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Salam Alaikum everyone and welcome back to our weekly q&a, which if I can let we every Thursday 6pm GMT. Thank you. Thank you everyone for joining us and inshallah I think more people will join soon.

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And please do stay until the end because we have some exciting announcements with some events that we have upcoming for SLM Institute, which I come is the principal of, but we'll leave that for the end of the session in Sharla. Let's start with our first question from Fahim clan.

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And his question is if someone made tahajjud regularly and then found out that they should make other four years of missed prayers should they do both other and tahajjud or focus specifically on other

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money Rafi

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you know the Father an obligatory prayers they have a priority and if people missed him, they must do the other.

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If there are a lot of prayers for the other, so it is better to leave the Sunnah tahajjud and do all the other first once you have done and inshallah you get the reward of tahajjud another prayer whatever you wish but fasting with making tension to do your other

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once you have done the other then yeah then you can come to the regular tahajjud and everything inshallah

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Okay, yeah, just one more question on this topic if someone is planning on praying DADGAD so they going to sleep and then waking up before 500 To pray telogen if they delay they don't pay their water because they're planning on Waking up but they do end up missing it and they just wake up for Fajr is it preferred that they still pay their weather and then just wake up if they're not sure if they will wake up

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you know, if sometimes happen then you do other the withdrawal. But if you know more often or you think really going to miss winter then the best advice is to do with them sleep if you get a for tahajjud aside if you don't get up at least you don't miss the winter. So you know for people like that the best is to do with before silly that how abacus did the last one is to do is to pray with before sleep and the prophets and asked him why he uses this. He said then I don't miss the winter.

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So it is better for the people to do with or if they have any fear that they can miss the vigil prayer.

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Okay, inshallah. And so if someone does miss it, what do they do have to make up?

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Yeah, in Hanafi madhhab Awaji? Because, for some people, they sunnah. So it did not watch him. But generally it is better to do other you know, if,

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if seven, if you're traveling, then maybe it's not so important. But when you're at home, then you should make an effort to do with.

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Okay, shall let's move on to our next question. How can we always stay motivated to do hard work like Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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You know, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know, certainly he's our example, and more than we should follow him.

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But he has gotten many qualities or you know, and he has in direct relation to lots of Hautala and just come to him shaitan has very little, you know, effort with him actually, shelter cannot succeed with him. So, you know, for him to be motivated and always be on the right path, and doing all the things the bonus is certainly more likely we have Carlos Amata supports him. You know, so, people after him, they will do mistake, sometimes they will not have the same intention or motivation.

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You know, but don't worry, as long as you keep making a farter Allah will reward you and you know, your level of personal knowledge Allah man your effort to obey Him, and that's enough. And the prophets Allah said, I'll Mark O'Meara mana hubba the man you know, the people will have been the Day of Judgment with those they love. So the Companions say we never became happy in Islam with anything, either with this hadith, because a lot of them they love the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So, if you love the person

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and you make effort to obey Him, even if you can not do 100% or 80% is still fine. Because we are weak people. We have so many problems, you know, as long as you keep walking on the right path, Even if you slip in if you don't do it as best as possible. Allah will forgive you and make you to be raised in the day

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David with the Prophets and Messengers inshallah

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inshallah. Okay, let's move on to our next question, which is, can you please elaborate on what it means by acaba in Surah Ballard what is Calacatta hemella Kaaba

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meaning is

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that people in this world they have been created for a test.

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And the test is always against the desire, that by the success of the people in the effort, you know, most people like things which come without the effort, but there's no success, that can happen, they don't need to be human beings to get things, you know, for nothing, or whatever is your success. In other words, which have effort, reason they have effort, because you don't deserve to not want to do that.

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Like, you know, eating too much to fill your stomach, that's not afford all the animals to do, but eating less is trapping yourself, that's effort, that's the value that you get reward for that, you know, keeping money at home and buying, you know, people love that but spending money the path of Allah,

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that effort, so that

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means in a valley, you know, of mountain very, very difficult to climb and walk. So, it's the process of, you know, Allah Sahaja saying that this these people, they did not attempt to, you know, pass this tough Valley, they did not do and what the staff while is that to spend money in the path of Allah to free the soleus and to help the needy people, you know, the good quality, they never have done this thing. Once you do this thing, then you are able to cross this, this valley of the difficulty or problem.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move on to the next question.

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If a father only has daughters and when the father died, and when the father dies, is it true that the inheritance must be divided to the sons of his siblings

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know the inheritor the first it'll go to the daughters. You know, if there's one daughter she will get half of the property. If there are two daughters and more than two then they get two thirds of the property and 1/3 will divide into other people by Aaron Berger so somebody like that, but firstly, we'll go to the daughters

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Okay, let's move on to the next question. And let's have a look.

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Okay, Abdullah is asking if a woman curses align a sense of anger and distress in and distress and then repent is Hannukah invalidated. Monica is not done become winnable by something like that, you know, especially when people regretted you know, even somebody because most of the leases lamb in the car will not be you know, in a virgin first the person will be asked to come back repent if they're repented and the car will be saved if they're rejected then the problem and this thing you know and got an author like that is not very good thing you know, but still people don't become mortal by that they don't leave Islam because sometimes it possible that somebody is angry upset and

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says something which is bad but you know is still Muslim I know for the better love it Forgive him, but then he will not be affected

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Okay, next question.

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How to Follow military Ibrahim

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you know the follow of the professors that he is the best follower of the military Brahim to Milla Ibrahim, you know, he's thinking and you know, write up mind and courage and to understand everything properly. So, you know, I have had taught a course on Ibrahima nominees Miller in a salami as well too, I think the best thing is to access to that course and you know, listen to the whole thing properly. full detail that much better for you, but if I said no to just real quick, the best thing is to listen to that recording it will help you inshallah.

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Jeff, do you remember what the name of the course was? There must be something about the prophets that I talked about. So many times really, in so many Surah distance have Camilla feabhra him you and I taught a course on a highly indebted I taught about middle Africa and Guatemala.

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So it must be somewhere and that's why I wrote an article a few articles on this matter.

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So you'll find out you know, my course on the height. In that one, you will have something or there's course Oliveira hemolysin himself

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Okay, inshallah so anyone who is interested if you go onto our website and there will be an option for our on demand platform or if you go on to on demand that slm.ac.uk You can have a look at the on demand courses we have, which are all of the courses Azure comm has held in the past. Okay, let's take a question from

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let's have a look Khalid

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Is it true A Muslim man can force his wife to wear the hijab given it's an individual obligation

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no Muslim no man can hold force anybody for anything you know people don't understand that women obedience to the husband does not mean for every single thing what they eat what they drink you know where the previous model default on people's individual matter nothing to do with anybody you know what happens is you know husband basically because you know, he provides accommodation and all the expensive there is a lack of boss in the family matters so when there's some discussion like you know, they want to marry their daughter or son wish there to find or something like that and they have differences of opinion so then has one you know, one person has to decide because you can't

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make two dates to things like that, you know, then the Omen initialism because you can't have two different opinion you can follow the same time, but you know, we might have to follow and you know, whether somebody wears hijab or not or diesel, nothing to do with anybody you know to people's religion, these people say you know, personal matter, it has nothing to do with anybody, even the parent are not allowed to force anybody they can teach has one can teach either wife can teach you the husband in our foreign religion properly. The wife can teach but nobody is allowed to force anywhere

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okay, inshallah let's take a question from Fahim masala which which had the Sunnah prayer after the Father for example or should we make this be after the father and then pray the sooner or pray the Father and Son and then make this behind the end?

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You know, the better thing you need to do you know the speed after the further but you know you can do after after soon with no you know in this thing there no problem anyway as long as you do

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you know sometimes people leave after Salam the prayer reason is because they don't want to sit and look like you find out the Imam

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and then you pray Sunan you can do this after that or sometimes you can be seated Do

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you know it is fine

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okay, and we have a question from Morinaga Hamza

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I pray you are in good health. How did the Sahaba introspect with the Quran with the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam the Sahaba must have had many traumas in their families before embracing Islam

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so what are the

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so I, I didn't I forgot my question. Probably, maybe I did the Sahaba you know, certainly have many flowers and all those things. I am the Quran actually came to kill the real problem really easy in the life of the people not worshipping Allah subhanaw taala not or being once that people that believe and he man, and they worship Allah subhanaw taala and then many, many problems, they go away. And once you fear Allah and the day after he met and you know, hellfire, then all the problems look very minor. You know, this is a crazy thing either. The reason people every problem becomes so bad for the people these days is because they don't have the data limit. If people realize what the

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def statement is and how severe the punishment or the Hellfire is, then they will never be worried for any problem in their life. So that what we need to teach people really that in the real thing that you have to admit that no problem was done that they felt that they should worry if they had that made everything easy, but that is not there. So that way ever is more process has become so big pair of worries about so many things in this world. reason is because they don't believe that this world will finish one day, it's not going to remain like that. That why when the Sahaba became Muslim, the only worry they have got is the worry of the day of judgment that why their life was so

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easy for if they don't have anything to eat or drink or material wealth, the not so much. The worry is that how they please Allah subhanaw taala and how they will succeed be successful in the Day of Judgment.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's have a look for the next question.

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Okay, let's take a question from Habiba.

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Which part is considered the end of the haram? Or is the whole of the or is the whole of Makkah the Haram I've noticed outside of the area this toilets does this mean that there is a boundary of the Haram

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you know, if you got my book you know alpha police tsunami, so that I have made very clear what Hara means to haram basically the likely you know, three part you know one is you know where the people pray and muster haram and one is that where a lot of people cannot enter without their ram and the third is where the novices are not allowed to eat no inter so these all these are different when people use the word Ajara it means all the different things that so you can get a copy of my book Alpha Islam and look at their you know the boundary that the harm to you understand but who what

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harm does not mean you can't have to get there because how can people live anywhere? So in harm they're committed having tried it or not, it is not in the harm people can I saw in harm

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some Pakistani people are just sitting with them. So when this saw my shoes, they were very upset. They say why do you carry shoes? So I said you know what I did? What did I say in the heartland at the Haram you wear shoes.

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We never were an issue in the Haram land. So unnecessarily probably will admit you know the harm done you can be a shoe that can even damage the Haram, the process of used to sometimes do tawaf on the climate, the love and the can within the Hara. So you know there's nothing longer you know, in toilet and all these things in the Haram area

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okay, we have another question but I can't seem to find the comment but I will just relay it What would you say for a female in the situation where she wants to go for an RA but maybe she doesn't she's not in a situation where she can have any

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male family members or husband to take her? Would you recommend that it's okay for her to go alone or that she just wait.

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Yeah, and I would like to advise people to go along why bother and Allah did not make obligatory upon you anyway do that people should not go under is still in the

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Haram in Makkah Medina respect of the women is not as good as you think it is in Europe and in this country. So be very, very careful if you really want to, and you don't have anybody to go and then go with some women

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a group of the women so they'll finally some of them have Mahatama subtalar there too you can join the group that is better. But don't go I will never advise any lady to go on their own

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I could have written an article on this matter as well I think read it that will help you to explain everything very clearly. It must be somewhere on our salon website. So they say you know traveling of the woman on their own for ombre

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Okay, Inshallah, because I think less for what for many women it's less of course there's no obligation for to grow and grow by yourself and maybe a lot of them haven't longing to the end maybe I just have

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to go because I know when the lifter the you know, this restriction and the women can go on their own. So I wrote that article they're almost nervous, so excited to go their own because the law does not change the reality on the ground is still the problem unless that you know people's mind key and they have respect for the women and security is you know, enough therefore, for everybody. Women should not go because people have told me so many cases of problem. So read the article, it will explain everything properly inshallah to help you. Okay, in Sharla.

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Sen is asking, is there a consensus amongst the scholars regarding I show the other one has age when she married? The prophets of Allah, Allah send them? Or is there a difference? There was no difference in the past, but know what happened because now people are Muslims are so shy to accept that the Prophet married her when she was seven or six year old. And got, you know, she came to her house when she was nine year old to the store. I said, but there's nothing to be shy really. Because, you know, when people get a machine or nine year old enough to very clear latent in all the books or the fact that even if you have wife, you know, very younger, you are not allowed to have

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relation with her, unless less women verify that she's adult. So even if people marry doesn't mean they're going to, you know, do harm her or something like that. So it's a misunderstanding of the people. And I felt very happy with the parser listen to them. And when the verse was revealed to the parser lawless alum that asked your wife if they want to stay with you

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They can stay if they want to leave, they can leave and you give them some gift. And she he asked her why she was so happy she No, no, she's not never going to leave the concert, your parents she said, No, I'm not going to concern my parent about you. I want to stay with you. And she never complained about him any time in our life. It was not very common, but certainly typing. And also some types of men could become women can become an adult, you know earlier, like, you notice, many autobiographical biographies say that our beloved Nakamura

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was younger than his father ombre, just 14 years, between father and son, the difference was 10 years not more than that. He must have married when he was nine year old. And both are clever and proper people. So then nothing like that. But since you know, Western people started making this a problem. Too many Muslims are looking to find anything to make it 16 year old cause 60 days attended missing 16 But they don't see other narration. They're very clearly the Shiva is very small, she had dolls, she's playing all the things her life makes very clear her time of the death our Shiva if you calculate that, that makes Andy how younger she was, then her sister asthma, all these things you

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will look, you know, Buhari Muslim and all the major sources, they agree that she was six or seven year old when she got married. And she was nine year old or a little bit more. When the Prophet she came to the horse that was a lawless alum. What does that mean? They start relation it could which he had waited, because that's what the law is. And he must have followed that. So I really don't understand why Muslims are so you know, if you make the HFI 16 Nothing will happen. It's not that they are interested become Muslim, because they think oh, the prophet or superbill they just want to find something you know, nothing go to help her. So people should not be so much about this thing

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and leave the authentic reports for the sake of policing somebody else. You know, so I don't think I did never have an issue in the pasta never never look any any book of the Hadith and nobody has problem it all hyper recently.

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Okay, let's say let's take a question from Mohammed here.

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As soon as they come down, said my email used to be very high, but now I get into sins very easily. My worship has gone down I hate this current states. But I enjoy reciting for and what do you advise me know if this sin and you hurt it does a good side really have in mind? Because the problem is when people sin and enjoy it, and they're happy that they left by TV, but if you've read Quran, and you commit a sin and then you think

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you have done something wrong, and you have been upset and you ask a question, now, they all sign of Emoto Don't worry, you know things like that happen in the life of the people sometime down sometime up to this keep happening. But insist yourself and don't leave the Quran. Do the prayers on the time and ask Allah to help you Inshallah, this faith will go away. Don't worry about that, you know, Allah loves you. That's why he is guiding you to read the Quran. And you know, and then you're worried you're worried yourself with big sign that Allah has chosen you.

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So don't worry, I shall I will make dua and hope that Allah subhanaw taala will make your Imani stronger our human everybody needs really the MA to be stronger. So we make in all of us stronger the emaan own in the good deeds.

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I mean, I mean, Chef well the next question.

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This is very prevalent within I would say like Indian and Pakistani cultures, maybe Bangladeshi and Arabs as well. But sometimes when people are going through a hard time and they may be having quite a few hardships in a small amount of time. Very often you have elders, saying to them, you know, like, someone has inflicted evil eye on you and this is why these things are happening or you're not protecting yourself maybe you're being too open about the good things in your life.

00:24:13--> 00:24:15

How seriously can we take

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these statements? How true are they? You know people love really to blame something else. People don't want to accept their own mistakes simple matter is if they find that you know you have been purchased by Jean or evil or somebody has targeted against you and all these things. People love this thing then they're free and does not really unless no they did not create people in so weak to Jenica possess them and evil I can affect them in such a way to then we are not how Allah can command us. You leave out all these ideas it can happen but Allah subhanaw taala will be with you see all the wilderness study, but focus really for you know, blame yourself and make effort to

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correct yourself did not rise to sometimes could be illness. Sometimes people get some

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certain data engineers go to doctor, consult the people, and then we help you. But this idea to blame everybody else something is very bad idea. When the professor Lala Salam came from cave of Hera.

00:25:13--> 00:25:54

When first revelation came, he was very worried, he started going to die, because what he has seen actually what nobody to when he came and said to his wife, Ayesha ardesia, has she been a woman of our time, Shiva. So you have been purchased by Jean, but she knows she consulting that you are so pious he helping God, Allah will not let you down. And what happened to you it is something I don't know. I'll take you to my cousin. In a workout he will explain to see if you don't know the go to illness person. But to just find out and excuse that, you know, jinhai progestin this. And, actually, I guess Islam, you know, it means a lot of water has no power, or the purse in the hand of

00:25:54--> 00:26:22

June, to ask Allah to pour to you and be tough and it is their illness, go to doctor. But don't just tell me when you're hungry, you don't have to gin, then you eat too severely when you have a severe health problem, go to a doctor and take some medical treatment. That's what you need to do. Nothing to do with Jin Jin don't become an effector all these things people have made unnecessarily and some people make money from that. And discard the people to throw out all these bad thoughts from your mind and be like a good Muslim.

00:26:24--> 00:26:27

But gently moving away from the topic of gin possession.

00:26:28--> 00:26:42

But just in general, sometimes we hear this rhetoric of people saying you know, you shouldn't be open about the good things in your life. You shouldn't tell many people for example, announcing you're getting married or announcing good news, because these people can then

00:26:43--> 00:26:45

quote unquote put evil eye on you or something.

00:26:46--> 00:27:25

Is this kind of men mentality okay to just think the worst of people and think, you know, I can't be open about the good things in my life. No good. The problem really is evil. I hear Miss jealousy. So ears sometimes will be jealous of you. And they can you know, make effort to interfere in your happiness to you getting married someone they would like to tell that person Oh, no, don't marry this person. You know, sometimes people create all these problems. So that way people say Be quiet. Don't tell anybody otherwise, somebody will start making some something which can harm you so that we're hypersensitive. Jacoba is now said to us for Islam. Don't tell your brothers about your dream.

00:27:25--> 00:27:51

Not because they go to evil eye. He knew that they are jealous, and they will make effort to harm him. So sometimes people can harm you, you know, out of jealousy that is better really, to make money to secret. But you know, at the end of the day, evil poor jealous they are not going to do much less whatever testing the module and one day they will be defeated. You should be firmly even if people do jealousy Don't worry, you will be winning inshallah.

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Inshallah I think maybe we'll take one more question and we'll leave it at that inshallah.

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Okay, let's have a look.

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Actually, you know what, Jeff, I think the questions on that clear anymore, so we'll just leave it there. Just a reminder for everyone that does have questions, please do read read over how you're reading the question just so that it's, we're not wasting any time like thinking about the coherence of how it's worded. And we can answer as many questions as possible inshallah. I think we'll end it there. But just a quick announcement. We will be announcing on our on our Facebook page, our Instagram, our YouTube Twitter soon Inshallah, that we will be having our graduate annual graduation ceremony for our students. Next month in sha Allah registration will be opening very soon so if

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anyone is interested in joining this will be open to the public, you can join us in celebrating our graduates celebrating our students celebrating celebrating the work of SLM Institute, you can join us for an evening of reminders entertainment. You can join chef Akram nadwi and his students. So please do keep an eye out on our Facebook, sign up to our newsletter on our website, and inshallah we will see you next week. 6pm GMT and shall lessen our day come