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Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the impact of the coronavirus on people's finances and the importance of blessings in life. They emphasize the need to take advantage of the positive aspects of the past even during the pandemic. They also touch on Jesus's Jana law and the potential for cannabis to affect health and lead to major health issues. The speakers mention a Facebook campaign for donations and a Cinematic event.
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Hello Selina

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Salam Alaikum brothers,

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just a

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couple of quick logistics, we have 16 rows. Today inshallah in this Masjid capacity is 300 the first eight rows will exit from this door on the front door. The last eight rows will exit from the back please keep some distance among yourselves and leave slowly. Number two your heel should be on the X mark. So when you basically are here when you put the generic this masala bird on the heel your heel should be on the exmar Giselle Calaca welcome inshallah Salaam Alaikum

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and no sinners and we can leave line by line we have three prayers today three prayers. So we have to leave right after the Juma and first line second line so we can look on line by line the first eight lines from the front the last eight lines from the back end such as I cannot name for the Corporation.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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B from sit down.

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a shadow earn more

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murder was

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a shadow earn no more murder more soon

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Hi Yano saw

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how you.

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In the hamdulillah the middle horn has to no horn is still fiddle when the Billa Himanshu rhodian fusina Woman sejati I, Medina, Mejia de la HuFa la mobula When are you bill Hoefler? Hi Deanna wash Edwin

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in the law of the whole Russia rica what a shadow under Mohammed Abu Allah sudo yeah you

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topple la porta potty. Walter Mutanda Illa Allah to Muslim all my bad Dear brothers and sisters and hamdulillah here from man hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah he from Al Hamdulillah we thank Allah subhana wa Tada for each and every blessing that he has bestowed upon us. We thank Allah for the blessings we took for granted. And in today's brief hotbar I want to remind myself of a beautiful Hadith that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is emphasizing that we take advantage of those blessings before they are taken away. And it is recorded in the midst oedema Muhammad, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them said, take advantage of five things before five other things come that

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illuminate the first five is returning home San Pablo comes in. Take advantage of five things before five other things will come that will replace those five things. What are those five matters. Number one, he said take advantage of your youth before you become old. Every one of us we have one opportunity to be young, we have one opportunity where we have the maximum of our enthusiasm, our zeal, our memory, take advantage of that youthfulness so that you prepare for the rest of this world and especially for the rest of the next world. Number two, he said take advantage of your health before you fall sick Subhan Allah all of us go through cycles. Right now we are in the middle of a

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pandemic. We didn't even appreciate how blessed and fortunate we were that there was no pandemic and our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said you should have taken advantage take advantage where things are good. Take advantage when everyone's healthy before a time will come when there is sickness. As we speak. Over 2 million people in the world are affected with this virus. As we speak more than 125,000 people in this country more than 125,000 people have lost their lives in the last few months because of this play. Every one of us as friends and family perhaps even immediate perhaps even some of our own in this community who are no longer here because of this affecting that is going on. So

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take advantage of your health before you fall sick. Take advantage don't delay till tomorrow. You don't know what tomorrow. We already have seen what tomorrow has brought compared to yesterday. Take advantage

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One year healthy before things get even worse. Number three, our prophets and Allah one day he was setting them said, take advantage of your worst, before you don't have any wealth, wealth comes and goes, Money comes and goes, take advantage. Don't expect that money will keep on coming in. Don't expect that your level of income will go from there to hire almost all of us maybe even every one of us is feeling the pinch some more than others because of this pandemic, take advantage even now is better than perhaps even tomorrow. Take advantage how invest wisely for this dunya and invest for the next world as well. Make sure that what you have you utilize it to the max, do not

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procrastinate. Do not take things for granted. Take advantage of your wealth before you no longer have any wealth. Number four, our Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them said, take advantage of your free time, take advantage of the casual time that you have before things will happen that you will no longer have any free time. You know to live a stressful free life is a big blessing from Allah to live a life where you don't have to worry about bigger issues that in and of itself is a blessing. And so our Prophet sallallahu sallam said, take advantage of that free time that you have before things happen that you will no longer have any free time. And the last that he said in this

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beautiful idea. The last of them, he said take advantage of your life before your death. Take advantage. We all have one life to live, how many amongst us. We have family and friends, they are no longer here. As I said in this country, the largest pandemic in all of the world. But of course, our country's number one as you know, in terms of the percentage of death, how many people have gone on. So we need to be prepared. If not in this pandemic, my time and your time will come that is inevitable death is an inevitable reality. One of the blessings that this pandemic has done and it is a blessing is that we have become aware of our own mortality, we have become aware that we are

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not going to be here forever. Why am I not the Bashar and mechanical hold, we have not given a mortality to any human being amongst you. Death is an inevitable ending to every single one of us. So we take advantage of our lives before we're going to pass away. This beautiful Hadith reminds us that whatever blessing we have, don't take it for granted. Don't assume you're gonna have the same blessing tomorrow, it is very likely that that blessing will not be there. So when you have that blessing, well Allah He we had the blessing of walking on the streets we never even thought of as a blessing. We had the blessing of going to people's houses we had the blessing of the congregation,

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we never even thought it was something that we would count as a blessing. We took it for granted. And now here we are three months into the pandemic and Allah knows how much longer we have. And even now we have so many blessings. Always look at the bright side. Always look at the positives. Always look at what you have rather than what you don't have. And then take advantage of that our prophets of Allah why they we will send them was approached by his Uncle Al Abbas, his Uncle Al Abbas, one of his best friends and his uncle and an advisor the other suit Allah I want to learn a draft from you teach me a dua that is going to help me so the Prophet sallallahu sallam said make this dua to

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Allah, Allah Houma India seleukid Afia O Allah, I asked you to be safe from any trials are free a means to live a blissful life. Aafia means I don't have to worry about troubles. I boss said that a messenger of Allah, I want something more than this. Safiya what I want something more. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them said, a person has not been given anything after emaan that is more beneficial than our fear. To not be tested is a blessing to live in. Alfia is the ultimate blessing. And we now see we were living in hacia three months ago, many of us we were living in a heedless state of taking advantage of what we have without thinking of those blessings. That was a type of

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Aafia that's what we asked for we don't want to be tested so we ask Allah subhana wa Tada for his Afia May Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you refer to the Quran and may make us of those who is versus they understand and who implementers have that and haram throughout our lifespan. I ask Allah is forgiveness you as well asked for his the food the ramen.

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Hamdulillah he had a summit a lady Let me welcome you that well, I'm your co local phone I had to do one of the vehicles on our mind myself and all of you our Prophet sallallahu it he was send them said to one of the Sahaba Do you want me to tell you one of the one of the treasures of Jana, one of the collusive Jana? He said yes of course. Our prophets of Allah who I sent him said Say Allah, Allah when I pour water in Billa it is one of the treasures of Janna law. How do we know what are Quwata illa biLlah is one of the treasures of Jana and our Prophet sallallahu sallam said Whoever says that how would or would not have been there before they leave the

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House, Allah will protect him every time they leave the house. So let us memorize this too. And we have a misconception some of us in our culture that we only say this phrase when something bad happens when we see an evil No, we say this phrase at all times, and it has a positive meaning now that negative one now how will never end up in law means nothing changes except with the permission of Allah and I don't have the power to change except if Allah wishes me to change so I'm in a good state, it's not going to change if Allah is going to protect me I'm in a bad state it will change if Allah wills so not only that, and also the power to change how will I change the change will come

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from Allah subhana wa Tada will not pull water in there Billa Hilarion Alvim so increase this drop increase this dikkat especially in this timeframe, may Allah subhana wa Tada make us of the righteous Allahumma inni de Firmino Allah Mala that if you had adamis M but in love affolter wala hum medulla for Raja, what are they in in La vita, what am OD on internatia feta when I'm on inertia Atia when I'm already on inertia theta. What are the feta

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mean about Allah in the law to I'm gonna put the number there but there'll be enough say within the Medaka photoessay within the theory Federica you're more than an engineer he went in so far as the MacFarlane Allina in the law Hamanako Soluna then Debbie Yeah, you know son do it. He was sending motors NEMA Allahumma Salli was sending more about equal Abdi Kurosu to come Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa and everybody Allah in the law to motivate idli when they have sunny way to either pull back when Hi this actually will monitor you. Are you ever coming to Allah coming to the Quran? Or the Quran? Allah Allah the MO The critical was Kuru who yes it did not come what are the Corolla

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he Tana Akbar welcome masala.

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Longworth wrote on long workable headwinds elearning the more shadow and more murder or solo more or Yano slaughter Do you hey Arlen Fana Baden Komitas SWANER don't call the call to slaughter Allahu Akbar on more learn

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in the last two

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hamdulillah here

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cannot avoid

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and then also

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most healthy

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me in

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I mean now Cabo

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San Fe

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as well as failing

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I mean all Saudi had to fly home

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Canada I don't in the

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Caribbean gaming

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gaming a loved one

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semi naman Hamidah.

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and hamdulillah here

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again establishing

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a muscle

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you all slowly

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Allahu Akbar

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semi Allahu naman Hamidah

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want to go

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Salam Alaikum

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I said

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to our first announcement

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so if you can just wait two minutes we have an announcement to leave as well we have a long list of names of people that are sick and passed away they asked us to make dua So on behalf of all of them let's make dua yeah hi yah yah yah or hammer rahimian But I'm gonna delete the Allah Allah Allah Allah hi in our media never show he didn't have a hobby never that can everyone Santa alarm I'm gonna hate on me naffaa here and Islam momento freedom inevitable father Eman of Allah We ask that you forgive all of those who have passed on to Allah, Allah Allah make their graves of us play so Allah, Allah, Allah make their graves one of the gardens of paradise of Allah, Oh Allah forgive

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their sins and exalt their rank. So Allah, Allah, Allah give their families Subhan Allah Allah, Allah Allah those that are sick amongst us cure them of Allah. Oh Allah, you're the chef. You are the coffee. Oh Allah you're the right man. You are the Rahim O Allah you are the hammer rahimian of Allah cure our sickle Allah cure our sickle Allah cure our sickle Allah O Allah whomever you're allowed to live allow them to live upon Islam and whoever you choose to take away they may take them away upon Iman or Allah grant us across in southern Oh ALLAH lift from us display again. What about oh Allah grant us the man and Taqwa till the day that we passed away that admitted our hamara him in

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the announcement

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so inshallah is still going to use for 72 on this side to this exit. And then the back people use the back exit who have installed the kiosk and the cash boxes as well for you for modular operation. And just to let you know, you can still pay by the credit card, and we also have a Facebook campaign just for the Joomla so you can donate online as well. Cinematic

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