The Branches of Faith – 13 – Belief in Qadr

Yasir Qadhi


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Episode Notes

In this contemplative talk, Shaykh Yasir motivates us to believe firmly in the Qadr or Predestination. As he moves from one hadith to another, we are acquainted with the essence of Qadr and some misconceptions which we may have had before regarding this very belief are laid to rest.

Belief in Qadr encompasses various signs which are – affirmation of faith and belief in one God, trust and love for Allah, increase in the Ibadah and Ikhlas towards Allah, lack of fear towards anyone, acceptance of whatever happens in our life with sabr and shukr, conquer anxiety and lack of selfishness and greed.

Shaykh Yasir elaborates on the meaning of Qadr and how it is actually beyond the realm of human intelligence and comprehension since it involves understanding the existence, essence and the infinite knowledge of Allah SWT.

We are also made to ponder over the famous hadith which touches base on the most infamous question which we have in our minds at all times – if everything has been predestined for us already, why bother doing anything at all? The answer to this pertinent query is given in the simplest manner such that it just hits our heart perfectly with absolute clarity.

Watch the enlightening talk to find out more on the topic of Qadr.



AI: Summary © The importance of belief in predestination and the need for acceptance of actions is emphasized in the Profit System of Islam, which advises being content with what someone has written to them and being a fuller person when it comes to one's beliefs. The system also advises not to say that you're going to pray when Allah has wills and not planning the future based on past experiences. The importance of trusting in other people and being a fuller person is also emphasized.
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salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He will be woman who Allah. So we just recited right now the Battle of Allah subhana wa tada says, while otowa to the left and fill me out, if the both of you had attempted to agree on a time and place to meet, you would have not been able to agree would have differed? Well, I can only call the Allahu ameron kanima for Allah, the two of you did not agree to meet but a laws of law and the laws other that a law had decreed from before that would take place, whatever Allah had said, that is exactly what happened. And this is our talk for today. And that is a talk of Kabbalah and other the talk of belief in predestination. It is again, a principle of EMR

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that is throughout the Koran. It is mentioned in the famous hadith of gibreel. As we know, when jabril asked the Prophet system, what is a man the Prophet sallallahu Sallam listed six pillars, and the last of them was an A man who will cause her to believe in the other. And then he said in one version, Heidi he was shouted at he was Louis he will Murray to believe in the other the good other and the bad cutter, and the sweet cutter and the bitter other, which means everything that happens that what you find good, and that what you find bad, that which you find sweet, and that which you find distasteful, all of it, you must believe that it is from a loss and belief and color is one of

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the fundamental pillars of Islam. Without it, a person has not fully believed in Allah subhana wa Tada. And that is why it is something that our scholars talk about in a lot of detail, despite the fact that questions remain. And I know even in this 15 minute talk, 10 minute talk, how much can be done. Everybody asks about Qatar and Qatar is one of those topics that mankind has always been questioning every philosophy and every religion since the beginning of time has wondered about color, is everything predestined? Is everything predetermined? Or do things happen spontaneously? The ancient Greek philosophers as well talked about this, and the earliest philosophical writings

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that we have, they discuss the question of other within Christianity, there's a broad spectrum within Judaism, there's a spectrum within Islam as well. You have our analysts sunar Sunni belief who believe in Qatar, and then you have those who don't believe in Qatar, you have an entire spectrum as well. But we firmly believe in other not only because the Quran is explicit, not only because the Hadith are mutawatir, there are more than can be counted, but in reality, belief in others is logical and rational. How so simple question, would God be God if he didn't know everything? Would God truly be God? If he wasn't Allah Galicia included? If he wasn't alamelu? If he

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wasn't COVID and Adam and Hakeem How can a God be a God who doesn't know what's going to happen? Those who deny Qatar they end up diminishing the power of Allah and the knowledge of Allah and the overall rubia of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is why we Muslims firmly believe in other because it is what the Quran says. It is what the Sooners says, and it is also what our logic and rationality demands. And our Prophet sallallahu I just sent him said to his cousin in Ibis, he said, Oh, being a boss, I'm going to teach you some words, memorize them. And the last phrase and the beautiful idea, the last phrase was, and know that if all of mankind grant gathered to harm you,

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they would not be able to harm you, unless a law had already decreed it. And if all of mankind gathered to benefit you, they could not benefit unless Allah had decreed it roofie it in a column what you fit is sort of the pen has been raised and the ink has dried. So Allah or the profitsystem here, excuse me mentioned that the pen has been raised up and the ink on the paper has dried, which means what has been decreed is going to take place and you cannot change that decree. Now, very briefly, very briefly, brothers and sisters, the topic of other Please listen to this simple sentence will never be fully understood by mankind. It is beyond the realm of human intelligence.

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Why? Because khadir deals with the essence of a law. It deals with a loss of power, and we will not understand a loss power. It deals with a loss of knowledge and how can our finite minds comprehend a loss infinite knowledge

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It is arrogant to presume that our small miniscule infinitesimally rational minds will be able to comprehend the majesty and the knowledge of a law. And that is why even our boss said, coder is the secret of a law. Whoever tries to delve into the secret and unlock it will end up rejecting Allah subhanho wa Taala you will never fully understand the concept of others. And every person asks, you're not the first person to come and say, if everything is pre determined, why should I do anything? We open up a hadith in Sahih Bukhari, the most authentic book of it. We open a hadith in Sahih Bukhari, a man comes to the Prophet system, listen to this, Heidi. And he says, Yeah,

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rasulillah the things that I do Tell me, are these things that Allah has already decreed, and I'm just doing them, or are they things I do spontaneously? And the prophets have said? No, these are things that Allah has decreed, and you're doing them. It's, everything you're doing has been predetermined. So the man said exactly what you asked, Can I ask this is in the hadith of a body, then jasola law? Why should I do anything? This is in the Hadith for female ml? Why should I do anything? Why shouldn't I just sit back and rely on what has been predestined? Notice this question is not new. You're not the first person to ask this question. This is the philosophical conundrum

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that goes back to the pre Socratic philosophers to every theologian and every philosopher. This has been the crux of the matter if God knows everything, and God controls the future, why should I do anything? And we find in the Hadith, the Sahaba comes in and says Yasuda Allah for female Amel, why should I do anything? And the Prophet system did not get involved in deconstructing the philosophical premise because we want to understand he simply said it's plain and simple. Ir mailloux you do what you have to do air metal, you do your deeds. What could learn more? Yes, sir, on Lima Haleakala and you will find that whatever Allah had decreed for you, your deeds will take

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you in that direction. He did not attempt to rationalize the philosophy behind other because it's not possible to understand what he told the man was pragmatic was simple was to the point, you do what you have to do you do your ml, you don't just sit back and say whatever is other is going to happen. No, because you don't know your cutter. You don't know what tomorrow holds. So you prepare, and you plan and you act and you execute that plan, and you do everything you have to do. And then you put your trust in Qatar, as the man came to the process and said, O Messenger of Allah, when I'm sleeping in the desert, I have my camel, should I just let it go put my trust in colored in a law?

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Or should I tie the camel? What is the famous Howdy, tie your camel, and then put your trust in Allah. This is the essence of believing in Qatar, you do what you have to do. And then you leave the rest to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And very briefly, what are some of the benefits of believing and other number one, when we believe in color, we affirm an all powerful God, anybody who denies color, anybody who does not believe in the God they are affirming is not an all powerful, all knowledgeable God. Number two, when you believe in other, there comes an automatic trust in a law, a love of a love. A European in a law, as the law says will lend you cebuana illa marketable law hellena Nothing

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is going to happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us. Number three, when we know that Qatar is in the hands of a law, our love for a law, our fear of a love our loss to Allah, our ibadah increases how much more we will worship Allah because he is our true rub and our color is in his hands. So our ibadah is impacted when we believe in other number four, when we believe in Qatar, we will not fear anyone as the prophet SAW said I'm said if all of the world gathered to harm you, they could not harm you, unless Allah other had wielded. So when you believe in Qatar, you do not fear the creation, you only fear the Creator. Number five, when you believe in Qatar, you will then

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accept what happens and you will be patient in the face of a calamity, you will be able to have the suburb and they are keen and this leads me to point six you will be able to conquer your anxieties you know the anxiousness you feel things are not happening at random there is a planner who has planned everything there is Allah azzawajal who is monitoring so you need to put your heart and your trust in Him. Allah knows best and Allah azza wa jal will take care of the problem that he is putting you in he would not have tested you unless he knows you can pass the test. The one who put you in the test will give you have the mechanisms to pass the test. So when you believe in color,

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then your anxiety and your and your worry will be diminished and your your clean and sober will grow up number eight as well. When you believe in color,

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Or you will not be an arrogant person. How can you be arrogant when everything and I'm ruku BIA de la, everything is in the hands of Allah subhana wa Tada. So you will be humble. And humbleness is the essence of Islam, the meaning of Islam is to submit and surrender. And when we believe in others, we must be humble and submit. And the final point will mention that again, much more can be mentioned the final point that will mention that those who truly believe in other you will not be selfish or greedy, you will not be selfish or greedy. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and this is a view, beautiful Hadith and Timothy, be content at what Allah has other has written for

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you be content at your place and level after you've tried, and you strove, and you did everything, now you have whatever you have, be content with what Allah has written for you, and you shall be the richest of all of mankind. So when you are content with other, you're never going to be saying, oh, that guy has more that guy has this. No, you did your best you got what you have hamdulillah This is Allah other than you feel the richest because you're happy. The one who is not rich is the one who always desires more and more and more. He's the one who's impoverished because he thinks himself poor, the one who's rich is the one who is happy with what Allah has given and how will that happen?

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Our Profit System said, Be happy at what a loss cutter has written for you. Be happy at the cutter that you have and be content with what Allah has blessed you with. And you will be the richest of all people realize brothers and sisters that Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran, masaba Mimosa button in the evening Allah whatever happens of a calamity, it happens because Allah has decreed it and Allah has wilted woman you mean biLlahi? Yeah, De Palma. Whoever believes in Allah, Allah will guide his heart to hedaya our scholars say Allah mentions that calamity and Eamon and he Daya and other all in one verse, why? Because when a calamity happens, you affirm your belief in a law and

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you say in the law he was in LA he wrote your own and you say when you see Ben in law marketable law, who Lana and when you say that woman you mean Billa? Yeah, the Alba his heart will be guided to peace, his heart will feel at ease, the anxiety the stress, the worry the grief, when you turn to Allah and believe in Qatar, yeah, the Alba the call will find that peace that will only come through belief in other and the final point brothers and sisters other and memorize this other is never used to justify a future action. Other is only used to console yourself of a past calamity memorize it's a rule of Allison, a rule of Sunni Islam. Other is never used to talk about the future. You don't

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say I'm not going to go work because Allah other whatever I'm going to come is written down. No, you get an education, you apply for a job you show up at work. If you're lazy and you're fired, then it's your fault that you were fired. You cannot blame anything if you were sitting at home and did nothing you cannot blame. Similarly when it comes to religion, don't just say oh I will pray when Allah has wills I will pray I will become religious when Allah has will. I will become religious know you don't know whether you want to be religious you do it right here and now. Immediately you make the NEA you pray you give Zakat and as the prophets have said, if it is written for you, you

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will find that the doors open up you don't just sit back and do nothing. You do not justify a future because of other rather you calm yourself of the past because of other you applied for a job you didn't get it a loved one Marcia five, you wanted something really bad a position in a company arrays and you tried your best and you made do out it didn't happen? Okay, this is Alaska, and I'm happy I did my best. Allah has a better plan for me. You justify the past, not the future. Somebody is sick. You don't say Allah cutter if he lives or dies, you take him to the doctor, you do whatever you can lock up the law, he passes away, she passes away, okay, it was a loss. Other we couldn't

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change the time of death. So you do not plan the future based on other because you and I don't know whether you do everything according to the best plan you have. Then when you do everything and it doesn't happen then you bring in other to talk about the past and you say it was a lot harder. We couldn't just dictate that what's going to happen it was already been decreed for us and this is the proper methodology of Islam. May Allah subhana wa tada make use of those who firmly believe in other and whose Eman is raised because of other and who are content with Allah. Other I will continue tomorrow in sha Allah hotel.