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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hilda the Halacha sama Swati will Allah wa Jalla voto Marathi one Nora Samba Latina Bella Brahim you should record now your see either than Yama Hill dune wala you edition Quran Mata hammy dune wala ye boo hoo muda of Amati hill while cellphone, Madeira sama wa T will out either online or in kulula Who Khun Fe Akun a my bad Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Allah subhana wa Tada has reminded us to be conscious of him. When he says in the Quran Yeah, you heard it as Nina Amano. Tapachula halka to RT wala temotu illa Anta Muslim Moon dear Muslims we are all aware that Iman and the strength of our iman changes from time to place. Sometimes our iman is very

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strong, and that other times it becomes weak. And Allah subhana wa Tada describes this phenomenon multiple times in the Quran itself. For example, in the end of Surah Tober Allah says, what you've done on Zillow, Torah every time a surah comes down. One group of people, the believers, they are excited and they say whose Eman has gone up. Allah says for Molina Arman offers the tomb Iman and welcome your steps you don't the believers there Eman goes up every time a new Surah comes down and they are happy well

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Molina fuchal Obey Him modeled. And as for those whose hearts have a disease, these are not the believers. These are the hypocrites for that home Regis and Isla Did you see him the filthiness increases, the lack of iman increases and they turn away and they have rejected ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. So if Eman goes up and down, then it is imperative on every single one of us that we should be monitoring the strength of our own Iman. We should see how strong our iman is throughout the year. Just like the blood pressure patient, he checks his blood pressure, the cholesterol patient checks his cholesterol, anybody who has an issue they're struggling with they check it and all of us

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are struggling with iman. And the most important factor for all of our lives is to have strong Iman. So how regularly do we check our EMA and in fact, how does one check our iman in today's brief hutzpah. I want to remind myself and all of you have two factors we have to be careful of when it comes to assessing our iman and three litmus tests that will help us verify the strength of our iman. As for the two factors we have to be careful of as for the two factors that should not fool us. Factor Number one, just because we had strong Iman, just because we tasted piety at one point in our lives, it does not mean that we shall remain pious throughout our lives. Just because we were

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close to Allah during Ramadan does not mean we are close to Allah right now. Just because we felt spiritually strong and powerful after Ramadan Hajj does not mean it will last throughout our entire lives. Eman fluctuates. And it is very possible that at one point in our lives, we were very good, very righteous, very pious, and then shaytaan came and seduced us shaytaan came and misguided us. In fact, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala reminds us that people before us, their main problem was that lack of that reality that that notion of false confidence. They thought that just because they had Iman once, they shall always have Iman and Allah says one iota Kuno Kalinina Otto Kitab, among others,

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don't be like those who are given the book before you forget Allah, Allah he will Emma. And as time went on, their hearts became hard. They had eemaan they had the book, they had knowledge, but they thought her loss we are the chosen people. Allah has blessed us, Allah has gifted us and time went on and time caused their hearts to become hard. Therefore, the first factor we have to be careful of just because we were righteous at one point in times, does not guarantee righteousness at later point in times. On the contrary, Eman is an active verb, we must always nourish a man and be vigilant that a man does not go down. The second factor we have to be careful of. The second factor

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that we have to be cognizant about is that even if we have a spiritual blessing, and even if there is a Baraka that Allah has given, it is possible that we don't appreciate that blessing. And it is possible that the very blessing that at one point in time caused our iman at another point in time, it might actually become an impediment against strong Iman and the best example for this is the blessing and it is a blessing of knowledge. Allah subhana wa Tada praises knowledge and the people of knowledge. And Allah in fact actually says you can never achieve the highest levels of Iman and Taqwa without knowledge in nama Yosh Allah Minerva the hero dama, it is only the ILM who will truly

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fear Allah. So generally speaking, knowledge is a gift, knowledge is a blessing, but even this gift and blessing, even this baraka from Allah, it can be abused shaytaan can come and switch out this blessing and instead of becoming a blessing, the very thing that should have led you to Allah might actually take you away from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah if you misuse it if you don't have the right intentions, and we see this with regards to knowledge Allah says in the Quran, in Medina and the law in Islam, Verily, the religion in the eyes of Allah is Islam. And the only reason the people before you they broke away they didn't accept this religion that Ali Kitab when the Quran came when

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the prophets Islam came, why didn't they accept Allah subhana wa Allah says that they understood the aim but has said and boldly came into their hearts jealousy and arrogance came into their heart mimbar Dima, who took it up after the book was given after the idiom came after the unit after the Huda in so many verses, Allah says the people before you

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They recognize the truth. And they rejected it. They knew, but they didn't act upon that knowledge. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada doubly criticizes them. They should have known better. They had the knowledge. I gave them the book, I gave them the Houda. But what happened? Their hearts became hard. They became arrogant, they became jealous. Why was he given the book and not us? Why was the prophet in another race and not our race? Allah ascribe knowledge to them. And yet, Allah said, because of their knowledge, their knowledge did not benefit them, they became angry and jealous, they became arrogant, and this shows us a potential for good was wasted, a source of potential blessings was

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lost. Just because you have been blessed in one area does not mean that it will always be a blessing area. If you don't appreciate it, then the very blessing that Allah has given you can be flipped around and used against you. So these are the two warnings that I remind myself from all of you, just because you are pious, at one point in time does not mean piety lasts forever. And just because ALLAH blessed you with some blessing, that was indeed a blessing of piety, whether it was memorizing some Quran, whether it was gaining some knowledge, it was a genuine blessing, okay, it doesn't mean it's going to last forever. If your attitude is not right, you have to have that humility and that

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loss. So what are three litmus tests that I want to remind myself and all of you about how we know the reality of our iman, what is the blood pressure? What is the pulse that We may test our iman with? Realize, one of the things that a lot of people think we can test our Eman with is the punctuality of our rituals. And I say this is not a strong test. Rather, it is a feeble test. No doubt the one who doesn't pray the one who doesn't fast. No doubt that's a problem. But just because a person prays does not mean their Eman is strong. Just because a person is doing the routine outwardly, does not mean they have passed the test. They're obviously better than the one who

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doesn't pray. But don't be lulled into a false sense of confidence. Why? Because it is very easy for the righteous to fall into the routine, the monotony of worship and the righteousness diminishes, the piety goes down, the rituals remain, but the piety goes down. And a person might feel oh, I'm just as pious as when I began the rituals. But no, that's why Allah subhana wa Tada actually says in a verse that should shock all of us for way too little mousseline woe to those who are praying. Just because you pray doesn't mean you are alright. Those who are not praying properly, those who are praying in order to show off, the ritual is there but the spirit has been lost. The outer

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Punctuality is there, the outer form is there, but the inner soul is gone. So don't be deluded. This is a false litmus test that just because outwardly my routine is semi Islamic, this means inwardly the piety is there. No, you want to check your piety. Let me give you three tests. And these are of course, many other tests. But these are three of them. Number one of the ways you really test your taqwa and Iman, look at the quality of your worship, when you are alone. Look at how much and how peacefully and how much humility you have. When you worship Allah and there are no eyes on you. What is the level of your tea now of the Quran? What is your level of Salah to know why fill in your

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house? What is the level of tahajjud? What is the level of your secret charity that nobody knows about? Yes, it's good to have a public fundraiser and raise your hands. Yes, it's good to come to our we have every Ramadan every day in Ramadan, yes, it's good to come to Juma. These are all good signs. But these are not definitive. These are not the end all these are feeble, and potentially potentially not definitive. People might have the public rituals. But if they have nothing in private, if you're only worshiping Allah when people's eyes aren't are on you, that is a problem. That is a huge problem. Make sure when nobody is watching, you have a healthy dose of private

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rituals. Now realize some people say one of the self actually said one of the Greeks called is the past said that, you know, the highest level of Eman is that you worship Allah in secret as you worship Allah in public. That is correct. Nobody can deny that. But I want to be a little bit more practical. The aspect in the issue of sins we all commit sins. Don't expect that simply because you're committing sins. This means you have no iman or a lack of Eman we all commit sins and the righteous person will be embarrassed of his or her sins.

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And the righteous person will indeed commit sins and private. Nobody's denying this. Of course to not commit any sins as best that's the highest level, but you may have a level of piety and you are committing sins, that is the reality. Make sure you're repenting to Allah make sure making a stick for that is the reality. So to commit sins is not good. But some people come and say if I'm committing sins in private, I must do them in public as well. No, if you're going to commit a sin have some of the people have some I have Allah azza wa jal ask Allah for is still far no doubt about that. The real test is not sins or lack thereof, because only the highest of the high will

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absolutely leave committing any type of such sins. The real test when no eyes are on you, how much harsher do you have in your Salah? What is the quantity of your Salah? What is the quality of your Tilawat? How much charity are you giving that even your spouse does not know about that is one symptom of iman one filter test one litmus test how much faith that you have a second litmus test that or I remind myself and all of you a second litmus test is how do you react in the face of a calamity and tragedy? Once again, it is very easy to lull yourself into a false sense of confidence. My Eman is strong, when the things are good, when life is good, when the money is there, when the

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health is there, when the family is there, when the job is there, when everything is fine, it's very easy to feel my image is strong, what will happen at the first stroke of calamity, how does one react? How much subber is manifested? How much Eema and in Allah azza wa jal how much real law contentment of Allah has other what is the your kin? Where is the terroir cool? All of this will be manifested within the first few minutes of hearing about the tragedy. This is a litmus test of eemaan. Brothers and sisters, how does one react at the very first stroke of a calamity? As soon as you find out a noose that is devastating? Does your heart turn to Allah? Do you take comfort in

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turning to Allah making dua? Or is there an emptiness? Is there a sense of complete rejection? How can this be happening? And that's why Allah describes the believers who Alladhina either Asaba Tomasi button called you in the law when they erode your own. This is a sign of iman, when the Messiah happens, yes, it's painful, nobody is going to take that pain away. Having eemaan does not take the pain away. But having eemaan When the tragedy happens, it links you to Allah immediately. This is of the ultimate litmus test of the strength of your Eman. How do you react to tragedy? How much suburb Do you have? How much Tawakkol how much is your iman and Allah, Allah and Kedah your

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realisation? Allah has willed this I need to accept it at some level, there must be a wisdom even if I don't understand that realisation is a sign and proportional to your iman. That's your true litmus test there. And a third litmus test and again, this is a shortcode by many more can be given. The third litmus test of one's Iman

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is how you treat other people, not not the people in the masjid. Not your acquaintances, not your colleagues know how you treat the closest people in your lives that nobody else knows about your family, your children, your wife, and how you treat those who make you angry. How do you react when your true colors are shown? When somebody enrages you and you want to do something, say something act? Can you control your o'clock in that stage? You want to see your real Eman. Then see how you treat vulnerable, your children, your wife. See how you treat those when your anger is boiling inside of you. If you really have strong Eman, this is a test here because Eman controls o'clock

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Eman dictates your actions. Yes, you're going to feel angry. In fact, the Sahaba recognize when the Prophet system was angry. How do they recognize from his face not from his actions. They could see the anger in his face. They knew he was controlling the anger. So when somebody makes you angry, you're going to get angry again. Eman is not going to take the anger away. Somebody says something nasty, somebody does something they shouldn't do. And you have every right maybe even in the Shetty or you might have the right to do back unto them the exact same thing and that's allowed but it's the lowest level of Eman the higher level of iman, you control that anger and then you act in a wise

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manner in a manner that is befitting in a manner that is dignified. The movement is never vulgar. The movement is able to control anger. The movements Iman is shown through a clock when your wife when your child

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drin can testify this is a man of character. When your own family knows you are a man of your word. That is a sign of Eman. It is very easy to have two faces Wallahi it is so easy in front of us here in the masjid. You have Mr. Nice Guy. And as soon as you go back home and the door shuts, that is where your real Iman is shown. So you want to see a litmus test of the man, that litmus test will be in your o'clock and not in the public cloud. Everybody can be polite in public. Everybody can show a little bit of kindness 510 minutes a day when you're interacting with broader society. What is your compassion and kindness? What is your a HELOC when you are in the privacy of your household with

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your lifelong partners and family? And what is your o'clock when you have been provoked? When really if you don't have Eman, you will react in a way that is truly showing who you really are. Eman will come in control that no you're not really like that. You're better than this. Eman will show you who you really are at times of anger and at times of privacy. These are three symptoms or these are three litmus tests of Eman brothers and sisters number one what do you do in private our profit system PRAISE THE ONE WHO when he's all alone, nobody's looking at him his eyes cry out of fear of Allah those are one of the seven people to be shaded is the one who is crying all alone privacy and

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the quality of your Ibadah the quality of your repentance when you're all alone. Number two, how you react during times of a calamity during times of stress. And then number three, what is your lock amongst your loved ones and also amongst the opposite your enemies and those who provoke you look at your clap on the closest and on the most despised of people. And you will see your Eman These are three simple litmus tests for all of us to monitor our iman May Allah subhana wa Taala bless me and you with through the Quran. And May He make us of those who is VS they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. I ask Allah is forgiveness you as well ask him for his liver for

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and the ramen.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah the one and the unique. He it is when we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed and he answers the dua of the week as to what follows. One of the simplest ways to fortify our iman, one of the most essential ways to protect our iman, especially in this land and society is to make an extra effort to be around people of iman in this land where Iman is scarce in this land when Islam is a very strange religion in this land where piety is hardly found. If you wish to preserve your Eman brothers and sisters, then hunt for piety. Find righteous people and befriend them be around them and be in the companionship of those who have

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that Eman. Allah subhana wa Tada says, yeah you Alladhina amanu otaku Allah who are Kuno ma saw the thing or you who believe have Taqwa of Allah and associate with the people of righteousness associated with the people of truth. We're cool. No mas are the thing. It's not good enough to have Taqwa. If you have tacos, all alone, and you're all alone in a society in line, that taco is going to whittle away that taco is going to be constantly attacked. to fortify your taco be with the people of Taqwa Allah says in the Quran worker will now rakia in due course not just alone. Also, with all the other people doing Roku, be in the companionship of people who are doing real core,

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come to the masjid and bow down along with everybody else who's bowing down. Allah is telling you in the Quran, don't just do private make your companionship with those who have piety and Taqwa and Allah says in the Quran was severe enough. seka Marla Deena you're the owner of burmilla data will she be patient and persevere and be in the companionship of those who are constantly worshipping Allah morning and evening, be patient in their companionship, ie sometimes things are going to be awkward with your friends, they might do something they might say something, overlook it, for the sake of Allah for the sake of brotherhood come together. And then Allah says to the Prophet system,

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what do I Naka and whom do not remove your gaze from the people of piety to the people of wealth and fame of this world do not change your eyesight Do not be enticed by fame and fortune people are richer than the righteous don't worry about that people have more fame than the righteous don't worry about that was good enough second My Allah DNA the ruler of Malaga technology, stay with those who want to please Allah subhana wa Tada and our worship him constantly, especially in this land, brothers and sisters, make an effort come to the masjid as often as you can find people in your vicinity in your locality that can become family friends, for you and your children that are people

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of Eman and Taqwa

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Make sure that you associate with people who will make you better Muslims. We all know what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a person follows the religion of his friends. So be careful who your friends are. And this is of the ways to protect our Eman May Allah subhana wa Tada make us of the people of Eman and Taqwa Allahumma and Anita and for aminu, Allahu Allah azza wa jal me them but in love Africa whether Harmon Illa for Raja wala Dana la Kobita whatever the you want Elijah feta what I see you're on in LA you're sorta Allahumma fildena Well, the one in a Latina sub Hakuna Bill Eman Walters, your Rubina hyndland In Latina Amanu Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim, Allah

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Houma is that Islam at one Muslim in Allahumma Israel Islam I will Muslim in Allah Humam and Aradhana Arada Islam I will Muslim in Ebisu and vegetarian who may have say what your altijd mudra who fitted BT Yakko yo yo Aziz Roberto Allah in Allah to other Americans. I'm getting better behavior NFC within the America the audio say What's that letter B? Can you help me know when I'm in Germany? Hey, we're in C for all zoom in cotton and Idema in Allaha, warmer equatorial Soluna either Nebby you hola Xena, Amano Solu la he was selling the motors Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdic Rasulullah Mohammed what are the early he was a big marine Roberto Allah in Allah to Allah

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Yeah, Moodle Bill Adley What ehsani Waiter Adel Cordoba Wayan Han and fascia it will Moon curry all belly your Edo Camilla Allah come to the karoun Oh the Quran Allah Allah Allah MA or the Quran wash crew who Yezidi Lacan what are the crolla heeta Allah Akbar Wa Altimas salah?

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Allah at well more and

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more shadow.

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Madigan was more Hayao SWANA Hey on and fella by the Informatica sauna to Padam calm

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along with some more

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more still straight new rows leaving no gaps in the line along

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Alhamdulillah here I've been mi n Rahman Al Rahane. Maliki Ahmed de

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II can't gonna do on any kind of starting they know slept on floor room was stomping him sleep at all it's one that he and I know

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him all using Google beyond him model morning.

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Me and

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Linda Hema fifth. What do you want to feel? I don't want you to

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feel forsaken. for who you are has been

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for y'all fear only me or Shah while you're able me Aisha one long Haoran Cooney, che

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paldi I'm Anna Rossano beam.

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Zilla Isla de Mille Robbie, he wanted me

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cool noon Kowloon man I've been one isla. De he weren't going to be he was ruining. Learn. Oh Federico. Vina had him mill Rosalie walk on Lou Sam Erina outlaw now lawn girl on bene one in a gun mostly. Now you can live for long Hoon Epson in WUSA la ha Saba to Allah ye MK does

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a lot better

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in nursing.

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Now, Robin I want to I mean I ina

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gamma hammer Johore Island and Dena Mu balbirnie Not a lot by now why large

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law courts Allah Anna

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long like them

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and hamdulillah he'll have been on me and Manuel Rahim Imani Kia will meet Dini he can go on doing what he can that's

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in then I'll say it offline and western theme I'll say it on on 19 and lie him ye then we'll move beyond it him wanting to move on knee pain

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no serum long he was fat. Well he can say yes Do Hoon fe de la he FWAA Agia fossa Beer Beer Hemdale off Baker was still Finn in Guca

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