The Ultimate Guide To Misery #07 – Being Negative

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Back in the days, my parents used to say, what you fear will always strike you. However, it turns out that what we mostly fear will never actually happen in real life. So why do we fear the future and worry so much about our journey of recovery from porn addiction? Is it uncertainty, lack of confidence? Is it because we have tried a lot and failed every time we have tried.

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Life is full of uncertainties and the good and the bad will always come along the journey of our lives. You'll have to develop the skills to embrace all scenarios, the good, the bad, and whatever comes in between. There is no need to drain your brain by constantly imagining disastrous situations. Instead, spend quality time thinking of how to get out of your current disaster and free yourself from any sort of addiction.

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Remember, the path that is leading to misery is so easy, but success winning, getting things done require efforts and real hard work. So if you opt for the first option, well, here is your shortlist miserable guy to ally full of failure. Number one, envision yourself as an addict, hypocrite and miserable every time you think of becoming a better person. Number two, always counter any good advice given to you by negative remarks, objections, rejections or obstacles. Number three, give up quickly when you start something towards the right direction. Number four, become dysfunctional in life and witness the disappointment in the eyes of your loved ones. And number five, devalue

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yourself. believe wholeheartedly that you cannot achieve what you want. Because guess what? what you truly believe is what you can actualize and achieve a life