Zakir Naik – The Best Tafseer of the Quran

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the confusion over the use of the word "Quran" in Arabic, as it is the most popular and popular of all time. They also mention mistakes made by humans in translation, and the difficulty in finding accurate versions of the original Arabic text. The speaker suggests that people should refer to the detailed book and TV options for reference.
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There is a question on the Facebook that just came a few minutes back by Nabina asker according to you, which is the best of fear of the Quran

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in Arabic,

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the best twitter feed the fear of leprosy and of debris, debris is more for the scholars and for the general masses of Nicosia and this has been translated into English and if you take the copy of dar salam, it is the summarized version and what they have done whenever Nicosia gives his view, he gives all the various views.

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Sometimes he may give his own view or sometimes he may not, sometimes we say which he agrees sometimes he may not. So, it may also be a view which is based on the fact that it may not be correct. So, in the summarized version, what darussalam has done with the group of scholars, they've removed those views which are based on the faith and kept only the views which are based on authentic hadith. So, it's better it is in 10 volumes of the biblical seed. It is good but the volume is the other the feed out or say a translation with commentary is Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Abdullah Sophia, according to me in English language is one of the best way he took more than 40

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years of research and time to translate this Quran. I'm aware there are many books written against the translation of the discovery because it is the most popular.

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There are mistakes in the translation, or the translation done by human beings have to have mistakes, it can come nowhere close to the original Arabic text of the Quran. But the best available almost all the English language, according to me, is of Abdullah Yusuf Ali in the original communica, citizen Arabic and then translated, it has a variety of many things. It has good mistakes. I'm not saying it's not if you read the revised version, but triple it is better. And there are other translations like say International, which doesn't have much of commentary, but Abdullah Seville morphometry there are various others but these two are the ones which are normally

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recommend the other which you have to be careful, like my mother says is very good, but the courts are out of luck Sherry, everything in there, Carrick berry speak more on the logger speech, more logic Tahoma does good. He was originally a Jew by the name of Flipboard is very good at the pen. But there are certain things which are contradicting to the site and if I have to be careful. So I refer to various translations. But the main is the list of really, if you want to do your comparative religion abdulmajeed everybody's very good. It's in four volumes. It costs a lot from the Bible from the Hindu scriptures on comparative religion, which is that about this book, if you

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want the modern English for international also TV everything. You can refer to my talk on Al Quran should it be written or standing we have given details of many of the English translations

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