Ramadan's ago.

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Yet it is a nice refresher to understand because it is essential when we say we believe in a law, it is essential to also talk about well how do we know anything about Allah? our only source of information regarding a law is how Allah has described himself in the Quran and the Sunnah. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran, there is nothing like unto him laser committed, he shaved there's nothing like him help Dinah moolah who Samia, do you know any who is equivalent to Allah lemmya cola who Khufu and there is none that is equal to Allah. So Allah is beyond our imagination, beyond our comprehension, whatever we imagine is wrong. And we should not imagine a

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law, whatever we conceptualize has fallen short, and that is why in our tradition, unlike in many other traditions of the world, in our tradition and religion, it is absolutely impermissible to depict a law we cannot also be led paint a law, the way that the Renaissance painters did the way that the Judeo Christian cultures have done we are not allowed to do that. Because laser cometh Lee, there is nothing like Allah subhanho wa Taala but Allah has given us information about him. And this information comes in the Quran and Sunnah via his names and attributes. And Allah has told us in the Quran in four verses that to Him belong, the most majestic, the most perfect, the most beautiful

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names, what Allah has a smart snap, and who snap is the feminine of Essen, which means the most perfect, the most beautiful, the most majestic, so to Allah belong, the most beautiful and perfect names. Then Allah says further, whoo hoo, be happy. worship him using these names. oduro here doesn't just mean make dua it means worship Allah using these names. So Allah is telling us that he has the most beautiful names. Then he says, you can use these names to worship me, Your Worship will become better and perfect when you use these names to worship Me and our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was seldom said to Allah belong to 99 names 100 minus one in that Allah He started with a sinner

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this man may attend illa wahida man saw her the whole agenda. Whoever comprehends them, understands them, acts upon them. Whoever uses them, the word I saw means to comprehend, to understand not just to memorize whoever understands and contemplate them shall enter agenda. And realize that we said this and our halaqa as well, that Allah does not only have 99 names, this is a common misconception. Rather, Allah has an infinite number of names, there are more than 99 even the Quran and Sunnah have over 200 Names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there are more beyond these that we do not know in other books, other prophets, angels, they have been told names that we do not know. So Allah has an

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infinite number of names, not only 99. And out of those infinite, there are 99 that are extra special, all of them are special, all of them are blessing, but out of those infinite names of a lot, there are 99 that are extra special, whoever contemplates them, uses them memorizes them and utilizes them shall enter agenda. And there is no authentic one find a list and I mentioned this again three years ago, there is no one authoritative list that has all of the 99 rather these lists that we see around us. They are the HD hat they are the reasoning of various scholars. There's no one definitive list that Allah said or the Quran said or the Prophet sallallahu either he was

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lm said, this is the interpretation of scholars and the list that is commonly found. By and large. Of course, most of the names are agreed upon, but five or six of them, they're a little bit difference of opinion. 8090 names are pretty much unanimously agreed upon. So our job is to read the Koran, every one of us and whenever we come across the name, think about it. Don't just zoom over it. Don't just use it as a filler for the ending of the verse. Many of us we think the names of a law are just meant to rhyme the end of the verses of a photo, Rahim sent me an idea. No, Allah uses those names for a reason. We should think, why is this name being used in this verse? We should

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contemplate we should comprehend, we should memorize that name. And then we should try to implement it. How do we implement it? Three things. Number one, we understand and think and memorize whatever is the name of semir Aladdin albasini. We understand, we contemplate we memorize. Number two, we take that name and act upon it. So when we say Allah is semir, then I had better be careful everything I say Allah is hearing. When we say Allah is bossier, I had better be careful, everything I do, Allah is seen. So we implement that name in our lives. And then number three, we take that name, and we use it when we make dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. We utilize it inside of our doors.

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And this is one of the most powerful chapters of increasing our why being accepted. We all have us, we want forgiveness, we want money, we want good health, we want wealth, we want children, whatever is your halaal wish, you will find a name of a law that is suited to that to us that is the most beneficial in the context of that. So this is the month of mouthfeel of the month of forgiveness. How many are the names of a law that are related to forgiveness. Rahman and Rahim are of the most powerful so when we raise our hands and ask for forgiveness, Yara manyara him here how many We ask Allah with his name. I look for food and all how far the food is the one who forgives the sin no

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matter how large it is. The fod is the one who forgives sin after sin and he doesn't count how many times he has forgiven yo la foto. Yaga far inferiorly and we can ask Allah with his name and our food, which is one of the names that the Prophet system told us to use in Ramadan. Yeah, our food and our food is the one who wipes the sin away, as if you had never done it. in Ramadan. We don't just want forgiveness. We want our food and our food. It's as if we've never done the sin. It's wiped away from our records. And that's why in the last 10 nights, the data that we say is that Allahumma indicar fU 121444 and so these are some of the names that deal with forgiveness. We all

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want to have money and wealth and health. These you can use so many names of Allah Yara Zoc. The one who gives it is yeah, Kareem The one who is generous. Yama nun, the one who continues to give these are names we can use when we are suffering for financial crises. We raise our hands Yara zap, you are the one who gives it is Yama none You are the one who keeps on blessing. Many of us are struggling with any other issues. Suppose that we want to have children we don't have children. So the name of Allah Yahweh hub, the hub is the one he blesses and especially the word hub here as Allah says, Yeah, buddy ministry enough and he blesses people with boys with girls, some of them

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only boys, some of them older girls, some of them both the name one hub is used over here. So we use the name of Allah hub. We are sick we use the name Yeah, Shafi. Yeah, coffee. All of these are names of a law that are perfect for our particular point. And I want to now emphasize certain names that are universal for any, any dollar that you make, you may use these names, the most significant Name of Allah is the name of Allah itself. It is, of course, the primary name that our Lord uses. And that's why there's over 3500 times in the Quran, that this one name occurs, there is no name that comes even close to this name. And it is one of the most powerful in fact it is the primary, you

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know, proper noun that allow users to describe himself with and the meaning of Allah, the meaning of the term Allah is He who is worthy of worship. That's what Allah means he who is worthy of worship, so only Allah is Allah worthy of worship. And the name of law also has another unique characteristic that we don't have to say, yeah, Allah, we can say it in another manner. And that is Allahumma Allahumma. We add a meme. There's no other name that you can add a meme to the end of it except for the name of Allah. So Allahumma is your Allah with an emphasis? So that's why in do our we say Allahumma il fildena Allahumma Idina? Allahumma is Trina Allahumma is like a special Yala. You never

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say Yeah.

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Allahumma that's a linguistic mistake. You either say yeah Allah you're allowed to say Allah or you say Allah Houma, which is more unique and powerful, and it's only for the name of Allah. So the term Allahumma is a universal name that you can use in any job, because Allah is the one who is worshipped and asked, and another name that is universal in any dollar that you could possibly imagine is the name of Rob. Rob, Dinah, our Rob. Rob, be my Rob. Yeah, Rob. All of this is universal, because who is the rub? The rub is the one who has created and who sustains and nourishes and will take care of you, Tobia who's gonna take care of me? Yeah, Rob. I have no one else other

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than you. Yeah. Rob. You are my Rob, you're up. I have nowhere to turn to. You're the one who created me. Where else should I turn to? Yeah, Rob, you're in charge of me, Yara, you're gonna take care of me. So the term Bob is universal, no matter what your job is. You can say or be robina Yara, it is for all of your tasks and all of your deeds, and also want to conclude with two especially powerful combinations of names that are found in the Quran. And our Prophet system told them to use them. And these can also be used for any of them is our Profit System said a new Ruby. That agility was a chrome seek refuge by saying yeah, that agility was a Chrome. So this is another great

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combination. Yeah. It was a chrome which is found in the draft. It is found in the Quran as well. And the meaning of yas l Jelani, will Ekrem is all you who is full of honor and glory and gelar. Here, Jana is the one who has no one equal to him. Jana is the one whom everyone admires and respects and humbles himself in front of July is the one who has the right to legislate, and no one can legislate against him a law passes decrees because he is jealous, and no one can pass decree against a law. And then it could be the one who gives his column shows his column, his generosity. He's the one who gives and he doesn't need anything back in return. So our Prophet system said seek

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refuge and turn to this name. Yeah, the janati will Ekrem and then the other combination that some reader might have said, it is the Greatest Name of Allah, there's something called a small light album, The grand Name of Allah, some of our odema has said and nobody knows exactly what it is, but there's he had and perhaps the strongest position is that it is either the name of Allah itself, or it is this combination, which we're going to conclude with and that is Yeah, how you yaffa you hate and consume. This combination is also a powerful combination. And it occurs in ayatul kursi. And it is one of the most powerful combinations that can be used in any job for a effective reason. Because

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Hey, Allah is the one who is perfect in his in his higher, there is no higher like a lot higher, because a lot, not only is he ever living, not only does he not sleep, nor does he die, he is the one who gives life. So his higher is beyond our comprehension. Not only that, but he is a human and a you means higher means he doesn't need anyone his life is his, his higher is on his own by you. You need him, he doesn't need you. But you own everything else that exists needs a love and alone needs nothing for him to exist. So Allah is alive, he doesn't need you. He is perfect in himself. Yet he is a human you need him you're you Mia which means your existence and your everything to for

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you to even do anything you need the consumer to give you what you need, or else you would not exist without you. So Allah is perfect in and of himself, and he is perfect in causing other existences to exist. So we asked a lawyer how you use them for all of our needs. Therefore brothers and sisters, ask Allah with his names and attributes. ponder upon those names and attributes. implement those names in your lives, memorize them and shout Allahu taala when you do so, Allah xojo will cause you to enter agenda as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said we will continue tomorrow was said on why they come to LA to Baraka