The Path Towards Sincerity – Part 1

Dunia Shuaib


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O Allah, I seek refuge in associating partners with you knowingly, and I seek your forgiveness if I did so unknowingly.

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The speaker discusses the importance of achieving sincerity in one's life, and gives tips on how to do so, including finding one's joy in doing good deeds and improving one's private life. The speaker also emphasizes the need to practice sincerity in one's life and communicate with others.

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me on this path to

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one of the most important components to nurturing that love with Allah subhanaw taala is worshiping him with sincerity. But how do we work on attaining that sincerity in our hearts? As we all know, it's a struggle. It takes work, and it requires effort. But of handling that when we take that first step, Lhasa panatela helps facilitate that within us. inshallah, I'd like to share with you 11 tips to help cultivate sincerity Alhamdulillah Allah is so loving and kind that he told us what we need to do to make it to Jenna. He gave us clear instructions on how we can go about achieving that. Remember, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, deeds her by their intentions, and everyone

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will receive what they intended. intentions are so powerful. They're the seed behind the action. And it can either grow and flourish being beautiful beneficial fruit, or wither away and die, leaving our souls barren. Let's discuss these tips Bismillah number one, make dua and ask almost panatela for sincerity. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to his best friend, yeah, Abu bakkar.

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idolatry enters your people more quietly and secretly than the movements of ant.

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Think about how tiny and quick are ants. So our back you're asked, Is there idolatry, other than to make partners with Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam set by the one in whose hands by soul, there is idolatry more hidden than that crawling of the ant. Should I not tell you something to say to read you have it both its minor and its major. You should say Allah, I seek refuge in You that I associate partners with you knowingly meaning intentionally, and they seek your forgiveness if I do so, unknowingly or unintentionally. Allah Subhana Allah loves to hear you call upon him, ask him and inshallah he will respond. Number two,

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seek knowledge. Knowledge is so important. We need to learn about Allah subhana wa Taala. His names, his attributes, the rights he has upon us. What does it truly mean when we testify and bear witness and believe with all our hearts that La ilaha illAllah? What's tauheed? What's the app? What constitutes a showing off? The more knowledge you have, the more difficult it is for shaitan to lead you astray. Number three, improve your private life. Ask yourself, do you do more in front of others than you do when you're alone? Do you pray slower and better when others are watching? email as Ali Rahim Allah said, the first stage of sincerity is that your private and public states are the same.

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Reflect on that statement. Is it true in your life? Make sure to do extra good deeds and private, increase and beautify your deeds when only Allah is watching. periodically check. Check on yourself. Reflect on your day or on your week. Ensure your public good deeds are more than your private ones.