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Brothers and sisters, the best daddy without an exception was our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when you look at how he gave Dawa and again, the sheer the wisdom of Allah, it's mind boggling when you look at the syrup, the prophets Assam did not give Dawa in one way he looked at the person he's speaking to, and he chose the most important and the most obvious thing that's going to influence this person. So for example, in the Treaty of Arabia, one boy that Mr. Coffee was speaking with him, or what was from a tribe that considered to be the the old hire to be something very respected. So the Prophet system said, bring out the old hire, bring out Docker bunnies to show

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to him, and he saw all of the camels that had been prepared for Makkah. And he said to himself, how can we stop these people from going and entering the Haram when he was speaking to another non Muslim came to him and asked a weird question, what's the first dish of Jannah? Right, and the process and gave some exotic answer, you know, the deliverer of a whale something like this, right. Our scholars mentioned our scholars mentioned this person who was coming and asking in his culture, that item was an exotic delicacy. Now in Jana, you get what you want? Correct? And Jana, you get what you want. Me personally, I don't think I would want to live forever. Well, that's not something

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I'm attracted to. But this person his culture was this item. This food was very exquisite. And so the President said well, you're gonna go to agenda if you enter agenda. This is what you're gonna get. You're giving Dawa to the people in the society we live in brothers and sisters you need to be wise. Look at the person you're talking to. And then choose the most appropriate thing

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