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AI: Summary © The title of Islam uses "branded" to describe actions and words, and the use of "branded" to describe actions and words is important. There is confusion among Muslims about the names and attributes of Islam, and misconceptions about the God and attributes are discussed. The importance of Islam is emphasized, including the need for people to be aware of the teachings and the importance of showing mercy. The segment also discusses court cases involving different court rulings and the importance of removing negative things from people's minds.
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in LA whoa luxury Kala shadow Anna Mohammedan Abu Rosado, my brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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waterbom shampoo Matata welcome Jamie on mineral jannetty Manzella a solar panel tada Jelena minalima fula, home EDA, mon Sol of na minha madness, madness Iranian

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This is the fifth lecture

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from the series

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towards understanding Surat Al Fatiha of amo surah fie kitengela, the greatest surah in the book of Allah, which every Muslim reformulate Allah has to memorize, and they do memorize it. Now understand what it carries of meanings. We talked about listing, seeking refuge with ALLAH subhana wa tada and also the ruling about it. We talked a little bit smeller saying Bismillah or Tasmania saying Bismillah and the virtues of this in the last lecture. You say it before you eat, you say it before you drink. You say it before you enter your house. You say it in anything that you do. You could say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim without further delay because the time normally runs out quickly. Today

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we want to talk about the explanation of Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Of course, if you want to find out whether it is a verse from an Fatiha will not go back to the previous lectures. We have detailed this, but let's just explain it. What does it mean?

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First of all, we say l best smeller that's how it's called. You say best smeller means what? He said Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. The smear or Selma that means he said what Bismillah only don't mix the two. How?

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What the What does he say? how Allah La hawla wala quwata illa Allah say how Kala meaning La La La La quwata illa Allah

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has been

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has to be Allahu wa now I'm lucky you should be a cast Helen.

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La la la la

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la seven bath. Say Beautiful, beautiful for you.

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Very quickly. Let's deal with the first word. It's called Bismillah

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Ismail killer Jarvan.

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Jani jar villingili z that little letter X equals proposition proposition and the word that comes after it.

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jarwin wama juru motala couldn't be aloof in magma.

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Functional column, column header please

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Bismillah Java, Noma to a proposition and any that is following that proposition. handlebar flow will bear bear is Allah Bismillah but there is something missing that you could deducted from the context

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jarwin oma juru Bhima Hadoop in Medallia can be Matthew Mark Hamill, Matthew, there is something that is not mentioned here that you deducted from the sentence.

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In his sermon, we're in Matthew Allen.

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There is a word here that is not mentioned but you deducted Yanina yesterday Jerry Is that the right word? The standard meaning you could deduct it from the meaning and please if you have not understand I'll explain. I'll go back to it. jar Hua Zhu mu tal you can be mad ofin mama should have had

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the word which is not mentioned here in his moonwalk in theory.

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It can be a noun or it can be a verb and it can come before Bismillah or after Bismillah

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for you what is the word?

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It today he

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I start my beginning. You could see empty the Bismillah.

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You could say, my beginning you're the sneak in your name. Or you could say, this Miller hippy there is

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or in your name I begin money, that word could come before or

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What it is a verb

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I begin In the name of Allah, if it comes before what Bismillah

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Abdel this Miller, the what happens if it comes after Bismillah Bismillah he

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came to be,

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did you understand shall I say this again one more time. There is one word that Allah did not mention. And this is how the lava lava lava fossa in and zelner, who Quran and Arabi in

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a local area is a language of eloquence. You don't have to mention everything. This Miller is two words put together. But there is a word that you can see that is not mentioned. It can be a noun, meaning my beginning and it could come before Bismillah you say my beginning my commencement. That's probably a better word commencement, In the name of Allah, or In the name of Allah is my commencement.

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It could be verse two, I begin In the name of Allah or In the name of Allah.

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You begin

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Did you understand this?

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Basically what you say you're

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about to recite the Quran.

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I want to begin this in your name, so you can bless me.

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So you can guide me to understand it. You're about to sleep.

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I want to begin this in your name. Anything that you do, when you mention Allah, his name on it, that means you have confessed that you cannot do that thing, but by the bounty and the blessing of Allah. And you're using the means

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for you.

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Allah hurdle is

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famous nada fee Sai al Bukhari Muslim.

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Rasul Allah Allah wa sallam Jetta is the narrator of the hobby.

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He says that whenever we travel,

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we would find ashamed

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for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to rest under.

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For they were traveling somewhere.

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And they found that three for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So he went and he hung his sword

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on a branch of a tree

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and he went to sleep.

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And and muslimah disbeliever King

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and he got the sword while the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is asleep.

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He wakes him up

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and he said Dr. Mohammed, Mohammed money on Kiva can mean menu at the community land.

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Who can see you now for me?

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I will kill you.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said one word Allah.

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For sakata say familia de

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the sword drop from his hand.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam grabbed the soul. And he asked the non Muslim who can spear you now.

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Mohammed couldn't hire acid.

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We know that you're a forgiving person forgive a two slim.

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Can you be a Muslim? He said no. But I will go and tell my tribe about your forgiveness. And also some did not force them into Islam. He let him go. Those who say that Islam was spread by the sword, here's a chance go.

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He left him he later became a Muslim.

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Allah. lovable Jelena.

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lovable Jelena

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the name which refers to the old mighty, all magnificent gods

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who will move for Delilah?

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At den Laila Jamie esna it was sleep and

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we have a hard time talking about Allah.

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Who is Allah? Do you know who's your Lord? Your Lord this Allah. Allah is the name of the God and by the way

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Subhan Allah

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if you open

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Yanni, this is something that I don't recommend. But just to show you that Allah is the name of the Allah is the name of the God that He will worship throughout history. If you open sift through tech Queen,

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the book of Genesis, the first book in the Old Testament, just the first page,

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but the Arabi virgin

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you will find a law mentioned 17 times

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is mu Allah and the nassarawa who

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Allah they know who is Allah

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they know of course in the English virgin capital G and small g

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God with a capital G means Allah but God with a small g means

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john Elway

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or TiVo

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whatever it is,

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I was watching the Broncos before I came to Denver I happened that I watched Denver playing with a team and I show some people holding a sign john Elway is a God

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but with a small g

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seven color the hair color

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is the noun which the rest of the names and attributes of Allah are attribute it to

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who Allah

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and then you attribute the names and the lofty attribute that the Beautiful Names and the lofty attributes to him.

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Who am Lovelady? ILA in the movie wash.

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Who Allah

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our rough man who Rafi? So Allah is the essence is the

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Allah is the essence is the dean

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as if someone

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has a name, but yet can be described by other attributes

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was safer lezama del Mozu

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the attribute is tied to who to whom you to whom you're actually building the names and the attributes to

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Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran, while he

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so all the names and the attributes are to be attributed to who to Allah.

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Colin Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Kenneth Asahi min Hadith Avi hora de la Juan

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in Nelly lajitas satin what is Cena is Smith May at an ill man saw her the halaal agenda we're in Allaha with Toro new Hey boo and with

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Allah subhana wa tada has 99 names. Now we have to stop here because there is a big misconception amongst Muslims.

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What is the misconceptions? A lot of the Muslims they think that the only names and attributes which Allah has is 99 and this is wrong.

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What is your evidence he or she had the famous in a document the meaning of the Hadees that whosoever goes through calamity or a hardship

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And then he says

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at the end of it

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Allahumma inni as educated equalist men who Allah

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Oh Allah, I asked you with each name and attribute which attribute you submitted enough sec.

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You named yourself with it. Our ns Delta houfy keytab are you reveal that in your revelation?

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Our alimta, who hadn't been Hulk

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or you, any of your servant, molars shadow

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step thumb Debbie he aided me in that

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or you kept it he did not reveal it.

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Actually there are names and attributes of Allah subhana wa tada which we do not know.

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But before I go there, I have to stress my brothers and my sisters in Islam and smear Allah He told the

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young he had a has

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in order to attribute a name to Allah. You must have an evidence from the Quran or the sooner

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Baba Muslim Ilana will lakia Salah mother a mother the luchador muhandis Monday is David Montes Dini.

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Engineer young amazing engineer

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What are you here to nabeshima nail me He is the Masha

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lower in the Quran and the sooner the smell law hit okay fee the names and the attributes of Allah are to be taken from the Quran and the Sunnah. Because Let me ask you, let's be practical. Have you seen Allah?

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Have you seen Allah, k philosophy?

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mela Tara

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How can you describe someone whom you have not seen? That is why you only say the names and the attributes of Allah, which are mentioned. The other evidence which shows you that the names of Allah subhanaw taala or indefinite, and actually there are names which Allah subhanaw taala did not teach anybody in this dunya

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howdy to shefa

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and the deef resurrection 50,000 years long. The sun is one mile away from the heads. People are soaking in their sweat. It's a miserable condition, miserable

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will begin thinking how can we come out of this position?

00:18:05--> 00:18:12

You know what? We used to have those prophets and the messengers in the dunya who used to tell us

00:18:13--> 00:18:25

about Allah. About judgment D about about why don't we go and ask them so they can release us relieve us from the standing.

00:18:27--> 00:18:30

I cannot go through the details of the Hadith they will go through

00:18:31--> 00:18:34

Adam will say enough seen I've seen I've seen I've seen.

00:18:35--> 00:18:45

I can't. I'm not going to mention the because the model by Danny de la Maha is a lion guru.

00:18:46--> 00:19:02

They will find no saying I've seen I've seen I've seen myself myself myself. Or Allah is so angry today. He has never been angry like this before. And he will never be angry like this afterwards.

00:19:04--> 00:19:20

Guru Ibrahim the friend of Allah salallahu alayhi wa sallam, they will go to a Brahim they will find Hollywood or rock man the friend of Allah saying myself myself myself myself.

00:19:21--> 00:19:22

Imagine this day

00:19:24--> 00:19:26

I can go to moose.

00:19:27--> 00:19:36

Moose alley Sara kellyville rock man. Some someone who spoke to Allah subhanho wa Taala from behind the veil.

00:19:37--> 00:19:39

He will say NFC NFC guru Isa,

00:19:40--> 00:19:51

Isa nadie que la cadena to Alka Illa Maria min. Magna, Mazda Mazda,

00:19:52--> 00:19:59

Mazda Corolla he did not even mention a sin back yet he's saying never seen I've seen I've seen it. See

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Guru Mohammed salovaara yourself

00:20:05--> 00:20:12

the only one who will be saying on this day, something else.

00:20:13--> 00:20:16

Almighty, Almighty Almighty.

00:20:18--> 00:20:27

Allah. The Prophet loves you sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the messenger loves you. Why don't you follow him follow his pseudonym.

00:20:29--> 00:20:50

They will ask him Dr. Mohammed intercede for us. Subhana Allah, you know, we'll be asking him, the people who are harming him now. The people who are accusing him of all these accusations, the people who are making cartoons of him, they will be out there begging him as falletta

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go intercede for us. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will proceed, he will go

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and he will prostrate in front of the throne of Allah subhana wa Taala had to share his thumb if Tahoma Mohammed lemmya Taha Allah Masha

00:21:17--> 00:21:27

Allah subhana wa tada will inspire me with names and attributes of his beautiful that he has never

00:21:28--> 00:21:31

revealed it to another human being before me.

00:21:33--> 00:21:38

And he will keep grazing Allah in prostration front of the throne

00:21:40--> 00:21:41

will keep raising Allah

00:21:42--> 00:21:53

and then Allah subhana wa tada will call upon Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, here Mohammed all Mohammed elfa says

00:21:54--> 00:21:56

Raise your head

00:21:57--> 00:22:03

or sell guapa ask. I will give you wash to chef

00:22:05--> 00:22:08

and intercede and I will accept your intercession.

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00:22:11--> 00:22:15

had ordinary NSA he the wallet the air the packet about I hadn't had the

00:22:16--> 00:22:22

hacker This is how this how the the NSA $1 the one of your multi mo Hakata sahadi

00:22:23--> 00:22:38

and the leader of humanity in the day resurrection and he narrated this story, how it is Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept his intercession is to come in away subhana wa Taala that fits him in order to

00:22:39--> 00:22:42

for Allah subhanho wa Taala to begin judgment

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00:22:45--> 00:22:53

Yeah if you want a piece of advice, either at the end to hate Bala fat if

00:22:55--> 00:22:56

you want to love Allah

00:22:57--> 00:22:59

know who Allah is.

00:23:01--> 00:23:03

I want to ask you a question.

00:23:04--> 00:23:06

Which if you ask an average Muslim

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here's the question. Do you love Allah?

00:23:12--> 00:23:14

yes, say yes you do.

00:23:15--> 00:23:16

Do you love Allah?

00:23:18--> 00:23:19

Do you know Allah?

00:23:25--> 00:23:28

Here's a challenge and I'm not trying to be a smarty here

00:23:29--> 00:23:32

will lie I'm as ignorant as I can be. And I'd

00:23:34--> 00:23:44

ask an average Muslim right now to speak about Allah subhanho wa Taala for five minutes, but with one condition no ill had

00:23:46--> 00:24:05

what is ill had? What Allah Allah smell has nothing to do with Allah. Deena. You will Hayden l had that you come up with a noun with a name I'm sorry, or attribute which is not mentioned in the Quran in this one. I'm telling you the Muslim we'll start. We'll stop.

00:24:08--> 00:24:14

By Let me ask this question. Do you love TiVo? Yes.

00:24:15--> 00:24:22

Can you talk to me about Tebow? Yeah, he wakes up in the morning at seven o'clock and he wears that juicy COVID-19 and then he goes, Oh

00:24:23--> 00:24:25

yeah, he loves the Boo.

00:24:32--> 00:24:33

FISA and Buhari

00:24:35--> 00:24:38

Salah NaVi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam over Yep, naka

00:24:39--> 00:24:40

de la jolla del mundo.

00:24:41--> 00:24:42

Yeah, I will

00:24:44--> 00:24:47

attend the Atlanta area see keytab illa.

00:24:49--> 00:24:49

Allah tala

00:24:54--> 00:24:58

Do you know the greatest verse in the book of Allah

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

metacoda over a

00:25:03--> 00:25:04

court of law who

00:25:06--> 00:25:07

who will

00:25:09--> 00:25:12

lead who center to

00:25:14--> 00:25:21

center to fill men the lady is following them in the

00:25:22--> 00:25:25

Yala mama ad

00:25:28--> 00:25:34

una Vichy in me in the Masha was yaku see us

00:25:39--> 00:25:41

what you love.

00:25:42--> 00:25:44

The verse describes among

00:25:50--> 00:25:55

the greatest verse in the book of Allah describes Allah

00:25:57--> 00:26:10

or wave necropsy Dr. Sol Allah. It is and he mentioned the rules for Carl Allahu Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him Hani, and luckily

00:26:13--> 00:26:15

you got it. Yep. And wounded.

00:26:17--> 00:26:21

Yeah, it's wahoo NACA surah. T tabula.

00:26:22--> 00:26:25

Di d ulusal. peran.

00:26:27--> 00:26:31

There is a verse in the book of Allah that equals Third of

00:26:32--> 00:26:36

May here what it is, what is it? Boo Allahu

00:26:40--> 00:26:45

Allah wa Samad let me actually do while I'm you

00:26:46--> 00:26:48

while me akula who Khufu

00:26:51--> 00:27:04

is about a law the names and the attributes of Allah. Who is Allah subhana wa Tada. His names and attributes. Yeah, so an admin hadn't had

00:27:05--> 00:27:06


00:27:07--> 00:27:08

do i

00:27:10--> 00:27:11

do i will come.

00:27:12--> 00:27:20

There is a DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA bears. That when you are at distress

00:27:23--> 00:27:24

is the following.

00:27:27--> 00:27:54

In Love Love, Alavi will Holly La Ilaha Illa la hora boo La Rochelle Carey, la la la la la la hora Busan our You are a Boo. Boo la she'll carry I messed up. La Ilaha Illa La La V will honey La ilaha illallah wa la palabra de la de la ilaha illAllah horrible,

00:27:55--> 00:28:01

horrible, horrible la she'll carry. I want to ask you what is it right here?

00:28:03--> 00:28:04

Are you getting it? What is

00:28:06--> 00:28:06


00:28:08--> 00:28:18

called be annual distress. You're facing emergency there is nothing you can do about it. You're supposed to ask for things that just raise me.

00:28:20--> 00:28:21

Praise me.

00:28:25--> 00:28:26


00:28:28--> 00:28:31

Allah, honey

00:28:33--> 00:28:34

he's rich.

00:28:36--> 00:28:38

Yahoo Subhana subhanho wa Taala

00:28:40--> 00:28:45

Can I feel Sai Muslim and Halle Berry of your loved one.

00:28:46--> 00:28:47

Yeah, Daddy,

00:28:48--> 00:28:55

my servants. Lo and Wallah Kumar here Akuma in Sakuma Jin aku

00:28:56--> 00:29:00

no one knew what a funeral home care or eating why

00:29:02--> 00:29:05

if all of mankind would gather in one place

00:29:07--> 00:29:20

mankind from Adam until the last soul will gather in one place one bury lead and each one of us will make a request to masala kulula at minko masala

00:29:21--> 00:29:24

and of course I need a car you need a house

00:29:25--> 00:29:32

everybody is not like all of us are going to make the same request No. I will give each one of you

00:29:34--> 00:29:36

what he asked for

00:29:39--> 00:29:40

each one of you at the same time.

00:29:42--> 00:29:47

And this will decrease or will not decrease from what I own.

00:29:49--> 00:29:53

In the head Allah is una mela whom in the

00:29:54--> 00:30:00

only like you place a needle in an ocean and you take it out what the

00:30:00--> 00:30:00

Take out

00:30:03--> 00:30:03


00:30:05--> 00:30:08

salatu salam ala Leah

00:30:11--> 00:30:16

spinned while Shaban de la, la la

00:30:18--> 00:30:18

la HeMan

00:30:27--> 00:30:33

man from LA come and go holla at you will have

00:30:35--> 00:30:38

the provision with allies fool.

00:30:40--> 00:30:40


00:30:43--> 00:30:51

never finishes Look at him subhana wa tada How much did he spend since he created the heavens and the earth?

00:30:53--> 00:30:56

Is Mullah halali Ollie?

00:30:58--> 00:30:59

The old node

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00:31:04--> 00:31:07

in the La Jolla Allahu Americana

00:31:09--> 00:31:19

saya Khun one lamea Kumar who okay in one essay a poor woman and Mia co located in a cave a aku.

00:31:21--> 00:31:28

Allah knows what happened in the past. He knows what happened will happen in the future. He knows what happened in the present

00:31:29--> 00:31:36

and he knows what if this thing would happen what will happen? l.

00:31:37--> 00:31:38


00:31:39--> 00:31:41

Yanis of Hanalei, Effie

00:31:42--> 00:31:45

fi fi al Bukhari Hadith emeraude of nasai

00:31:47--> 00:31:54

when Daniel Manville who are believing in destiny is one of the keys to make you fall in love with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:31:57--> 00:32:01

Because now you see his knowledge in practical terms

00:32:03--> 00:32:04

and random nasai

00:32:05--> 00:32:16

came to the prophets Allah Allah often the abroad rates come FL Buhari that the people from Yemen came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Sacagawea Rasool Allah

00:32:17--> 00:32:19

Jean Elena Taka Diem,

00:32:21--> 00:32:27

we came to understand our religion and to ask about the first thing

00:32:29--> 00:32:29

the first thing

00:32:32--> 00:32:33

what happened from the beginning

00:32:37--> 00:32:42

you know one of the greatest argument that you can throw at a Christian

00:32:44--> 00:32:50

regarding the Lordship, or the god ship of a Salah is Salam is right here.

00:32:51--> 00:32:53

Allah doesn't have a birthday.

00:32:55--> 00:32:58

does Allah have a birthday? Jani birthday Jani.

00:32:59--> 00:33:03

Here it doesn't have a beginning. Who will?

00:33:04--> 00:33:06

laser cobla who

00:33:08--> 00:33:11

will who will ask his laser ba who

00:33:13--> 00:33:16

will who avoid laser focus or who

00:33:17--> 00:33:24

will who will berth in laser una Hussain. He is the first no one existed before him.

00:33:26--> 00:33:27

He always existed.

00:33:29--> 00:33:31

But Prophet Isa has what?

00:33:33--> 00:33:40

A birthday he was born in a certain day. Of course they say it's Christmas. But law knows best.

00:33:42--> 00:33:49

And Prophet Isa will have an end. He did not die yet but he will die when he returns.

00:33:52--> 00:33:59

For the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the people from from Yemen, in our world Holla Holla who column

00:34:00--> 00:34:04

The first thing which Allah Subhana Allah created was the 10.

00:34:06--> 00:34:07

So makalah hook to

00:34:08--> 00:34:19

then Allah Subhana Allah to Allah commanded the pen to write called the actual man right watier Allah kollective mahieu occur in LA Omen piano

00:34:20--> 00:34:25

right every single thing which will happen until the day for selection,

00:34:26--> 00:34:29

you sitting in front of me today was written

00:34:31--> 00:34:53

by this writing was mentioned when exactly how do you have like the last or the Allahumma Kala sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in LA Catherine de la jolla become seen alpha Santa kubla Yes, Luca Sena work he will work on our show who

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

can ask you all

00:35:01--> 00:35:03

Allah subhanaw taala

00:35:05--> 00:35:11

who is to be created? And their proportion their provision?

00:35:12--> 00:35:20

The paycheck that you're getting now it's ordained 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth.

00:35:22--> 00:35:25

That is why you wonder what is it is Coco?

00:35:28--> 00:35:36

of Saba is Coco. Well, what do you mean similar is when I fill out la it's written there. Hello? Hello? mfu Takashi relazione.

00:35:38--> 00:35:41

Should a law subpoena without

00:35:42--> 00:35:48

the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala teaches To what? To a small detail like this.

00:35:50--> 00:35:54

One of the names of Allah subhana wa Tada. As semi

00:35:56--> 00:35:57

he he's,

00:35:58--> 00:36:00

maybe one of you will say, Well, I hear too.

00:36:02--> 00:36:08

Right? You hear too, right? But you hear now and he

00:36:10--> 00:36:12

can you hear the people out in the parking lot?

00:36:13--> 00:36:15

Can you hear the people in Virginia

00:36:16--> 00:36:19

and Maryland? That's what I used to be before.

00:36:21--> 00:36:22

Can you hear the people in China?

00:36:25--> 00:36:30

Allah hears everyone at the same time.

00:36:32--> 00:36:35

While I Shalu who had a soul and had a soul

00:36:40--> 00:36:44

and the sound of your voice will not confuse

00:36:45--> 00:36:47

him to hear the other sound.

00:36:50--> 00:36:51

Elbow sleeve

00:36:53--> 00:37:04

he sees all see? Well, you see too right? Don't you see Adam Nigella Who? I but you see what

00:37:08--> 00:37:11

now and here do you see the people outside

00:37:18--> 00:37:19

the creator

00:37:23--> 00:37:24

luckily it's right

00:37:26--> 00:37:28

What about you do you create to

00:37:30--> 00:37:41

the guys who came up with that? Not just the medallion sharks the Makita confusable boss named Stan sir Who not just not only Travis they made a sheep

00:37:43--> 00:37:50

while back three years back right they got a she bout Stinson fitness. We created the LEA

00:37:52--> 00:37:56

created only for you. How did you create Julie from what

00:38:00--> 00:38:03

in the La Jolla. Lumina Adam?

00:38:04--> 00:38:30

Allah creates from What? Nothing but you create yes Allah By the way, Allah subhana wa tada says that you are a creator to Fattah Baraka, ma who acts on Halloween he is the best of creators that means there are other creators, but with one difference Allah subhanho wa Taala create from nothing you create from what? Something that exists. But here's another variable.

00:38:31--> 00:38:33

Let's say that you created the pen.

00:38:35--> 00:38:42

Okay, can you do this? Can you get a male pen to sleep with a female pen and they produce pens?

00:38:45--> 00:38:46

Can you do this?

00:38:49--> 00:38:52

Allah subhanaw taala does this male female

00:38:57--> 00:39:00

Allah if Miss Miller

00:39:01--> 00:39:03

Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:39:07--> 00:39:09

there is a debate

00:39:10--> 00:39:11

amongst the jurist,

00:39:12--> 00:39:13

the schoolers

00:39:14--> 00:39:18

regarding his smooth law Hill oven.

00:39:19--> 00:39:21

What theacrine Hadeeth

00:39:23--> 00:39:25

there is more than one Hadith

00:39:26--> 00:39:29

where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard

00:39:31--> 00:39:34

a companion of his making dua

00:39:35--> 00:39:44

and he used a different format the only day different variations of different Hadith they use different format, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with commandment says

00:39:46--> 00:39:47

in in

00:39:48--> 00:39:50

law heavy East mihaela

00:39:52--> 00:39:53

this person

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

called upon Allah subhana wa tada using the greatest of his names

00:40:01--> 00:40:03

Unless either Sue ellaby he

00:40:05--> 00:40:08

will either do a D a jab

00:40:09--> 00:40:17

if you call upon Allah subhana wa Taala using the Greatest Name The Greatest Name of his

00:40:18--> 00:40:23

The Greatest Name of his whatever you're asking Allahu

00:40:26--> 00:40:35

Allah subhana wa tada has so many names who Allahu la de la ilaha illa who will medical produce who Salah middle Mohammed Rashid Al Jabbar, Allah

00:40:36--> 00:40:42

Subhana Allah Yama motion record will allow a convertible massage, smell

00:40:44--> 00:40:56

which is of these names is the greatest name with which if you call upon a las panatela you will be uncertain

00:41:04--> 00:41:06

how we arrived

00:41:08--> 00:41:10

on law

00:41:12--> 00:41:15

The Greatest Name of Allah is what

00:41:16--> 00:41:18

Allah why

00:41:20--> 00:41:22

because the name Allah

00:41:24--> 00:41:30

was mentioned 2602 times in the Quran

00:41:33--> 00:41:35

so how many times Allah was mentioned in the Quran

00:41:37--> 00:41:40

to six zero to

00:41:43--> 00:41:49

25 of them by the way, Allah Houma only

00:41:51--> 00:41:53

boy what is the next day

00:41:54--> 00:41:56

our Rafi

00:41:59--> 00:42:00

how many times

00:42:01--> 00:42:02


00:42:04--> 00:42:05

sees reference

00:42:07--> 00:42:10

the third name our rough man.

00:42:11--> 00:42:13

How many times

00:42:14--> 00:42:21

what is half of 114 5157 57 times?

00:42:25--> 00:42:26


00:42:29--> 00:42:35

if you call upon a loss of paranoia if you call upon Allah subhanaw taala using his attributes

00:42:37--> 00:42:40

let's say the attribute of Al coway

00:42:44--> 00:42:49

are we meaning Well, the all mighty are all powerful.

00:42:50--> 00:42:55

Now in Arabi to call upon someone who say yeah

00:42:57--> 00:43:01

can you see? Yeah.

00:43:02--> 00:43:03

What do you have to do?

00:43:05--> 00:43:07

Yeah, you have to take out what

00:43:09--> 00:43:14

if lm out are rough man you wanna call upon the rock man?

00:43:16--> 00:43:19

Can you see ya rough man?

00:43:20--> 00:43:22

You end up taking what out?

00:43:24--> 00:43:25

Yeah, man.

00:43:28--> 00:43:31

Are rocky you got the point? Right.

00:43:33--> 00:43:33

Can you

00:43:35--> 00:43:38

see ya? Oh?

00:43:40--> 00:43:41

Did you take anything out?

00:43:43--> 00:43:46

You don't have to take anything out. Yeah.

00:43:48--> 00:43:49

everything together.

00:43:50--> 00:43:56

Another reason that this is the amazing piece that none of the Arabs

00:43:59--> 00:44:06

or the people around him none of them ever called himself or his son Allah

00:44:09--> 00:44:10


00:44:11--> 00:44:11

got into

00:44:13--> 00:44:13


00:44:15--> 00:44:23

will be led he does not believe in Allah. He believes in idols. Yes. Ba it gives you affordable or I can nasaka Okay, I'm gonna call my son What?

00:44:24--> 00:44:27

never met a son hadn't be heard and

00:44:29--> 00:44:39

none. has the courage to call himself this way. Also, when Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted us to call upon him.

00:44:40--> 00:44:43

What did he say? Polo?

00:44:44--> 00:44:46

Polo de la

00:44:47--> 00:44:48


00:44:49--> 00:44:51

tido fella who

00:44:53--> 00:44:54

call me Allah

00:44:56--> 00:44:58

or call upon me Say Allah.

00:45:00--> 00:45:06

When he wanted subhana wa tada us to name our children

00:45:08--> 00:45:19

with special needs he said how you smell he what are the law? Abdul Rahman

00:45:21--> 00:45:28

Ismail Abdullah Abdul Rahman Fado, Elia this middle

00:45:30--> 00:45:37

and then comes in our rough man Rahim. Allah, Allah, Allah

00:45:38--> 00:45:44

and now is that you attribute punishment to

00:45:45--> 00:45:47

you attribute strength to

00:45:49--> 00:45:53

you attribute but here is Allah Subhana Allah is telling you

00:45:55--> 00:45:55

man All right.

00:45:58--> 00:46:00

If what we have to remove

00:46:02--> 00:46:04

this Allah

00:46:06--> 00:46:07

Allah is so merciful

00:46:12--> 00:46:16

especially when it comes to your relationship with your kids, a lot of us are suffering it

00:46:18--> 00:46:20

last panel data says and a rough man

00:46:23--> 00:46:26

the Most Merciful. were heard of Rocky

00:46:28--> 00:46:28

and this is the

00:46:31--> 00:46:34

Chicago to LA has moon Essman Minh is me.

00:46:35--> 00:46:50

I made the Wu Rahim in Arabi. The woman RB means it comes from a rock man I made the noun is Moroccan the Wu to be derived from my name iraq mad

00:46:53--> 00:46:58

feminine masala hair was sold to woman kapa haka Pato

00:47:00--> 00:47:04

What is going on? Are you showing mercy to kins?

00:47:05--> 00:47:08

Are you showing mercy to your children?

00:47:10--> 00:47:12

One of the Prophet companions

00:47:13--> 00:47:18

and habits. He came to visit the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:47:19--> 00:47:24

and it has an old Husayn we're playing around him playing around him

00:47:27--> 00:47:29

and then he hugged them and he kissed them

00:47:31--> 00:47:35

for karna rasulillah A to kabiru subiaco

00:47:36--> 00:47:46

messenger of Allah Do you kiss your children? Will La Jolla Rasul Allah Allah messenger of Allah in Le Asha 10 min Allah in Nashua to Mina Walla

00:47:48--> 00:47:48


00:47:49--> 00:47:53

I have 10 children I have not kissed any of them.

00:47:56--> 00:47:57

What did the prophets Allah

00:47:58--> 00:48:05

say when they're the follow in law who matalin colleague

00:48:07--> 00:48:11

what I'm gonna do with Allah subhana wa tada extracted mercy from your heart

00:48:13--> 00:48:20

what will allow me I was so merciful Sooners for law it was insanity us

00:48:21--> 00:48:29

a person since since and all you have to do you're up there filling up filling up the filling.

00:48:31--> 00:48:37

Kalia daddy and lady in a sort of emphysema attack Natoma rock Mattila

00:48:40--> 00:48:45

by serving to transgress you did it all don't despair for my mercy

00:48:47--> 00:48:50

in Allah Ohio furuno bergenin

00:48:52--> 00:48:57

Allah Subhana Allah forgives all sins in the whole world before raheen

00:49:01--> 00:49:08

Yep, now Adam, son of Adam, lo attorney attorney before all the all the hot boy

00:49:10--> 00:49:14

if you come to me with Earth, filled with sins, but with one condition

00:49:18--> 00:49:18

to Sri Sri

00:49:20--> 00:49:21

Ravi hanok Fiera

00:49:22--> 00:49:26

Yeah, Allah if what? every single night

00:49:28--> 00:49:36

Allah subhanho wa Taala the sentence. We believe that Allah descends, do we? Yes, how he descends.

00:49:37--> 00:49:48

We don't know. Should we ask? No, we should not. Can we visualize it? No, don't visualize it. Because wherever you visualize Allah subhanho wa Taala is beyond that. above

00:49:49--> 00:49:53

everything single night when the last third of the night is he

00:49:54--> 00:49:57

hadn't been Mustafa feeling fell feola

00:49:59--> 00:50:00


00:50:00--> 00:50:06

seeking forgiveness. I forgive you Helman even to Bali.

00:50:07--> 00:50:08

Anyone wants to repent?

00:50:10--> 00:50:16

And imagine one line where Allah in Russellville Allah, but if you use this analogy, use this analogy.

00:50:18--> 00:50:28

Imagine a human being who goes to your house every single night, towards the last third of the night and knock on your door.

00:50:29--> 00:50:34

Do you want something? Can I help you? Do you want anything?

00:50:35--> 00:50:38

And you're asleep. You know?

00:50:40--> 00:50:43

That person will go one time two times three times.

00:50:45--> 00:50:46

He will stop.

00:50:47--> 00:50:54

But the loss of Hello data, I'm telling you 99.9 of the O'Meara sleep at this time.

00:50:58--> 00:51:00

Nobody does it in the old man except

00:51:02--> 00:51:04

we'll clean the salon Hakuna man whom.

00:51:07--> 00:51:09

And Allah still comes the sense

00:51:13--> 00:51:17

of will me alameen Rahman Al Rahim, the Merciful, the Beneficent.

00:51:19--> 00:51:19

He says,

00:51:21--> 00:51:25

I have divided my mercy into hungry portions.

00:51:27--> 00:51:31

You know, in this dunya we're dealing with one portion only.

00:51:33--> 00:51:36

And 99 are spirits for who?

00:51:38--> 00:51:54

The believers in the Day of Resurrection That is why By the way, the people who differentiated between is small law Hill rough man. What is Mullah Hill Rahim. They said, Allah is merciful to all of mankind in this dunya

00:51:56--> 00:52:01

but he will be only merciful Rahim to the believers in the Day of Resurrection.

00:52:04--> 00:52:05

Subhana Allah.

00:52:07--> 00:52:11

Allah carefully denies him and he still provides for him.

00:52:14--> 00:52:15

FISA al Bukhari

00:52:16--> 00:52:26

Hadith, Omar Allah Juan narrates that he was standing Salallahu alaihe salam Rasul Allah with his companions

00:52:28--> 00:52:31

and they saw from a distance a mother

00:52:34--> 00:52:38

holding her baby breastfeeding the baby and you know, when

00:52:40--> 00:52:42

you really see the love when you see a mother

00:52:44--> 00:52:49

Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam looks at his companions and he says, at aluna Anna had he

00:52:51--> 00:52:54

thought he had done well. Enough.

00:52:55--> 00:53:00

Do you think this woman will have the courage and the guts

00:53:02--> 00:53:03

to throw her baby in the Hellfire?

00:53:05--> 00:53:15

No way you must follow Paula law by Allah. Allahu Akbar. Habibi, Abdi Minh head in Marathi Viva la de

00:53:16--> 00:53:24

las panatela is more merciful to you than this woman to her baby. Bismillah

00:53:26--> 00:53:27

R Rahman

00:53:28--> 00:53:29

r Rahim.

00:53:31--> 00:53:35

For this you must say what Al Hamdulillah

00:53:37--> 00:53:41

Alhamdulillah that you have that Lord who is powerful,

00:53:42--> 00:53:43


00:53:46--> 00:53:50

I close with this. How do you think my soulful Bukhari

00:53:51--> 00:53:53

a Jewish person or Rabbi?

00:53:56--> 00:53:56


00:53:57--> 00:54:00

came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:54:02--> 00:54:05

and he said to him yeah Mohammed Mohammed

00:54:07--> 00:54:11

in energy Duma tube and in the Torah.

00:54:12--> 00:54:13

It is written

00:54:15--> 00:54:24

in our Torah and aloha, elbows. Allah, Allah is ba

00:54:25--> 00:54:34

when de nada is ba was shadow Allah is ba well man, you were thora Allah.

00:54:36--> 00:54:46

Allah, Allah s Ba, familia Zuma. Hello and please all of his creation and his fingers.

00:54:47--> 00:54:53

does Allah have a finger? salaam aleikum? does Allah have a finger? Yes.

00:54:54--> 00:54:59

Is it our like our fingers? No. Do we know how it looks like

00:55:00--> 00:55:09

No, can we visualize it? No. And whatever you visualize is beyond that. Should we ask how it looks like? No.

00:55:10--> 00:55:15

Allah subhana wa tada will place all the creation on his finger.

00:55:16--> 00:55:20

Then he will shake them and we'll say Anil Malik

00:55:21--> 00:55:24

I am the king. I in a mooloolah

00:55:25--> 00:55:32

where are the kings of Earth? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam answered him by saying that

00:55:33--> 00:55:55

this is correct. And then hear your side como la la hidayatullah wanna la? caja de la geneon Cabo de tu yo mal piano was too much we to be any soda Hannah.

00:55:57--> 00:55:58

Yoshi coup.

00:56:00--> 00:56:09

They underestimated Allah. On the day for selection. He will be holding his creation in his hand for Allah go away.

00:56:10--> 00:56:15

But at the same time, he's merciful. He's beneficent.

00:56:18--> 00:56:24

So you must say Alhamdulillah that this is the Lord whom you worship.

00:56:26--> 00:56:40

This is the Lord whom you bow down to and prostrate to kill the next lecture in sha Allah we will explain an hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and this will be on Sunday. Not Saturday.

00:56:41--> 00:56:58

Sunday, not Saturday. Next weekend inshallah. Sunday not Saturday between Mabry Venetia de Xochimilco Hello Hara Subhana Allah Hamada handig Chateau La Ilaha Illa and esta Furukawa to Wu Lei wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.