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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah Haitham Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah who are willing to ask Yara and hamdulillah he casier on Claiborne mobile Raka we thank Allah subhana wa tada for each and every blessing that he has bestowed upon us. And hamdulillah we thank Allah for having guided us to Islam, and having blessed us with the Koran and for having blessed us to be amongst the followers of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Well, it's been a break. We have had the Ramadan break and it's been a while that we're resuming but at hamdulillah today, we are resuming the explanation of GitHub with the awards or the book of the US from the Sahaba of Imam Al

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Bukhari Rahim Allah Allahu taala. And I will begin from exactly where I left off. Babu Maya, although either or spa had a chapter of what should be said when a person wakes up and we begin again I'm going to narrate the Hadith and we explained it will be called a head death and it was said that call the head death and ACW Surakarta headed up Hussein and call her death and Abdullah Mubarak and Boucher dibny cabin and shot dead in the ocean or the Allahu tada and I need to be subtle Allahu alayhi wa sallam I know who can see you there is still far a llama and Terra Bella in her in the antilog 21 abduch one idk why decommit start a bola Kabir medica wa Bula cabbage mb

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fiddley for in the hula Fuu but in the end, Ruth will be coming shortly remarks on that either Karla Hina UMC formatted the whole agenda, Academy has agenda what is called a new spiritual format. I mean Yomi he mithila who so in this hadith we've actually done this hadith before. It is the famous Hadith of the say you do is to follow the Hadith of the queen or the leader of all of the positivists. So far, I've already explained this in detail in a previous lecture, and essentially this beautiful drop, it summarizes all of the main pillars of repentance, we admit to Allah subhana wa tada that Allah has blessed us. We are cognizant that Eliza has given us all that we have asked

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for, and we then ascribe to ourselves that we have fallen short in thanking Allah subhana wa tada we praise Allah, that Allah You are our Lord La Ilaha Illa and, and we admit to Allah subhana wa tada we are trying but we're not perfect of a lot we are trying that another Heidecker worldwide ecommerce store thought I'm trying to do as best as I can. But I acknowledge a lot that despite all the blessings you've given me, I have fallen short route to become an shuddering boss or not. I seek refuge in You from all the evil that I have done. And I confess to a lot, I am a sinner, I come to you, only your forgiveness and only your grace and only your mercy will forgive our law. There is no

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forgiveness other than your forgiveness, I am imperfect, you are perfect, I am the sinner, you are the Lord. And so we come to a law independent and state in a state of humility. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala for forgiveness. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever says this, when he goes to sleep, and he passes away at night, he shall be of the people of gender. And whoever says that when he wakes up, then as well, he shall be of the people of gender. So this two hours should be said when we go to sleep. And that's when we covered it before. And also when we wake up now, Mr. mahadi, one of his techniques of the Sahaba is frequent repetition he loves to repeat Hadith, unlike

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Mr. Muslim, and so here, it is very rare to repeat the Hadith. So this idea has been reported already about what to say when you go to sleep. Now he's gonna bring it again what to say when you wake up. Now for the advanced students, we're not going to go there, there's always Well, almost always there's a slightly different in the two headed every time he will bring another Hadith, the default rule he's going to bring with another chain, he's gonna bring with another wording so that you can see and you contrast and if you look at the headings that we did a few lessons ago, and you contrast it with this one, you will find minor variations and the reasons for this is that generally

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speaking, the narrator's have headache when they're conveying the message, they convey the meaning and not exactly the wording. And this is called a rewire to Bill minor to narrate a hadith with meaning, and not necessarily with wording and this is something that every major scholar of Hadith in every book of the sciences have highlighted mentions that of course, you narrate Hadith with with meaning and not with wording and therefore sometimes you find slight variations here and there, but the message is exactly the same, and the next Hadeeth and also, we've done this before, but again, we did it in the chapter going to sleep by the handwritten owner, a man called hedonist soufiane

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another Maliki habanero made on a regular evening

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Kara even your hairbrush and her they further rhodiola Horta, either uncoiler canon abuso de la vida he will sell them either or other anioma called wismec Allahumma moto way the state government Miami oil and hamdulillah hilarie ohana, bardem and Martina Wheeler hidden ashore. So, today for narrated that whenever the Prophet sallallahu I just said it would go to sleep, he would say this phrase or law in your name, I shall die and in your name, I shall be brought back to life. And as I mentioned, sleep and death are twins as a prophet sallallahu Sallam said that death is the brother of sleep is the brother of death because in both of these Your soul is taken away. So when we put our head to

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the pillow, we should say this make a law home a motor here in your name, Oh Allah, I am dying and the death here is deep sleep, see he calls sleep death, and we're here in your name, Oh Allah, I shall wake up again. And if he does wake up because it is possible that it is the last sleep of his life, and he will never wake up and if he does wake up, then he Thanks a lot, and hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who gave us life after he caused us to die and the same one who can bring us back to life after we were dead in asleep, that same person with a new shoe, we shall return back to him. And in the next Hadeeth it is essentially the same wording called Death

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and I've done and it'd be Hamza and Masuda under review of Neeraj and Harsha Tibetan, and Abby 13, radi Allahu taala and all kinds of abuse of the law while he was selling them either academic or human and later on Allahumma Peacemaker moved to a here for the sake of a call Alhamdulillah holiday here Nevada, imagine with a new show, this is the exact same Hadith in terms of wording. However, the chains are totally different because the previous Heidi is from day four. And this hadith is from a veterinarian, the father of the Allahu Allah and and for the experts in the science of Hadith. If the same wording occurs, but through different Sahaba it is considered two separate

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Hadees altogether. If it is the same Sahabi then it is considered to be the same heading for the different wording, but if it is a different hobby, it is considered to be a different Hadees altogether. So emammal Bahati is saying, Hey, this is something that has been narrated, and this is something that was narrated and the meaning is exactly the same. We move on to the next chapter Babel fissara, the chapter of making dua in the Salah. Allah had written Abdullah Newsome release Allah destiny is even a bit higher and Abdullah have an ambition and it'd be so different the Allahu taala and I know Allah in the V Sala la vida he was seldom I limb need to and other ob he feels

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allottee han Padilla whom India Valentin FC lumen casier or whether you're Filipino but in the end fulfill Lima Pharaoh tamanna indicar Omni in Nagar until a food or Rahim wakad Amitabh no Hardison and you see the under will hide under who semialdehyde Abner con con la vaca Linda de Sala la hora de he was sending Sallam Federico so this is a hadith is very beautiful. Why? Because in it, Abu Bakar is the the greatest Sahabi by unanimous consensus of all the scholars of Islam, the greatest Sahabi is going to the Prophet sallallahu it he was sent them and he was saying or messenger of Allah teach me a dua that I can say during my Salah. So this is a very significant drop, why the

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greatest companion is going to the greatest prophet, and he is saying, I want a special dog that I can say, during the Salah, which is the most important act of worship. What do I should I make during the Salah. So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught him this. And of course, knowledge should be shared knowledge is not something that you are stingy with yourself. Once our Profit System taught a worker, a worker then taught others and so our beloved nominee blouse, he's the one who narrates this and Obamacare is so different. The other one, there are not that many narrations from him. Why? Because he only lived a year and a half after the death of the Prophet

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sallallahu sallam, and all and almost all of the narrations from him are actually from other Sahaba they are not from the tab your own generation very rarely we find this generally speaking, younger Sahaba or Sahaba, not as senior as the early Sahaba. They're the ones who narrate from ovoca Sylvia, and so we have here, Abdullah nominee of that house is the one narrating the son of Ahmedabad house, Abdullah Abdullah Morales is narrating from ibaka Sudan. And this is a beautiful draw. And it shows us as well the eagerness of the Sahaba that they're not just sitting there, you know, doing nothing. They want to know what is the best way to get to gender, they want to ask the Prophet so some of the

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most important questions. They are eager to worship a love perfectly. And so this is also a sign of their email that they're always asking for more. They're pushing the boundaries. I want more, I want more. And so he has has Teach me

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Do either I can say and insular and this shows us the Sahaba understood that they are allowed to make their art during the Salah. And this is something that is well known the books are fifth discussed this and the books are added added to discuss this, you can there are many opportunities within the Salah to make dua a lot of people they don't know this but this is something that is very clear, you can make do after you say Allahu Akbar and you say that

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this is a duel right there and you're allowed to add phrases over here, you're allowed to add phrases because these are times and then in the record itself, you can praise Allah subhana wa Tada. Then when you come back up to the, the clamor the standing You can also make dua over there, especially with the other narrated from the Sunnah of the Prophet civil law where I sell him. Then when you fall into such the after you say supernatural bill either after you say this, you may make any dollar that you want about any matter of this world or the next our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said when you are in the state of of sajida, increase your dose, he left it open any door you want

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to make you want children, you want wealth, you want health you want a man you want gender, every dollar that comes to mind you can make it in this sector, and this is in the fourth quarter and in the NFL sada you make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then when you get from the such the, in between the two such This is another timeframe to make. Again, a lot of people just sit there doing nothing, and that is the time to make dua, and then after the Tisha hood, once you finish the sutra, upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, before you say that the sneem that is another opportune time to make up and you can increase your dose as much as you want when you're praying

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alone. And then after that, the slim Don't rush away, sit there and do your God and then make dua to Allah subhana wa tada because that too, is a blessing time to make. So the entire solar There are six opportunities that are blessed to make and the best of them is in such the and then before that a slim and then after that the slim these three in particular, they are open to make any dollar that you want of this world or the next world and so this drop that a worker has to do is telling us that he learned directly from the mouth of the Prophet salallahu idea he was sending we should memorize it what is it a lahoma in nearby Lem to an FC lumen Cathy Allah, Oh Allah, I have wronged myself

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many many wrongs. Allah Allah, I have done too many injustices to myself and none forgives the sin other than you. And so Oh Allah, forgive me a forgiveness that comes for you from you and have mercy on me because you are the one who is forgiving and you are the one who is merciful. Now, again, this draw as well, the same motifs are present in all of these famous draws that are coming from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu I said, I'm praising Allah He has the whole food under him admitting that the person himself has done wrong over law I am the center of a lot I have wronged myself immensely. Oh, Allah praising a lot that you are the one who forgives a lot. I'm coming to

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you penitent. I'm coming to you humble. Oh Allah, I confess to you all of my sins. Oh Allah, you are the whole food you adore Rahim. Allah, you're the only one who forgives. Now you're further through but in the end, who else should I ask Allah when you're the forgiveness of sins? Where else can I turn to who else will cleanse me of the dirt and the filter and the and the and the grime that I have? You're the only source of mercy, the only source of compassion the only source of forgiveness. So I turned to you, Oh Allah, after acknowledging your perfection and admitting my imperfection. And this is a beautiful graph that all of us can memorize and say in our Salah, the next Hadith, which

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is from Arusha, not quite a Hadith, but her statement called a hadith in Allium called heatherton. Mr. de kipnis, worried and called hadn't given up over time, maybe I shot a few holes, either whether it tells you how to besotted or whether to have it be her own zealot feed. This is a narration that stops and I should have the other one, the technical term is malkuth malkuth means it stops at our issue that our issue is not the one who sorry, the prophet system is not speaking here, rather our issue, the ones the one who is saying something and What is she saying? She is saying that Allah says in the Quran, that do not raise your voice and do not be silent. And our issue says

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this verse was revealed with regards to the Salah with regards to the drop that when you make dua, a mama Buhari is teaching you the etiquettes when you make dua, do not yell and scream or Allah forgive me in the Salah. nor should you say to yourself in your own mind that as if it is in your mind, no, you speak in a middle tone, Lama fully homomorphic element Allah for him, you are whispering to yourself in a low tone. This is what the the this author is saying. This is called an author. And our issue is narrating to us a verse of the Quran and she's telling us that they've seen of it that when Allah is saying do not read

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Raise your voice and do not be hidden in your voice. Allah is saying this with regards to the DA and so amendment Buhari brings this narration to tell you when you are in the cylab do not speak out loud to Allah subhanho wa Taala nor speak in your mind, do something in the middle and this is the gentle way that you speak to yourself. And by the way, this chain here, he shouldn't be there otherwise it'd be Hana Asia. This is what one of the what is called the famous golden chains there are a number of golden chains. The Golden chains are the most important and the most blessed and the most authentic chains and there are a number of them each the hubby has like a golden chain and for

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I shouldn't be allowed. Why not? This is one of the Golden chains. He shall have been roadwatch I'll be here and then that is a relative disobeyed on Asia. I should not be allowed one huh. The most famous narrator from her is over tipnis obey and obey is the younger brother of Abdullah Heaven is obeyed. And a dilemma debate is of course the nephew of Asia and Aruba is also a nephew of Ayesha because their mother was a smart Binti Abu Bakar. And so a smart and Arusha are half sisters. They share the same father obika Cydia, and they have different mothers and a smell of the love wine to her eldest son was our beloved disobeyed, and her youngest son was Aruba. And between them was a

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very large gap, some say over 20 years, a large gap between them there is not a companion, he did not see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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But he is in the household of Arusha because he is one of the very, very, very few people in the whole world who can speak to a show without a hijab, because he's Muharram to her. And so odo becomes one of the main narrators from Asia and then Rhoda has a son called a sham and he Sham became a narrator of Hadith narrating from his father otoa from his grand aunt Arusha of the law 100 this is one of the Golden chains. The next video that we're going to do, called a different automotive interview shaver called headed to Nigeria and monsoon and everyone in an update rhodiola honkala coonan orifice Allah As salam o Allah law As salam o Allah Fulani, for Carlin, then an abuse

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of the law while he was seldom a data yom in Allahu wa sallam fade according to confessor latifolia could adhere to the law either only he saw the pain for either color, or saw Bakula Abdullah Abdullah he FISMA he will only saw a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow under Mohammed and other two who are pseudo some yetta Hagerman, Athena II Masha. Now, this Hadith, it goes back to Abdullah even Mr. Little YOLO Thailand that he he said that we would say in the sign up, we would say in the sign up, that a Salam O Allah Allah that Salam be upon Allah subhanho wa Taala. In other words, in the beginning of the

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legislation of Salah, the Sahaba thought that when they sit down, they should praise Allah subhanho wa Taala and so they praise the law from wordings that came to their own mind. And so they would say, a Salam O Allah, and they would say, a Salam O Allah, so and so they'd mentioned somebody by name anybody that they would think salam, Al Baqarah salam, either or whoever they would think. And our Prophet sallallahu wasallam was in the hot tub, and he would listen to them, sometimes he's in the front of them, and he can listen to what is going on. And so one day he turned around and he corrected them when when you heard them say this, he corrupted them. Why? Because our Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam cannot allow a Muslim to do something in his presence, without and is wrong without correcting anything that the Prophet system allows in his presence. It is by a Muslim, it is permitted in Islam. So if a Muslim says or does anything, and our Prophet sallallahu Sallam is silent, this is his silent approval. However, if you correct him, then that correction must be taken. So in this heading at corrected them, what was the correction? The correction was the Abdullah was saying a Salam O Allah law now Salaam, we do not send Salam upon Allah. Why? Because we meet one another with a Solomonic Solomonic what happens when we are sending Salam upon our peers,

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our colleagues, our friends, our brothers and sisters. We do not send Salam upon Allah why our Prophet system explained in the law her who are salam, Allah Himself is a Salam How can you send Salaam upon Allah when Salam comes from Allah doesn't make any sense. Salaam you do not send it upon Allah, you praise Allah Alhamdulillah Subhana Allah La ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar you praise a lot but you do not send Salaam upon Allah because Allah is the source of Salaam Where are you going to get sent out from that you're sending it upon a lot a lot does not need your cell am rather solemn comes from him. And so our Prophet sallallahu Sallam corrected them and said in the law who

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was sent a lot easier

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So, so don't say this. Rather, when one of you sits down at the end of the Salah, let him say adhere to the law he and then all the way to either a by the law Hassan hain that indeed all praise and honor is due to Allah subhana wa tada all the way up until the famous end phrase at the hairdo knows a lot about Santa Monica used to be when I moved to LA we got to sell Amore, Elena, while I bet the left side of him then our Prophet solicit them said, If you say this phrase As salam o Elena, while arriba de la sala him, rather than mentioning 510 15 people by name, I said, I'm not going to sell Mr. Omar salam, O Allah with man, just say Mei Salam be upon all of us and upon all of the righteous

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servants of Allah. When you say this, the prophet system said, every single righteous person in the heavens and earth will be given a share of your Salah, what's a comprehensive, a Santa Marlena winery by the law, his solid hain. When we say this, every single righteous creation of a law is automatically getting a little bit of set of him. Why would you then not want to income why would you not want to increase the Rama of Allah and the Salam have a line of course, the setup of Allah is of course his peace and his guidance the Salam of Allah is that of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you say then a Chateau a la ilaha illallah wa Chateau under Mohammed Abu rasuluh. And then the

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Prophet says that I'm said he can then say whatever he wants, if any Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Somebody to hire me within a minute Anna and Marsha, and this shows us that this is one of the timeframes that we can make dua to a lot for anything that we want. So these are also of the timeframes that we make to Allah subhanahu wa Tada, we now move on to the next chapter.

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bothered to eat by the seller, the chapter of da after the seller, the chapter of after the seller. So this chapter was a dual effect seller drop inside of seller and the next chapter is the DA after the Salah. And again, both of these are blesser timeframes, as we said so after the Salah as well is there and we have over here the famous Hadith called detonates how hot burner. burner works on so many besonderheiten Abu huraira Kalia Rasul Allah. Further they have alluded to 30 bedarra djati when they're even more clean, quality fadak on Sol Luca Selena Wang Xiao Hai tokamachi hudna will unforthcoming foodie and wily him well as Atlanta and while on a fella bureau combi, I'm going to

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record them and kind of kubla Khan was the owner manager. While I hadn't been with him magic to be 11 j, we miss D. to set behind if you do booty call the salaat and Ashura, what am I doing natural? We're talking about Runa ashra. And this hadith? Well, what next one, they don't we'll do another one. So this hadith is rhodiola one in which he says that once the Sahaba came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam no other narrations mentioned them will hide your own came to the prophets of the law. Why do you send them

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complaining in a positive manner about the unsought this version doesn't mention what hydrosol other versions tell us. And they said that all messenger of Allah, the people of wealth, they have preceded us, they have won the race, and they have gotten the highest levels that are jot, and they have gotten the everlasting paradise. Now, notice that the Sahaba were monitoring what the other companions are doing. And they are seeing that we are falling short in some regard. Contrast this with our lives. What do we see when we see our cousins, our neighbors, our relatives, our friends? What do we see? We see the latest cars that they drive, we see their jobs and the status that they

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have, we see the houses that they live in, we see the clothes that they wear the designer jewelry that they wear, and we wonder why don't I have that and we try to jump into the race with them. Here. The Sahaba are monitoring what other Sahaba are doing in terms of righteous deeds, and they don't want any of them to win the race. And when they notice a group that are doing deeds that they don't have, they come to the Prophet system, and they say, oh messenger of Allah. I'm paraphrasing. the playing field is not level. It's not fair that some have things we have, and we don't have them. How can we win the race? And so the Prophet said, What do you mean, how is this so they said, those

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people with wealth, they pray, like we pray, and they strive, like we strive and they are able to spend from their money and we don't have extra money to spend Subhanallah This was their complaint. It's not really a complaint. It's a it's a way to express their frustration. What can I do a messenger of Allah when I'm not

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having that opportunity. And so the prophets of the law is that I'm teaches them Do you want me to to teach you something, if you do it, you will be able to win those who came before you. And you shall also beat those who are going to join after you as well. And no one will be able to compete with you, except if they do the exact as you are doing. So what was this trick highlight trick? What was this mechanism of boosting that our Prophet sallallahu wasallam gave them he said, after every single Salah say that this be 10 times to a subpoena lost power and a loss of Hannah lost 10 times say and say that to me 10 times Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah and say the tech be of 10

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times Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Now, in this narration 10 1010 is mentioned and that's an authentic and good narration. In another narration, perhaps it happened at another time, the prophet system said that 3333 33 and the 100 time usage had will either hit the lower that will actually color the hormone called handwara Galician Kadir. Both of these are narrated that 10 1010. And so those that are in a rush, they're not able to sit down, the least that they should do is do 10 times. So panel law at hamdu, lillah, Allahu Akbar, and those that are able to and this should be your default, you should say 3333 33 and then the very end one which is going to make it 100, you

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say the longer Kadima and this shows us as well, that you are able to compete with others in other areas. If you don't have something that others have, don't worry, you're able to make up for that deficit in departments in areas that they do not have. So the one who is wealthy, generally speaking, is also busier. And he shall be engrossed in gaining money and in taking care of his businesses, you if you don't have that, you will have time and that time you can utilize to make sure you do something that will level the playing field. Let no one think that life is unfair, every one of us has whatever Allah has given us and within whatever we have, we are able to earn genda to

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for those that's very clear, it doesn't matter what now it is true. Some of us have been given worldly blessings others have not been given they've given there's no denying that, you know, the one who sees has a blessing that the one who is tested with blindness does not have there's no denying that the one who has good health has been tested in ways because of his good health, that the one who is sick is not tested with but the point is, every single human being is able to earn genda and not just any Gen for the dose itself, given the circumstances that he or she has. And in that sense, the playing field is indeed level not in the in the sense that we can understand but in

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the psycho spiritual sense in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the next Hadith is a follow up of this one in terms of what we're supposed to say. I had nothing to say he didn't call her death and a god and I'm also random will say Joby even a raffia and what Rodan molal Molina to be sure but the call catchable wirathu mo our to nav sufian under Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a Kenya Hulu few do booty Kula Salatin either seldom La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika Lomonaco Walla Walla Krishnan Kadir, Allahumma neelima Akita what a moral theory a matter Well, I infer the god mean culture. So this hadith is a hadith that goes back to a mohila Tivoli shorba, one of the famous

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Sahaba from Medina, and he wrote a letter to Malawi in Abu sufian. So Subhan Allah, Allah when he became the halifa of the Muslims, people would not be allowed to either and people would advise him and people would send him in use useful information. And so and he would also it is authentic linaria that he would request the Sahaba to send him nuggets and benefits of information. And so perhaps he asked or perhaps Molina volunteered that he sent more Alia and Subhanallah this shows us how different the times were the rulers back then they were interested in a bar that they were interested in making the proper as a cop, and so while we are the law one, he is getting this

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information from a hero and he is then going to implement it in what is that employee information? And well here I said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would say this after every single Salah after you finish the Salah, this should be added on to what you say, what is it?

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Allah illallah wa who la sharika La La ilaha illa Allah He is unique. There is no partner with him level Maluku, all of the kingdom belongs to him. He is the ultimate King the Dominion belongs to him while I will him do All praise belongs to him. Wahoo Allah Krishna and Kadir and he is capable of all things Allahumma La Nina Lima alternate or LA there is no one who can stop that which you have decreed to come to me while I'm more of the Lima manyatta and there is no

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One who can give me that which you have deprived or denied? Now, this phrase here, it is meant both to praise a law and to remind us to have to work cool in a law. Can you imagine? After every Salah you remind yourself that no one can come between me and the blessings of Allah, no one and no one can give me what Allah has denied? Can you imagine you remind yourself every single time How do you think you will feel about the world about the problems of this world about the issues and the financial problems and your boss and your corporation and all of this? How are you going to feel you will feel a sense of self pride that Allah is in charge, not my boss, Allah is in charge, not the

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corporation, a lot is in charge, not the people around me. So it is simultaneously a praise to Allah and a boost to your own to what could any man and your class and you attain in Allah subhanho wa Taala you constantly remind yourself that no one is the all powerful other than Allah that Allah is the one who says couldn't fire Kuhn. And so your heart becomes fully brave, if you like against the problems of this world, and it becomes funny or self sufficient from the people around and it becomes for clear or impoverished to Allah subhanho wa Taala. We want to be impoverished in front of Allah. And we want to feel rich, our hearts in front of the people. And this is going to remind us

00:31:23--> 00:32:11

of that. And then the final phrase, while I am Farewell, God, Minka, I'll just do while I infer the jet Dominica, Jeju. And this means that Oh Allah, the One of status will not benefit with his status while I interact with the agent that no judge here means power and wealth and fame. That's what judge means. So once you say that, our law, whatever you decide to come, is not going to nobody's going to come between that and your and your blessings. And whatever you deprive, none can give it to me, then you add on and the person of wealth and status, it will be of no use at all. No matter how rich and powerful you are, in and of itself. The power of this world and the wealth of this

00:32:11--> 00:32:54

world is meaningless in front of a lot. What is the God there is no benefit, except if you are righteous, as Allah says in the Quran, what am why to come whether Allah do come bility to caribou, mandanas alpha 11am and Wyoming. Neither your wealth nor your children will bring you closer to Allah. Neither your wealth nor your children will bring you closer to Allah. Except if you have a man and do good deeds. In that case, your wealth and your children will indeed bring you closer to a lot subhana wa Tada. So while I am founder God, the person of status will not benefit because of his status, Minka and Jed do all wealth and all status and all power and all fame it comes from you, Oh

00:32:54--> 00:33:37

Allah, you are the one who is the source of all of this power and fame. So this at the end, it reminds us to never fear the creation to never put our hope and trust in the creation to never be deluded by the outward illusory veneer of strength and fame that people in this world are impressed with all of this goes and Allah azza wa jal is the one that will remain way up or wait hold up because we generally want a quorum. He is the one who is generally what a clump and Jed or that is wealth and fame and power. It comes from him so this phrase should also be memorized when we when we're learning all of these two hours, La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu mukalla hamdu lillahi

00:33:37--> 00:33:45

wa liquidation kadhi Allahu Allah ma ma ma theta one more mm annata wala info the jd minca Elijah do

00:33:46--> 00:34:33

we now move on to the next Hadith in Sahih Bukhari and that is the Hadith chapter number 19 Baba colada terracotta Allah was holy I lay him woman hustle How did he do an NFC he will call the WUSA called an abuse of the law while he was sending them. A llama finger obeyed a big obedient abbiamo a llama friendly Abdullah hypnotizing them who this chapter it has in it. The typical methodology of a blowhard usually very commonly, amendment Buhari will bring a verse from the Koran very common, and he will then maybe bring a quote from a Sahaba or a Tabori and sometimes he will bring a Hadith of the prophets or some in the chapter heading and this is something that we should be well familiar

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

with. Those of you who are not then take note of this anytime emammal Bahati mentions ahaadeeth in the chapter heading without a chain that heady It is called more luck. And these are called the wild parts of body and the wild have means it is suspended or hanging. It is suspended. It's not something that is connected. And the wild card everyone who hardly they were there only found it

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

In the chapter headings generally speaking, and you do not consider them to be of the same level as the actual ahaadeeth. In the text Why? Because emammal Buhari does not have the same rigorous criteria for the MAR la carte that he does for the chapters. And so the more I look at the body are a separate category. And generally speaking, most of them are hesson. Some or few of them are weak in nature. And that's something that Mr. Hardy understood, and that is why he put them in the chapter headings and not in the actual text of the Hadith. And so we have over here, the chapter regarding the statement of a law while suddenly I lay him and pray for them. Slightly here means to

00:35:44--> 00:36:21

pray for, because you have to understand one thing that when we say Allahumma salli, ala Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, this means something separate. And when we say we're allowed to say a llama, suddenly Allah and then we mentioned our friend, our colleague, our mother, it is permissible to save this, some Muslims think that Allahumma salli ala can only be for the Prophet sallallahu Why do you sell them and this is incorrect. You can make this type of cider because here suddenly means Have mercy. And when we do it for the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it's a separate category and it has a separate connotation. And when we do it for any other Muslim, it is simply a generic prayer of

00:36:21--> 00:36:56

Allah have mercy on so and so that's what it means. Oh Allah have mercy on so and so. And we can say this with the phrase Allahu wa suddenly so you have any a friend who helped you out and his name is Yanni Mustafa, his name is Ahmed. His name is whatever you any holiday you can see Aloma Sunday either holiday is allowed to say this and it is permissible to say this, and it is something that is well known as we said, in the books of Hadith, there's no controversy in this regard. So Allah is saying, and of course, the Prophet says himself can say this on behalf of the Muslims as well. And this is what Allah saying in the Quran was slowly I lay him that pray for them. And this is the

00:36:56--> 00:37:44

surah Toba. Allah says your prayer for them brings them peace. And we have here your Memorial, Holly Singh, whoever mentions his brother in law without mentioning himself. So the question arises, can you make dua for somebody without mentioning your own name? So can you say, may Allah have mercy on Khalid? May Allah bless you? Oh, Khalid without saying, Oh Allah have mercy on me and on Khalid Why is the moment Bahati saying this because the default that we learn from the Sunnah is that we make do out for ourselves and for others, and we can do this in two ways. Either we use the pronoun that is comprehensive, or apana attina. dunia has an overlocker as an urban alumna and fusina our law we

00:37:44--> 00:38:27

have wronged ourselves our law, give us the good and when you say us You mean all whom you know and you love. So we can say this indeed, pronoun of plurality, or we can mention a person specific specifically by name, our law, forgive me and forgive my brother. So as Melissa said, allama filly, what was it that he literally mentioned Forgive me Forgive my brother, the default you make dua for yourself, along with other people, however, a moment Bahati in this chapter is mentioning, it is allowed to make dua for somebody else without mentioning yourself and that's what is point. Woman hustle. How are you doing NFC whoever mentioned his brother into apt without mentioning himself, and

00:38:27--> 00:38:39

he then mentions his moral luck Hadith Wakanda moussaka and abuse of the Lord send them that alarm of failure obeyed at the army, Oh ALLAH forgive or Ahmed obeyed, forgive our bait abbreviate

00:38:40--> 00:39:21

it, sorry about probate or love forgive our beloved no case all of his sins. So he is making dua for other people without making it for himself. And that is the point that Mr. Hardy is proving you are allowed to make drama for other people without mentioning yourself even though the default and the main position is that you should always make for yourself as well. And he moves on quite often mo said they'll call heatherton a resident of Euro Baden Mola, sedima called her death nslm attributed acquired quite a harsh name and Nabi sallallahu it he was sent them an email hiber for Colorado mineral calm. I am Noah Smith and I mean, when a heretic fantasy lab, you have to be him you'd have

00:39:22--> 00:39:59

to LA Hello de la Veta Dana weather Kardashian and Layla hi that will Akina my father who are the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam men had the psychic army to acquire all your helmet law for Colorado aluminum comb er rasulillah lo Metatron abbyy Phantom saw Falco McCarter loom for Seba, and we don't be immature safe enough. See here for Mert fella, so Oh, Kaduna. arancha Sierra fukada Sula, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mahadi. No other Asian to Kaduna hollow Allah homodyne on sia for call Rico

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

mafia Rico mafia workers see ruha Korra jr rasulillah I don't know Rico mafia one of pseudo pseudo ha harder our the UK. Now this hadith is a very interesting one with multiple tangents.

00:40:16--> 00:40:18

So, let us begin from the beginning

00:40:19--> 00:41:02

sentiments Selamat acquire said once we went to high bar, and of course on the battle he was going to the Battle of labor. And one of the people said that I am And hey, I'm an AI humans hey I'm here, you know, let's hear some of your heartache. Let's hear some of your murmurings let's use some of your poetry. So this you know, when you're going on a long journey, it gets a little bit boring redraw, you want to just you know, pass the journey by tales or by you know, poetry and poetry. And this shows us that, you know, poetry or these types of things are permissible in this idea, as long as the content is permissible. And so, he began mentioning some of the poetry he had memorized and

00:41:02--> 00:41:34

of them is the poetry De La Jolla, la Medina that I swear by a lot if it not for a while he would not be guided. And the the narrator says, he mentioned other poetry that I have forgotten now he's being honest here. He mentioned poetry, I did not memorize the poetry. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Who is this one at the front that is narrating this poetry? Who is the one that is you know, doing this, this poem? And so they said, I'm 11 o'clock, so they mentioned the name of this person.

00:41:35--> 00:42:17

And so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, may Allah have mercy on him, you have Hamel, Hola. The shows us by the way, that our Prophet system appreciated good poetry. He himself was not a poet, and a London gates that he is ever going to be a poet and he never versified poetry himself. He never wrote even a line of poetry. But once in a while, he narrated what other poets have said a line or two, but not even a full never in his life, did he narrate even half a point or a full stanza, rather, he narrated was called half a stanza, and he just mentioned something and whatever he did, it is from another poet, he never versified why, because no one should ever confuse the Quran is

00:42:17--> 00:43:00

from Allah. And the prophet SAW Salem is a Nabeel omy he was not able to read and not able to write, he did not have a library, he was not known for his oratory skills before the coming of the Quran. When the Quran came, it is clearly a supernatural act. So he appreciated good poetry, and he would listen to those Sahaba as they would recite poetry to one another. And in this case, when he listened to the poetry of Ahmed, he praised him, and how did you praise Him by saying, may Allah have mercy on me? And so a person said in another version, Bob said, O Messenger of Allah, why don't you let him stay with us so that we can benefit him? In other words, it was a half joke, that turned

00:43:00--> 00:43:44

out to be true. What was the half joke? When the Prophet system said, may Allah have mercy on him? The Sahaba understood, this hobby is going to rise very high, and they're marching into battle. And so they automatically understood this to our will translate into the martyrdom of Ahmed. And so when the Prophet system said that may Allah have mercy on Ahmed, one of the Sahaba Omar may be said that O Messenger of Allah Don't be that hasty we need this guy and they don't take him away now. And this shows us this panel that they're joking in this, you know, very polite, very good manners, very positive, spirited manner. And it turned out to be a valid point because when the two armies lined

00:43:44--> 00:43:46

up, and they began battle,

00:43:48--> 00:44:26

in the heat of the battle, so his sword went back on him and you know, when you're fighting with the, you know, swords not that any most of us have done this, but you can understand the sword is going back and forth. And, you know, he's trying to defend the person from defend the attack. And so in one of those defenses, his sword moved in such a manner that he in fact, self inflicted accidentally, of course, it's forgiven, it's accidental, he self inflicted a mortal wound and so he died because of that. And so the Prophet systems do our may Allah have mercy on him proved to be true, and that he ended up becoming a Shaheed then the Hadith goes on. Of course, the point of

00:44:26--> 00:45:00

narrating this hadith is very clear. And that is that the process of a draft for him without making golf or anybody else that I need goes on, when the evening came, the lots of fires were lit up. And so the process then came out and said, What is all of this? What are you what are you using all this fire for? So they said that we are slaughtering our donkeys and eating them, okay, because there was no camel in this battle. So the person wondering what is this going on? Why are you Where is this food coming from? So they had donkeys with them. And hormonal insia means donkeys. And so at this point in time until the battle

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

haber donkeys had not been made How long? And so the prophecies that have said that over these pots, get rid of all their contents, discard all the contents, and then break the pots. Okay, get rid of them because we're not allowed to eat donkey. So, in the Battle of haber, donkeys were made, how long to eat the meat of donkeys is made, how long? And so a person said, O Messenger of Allah, what if we were to get rid of all of the meat and what not, and then wash the pots rather than break them. And so the president said very well, that is fine, no problem, you can do that as well. Okay. And this again shows us a number of things first and foremost that the shady was revealed in a

00:45:38--> 00:46:22

gradual manner. And the meat of the flesh of donkeys was permissible, up until the eighth year of the hedgerow, and it was in the eighth year of the hedgerow in the Battle of hiber or the seventh year of the Hydra, where this was made forbidden. And this also shows us as well, that meat that is not just meat that is not allowed, we should discard it, that we should not benefit from anyway, this also shows us that utensils that have cooked such meat, it is not necessary to break them, our Profit System suggested break it. Then the Sahaba said, Can we wash it? say okay, fine, go ahead, wash it. This also shows us that the Sahaba had the privilege and the right to negotiate the Sharia,

00:46:22--> 00:47:01

right? Because they are they're seeing is it possible or not, it's not considered rude, the prophet system said break it. And they gently asked him almost in general Ah, can we wash it? Is it allowed? So it said that is it possible to this or not and this is something that again, in the entire theater, we hear we see so many times as well. For example, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that I warn you from sitting in the alleyways and talking. So they said Yasuda law, we have to have somewhere to sit in those days, they didn't have you know, in our days, we go to, you know, places where any gatherings or coffee shops, whatever they said Yasuda, we have a place to we need a place

00:47:01--> 00:47:38

to sit there negotiating. So he said, if you must, then make sure you lower your gaze and you don't do this. So he then Okay, if you're going to then go ahead and do that. This shows us the *ty app in his lifetime could be negotiated by the Sahaba. And they're doing this over here. And of course, this also shows us as I said, the issue of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam correcting anything that he sees that is not permissible to correct. The next idea. we're winding up here of just a few minutes left to see if we can finish off this chapter on a Muslim holiday. Not sure by now moving to Europe, or assimilative, Nebbiolo the Allahumma kind of abuse little law where I send me that the origin of

00:47:38--> 00:48:20

this other party he called along with Sunday, I left the food on for Adobe for quite a long while Sunday either the ob opha so here we have that even the ofa would say whenever somebody came with charity to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would make special to offer him a llama suddenly Allah Fulani, and so when my father came to him with charity, but he the profits isn't made for him. And of course, the son is very proud and happy that the profits are made for the family of the ofa and of course the son is happy because he's included in that and this shows us that the profit system would encourage them to give charity by those dollars by those two hours. Call her

00:48:20--> 00:48:21

death and

00:48:22--> 00:49:11

Sophia is married and placed in color similar to God don't call accordingly Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa send them I'd like to read an email Hello sorry. Well who knows so Boone can we are Buddha who use your symbol Kava Alia mania odriozola in the rajen, la escuela Hi, LLC for soccer fuseli for call along with a B two which is the Ahmadiyya corner for harsh defeat from cnm in maximium comi Obama Kata sufian philosophy Roseburg army for a day to have her to her 32 nibio sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a couple to Yasuda la will la Hema it took a while to talk to her. Mr. jermall job for the MSL Haley. So in this hadith we have God, the famous God bin Abdullah habitually that he said that

00:49:11--> 00:49:22

the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to him that can you not read me of Valhalla saw and they'll holler so that was one of the most famous idols that the people of

00:49:24--> 00:49:59

yamamah would worship. So he's saying, Can you not get rid of this idol for me this was at the end of Islam, when sorry, at the end of the prophetic era, when Islam had now become dominant, and idolatry was abolished from the lands of Arabia, and there were still some idols here and there and our Prophet sallallahu. I said, I wanted to get rid of them. And of course, some of these people who had embraced Islam, they still had remnants of jelenia and so they didn't want to see their idols destroyed. So he says to God, can you go and you get rid of the Hadassah? So God says that almost drove a lot. I have an issue and the issue is that I'm not able to ride firmly on my horse. I always

00:49:59--> 00:50:00

fall down

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

You know, might have been a young, you know, a thin person or whatnot. So the Prophet system pushed him gently and you suck guys like this. He pushed him in the chest. And he's made up a law, make him firm a law guide him and guide others through him. And so He then took 50 of the best of his riders and archers and military. And he then went to this tribe and destroyed this idol completely. And then he came back and gave the good good news to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he says, that almost drove Allah, I have completely demolished it just like you know, the camel, that hump is cut off and he they would mutilate the camels in the desert. Mahalia, I did the same thing to this

00:50:40--> 00:51:04

idol. The point here, the prophecies are made up for one person along with a bit too, and that's what Mr. Bahari is trying to prove in this chapter. The next Hadeeth side of Arabia called additonal sherborn adatto. Policymakers understand color palette oma Sulayman in Ibiza, Lola Salalah, while he was selling them, and as soon hardy MK called Allahumma oximeter what are the who about igloo FEMA, I'll tell you to who.

00:51:05--> 00:51:50

So this is a beautiful, famous Hadith that nsmt Malik says my mother or Mr. Name once took me to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said O Messenger of Allah, your little child boy servant and a snake draft for him on messenger of Allah make dua for an S. And so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that Allah increase his wealth and increase his children and bless him and all that you have given him. Now, this Hadith, and this was probably around eight, nine years old, and Subhan, Allah unece lived more than 110 years and has lived until he had more great great great grandchildren than you could even count. And I said that, that when the armies of hijacked invaded

00:51:50--> 00:52:25

Medina, it was an infamous civil war that took place, over 100 of my own descendants were massacred. That's those that were massacred, hobbled, those that lived and so undisciplined Malik his they would say the the people around him would say that if you lifted a rock, they would find gold underneath it. Why? Because of the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And this became extremely wealthy, because people would take him as a business as a silent business partner, you know, if there's two three people wanting to invest, there was ns, why don't you come and just join our company, right? And we'll give you a percentage, just your presence is all that we want. And so

00:52:25--> 00:53:07

they will do this, and then it's emblematic, became very wealthy from this. And of course, he and he lived a righteous life with lots of charity and whatnot. How did all of this come about because of the drop of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And once again, draw is being made specifically for us and shows you as well by the way, it is completely permissible to make up for wealth and for children. You can make a law give me wealth that is halal and pure Allah grant me many children that will be righteous. So you ask Allah azza wa jal to bless you in your wealth and your children and that is completely halal to make and the final Hadith for today. Oh sorry, two more Hadith to be

00:53:07--> 00:53:46

done. Quite a hadith and arithmetic maybe shavonda hypothenar. Abdullah and his Chairman I know be here and I shall the Aloha no harlot Simba, NW sola, La Jolla said about Arjuna and YOLO for next year for Karla rahima who la la cara Nika worker, I attend a Scott to haffi solotica work either. I she narrates that once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam heard somebody reciting a verse in the masjid and he said, may Allah have mercy on him, but I have a whole law. He reminded me of such and such a verse that I had placed in such and such a sutra, he reminded me of such and such diversity had placed in such and such a sutra. And this hadith it shows us that our Prophet system as a human

00:53:46--> 00:54:24

being, and he remembers and he forgets like human beings remember and forget. And this was before there was a compilation of the Quran. And Allah azza wa jal basically allowed this man to recite a verse to remind the prophets of some of this first and so Allah, the Prophet says missing, may Allah have mercy on him. That was a verse that it was in such and such a surah. And so He then made sure that it was placed there for everybody to know. And all of this is of course from the color of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. The point here, he made to us specifically for one person, and that's what the amendment body is trying to show in this chapter. And the final highlight that we mentioned in this

00:54:24--> 00:54:53

chapter, called a death and a half subnormal definition of a high death wedding is when a man and it'd be worried in Abdullah Al Qasim interviews Allahu Allah, Salama pasa, for Cora Rajan in her de la kissmetrics Maria W. Howard who law for tuna BSL Allahu Allah who was selling them for how they had the right to the hollow if you he will call your ham Allahu Moosa Naka the EU, the UK para minha for sabar is a very interesting idea as well, I should narrate

00:54:55--> 00:55:00

that there was a person in the masjid Sorry, sorry, wrong.

00:55:00--> 00:55:03

Abdullah nary sorry, went back to the previous one, our billing rates that

00:55:04--> 00:55:41

the Prophet sallallahu I do set him divided up some divisions of wealth Now, what is happening here, as the leader of the state, wealth would be coming to him, and the Prophet system would assign, he deserves this. He deserves that. So basically, he's giving stipends, he's giving rewards, honorariums. He's giving the salaries of the people, each one in accordance with what they have done, and somebody didn't get as much as he wanted. And this group of people eventually became the highest status, well known these groups of people. They were there at the time of the process of these ultra fanatic groups, and they are still around to this day all the time. They, they have the

00:55:41--> 00:56:26

characteristics of the Hutterites that this man stood up and said, this division was not done to please Allah subhanho wa Taala, or with a villa with the villa, a man is accusing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of doing something that is not pleasing to Allah, can you imagine the arrogance, the insolence and this has always been the characteristics of the Hutterites holier than thou attitude. They are they believe that they are more righteous than even the Prophet sallallaahu I owe the bill how ridiculous how utterly fanatical, but such as the way of the heart of rights. And so, the prophets ism was informed of this, because these things should not be kept secret or hidden.

00:56:26--> 00:56:29

The Prophet system was informed of this. And

00:56:30--> 00:57:12

when he found out he became very angry, and the anger could be seen in his in his face, and of course, our profit solar system would control his anger, the anger would be seen in his face, and when the anger could be seen, he would control his anger, and then he would remind himself what we do remind yourself of one of the things he said, may Allah have mercy on most Rahim, Allah Mossad or mo la Moosa, he was irritated more than this, he was harmed more than this, the nuisance was even more for him, and he was patient at it. And so here once again, what is the point of this of this hadith is that Imam Al Bukhari is saying, it is completely permissible to make dua for somebody

00:57:12--> 00:57:53

else. Here. The Prophet system is saying, may Allah have mercy on Moosa yahama Allahu Moosa, may Allah have mercy and Musa he was harmed more than this, and yet he was patient. This also shows us by the way, that when we are faced with any difficulty, it is completely normal and healthy to think of other people that have suffered the same difficulty and to remind ourselves they did it. So can I, this also shows us one of the wisdoms of the stories of the Quran somebody might ask, why is the hold on full of stories here we have it, one of the wisdoms as Allah says in the Quran, that we're called an apostolic men and by a rosary, man, we're happy to be here for other, we narrate to you

00:57:53--> 00:58:30

the stories of the prophets, so that your chest can become firm at this. And so the purpose or one of the purposes of the stories is to strengthen the resolve of those who listen to those stories. And that's why the stories of the Koran are so so so important that we benefit from them and we gain our strength and we fortify ourselves with them with them also notice that the Prophet system did not do anything against this arrogant insolent person, even though what he did technically might even constitute corporal to reject the Prophet solo lesson in this manner, technically might even be covered, but our Prophet system did not do so why, because of the greater benefit that what will

00:58:30--> 00:59:06

people think that you know Muslims are killing one another. So he let it go for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and all of this shows us the point of this chapter, if you wish you may make the offer somebody else without mentioning yourself even though the default is you mentioned yourself and you mentioned others as well and inshallah with this we can come to conclusion of today's lecture inshallah we'll continue next week with the next chapter, which is with regards to repetition and rhyme and poetry, Indra, is it allowed to have poetic dramas or not, and I will see you then be the night out was Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato.