The Branches of Faith – 12 – Belief in Judgement Day

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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi commences the fifth installation in the Branches of Faith series by delving deep into the topic – Belief in the Day of Judgement.

The day of resurrection will be the time when all of humankind will be brought back to their original physical form. There will be a time on earth when everything that God created will cease. Every human being, from the past to the present, will be resurrected and examined by their deeds. This day is called the “Day of Judgement.”

Highlighting the importance of this topic, the Shaykh talks about how the concept of the Day of Judgement is mentioned in almost every page of the Qur’an. Allah appeals to our rationale by stressing on the fact that the good and evil on the face of the earth will be justly dealt with and there will be no sparing for any of the misdeeds on the Day of Judgement.

In this mind boggling talk, the Shaykh points out the events that shall happen on the Day of Resurrection or Yawm Al Qiyamah – Showing of deeds and weighing of these deeds on the Scales( Mizaan), the giving of the book or records in the left or right hand side, the brightening of the faces and the darkening of the faces depending on their deeds, the intercession of the Prophet ﷺ and the questioning of some people (Qantarah) followed by the Sirat.


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salatu salam, ala rasulillah Wada, Allah, He will be here woman wahama back. We are continuing in our branches of Eman And we now move on to the next branch 30 members by healthy mentions in his book, The comprehensive collection of the branches of Eman And that is, of course a man in judgment day a man in kiama. And in fact in my my bed healthy actually subdivides this into a number of other categories. And he's very specific believing in the resurrection, believing in judgment believing in so he actually has a number of points, we're going to combine them all into one. And the concept of the AMA the concept of judgment is something that is mentioned on every single page of the Quran. I

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challenge you to read any page of the Quran without a direct reference to the AMA. It is one of the most common pillars that is mentioned throughout the entire Koran. In fact, it is almost impossible to find a sutra perhaps it is said some of the smaller sutras do not mention it directly. But otherwise, every single chapter of the Quran mentions the resurrection in multiple ways. And in fact, the Koran presents many arguments to make people believe that there is a judgement. That is because the chorus did not believe in resurrection, unlike Christianity that believes in resurrection, many segments who doesn't believe in the resurrection, the Quran, they said in here in

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the higher tuna dunya it's only one life we live when we die, we're not going to be resurrected. So the Quran came to keep on talking about resurrection so that they believe in it. And our scholars have mentioned that Allah subhanho wa Taala affirms piano in many different ways in the origin of them is the vivid descriptions if you read especially the Mk consumers, and especially the sutras in juice ama you will find so many vivid descriptions on meta Sedona never in album either shampoo either shampoo is the symbol on shop but so many vivid descriptions as if you are seeing the armor of them as well that Allah subhana wa tada reminds mankind that I created you from nothing, why

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would it be difficult to recreate You again? Allah says in the Quran, look at man look, Allah says to mankind fell young burden in sand let's man see, what was he created from? He was created from loli fluid meaning the one who created man from nothing. Why would it be a problem to recreate a man again, and Allah subhanho wa Taala also asks us to look at the world around us the cycle of life. And Allah says look at the rain cycle, look at the dead earth that comes back, look at the vegetation, look at the cycle even of the crops. And Allah xojo keeps on saying the one who can do this. Surely he can create mankind again, of the resurrections as well of the evidence for the

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resurrection. Allah subhana wa tada tells us or asks us rhetorically, and this is a philosophical argument it's a logical argument. I'm not sure Alan misdemeanor calm Audrina, Malcolm k Fatah Come on. Do you think that righteous people and sinful people will suffer the same end? That's it. Allah azzawajal is asking a rhetorical question. Where is the judgment on tyrants? Does Hitler get to just die? And that's it. The fairgrounds of our times that are wreaking havoc in Syria and other places, they have killed millions of people and outwardly they're living luscious lives. Allah is asking where is the justice? Surely there must be justice or mankind and there will be justice. I'm not

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sure either Latina woman who saw that article must see the NFL or I'm not sure I don't know tequila, colorful jar, are we gonna make them with tequila? Like the full job? Are we gonna consider them to be the same such that they live? They die? And that's it? No, even from a logical perspective. If you believe that Allah is just an every religion believes Allah is just then there must be a day of justice. And that's the AMA. So Allah appeals to our rationale, our logic, and Allah says in this world, there is no infinite justice, we see it, how many are the evil people, they live good lives outwardly, and they die? And how many are the poor, downtrodden, the mothers who mean who are

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persecuted, tortured, and they don't seem to get justice. So Allah is saying that that justice will be established on the AMA, and the Day of Judgment is mentioned in over two dozen adjectives and nouns. I don't even have time today to go over all of them, but some of them we should be aware of. How does Allah describe what is the noun given to me?

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Judgment Day, there are over two dozen of the names of Judgment Day is that the Omen after the final day, because it will be the final day of this creation, before the new creation before the new world before the hereafter. So it is called a Yeoman. Here it is the final day after which there will be no day and night because in genda, there's only day there is no night. So this is the final day after that final day will come a new life which has no ending it has an eternal life. So it is the final day of this world. And of the days that have the names mentioned is that Yeoman asifa, the day that is very near because as if a means that which is very, very close of the names of kiama is yom

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Albus the day that people will be resurrected because it is the day that people will come from their graves have the names of kayama is Yamato Hall, Boone, the day to harben is a little bit complicated, it means that some people will feel that they have been shortchanged, they haven't gotten a fair deal and these are the people going to join them that they will feel that it's not fair for them but of course it is fair and that is because they will feel that their transactions have not been worthwhile for them. So Allah calls it yoma Taha been the day that they will be dis they will be deceived themselves, meaning they have deceived themselves so there are the losers so

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the day of the Harbin of the days of the names of judgment day as well is yo yo ma ke the day that people are going to be meeting one another because everybody will meet everybody on Judgement Day. Anyone whom you interacted with, you will meet on Judgement Day, anyone whom you cheated you will see on Judgement Day anyone whom you backbite it you will see and that person will demand from you what you have to give on that day. Yo Mattel ASCII the day everybody will meet everybody. And that's why Allah says on that day, yo your third role model man, he will only he will be he will slightly but he was the knee the cool Embrey min whom Yama is in New York money on that day, the unrighteous

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the wicked, this one does not apply to the righteous. The wicked people will flee from their own mother, their own father, their own spouses, their own child, they will run away from them. Why liquid limited in men whom Yama isn't known, everyone will be demanding from the Mother, the Father will say to the son or my son, you did boom to me on that day, I want my answer not because on that day, they are going to be so desperate to save themselves, they will be willing to ransom their own parents, their own children and to gain any good deed. So Allah calls that day the day of fleeing away from those whom you love, and this does not apply to the righteous is only to the unrighteous

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of the names of Judgment Day is yomo jumhooree the day that everyone will be resurrected. Never in human history. Will all mankind be together at one plane, except on Judgment date. Never have the bodies of mankind come together simultaneously from Adam, up until the last generation never has that happen, nor will it ever happen after this day. So it is Yeomans Gemma the day of the gathering where all of mankind will be gathered together and have the names of judgment date is yo Matina, the day where everyone will be called everyone will be called by name and Allah subhanho wa Taala will call each and every one of us one of the people ask even abus How will Allah simultaneously judge

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between all of his a bad on that day? If an Ibis said the same way that Allah simultaneously takes care of every one of you right now He will judge you on that day as well. Allah xojo is capable of all things. So he will call every one of us by name individually, and Allah Himself will judge directly. And that's why the prophets have said on that day, there will be no intermediary les Sabina who abena Who told you man, there will not be an intermediary, a translator between you and your Lord and Allah subhana wa Taala will judge every person directly there is no one else who will judge on that day. Judgment is not relegated to an angel or to a prophet or to a king. A law is

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magical milk and a law is Maliki yo me Dean, the judge on judgment day. So it is called yo McKenna de because the judge himself will call you and you will have to answer to him. And of course of the names of Judgment Day is Yeoman hisab and Yama, Dean and Yeoman. He said we all know what it means the hisab the reckoning the accounting, Allah azza wa jal will have a reckoning of our deeds and yo a diene also means that judgment so based on the hisab, the dean or the judgment will take place of the names of judgment day as well is a half and a half called

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means that which is for sure. And how and how the essence of help and how there is no doubt about it. So Allah calls judgment and half man, half woman, woman helper, so when half is the half so judgment has been called the half of the names of judgment date is Yeoman has surah the day of regret, and also Yeoman dama, the day of remorse. And that is because Yeoman has sorrow every human being will find in himself and herself regret Yeoman Adama. Everybody will feel guilty, even the righteous It is said except for the Shahid, even the righteous on that day, they will feel guilty. Why didn't I do more even those that got the B plus they'll say if I just worked harder, I would get

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the A minus one. They see that people going to a higher level even though they're going in but this is eternity. That's it. Your level is decided for all of eternity. So everybody they say except for the Shaheed everybody will feel some regret. Of course. As for the evil, the unrighteous the wicked, their regret will be infinitely more, but it is said even the righteous will feel that twinge. Why couldn't I have done more? Why couldn't I have exerted even yet more to get for those that Allah so this is called Yeoman has served the day of regret Yeoman dama the day of feeling remorse and guilt? Why didn't I do more, so everybody will be feeling it. So it is called Yeoman Hassan and Yeoman

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Adama have the names of judgment as well is yo Mel hulu's. And that's the day of eternity, some scholars say because it will seem like an eternity for those who are being punished. And for those who are not being punished, it will not feel like an eternity, but the Day of Judgment itself will feel like an eternity. So it is your manhood. And of course, we learned from the traditions that the righteous people decided on their own judgment, they will be a breeze for them. In one Hadith, the President said it will be like the time between Aslan and Muslim the shortest time it just goes by just gonna zoom through and those that are wicked and unrighteous. Allah azza wa jal says for Yeoman

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kinda myka Delgado who come seen alpha center, it will look like 50,000 years for them, that for them, this will become an eternity in and of itself. And of course of the names of Judgment Day. And something that we all know is yom, Yom, Yom Okayama. Why? Because everybody will be too nervous to sit down, you know, when you're nervous, you walk around, when you're nervous, you stand up, you cannot just sit down yom Okayama is the day where everybody will be walking and pacing, because they will not be able to sit down. So it is the day of standing of the names of Judgment Day, yo microfossil, the day of decision criterion, fossil means things will be decided. And so the

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righteous will be decided from the unrighteous the people of gender will be decided from the people of janam. So that is Yeoman fossils have the names of judgment day as well is of course the famous name Assad. And that is it we translate as the hour, but it really means the time, Assad the time. This is the time that everyone has been told about this is the time has come the appointed time. So it is called a sap have the names of a judgment day as well are names that go back to the terror on that day itself, such as a saw ha and Tom, and the law, shear and authority. All of these day describe specific things are going to happen on judgment day, the loud noise, the clamor, the din,

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the chaos, the confusion, the overpowering the covering up, all of these are descriptions of what exactly is going to happen on Judgement Day. And of course, as for the details of the AMA itself, that is a whole different class that we don't have time to get into on merely list, some of the main things that our scholars have mentioned will happen, and that will be our halaqaat for today of the things that are going to happen obviously, is the resurrection of bath, and then the gathering together the new shore, which is everybody's going to be racing and rushing towards one place. And then there's going to be the hashtag and the hashtag is the gathering together in one location. Then

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there will be the gamma itself where everybody will stand up and they will wait for Allah subhana wa tada to judge and then there will be the outcome and the outcome is the showing of the deeds and the outcomes before the ASAP which is going to be the reckoning and the hisar will be followed by the marathon and the marathon is the skills where the good deeds will be weighed, so that nobody can complain that those This is not fair. No your deeds, the quality and quantity will be weighed and you will see for yourself how productive your life was. Then after that there will be the giving of the book or the records either in the right hand side or in the left hand side. We asked a lot to be

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of the right hand side. Then after that they will be the brightening of the faces those who get in the right hand side. Their faces will be bright and they will rush

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back to their families with the good news, like anyone who passes an exam or does a major test, he goes to his family and friends I pass look at my results. So the Quran tells us that on that day, those who get their exam in the right time, they will be would you want to make a misstep? Sure, they're gonna be happy. Bah, hey Katrin, they're laughing they're enjoy. And they're going to say to their families, how microkey tabea. Look at my results, and they're going to be extremely happy. And there will be others We ask Allah has refused to be amongst them, that they are in dead gloom and terrified, and they will not be saying anything to anyone because they didn't get the results that

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they should have gotten had they prepared for that day. And after that, of course, there will also be the shift of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the shift or his for his entire oma and Allah azzawajal will accept the shift out of some and he will delay the shift of others. And after that, as well will be the questioning of some people even after that this is something called the entourage and the entourage is a mini questioning that will take place before judgment. Sorry before before entering the doors of Jenna and the Torah will be the hisab between mankind that is a separate hisab that in case there was some volume between two people a lot of xojo will deal with it

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over there. So there is something called the on top which is the final minute ASAP and then after that will be the actual doors of the agenda or the slot. The scholars have different What is it 30 was the contract after the slaughter before the slot, but the Surat will obviously come before the doors of gender. The Surat is the final test if you like and some people We ask Allah as refuge will fall from the Sirat and the Surat is the bridge that has been placed over Johanna to Jana, those who cross the bridge will get to gender those who do not because of their deeds. The only way you can cross is if you have the deeds if you have the righteousness if you do not then the Surat will not

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be crossed We ask Allah said Amma for this so all of these is a very brief summary of the details of Judgment Day. And the Quran is full of these details so that we put it into our minds that this life is a temporary life and everything that we do will be recorded and will be shown to us on Judgement Day. This life is a test and that is why this pillar of gamma is one of the most important pillars out of all of our pillars it keeps on reminding us this is a temporary life this is not our permanent life. So we keep on reminding ourselves of this pillar of karma and prepare for that karma. Those who prepare will pass the test those who do not prepare. It's only their own fault they

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can only blame themselves. We ask Allah subhana wa tada for support and for giving us our books in the right hand for making our skills heavy on judgment day and to enter agenda for those busy days and whether either I will continue tomorrow, inshallah butanna