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Today inshallah our brief hotair will be quick explanation of Tafseer of Surah delay that are recited in the second raka surah. Lael is as you know, oft the recited surah and it is one that inshallah Allah has a lot of benefit as with all of the smaller sutras, it is also the ending of the middle pisar. So the Tesla the small Saudis have three the large groups or the middle class or in the small Cassatt, right, so the Kisara sewer have the three sections, so that the label is the ending of the middle of Tesla, the beginning of the small pistol, which is from what the app so the delay was revealed, after an incident and the incidents referenced inside the surah that incident

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was Abu Bakr so they Rhodiola One fried Bilal, even Abby Raba when he saw Bilal being tortured so severely and he went to OMA year even Calif. And he said, Tell me your price, and Ommaya gave an exorbitant price. And Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu, and without any question without any negotiation, he just paid the price for Bilal. And so rumors began to spread, people mocked Abu Bakr Seville, and they said, Oh, he must owe Bilal a favor. Bilal must have done something to him. So they're made fun of a very noble act in this regard. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada revealed the surah right after and you will see an iron to the reference is this as we're going to get to, so Allah begins the Surah, as

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usually the Macan surah is begin with a person or a series of person. And as we said, many times, customs are oats and the purpose of the oath you draw attention to what is going to come. So you bring the attention of the reader in the Arabic language, you will bring the attention of the reader and you will emphasize the object of the custom. So Allah azza wa jal gives the custom in this surah while Layli either yahusha One a hottie that Allah wa Holika dakara we're on for three number one, the night when it covers up the night when it envelopes were lately either yellow sharp, so when the night spreads out and things become dark, Allah is giving the custom by this number to one now

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hottie II that agenda, and the day when things become clearer. So the night covers up and darkens. And the day makes things clear, and everybody can walk around and know what is going on. What my halacha Zacchara will answer, there's that mA here. Technically it is. So this is an Arabic there's something called Xiao ADA. If you don't have it, the sentence will fully be still the same. But the purpose of the here is once again for an emphasis and the fact that Allah created male and female here, so the MA here is an emphasis right because if you removed it away, you could say what the cutter will answer that to the creation of the man and woman right? Or you can even say well let the

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Halacha macarons habit Allah azza wa jal says warmer halacha Zakharova onset and the creation, so the MA here becomes a type of like Muslim, the creation of male and female now a number of things here. Firstly, by giving the person with the night and the day, and male and female, Allah subhanho wa Taala is demonstrating that everything around us is intended for a higher purpose. It didn't just come about the fact that there's night and day and the fact that night is peaceful and night is dark and night is covering and day is active and day is hustle and bustle and day is bright. This is intended by Allah subhanho wa taala. And the one who intends something like this means that creation

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has a higher purpose. This didn't just come out of nothing. Everything around us has been created for a goal amongst blood. And so Allah azza wa jal is emphasizing that these things you take for granted, there is a divine wisdom. And in the Quran multiple is literally a dozen verses talk about who Elijah Allen lay the second and he is the one who has made the night a time of peace, right and the day a time of walking about that if Allah had made the night light for you, who could bring you peace and if Allah had made the day darkness for you, who could give you light so that you walk around, so Allah azza wa jal man says one rahmati he janela como Laila of His mercy He created the

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night so that you can sleep and the day so that you can walk about so Allah gives a custom here to indicate the creation has not been created without a higher purpose, what we take for granted of the natural order around us this is intended to facilitate life for us to make life easier. The one who made life easier for us wants something from us for this life. He did it for a wisdom he didn't do it for no cause and whether curry will allow Maha Dakka Dakka and the creation of male and female some say Adam and how up others say every male and female is referenced here. And there is no contradiction both of these are valid in the act of dividing mankind.

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In the miracle of marriage, in the miracle of the creation of life, the one who allowed this life to be created is truly Allah he will meet so Allah azza wa jal brings about this connotation. Also, the fact that there's dualities, night and day, man and woman is an indication that the one who brought about these dualities is himself not dual. The one who brought about these contracts is that I had a summit. Let me read William Hewlett. So the one who gave you this duality cannot be dual himself, he does not have a partner, he does not have an equal, there is nothing similar to him. So he created the world to be a world of contrast to tell you the one who created it has no contrast he has one he

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is one and there is none like unto him wama halacha Thackerville on top. So these are the customs, what is the sentence that Allah wants to bring emphasis to in Malaysia,

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your endeavors, and your efforts are all diverse. The fact that the world is one, the fact that the creation around us is in harmony, you owe mankind are not the same. You all mankind are not on the same Nirvana, the world is on the same Nirvana, the world has the same order, the sunrise, the sunset, the order, it is down to millisecond, everything isn't set. But as for you or mankind, you don't have that one goal. You are all diverse in your goals. You're all diverse in the efforts you do. And of course, the contrast here Abu Bakr Siddiq, and the one who killed or persecuted the land and the ones mocking Abu Bakr. Look at all of this contrast over here in Messiah Kamala shatta.

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There are those that are wanting to free the persecuted slave, there are those that wanting to persecute the slave. There are those that are feeling sorry for the slave but can do nothing the rest of the Muslims, there are those that are happy. We're in Messiah Kamala shatta indeed, all of you have diverse spectrums, you're not on the same. So this is the reason of the custom, all of the custom Allah is saying marvel at this diversity and then realize you have to choose your path. Realize that since there is this diversity, you have to decide where you're going with this diversity. So Allah azza wa jal then tells us in this icon with a shutter for an alto what taco was

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adaptable to SNA fasten your seat who did use Rob So now Allah gives us the to immediate contrast. Of course, there are many in the middle. But as usual, the Quran gives us the two most extreme so that you know these are the two main paths. And then of course, in the middle, there's going to be a spectrum for a moment our top what Tarkoff so as for the one who gave and had Taqwa gave what either gave the rights of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So he gave his soul to Allah azza wa jal, he dedicated everything he had woman and Nasima yes, sure enough to hammer that Allah there are those who sell their souls in order to gain the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala. So either he gave himself and

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gave everything he had, or he gave his wealth again and of his wealth as part of what he had. So whoever gave from his wealth, and had inner Taqwa point being both of these contrasts the reality of iman Eman consists of inner and outer. And you are not a believer until you have both. So he who conforms outwardly and has inner faith for a moment, our top, our thought has to be with the hands has to be with something given. Our thought is giving and showing that giving and Taqwa is in the heart. So the one who gives up his wealth or the one who sacrifices all he has and also has inner piety for a moment aka what taco and along with this will sadaqa will snap and he believed in Ultra

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snap. A Lucena is the feminine of us and I sent means the best and most no means the best but to feminine. What is the best here? Our scholars say? Again, a number of interpretations, either the best speech What is this best speech, the Kadima of la ilaha illAllah. So ductable BlueSnap, who SNA is the Kalama of la ilaha illallah or the best reward. And so help us out here Sunday Ellen Ersan when you do good, Allah will give you the best. So you believed that there's going to be a reward for what you've done. So So dockable husana He gave up of this dunya expecting in the era to be given the reward of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and some said Allah Who snap the best creation which is

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Jana, son who's not the best creation of Allah that is a gift to you, that is Jana, all of these are, you know, complimentary, right? So who is the Kalima? husana is the reward of Allah azza wa jal you know the throw up her SNA is Jana itself all of this complimentary, so whoever gives freely of his wealth and has inner piety and he believes in Jana was not documented Krishna, first Senoia siru who will use straw we are going to make the easy path

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It's easy for him, we're gonna make the easy path easy for him. Now, again so much can be said here of the things that can be said here. Allah subhana wa Taala says, Whoever does this shall be given this, this indicates that Allah azza wa jal has given us a type. Now, this is a deep topic, so don't misunderstand me a type of free will. Now we are understood that we affirm other. However, this does not mean that we are like robots. A listener has a belief that an outsider will find contradictory yet to this is our belief. We believe in Kedah, we believe everything happens by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. We believe not a leaf falls except that Allah has willed it and Allah knows it. And Allah has

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given it the power to fall. We believe everything happens by the mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. But still, we have along with this, we also have a choice, Lehman Shah, I mean, come on yesterday him Whoever wants to be the guy that shall be guided. But why am I Tasha? Owner Illa Ania. SHA, Allah Allah, Allah mean, you will only want to If Allah has wanted you to want to, we don't go deeper than this. Let us leave it at this point being we do not believe we are robots without any free will. At the same time we do not affirm a fully independent Free Will because that would go against Allah Allah has full control over us. So whoever gives shall be blessed with ease. Whoever

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has taqwa, we will make things easy for him. When you put in the effort, Allah will bless you. Right? So there is an element of you do then Allah will give you back. So for a moment our talk our soccabet has not fasten your seat all you do so we will make the easy, easy for him. What is the easy what is Yusra? Here, again, a number of interpretations. The most obvious one is that Allah is saying the path to Jannah will be made easy for you. However, some scholars have added here that why should we restrict it only to the ark era. It is not here. It's only in the era. Rather, we will make things easy for him even in this world, life will become easier to live, the pains the

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difficulties that you face. It's not that the pains will go away, but you will manage to cope with them in an easier manner. And so even this dunya and the akhira will be made easier for you. And this is in sha Allah the better opinion because why restricted only to the orchestra, whoever believes and whoever has taqwa and whoever gives we shall make things easy for him in this world and in the orchestra as well. We shall make the other easy for Him we shall make Kayama easy for Him we shall make passing the Ciroc easy for him. We shall make entering Jana easy for him and this dunya as well things will be made easy for him. So this is one very easy interpretation insha Allah that

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is overwhelming and it is optimistic and inshallah This is the better interpretation. Some have said it's only Jana had I mean, that's not incorrect, but Y limited as I said, What amomum Buckler was Stelton workers never been to SNA first one was rulers Rob, and now Allah contrast the exact opposite side at all, Buchan. Whoever gave whoever was stingy. Whoever had Taqwa whoever thought I don't need Allah is starting up. He felt himself self sufficient. And this is the worst type of golfer. golfers are five different types. The worst type of golfer is the cover of iblees Abba was stuck Bara what kind of mineral caffeine. He was arrogant, and he refused. And he was of the

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caffeine. The worst type of golfer is to recognize the truth and still turn away from it and is still going up has that connotation. You know that you need Allah subhanho wa Taala but arrogance comes and you're like, I'm not going to worship. It's still gonna he thought he did a neat, he felt he was not needful of Allah azza wa jal. So Bucky that was still enough what can never be snapped and he denied he was known as the Kadima Hurston, as the reward personnel is Jana, all of this he denies it. He doesn't believe in it. So, look at the contrasts whoever gives freely of his wealth. And whoever has inner taqwa and believes in the ark Hera shall get things easy, whoever is stingy.

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And whoever feels arrogant that he doesn't need religion and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and he denies the hereafter, then the difficult will be made easy for him, he shall get the difficult to use raw. Once again what is raw, again we will contrast life will become difficult, death will become difficult, the cupboard will become difficult Kayama will become difficult passing this route will become difficult and then entering gender will become impossible. So first of all, your zero Hulu's are up and this is the Quranic motif as well. Whoever turns away from my remembrance shall live a miserable life from an Adela and they can find

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Hello my Isha Tom Blanca. He is going to live a difficult life. So once again, the difficulty isn't just in the era, it is in this life as well. Therefore, we firmly believe that men live a more comfortable life in this world, and the one who rejects Allah, even if he has the dunya he will live a more difficult life in this world with a mom and dad and I was telling our kids ever it's not fun for strangers. When you're when you're on hormones, who who either Terada this person who was stingy, and he hoarded his wealth until he died. Of what use will his money be when he falls deeper and deeper into jahannam? When you own your own Humala, who is Terada? How will his money benefit

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him, he hoarded it for an entire life. Now, where is that money when he is being punished, and he is being punished more and more severely, Terada going down. And this could be at the time of death, it could be in the era that he needs his money at that time. And what is the benefit of all of that money. And of course, this is a common motif in the Quran as well. That's my ohana and the Malia my money was of no use to me, and in certain Fudger as well, that there is no point of all of this that I have. I want to go back and let me give my money, right. Give me one more chance, but sadaqa I'm going to give charity to be of the righteous, but it's not going to happen. So what am I going to do

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with her in Elena alHuda, we're in lnl, Accra, Allah, Allah says, our job is only to tell you the guidance. Once again, this notion of there's something you have to do in Elena la Houda. As Allah says, Mama Elena ill Bella Houben, as Allah says in the mentor, museum, your job is to convey your job is to explain, Allah says, We have made the guidance clear. Now it's up to you, you take it, you don't take it. And this is one of the many verses that shows us an Islamic principle. I've said this multiple times here is that whoever desires the truth shall be given the truth. Allah does not mislead the sincere. Allah does not miss guide, the one who truly wants guidance and that is why

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anytime I speak to a non Muslim interest in Islam, I say to him one simple thing, if you are sincere, you shall be guided. And I firmly believe this and experience has shown this as you know, if you are sincere, you will find the truth. Allah does not hide the truth from the one who is genuinely searching for it in Elena alHuda. It is our responsibility to make the hedaya clear. We're in Atlanta, in Ottawa Hola. And we also own the euro and the OLA the world and this world we own this world meaning a lot of people refuse to become religious because they want this world. A lot of people are impacted they are impaired from accepting religiosity because they feel it will hamper

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them in this dunya and Allah says, but we control this dunya and we control the era whatever you want, we have it this dunya we have it the Euro we have it so why would you want to choose anything other than hedaya you will get this world you will get the next world Rabbana Artina. for dunya has now offered the asana, those who believe in Allah azza wa jal, they shall be blessed in this world before the Ophira were in Atlanta that Afra told Allah then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, for an adult to come now on top of LA is LA in LA Chicago, I warn you about the burning now, the lava flames coming out. I'm warning you if you don't pay attention to the hedaya If you don't take heed

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right now, what is going to be facing you now on top of VA law your slash il Ushaw only the worst of the worst, we'll enter that now. Who is the worst of the worst? A lady Canada what was the one who denied and rejected and turned his back? Now, this indicates and I've mentioned this in my longer series of Heaven and Hell, you'll find it on our spinose website. This indicates a mainstream belief that Jahannam is of levels and the depths of Jahannam like the pit of the fire. Those who say that kalima will not enter it. There are levels of Jahannam we believe a hell of sunnah, that some people who said the Kalama shall be punished, and they shall be punished by the fire of hell. One group of

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scholars have said they shall be punished by Jahannam but not in the depths of Jahannam there should be on the peripheries they shall be facing the heat, but entering the gates of Jahannam and being dragged to the depths of jahannam. This does not happen for the one who has the Kalima, this is an interpretation. Another interpretation there are many levels and the this I referenced the lower level so you have two interpretations. Both groups say there are Muslims who are empires who shall enter Jahannam but one group says they shall enter through the gates but to a higher level.

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and others says no. The people of the Kadima will not enter the gates of Jahannam they will be punished by the fire of jahannam. But outside the gates so there are two opinions here. Both of them have evidences and Allahu Alem. And let us hope we don't have to find out what they are to build ourselves in sha Allah. We hope that Allah saves us from anything having a deepness of this question, but we firmly believe that the worst of Jahannam anybody who says the Kalima and dies will never enter and this one of the evidence is right for them to come darlin turn off for layerslider Sha, Allah D can thereby whatever Allah none shall get to the Nowlan tilava Nobody will get to that

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Jahannam except the one who intentionally rejected the truth. Notice Ken lebuh, he knew the truth and he rejected it. As I said, that's the worst type of gopher, unless he cares about what our law what's the Yogen Naboo at all, and the pious and the righteous shall be saved. Notice, you have the piety, Allah will do the saving wasa Eugen Naboo Ha, he shall be saved. Your you will not save yourself, Allah will save you. But you have to put in the effort. What is the effort at COP to have Taqwa who is the one who is at COP, Allah, the UT murderer who yet has Zakah he gives his money to purify himself, he gives his money to be pure. This is Abu Bakr he gave his money to be pure, he

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gave his money to come closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. Then Allah references this incident, where muddy ahead and in the human near mutton twitches, and there is no favor he has to repay to anybody. When he gives his money, he's not doing it to pay back a favor. He's not doing it to have some type of sound over another person. And this shows us if you give charity, you should never give charity to somebody that you want something back from. If you do so, it impacts your losses. It's not haram to do that, but it impacts your class. That's not pure, right? If you give charity it should not be in a sense of somebody has to now give me thanks somebody has to owe me for the rest of their lives.

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No, Allah says he doesn't want anything back from the one he gave it to. There is no jazz up he wants back he does it as Allah says in the Quran. Learn Houdini countries that Amala chakra we don't want any thanks for you. We're doing it for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada when Medea had an endo minaret and today, it love to watch Euro bill ALLAH he only wants to please the noble face of Allah subhanho wa Taala he desires Allah azza wa jal His mercy his last is pure so Allah praises Abu Bakr Siddiq in these verses, this is all about obika Seville, then Allah says to Abu Bakr, and to all who act like Abu Bakr, Wallace, Sophia Yoruba, and he shall get more than what he wanted, and he shall

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be happy and this wall a sofa your Lord, Allah says it to our Prophet sallallahu Sallam himself as well well, so for your three Clara Boca, Fatah This is to the process and him and to our Bukhara SO DO WHAT ARE SO for your dog, look at the same language for the prophecies and and then for the greatest of his followers obika. So the and the same applies for every single one of us. Insha Allah if we follow these series of verses, there are many paths brothers and sisters, you have to choose your path. Choose your path by doing the deeds and having Iman and Allah azza wa jal and by being sincere and be careful of those who don't do good deeds, who are stingy, who don't have good Eman

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because there are two different paths here and Allah azza wa jal mentions, it is up to you which path you choose, and it is upon me to give you the rewards for this so we ask Allah subhana wa Tada for a loss for Taqwa We ask Allah generosity to be able to give to the poor We ask Allah that when we give we give for his sake we ask Allah we do not give for the sake of the dunya we give for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada and we ask Allah that He gives us back until we are fully satisfied which is Ahkam Allah who was Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakato

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in metal Mussolini now I don't know sliema Do you want meaning me 91 quantity now one

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thing was law the law the bond the one slob et now was slavery a lot the one before she you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching I think one downside BP now one downside the party was all me now was all in.

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What have you Lena photo gentleman won half the award. He was good enough. Guess

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Given all I've done law hula

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