Abdullah Oduro – Nightly Reminder – 4th May 2023

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of fasting and rewarding individuals for their contributions to the environment. They stress the need for a general rule and reward process for rewarding fasters, as well as mentioning a book and woman named Emma as Muslims. They also mention the importance of providing reward for fasting actions and reminding individuals of their reward process.
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Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa sallam about it I'm going to be in Hamid what are the early he was so happy he Jemaine and my bad

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Hello Santa Rahim Allah Allah Viki to every other Sunday Haney feedback before the month filter assignment for the for the saw me a lady you kill you kill you color and the who what do I actually call it and virtues are providing yaki Michel for noises in his book entitled the gardens of the righteous in the chapter the virtues of providing food and drink to break the fast and the excellence of the host and whose presence the guest eats and supplicates for him. And as either may call it in El Giovanni Radi Allahu Anhu and then the de sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called manfaat para saw him in Canada who mythologically Aveda Anahola Yun kazoo Minh IgD hitmen allegedly saw me

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che on

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I'm sad when you call it a journey narrates the promise of some said he who provides a fasting person with something to break his fast will earn the same reward as the one who was fasting without diminishing in any way the reward of the latter

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and this idea is recorded on activity in the section of fasting and even manager on fat in this section of fasting and a data me in the section of fasting as well. So this hadith is a Hadith that is virtuous because it's you know face value we see okay you provide

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some food for the fasting person or you take part you take part in contributing to buying that which helps in feeding the fasting person. So for instance, if you were to give to an organization or the masjid that was to buy food to provide the the the dates and whatever they used to break the fast and the masjid let's say on Mondays and Thursdays here at the masjid says something that is virtuous, and inshallah the individuals will receive that reward. And that's something that should be done. We think we're doing in this Masjid as well as we're Mondays and Thursdays, brothers or sisters get together, and they come to the masjid to break their fast on Mondays and Thursdays. So

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the Prophet salallahu Salam is giving just the general virtue here of the one that is contributing to helping the individual break their fast is also the virtue of fasting as well, for the individual that is helping them the one that is helping them recognize that recognizes the virtue of the fasting person, that when you give food or you invite someone over, it's Monday or Thursday you invite the people that are fasting over your house. This is a virtue as well this individual would enter in this hadith as well. Another very important virtue as well here is your the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam where he said Canada who mythologically he said that he will provide for the

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fasting person fasting person with something to break his fast will earn the same reward as the one who was fasting were in the same reward as the one who was fasting why is this important?

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Why is this important?

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Horseshoe Boone Musen

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is it why is it important that

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no but

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more or less

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moment qualia and evidence No So

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the Prophet SAW Selim he said he who provides a fasting person with something to break his fast will earn the same reward as the one who was fasting why is this will earn the same reward as the one who was fasting important

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No, but something okay medallic

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What else

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what is buy one get one free me

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important to see I'm gonna

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tell you

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next, this is gonna get

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even some people that they can ask. The community knows that okay, some

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that's the last part.

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What's the general rule? And what's the idea here that we can understand a general rule that we see in the city and that Islam propagates or pushes

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even more general than that?

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A debt

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Adela al Qaeda is the one that caused the good is though he has done the good. So even though you didn't do it, you may see received the same what

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were word as the

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as the one that did it as the one that will give an example. This is kind of similar. I remember when we used to go to the huddle. Okay, man was tougher. So we were really young, vibrant, mashallah, we would always get shuffled over like on Mondays and Thursdays and measure the number we write. So we would go there, you know, answer, and then just review the Quran, whatever it is. Yeah, late, if you had to go to the bathroom.

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If you had to go to the bathroom, that means you have to get up from your spot. You come back, somebody would take it. Somebody would take it Subhanallah sometimes you will find May Allah bless them and guide them as well. All of us, you will find

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a brother will be you know, you're asked a very solid assumption that.

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He said, I'm just gonna go to the bathroom. I'll be right back. He said, because, you know, we know the brothers that there's usually the regulars there.

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So then someone will just come up, and they'll stand there. And then the brother be like, yeah, he knew like, Allahu Akbar.

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I give them you hear?

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Allahu Akbar. And by the time he's done making a lot of brothers like, yeah, he's like, What am I supposed to do? Right? So when I come back, somebody you know, you have to remember this, this general rule, because your spot has taken himself alone. But in the Malla Malou

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you had the intention. You didn't make it you you made it, but somebody took your spot. So in Charlotte, you receive the reward for

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being aware

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and suffer alone so you weren't suffering Oh, I saw you receive that reward even though you didn't obtain it. So here the promise of either some is kind of giving that same general example even though you didn't do the action, action of fasting, you provided the fasting first person was something to break their fast with and show you is to the board then after that, which is beautiful here gets a battery less then what's the thing you would think? And this is important. The fact that you provide it for the fasting person, here's the date, here's a half a date or something. Okay, I received the same reward as them. The fasting person may think what

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should I lose it? Should I lose it?

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Right, because some said may impose Delica and as a result, Michigan actually started machine. He says here he says what he says that without diminishing any way of the reward of the lateral gravity, he said later under who lay young Castleman, Ajit is saw AMI che when they're young because nothing will be decreased. So this shows what's the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala when just just reading this what's one name? Many there's many names.

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Kidding, how is kidding?

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Kareem is what in English?

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Generous? Where's the generosity in this hadith? I mean to ask like that, but I wonder is Do

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you know, double rewards. We get the reward for this one and reward for that one, right? So Allah is kidding. Right? So even though you're not doing it, you're helping someone do it. He's quitting. He will give you that reward. So that was another name of ALLAH SubhanA wa.

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Aladdin. How's he just

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and that is a sign of what justice because the person shall have the right intention and fasting. It's just they will

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last it, no. How's it last year? Abundant.

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We all feel what you're saying with

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my giving.

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Exactly, exactly. And I'll end up with so when people fundraise, right? Sometimes you may say

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I'm going to give this amount of money and it's going to

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we use mathematics or

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use mathematics is going to decrease time I'm going to give it I'm not going to have, it's going to decrease. Right? So what do we what do we understand from this? When you're giving it for something for the algebra,

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and sha Allah, you receive that reward. And what's the process I'm saying?

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Man opposite.

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When you give charity doesn't decrease the money, you can't think on the tangible you have to think the Africa, you have to think much greater than what is in front of you. And that's what the beauty that is the beauty of this hadith as well, because it teaches that general principle, when you do these actions in the process, someone mentioned something that you may not logically understand. But remember, this is tied with adolescent This is titled, man, this is terrible money to start with and moving this is tell with an adult this is tied with Allah subhanaw taala, which goes far beyond what you are far beyond our tangible capabilities. So it's very, very important to remember that that's

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the general rule that we can extract from this beautiful Hadith, that when you do something even though you're not the doer, but you do something associated with it, the Prophet SAW Selim mentioned that there is a same reward and nothing will be decreased. So remembering that when we give for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala in that beautiful, beautiful way so and the last one down to make us are those that remember? The beauty of His mercy, the beauty of his abundance, the beauty of His love, the beauty of His Honor for his slaves for ones that gives for his sake, and the ones that show a crumb and show mercy and show love to the ones that worship Han subhanho Medina Robina adds

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an effort dunya Hassan has no other no ultimate villain I don't know when our cathedra Anessa yeah tonight with our friend Emma and abroad along with so this lemma will Muslimeen Aloma so this lemma free Sudan you're a Muslim if you Sudan euro but I mean Allama son Islam and Muslim if you Philistine have a studio with the Nigerian Masonic Lodge in Makati they have a feat legally out of it I mean, with a bit awkward that my mother I got a bit I mean, was the law was something radical into being a Muhammad while he was

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