Abu Bakr Zoud – A Prophet Of Allah Is Inspired By The Words Of A Young Woman

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The "median god" created by a culture in Colombia is impossible to achieve, and the "median god" is the one who provides passion and faith for a woman. Jesus is given the blessings of being born in a church without any account, and the "median god" provides passion and faith for a woman. The "median god" provides the passion and faith of the woman, and gives her the blessings of being born in a church without any account, as well as being given by the culture.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah li or Swami Harish Marine, my brothers and sisters in Islam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And this week's Quranic reminder is from surah. Two earlier Imran is 37 and 38. In these ayat Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us something inspirational and motivational about the story of Maria Marathi Allahu anha Zakaria Alayhis Salam. We will find in these eight, that a prophet of Allah being in old age becomes inspired by something that he sees from a young girl and he becomes inspired because of words a young girl speaks. So pay attention to these eight and we'll look into them

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closely. Allah azza wa jal he says Fatah Bella, booyah Bill Cabul Ian has a new better than Hassan Oh fella has a kidney

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lemma the whole island he has a carry with me How about ya

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is all all a model here more and like he had on a tour

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in LA halos oh me

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will be running at his

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own Alika as I carry

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on being the lead me lead

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gathering or putting EBA in me are doing

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in these areas, Allah subhanho wa Taala begins by saying Fatah Cabella * Booyah. The carboline Hassan. Allah azza wa jal says that he accepted Malia moblie Allahu anha, with a good acceptance. And what this means is that when the mother of Maria gave birth to Malian before she gave birth to her, she had taken an oath, made an oath to Allah azza wa jal that whatever is in her belly will serve Allah azza wa jal in beta will knock this. And so when the mother of Madame Hanna when she gave birth to Madame Aldi Allahu anha. It was a goal. And the goals at that time in the Mosaic law were not allowed to serve in the masjid in Bayto. Not this the holy house in Jerusalem. However,

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Allah azza wa jal had accepted model yum and she was the first female to serve in the house of Allah subhanho wa taala. So this is what is meant by Fatah Cabella or boy the Kabuli and Hassan Allah azza wa jal, except that Malian

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a good acceptance for Umberto Hanna Beth and Hassan and Allah azza wa jal caused her to grow in a good manner. And that means that Allah azza wa jal gave her a good growth and a development in her body in her character in her characteristics in her forte in her faith, in every aspect of life, Allah subhanho wa Taala nourished her and nurtured her and caused her to grow in a good manner. Then Allah azza wa jal said what a fella has Acadia and Zakaria alayhi salam took her into his care. So he was the he was the one that will provide for her.

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And he will look after her needs her affairs, her matters, and he'll spend on her and so on.

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And this is why Zachary Alehissalaam he built for her a

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hob, a prayer room, a prayer area inside beat to lock this up until this day those who visit

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the the house in Jerusalem, the mosque, you will find that there is an area there known as Rob Nadiem. The prayer area and the worship area of Madame Albee Allahu anha. Under the CReality salaam was a carpenter, as well as a prophet. And so he built for her a pray area inside the masjid Allah azza wa jal, he says, Colombia, the halali has a Korean Mahabharata in the horoscope. Each and every single time. The Korea Allah is Salam would enter the Mohawk when he would enter upon her while she was in her knee hop in her prayer area, worshiping engaged in Vicodin whatever her case was, every time he entered inside, what you're dyeing their hair is called, he found an abundance of an

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abundant of provision without

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and he shocked so he said the El Morya Morganella. He had that he said Malia where and where did the

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You get this wrong? How did he get all this? Because he's the main provider for he's the one who's going to spend on her and get her provision and so on. So he was shocked and amazed. Where does she have this from? And he knows that no one is coming inside to her prey area, and giving her this provision.

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And he's more shocked at the, at the, at the at the miracle that is happening, because even our best old the Allahu anhu, he said that during winter time, she would have summer fruit. And during summertime, she would have winter fruit. And so he's amazed this is nothing short of a miracle. How is this happening?

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Of course, the angels were those who are bringing her provision and this food at her prayer area. And so he shocked his sing analogy, Heather, where are you getting all this from?

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Was a curiosity. He said, I've noticed that this is something that is impossible. You know, nowadays, probably we can understand because we have fridges or refrigeration, that would still you can store summer fruit and then you can have it in winter time and so on. There are many means and methods today that preserve food for that long. But at that time, how could this be possible? So he asked a Nicaea they're shocked. How can you have all this?

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So then she said to him, Look at the inspiration. Look how he was inspired by her words. She said Carla, to me nine dilla. She said, this is all from Allah, everything that you see, that is in front of me of provision. It's all from Allah azza wa jal, and my brothers and sisters in Islam, this is the case of the righteous and these are the words of the righteous. People that know Allah are very quick to ascribe every blessing in their life to Allah azza wa jal. She did not hesitate. She said, who I mean and Allah, all of it is from Allah azza wa jal, everything you see. And myself and my growth and my development and my character, my qualities and my upbringing, and the food in front of

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me and my worship and all of this is from Allah who I mean and Allah. And then she said in the law, he also Manisha will be later he said, Verily, Allah azza wa jal, he provides for whoever He wills without any limit without any account. Allah azza wa jal, he provides for anyone at at any time and he provides whatever he wants. He can provide you with knowledge he can provide you with Eman he can provide you with eagerness to worship him. He can provide you with peace with tranquility, with food with water with shelter with whatever He wants your resume Aisha berated reserve without accountability and without limit as well. Allah azza wa jal will give an abundance of giving you

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know internal donor met Allahu Allah to us will have your to count the blessings of Allah azza wa jal, you cannot even count them. That's how much Allah azza wa jal grants and gives his servants without any limit, not because they deserve it. But because he is Al Karim subhanho wa taala. He's the most generous while Booker electron anyway, when she said these words, right then and there Allah azza wa jal, he said who nearly died as a courier who now it means right then and there at that time and that place.

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Zachary Allah He said I made dua to his Lord, Allahu Akbar. He was inspired, he was motivated. What was the inspired mind? When he saw this impossible thing happening? of summer fruit being that wintertime and winter fruit being there at summertime? He said, This is impossible. But Allah azza wa jal is the one who provides and there is nothing impossible upon Allah. Allah azza wa jal makes the impossible possible. So he reflected over his situation. And he's been wanting a child for a very long time. And his situation is impossible, because he's now in old age about 90 years old, and his wife is barren, she cannot conceive.

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So they have an impossible situation. So he made that to us Lord and he said cannot be Hubli Milla don't cavalry yet and play yerba. He said, My Lord, give me and grant me especially from you, a righteous generation. He said, he looked at himself, he said, My My situation is impossible. I'm old and my wife is barren. She cannot conceive. So Allah from our impossible situation, make something possible and grant me a child grant me a healthy righteous generation, just like you gave Malian adult the Allahu anha and provided for her

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fruits that were impossible to exist during that season. Allahu Akbar and he said in Nikka, Samia or dua, My Lord, You are the one who he is the call of the servants and the sleeves whenever they call. And immediately after this, Allah said Fernanda told Malaika

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Hey angels call them out GDL allihies Salam

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revealed Tim Well who are called Emmanuel Solly as you're standing, praying in his behalf in his prayer area, Allahu Akbar, this is where Allah answers a door. This is where Allah who will grant you what you want. The angel came and he said to him and Allah who will be Shuka be here, Allah azza wa jal gives you glad news and good news of Yahia and this was his son. Yeah, comes from the word hate, HATE YOU means living. And this was a unique name. Not a single person was ever named. Before he actually he set up. And there is a beautiful meaning in this because yeah, means living alive. And he came out of a dead situation. Meaning

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as a cardiologist said, I'm old, and his wife is barren. And it's a very difficult impossible situation for a child to come out of this. So Allah azza wa jal called him Yeah.

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A child from a dead situation, a living boy came out, and he was called yet a reminder to all of us that nothing is impossible upon Allah subhanho wa Taala number reflection can go on for longer, but we'll stop here we ask Allah azza wa jal

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to grant us acceptance to accept our dua We ask Allah azza wa jal to answer our door in a manner that is pleasing to Him. subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah azza wa jal to make the Quran the guidance in our life and we ask him Subhana Allah Allah to accept our sins and our shortcomings in Hollywood elec auditorally are SallAllahu wasallam America and in Abuja, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Zhi.

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