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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi​ delves into the way to trust in Allah’s wisdom in giving some and depriving others of wealth, children and sustenance and also elaborates on where our true contentment and happiness lies.

Allah gives His sustenance to those whom He loves just enough so that they don’t go beyond the bounds. If Allah were to give us everything then we may go beyond that which is permissible for us and fall into sin.

Qadr is used to find peace in whatever has happened in your life. For more such amazing facts and observations by the Shaykh on the value of finding contentment in the Qadr of Allah, do listen intently.


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smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was happy woman wa I'm about. One of the verses that we recited today is one oh bustle de la hora scholar iva de la ofin audibly. What can you do to be hardened Mr. Yoshida in Novi rebel de la hubbie Rasul? Allah azza wa jal says if we had opened up the doors of our risk, if we had given our sustenance to our servants, LaBelle, whoa fill out, they would have gone beyond the measure, they would have gone to a level of how long they would have done something that they should not do. Why not can unit Zulu Bukhari Maja Shah. Instead, a law reveals with his other as much as he wants to whomever he pleases. Now, this verse

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tells us a very interesting reality. Allah gives those whom he loves, just enough for them to not go beyond the bounds. Allah is saying I know how much you're capable of. And if I were to give you everything, then you would go beyond what is halal, what is permissible for you. And this same sentiment is demonstrated in the spirit of the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them in the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari it is narrated that the process was giving someone money or he was giving a group of people money, one of those a habit said, O Messenger of Allah, why don't you give so and so for? Well, law, he, I think he's a Mormon. He's a good guy, give it to him, and the process and

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ignored him, and he kept on giving to other people. Second time, the Sahaba said Yasuda Allah give to him for Allah I think is a moment.

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And he ignored him for a second time, a third time, he ignored him. And then our process of them turned and said to him, oh, so and so sometimes I give money to people. And I don't give to those whom I love more, either. Beloved, I don't give to out of a fear that that money will be a temptation that will drag them into jahannam. In other words, our profit system knows that people, and he is saying what you're saying about this man might be right, he's a Mormon. He's a good guy, but he doesn't have that type of, if you like patients with money, that he might do something that is not appropriate with that money. And therefore do your brothers and sisters, what do we learn

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from this ayah and from this idea is very simple. And that is what we do not have and we try to get it we didn't get it. We should be contented that Allah has a plan that Allah knows how much he's giving. Why not can unit zero because in Maya Sha, Allah reveals with his other as much as he pleases. So Allah azza wa jal knows who to give what to and why he has given that person in the end of the same surah Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the same fact but this time about children. Allah says in the Quran, he is the one who blesses with children. Yeah hubballi Manya shall enough to some he gives all daughters Well yeah, hopefully manjusha was Dooku to some he gives all men all boys

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will use a widow home the Quran and whatnot. And some families they have boys and girls wildermann Yasha akima and some people have no children in no idea you and Cody, this is the father of Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah knows who to give what to and Allah knows how much to give. And Allah knows who to test people with. And therefore the believer who believes in Qatar, one of the main benefits of believing in Qatar is that you feel a contentment of the heart, whatever has happened has happened because of other as I said many times, other is used to calm down and to find relief from a calamity and color is not used to justify a sin other is used to find peace in whatever Allah has

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decreed. You didn't get the job done a lot you didn't make the millions that you were looking to get from the business cut that Allah you didn't have this you didn't get that you tried, you may go out to Allah, you didn't get it. Now the point is you have to try if you didn't try then that's your problem. But you have to try you want the job you want the business you want to get married you try if it doesn't happen, that's when we say a done a lot and also realize my dear brothers and sisters there is a great wisdom and people having different talents, different money, different passions, this is how society functions a lot so it just says who led Jaya Kahala for he is the one who has

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made you holla if and holla if he means to take over after another generation the attack is about to come down. So hurry Yeah. So that groups amongst you can take the services of other groups. In other words, some of you have one talent, another has another talent. The doctor needs the car mechanic the car mechanic needs the doctor. The shoe repair right needs everybody else in society and society needs him as well. Leah to hit about Oh come on. Sorry. Yeah. So that groups amongst you can take the services of the other groups. He is the one waterfire about the confocal bartons He is the one who has raised some of you above others. Why so that each group can take advantage of the other

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If everybody was the same profession or had the same income level, society would not function. Society functions when there's this variety, when there's this diversity when there's differences, and this is what Allah is saying, I know what I am doing. So be content with what you have been given. And the final point time today is tight. The final point that I mentioned, the famous Heidi that relates to this point that our Prophet system said, when one of you see someone whom you think has been blessed over you in money, or in health or in wealth or in looks, then look to somebody whom you have been blessed over, look to somebody whom you are better than, and who has less than

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you. And that is going to be better for our Eman and our taqwa. One of our problems of this society is that it wants to emphasize the rich and the famous and the elite. It wants to emphasize the multibillionaires. There are programs on TV, the lifestyles of you know these people, and they show their cars and their mansions and everything. And this will cause us to salivate and want to be like them. But Subhanallah, the minute you look at those who are deprived, the minute you look at those who don't even have food to eat proper meals, all of a sudden, it puts things into perspective. And there's even a social media hashtag for this firstworldproblems. You know, there's this running joke

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about firstworldproblems being something so trivial compared to other problems in the world. And this is an Islamic reality, we should not be looking to those who have more than us, because then we're going to feel deprived. Rather, we should concentrate on those who have less than us, it is an Islamic principle, to look at those who have less than us, so that we can thank Allah subhana wa Tada. And we can feel content, because in the end of the day, there is no winning the rat race. You know, this Heidi that I just quoted and body that are processing him said, if you look at somebody above you, then look at someone whom you have been placed above who has been given less than you

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look at it, you are above many people, but you're not looking at them, you're looking at those whom you think are above you, guess what those whom you think are above, you are not looking at you, they're looking at those who they think are above them. And if you keep on trying to do this, everybody is going to be dissatisfied, everybody's going to be unhappy, rather than looking at a goal you can never get. Because in the end of the day, nobody is content with where they are, unless they have a man. Nobody is happy with where they are in that ladder unless they have a man. So even the one that you're jealous of guess what billions of people in the world are jealous of you,

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because you have a roof over your head. Because you live in a place where there's no Civil War, because you have meal your fridges full, you don't even have to worry about food and drink and water. Billions of people are jealous that your children don't have to worry about their meal for the next day. Rather than concentrate on that 0.0001% that have that lifestyle above you look at the bulk of the people that do not even have that. And then all of a sudden things will be put into perspective. And you will feel generous, you will feel thankful, you're not going to feel greedy, you will feel generous, because you realize I have so much. But if you keep on looking at the ones

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above you, you're going to feel I don't have enough, I want more I want more. And you're never going to be happy. When a man came to the process of messenger of Allah have a hard heart password to call, what can I do have a hard heart? He gave him some advice. And one of the pieces of advice he said is that go to the team go to the orphan and stroke the hair of the orphan. Now that's a beautiful Hadith. Why? Because when you go to the orphan, you go to the house of the orphan, you see how the orphan is living? Are you going to have a hard heart? Are you ever going to have a hard heart after that? You see the reality. So this is not the and this is I have to say this one of the

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biggest problems we have. Unfortunately, when it comes to Islamic Zakat, we just write the check and we send it, that's good to write a check and send it but even better, to see the effects of that money to see where it's going to see the lives we've changed. And will law here I encourage every one of you at least one or two projects you should take charge of Yes, I understand. We have a large, large amount of zecca. We cannot take charge of all of it. But at least one project. Find a family that needs the money that you can see the impact directly. Find a family a widow and orphan find someone that you can actually impact one on one and that is going to bring the softness to your

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heart as our Prophet system said to this man who complained of the hard heart he said go find a team and stroke his hair meaning what give him physical comfort free doesn't cost any money to find an orphan and embrace him stroke is it make him feel loved. That doesn't cost any money. But what's going to happen to your heart, your heart will feel that softness, that kindness and an anecdote with this. I conclude one of my very good friends who goes and is involved in fundraising. And I never forget this story because he's like one of us. I mean, I consider myself middle class most of the time.

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middle class, Al Hamdulillah. For most of us, we have never, ever had to worry about going to sleep hungry, not knowing how we're going to feed our kids, not knowing where water will come from not knowing where to the food. This is an Hamdulillah, a blessing from Allah subhana wa Tada, this brother of a friend of mine, he's involved in fundraisers. And recently he went to a certain country in the Muslim world that is extremely deprived, and has, you know, problems with food and drink and water, and SubhanAllah. They were literally starving this country starving, there's a massive famine going on. And he spent two weeks over there, he came back to me and he said, you know, the one thing

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that really, I cannot get out of my head, every time I sit down to eat food after that trip, I keep on getting images of those children and those people that didn't even have food for days and weeks. And he told me for four months, I could not even finished a meal on my own plate after I came back. Because those images kept on haunting me for four months, I couldn't even eat a full plate of food. So while I was thinking one trip caused him to change so much, that it made him so much more motivated to go and help those people will lie. It is a blessing from Allah that we don't have to deal with that this goes back to the idea that we quoted that Allah knows who he's giving how much

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to thank Allah for what you have, thank Allah for what you have, because will law he if you have as our Prophet system set up, keep on thinking of other had it over here that whoever wakes up more often he just said he not having any problems in his day, right in the hoopoe to yummy he he has enough food for for the day for him and his family for kendama. He's at Lahu dunia, they had a failure. It is as if this whole world has been given to him with all of his blessings. If you wake up in the morning with life and energy, and you have good health, and you have food for the day, our process Adam said it's as if this whole world has been given to you. Well, lucky most of us we have

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that every single day. And yet we still think greedy, greedy more and more and more so powerful. There is no more thank Allah for what we have, be generous with what we have, and Allah will give you more and more and the ultimate richness comes from the richness of being happy and content with what we have May Allah subhana wa tada make us amongst them are cinematic and welcome to Loyola.