15 Year Old Converts To Islam!

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A man named Sharon talks about how he grew up Catholic and how Islam has made him feel like a Christian. He also talks about the importance of praying for him and not overwhelm himself. He mentions a large community in Munich and a movie he is watching.

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What's your name? Woman? Hold it like this? Well, how old are you? I'm 15 Mashallah, how did you hear about Islam? Um, well,

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I've, like always known about it, okay. I grew up Catholic, and had Catholic beliefs for most of my life up up until, like, two years ago. Like, when I, whenever I started, like actually thinking about the Catholic beliefs, it just didn't like correlate with my way of being in my way of thinking. So I started looking more and more into like, other religions, and then I came up on like Islam, and like, the red lines and the boundaries that it has. And it just fits so well with like, my way of being in my way of thinking that it's like, it just feels like the right like step to take. That's incredible because what you're saying is something Allah says that what you felt inside

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that it connects with your way of being, it's called your fitrah it's your nature and Allah made that nature and Allah gave us this religion that fits with that nature. So when people hear it, they say I already knew this, this feels like this fit this this is something familiar to me right? So when hamdulillah Allah guided you to this religion and in a way he already guided you before efficiently becoming a muslim right so this is something also that was said in condemning Kabbalah he Muslim in people that came into contact with the Prophet they heard the Quran they said, it's, we were actually Muslim already. We were already feeling this. It's just confirming what we had, you

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know, so I'm gonna say some bit by bit I'll say it in Arabic and you will repeat it after me. Okay. So let's begin. Ash, how do as an N La ilaha illa Illa, Allah illallah wa wa, Ash hadoo, a Saudi, anna muhammadan Mohammed Abdullah, who to wa wa rasuluh Rasul who I testify I testify that there is no one that there's no one worthy of worship worthy of worship, or complete obedience, complete obedience, except Allah except Allah. And I testify and I testify that Muhammad that Muhammad is his slave is a slave and His messenger and His Messenger of Hamdulillah. Now you're a Muslim. And

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the request I have from you, is that a few things?

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The first of them is when someone accepts Islam, that's like, coming back to Allah. That's called doba. It's coming back to Allah. And when you come back to Allah, Allah says, He took all of your bad deeds, and he turned them into good deeds. So you at this point, no human being here is doing better with Allah than you are. You're doing better than all of us right now. So we would request all of us we would request that you pray for us. And, and the other thing I want you to know is that, you know, now that you've been welcomed by the community, there's a large community here, people are going to congratulate you lots of conversations and things. Don't feel overwhelmed. Take

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it slow. Allah doesn't want you to turn into super Muslim in 24 hours. You can take your time, and you can learn one step at a time in sha Allah, there's a lot to learn, but that's okay. Allah is not interested in quantity, he's interested in quality, right? So just your effort is what is most valuable like you heard today, right? So just make consistent, solid efforts and don't overwhelm yourself and Inshallah, before you know it, you'll know you'll know so much you'll surprise yourself. Inshallah Betina. So, looks like you have some wonderful friends with you to mashallah, so that's great. Alhamdulillah 100 We're very happy to see that congratulations to

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