The Repenters #5 the Man Who Thought a Brothel Was a Masjid

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AI: Summary © A woman, who is a scholar, talks about a woman who wants to pray in congregation and is looking for a woman who wants to pray in the presence of a scholar. She takes a cab and is met with a woman who wants to see a woman in a sexy car and is eventually married to a linchpin. The woman is later married to a thirteen-year-old woman who wants to pray in the presence of the scholar.
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Just a little company tells the story of a scholar from an SR who loved to pray in congregation, this man's entire world revolved around going to pray in the masjid and coming home. That was it. And then, I mean, one day he wanted to see some of the world though human nature. And so he jumps into a cab and he says, Take me somewhere nice, but let it be close to the message. And he still wants to make sure that he prays his prayers in the masjid. And so that's that cabdriver takes a look, he sees that he's got this, you know, elderly, beautifully dressed scholarly figure. And he decides to take him somewhere wicked, because he was a wicked man. And he took them to a brothel.

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And he drops him off. And he says, That's the message. And our chef comes out. And he's like, does, I can look at it, thank you very much. And he finds the chair outside of the message. And he sits right down outside of the brothel. And he's waiting for slaughter. And there's a lady who's waiting outside of the brothel, and she's super confused why this scholar is sitting outside. And he's looking back at her and he's annoyed, and he's like, where's this money? Then? What's going on? Why is he late? It's Mother's time, and she doesn't know what to respond to him. And finally, he says to her, you know what it looks like, it's just gonna be me. And you, I'm gonna call the karma and you

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pray behind me. And that way, we'll have a congregation. He loved the congregational prayer so much, she doesn't move. So he notices her hesitation, and he says, My daughter, what's the matter with you? Lucky, let's deploy Hello, perhaps you're impure.

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And when he said that to her, whatever, you know, that that hardened heart that she had, it began to break apart.

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And she began to break apart. And she cried and wept to him. And she began to tell him her story. And when she did, he immediately told her, go and get your bags and leave with me. And he took her to a place where he put her in the company of righteous woman. And he told her never ever go back to that place. And she didn't, until Allah subhanho data corrected her Toba. Bless her Toba. And later on, the chef has himself married her to a righteous man