Yasir Qadhi – The Five-Step Prophetic Method To Any Task

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The five-pronged Islam plan involves acquiring critical skill sets and setting goals for one's life, including learning to be stronger in various fields and achieving success in personal development. The plan focuses on acquiring a steady cache, avoiding giving up hope, and practicing a five-s journey to achieve success. The success of the plan is based on one's vision and ability to achieve goals, and is emphasizes on trusting oneself and avoiding cluttered words.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All right.

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hamdulillah we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala who knows what the hearts conceal, and what the tongue shall not reveal the one to whom all shall appeal and in front of whom there believers kneel. And we send Sadat and Salam upon the one who was called or saw the NLM in the one whom Allah chose as Imam and with the one who was sent as a hematol. Al Ameen. Know that Allah subhana wa tada has commanded us to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran, yeah, you have Latina Amano, tuffeau la haka. 241 La mattina illa. One Two Muslim moon. Oh, you who believe be conscious of a law the way that you deserve that he deserves to be conscious of Him and do not die except in a state of Islam. Today's

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brief hutzpah is a beautiful Hadith. And I call it the five step prophetic plan. The five step prophetic plan. Our nebby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave us five steps in order to execute

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Any plan. So anytime we have something we need to do go back to this idea. This howdy it lays out for us in five steps, what should be our methodology, our management, our modus operandi, how do we operate? Our Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained to us in a hadith narrated in Sahih, Muslim by Abu hurayrah, rob the Allahu taala. And, and each of these phrases is beautiful, we have to condense them because of the time first phrase, it begins. Middle kawi you have boo, ilala humanoid, robot a force equal and higher. The skilled believer, the powerful believer, the believer who knows something is armed is equipped with anything is better than the believer who does not have those

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skills, and both of them are good. This is the first point we need to acquire strength skills. Mineral kawi, the stronger believer stronger in what in anything stronger in physical strength, stronger in a man, stronger in management, stronger in computer programming stronger in the knowledge of medicine, whatever is your field aim to be the best. The better believer is the one who knows his field better and more mineral Are we the stronger believer, our scholars say stronger here in any aspect. If you know something if you're better at a skill if you have stronger EMA and it is better than the one who doesn't in that field where he could learn higher and there's good in all

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believers, there's good in all the believers, whether you have that skill or not, you have a man you have good in you. So that's the first point, acquire skills, be the better believer. The second point

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is Allah and farrokh aim to do something that will benefit you. Once you have skills you don't just sit back. It is sila Yun farrokh, set some strategic goals, have a vision, have a plan, do something useful with your life. This is what we're being told, we're being told, be eager to do something that is beneficial. It is beneficial to have a man and good deeds be eager to have them. It is beneficial to have a job acquire a job, it is beneficial to save money, save money, it is beneficial to have a loving family have a loving family, you have to have desires, aims goals, you have to have a vision. If you don't have a vision, nothing is going to get done. So the second point is either my

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young folk have that vision What do you want from life? What do you want to accomplish? What is your goal and you should have multiple goals my goal in the religious field is such and such my golden the economic field is such and such my golden my Corporation corporation is such as such, my goal for my family life is such and such in every field, have a vision, have a plan, have a goal ahead of Allah and farrokh number two, number three was staying in Villa. First and foremost after you have the vision before you do anything. seek help from a law before you do anything. You have the vision in your mind. It's in your head. You have it in your goal. What should you do? Raise your hands to

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Allah and make dua it's the in Villa yaka yaka Nestor in his star in Villa, seek the help of Allah. Our scholars say you seek to help first and foremost by praying is to harder for that vision and goal praise the harder Allah is this vision Good for you, me. I want to be the CEO of my own company. That's my vision, prayers. taharah Oh Allah, if it's best for me to be the CEO of my company, make it happen for me. Then make dua to Allah always make dua to Allah to make it bless it make it easy for you allow this door to open up his start in Villa that is point number three. Number four, while charges don't give up Subhana Allah, what a beautiful, beautiful motivation.

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Don't just throw in the towel. Don't be lazy. Don't just expect miracles to happen without you doing anything. No. Once you have the skills. Once you have the vision, you pray this to heart and may draw to Allah. Now you need to put in the sweat and the tears. You need to put in the physical efforts. You need to put in Plan A doesn't work, move on to plan B doesn't work, move on to plan C never give up what I just don't lose hope. Keep on doing it and then doing it and then doing it. Keep on trying. Don't give up hope. And then suppose you don't get to that goal or suppose something else happens or suppose some type of mini misfortune happens along the way.

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Our Profit System has the advice for us find a solid cache. If something else happens, you wanted to open your company, guess what? It didn't happen and you continued in your job, you didn't open your company, you tried, you tried, you tried whatever, it didn't work out and out, the door is permanently closed, not because of you. Sometimes it's beyond your control. Okay, it's closed now. So our Profit System said, if something else happens, then don't go back and rethink Oh, maybe if I did this, maybe if I did that, find a Saba cache for that taco. Don't say to yourself lo undefiled to cazalla Kanika. Don't go back in your mind and relive your failures and then think what if and

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how about and maybe no, it's happened. It was the past, when I can call instead say this Kadar Allahu wa Masha file. I tried. It didn't work out. A lot of other was effective and whatever Allah wants to happen will happen. But Allahu wa Masha if I don't go back and relive your failures, don't let your failures bog you down. Don't go into a type of cycle of depression or of going back in time. No, it was an opportunity. You thought it was good. You did everything right. But Allah had a better plan for you. So how was that doors closed? Move on to the next chapter in your life. Learn from your mistakes, don't blame anyone don't go back. colosse it happened. cadet Allahu wa Masha

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file. It was a last quarter and whatever Allah wants to happen, it is going to happen. This is the simple five step plan. It is the foolproof methodology for our lives. For every aspect for every facet. For every single arena, follow these simple five steps and I will reiterate them and memorize them. It's from a hadith in Sahih, Muslim number one mineral kawi you have in a law, human life. The strong believer and our scholars mentioned strong here of course strong and everything strong and a man is better than the weekend a man strong and physical body is more useful than the one that is weak It is a fact the one that is strong in any skill is more useful in that field than the one who

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is not so gained strength in your field. This means skills, education experience that is an emotional kawi number two, it is either million folks, set your vision have a goal don't live a lazy life. Don't live a vision less life. We have one life to live aspire to make the most of your life have the highest green dreams have the loftiest of all visions is

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none number three was in Billa. Once you have that vision, raise your hands to Allah make Dora ask Allah Begala to hijo de la Vicar sadaqa Easter in Villa, make sure you have the spiritual stuff done. And then number four, spirituality alone is not going to get you the CEO of the business, you have to go and file in the state of Texas, you have to have a bank account, you have to start advertising, you have to get investors you have to have a product to show no miracle is going to happen. If you sit in your house and think it no it doesn't work that way. What charges don't give up. Don't be lazy. Don't just throw in the towel, keep on doing and trying and doing and trying. Do

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not give up unless and until truly It is beyond your beyond your power. Now then, if the course of events goes a different way, in that case, point number five, which is the backup plan for your psychology, the backup plan for how you view the world point number five, if something else happens find a Saba cache then don't live in a cycle of depression. No, don't go down memory lane going through what if this may be If only I had asked this guy instead of that guy? No, you tried your best you did with a class with sincerity. But Allah had another plan so therefore do not open up in one headset. In one version. He said, thinking about what if opens the door for shavon shavon

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creates doubts in your mind shut this door. It's the past it's done deal. Leave that chapter move on to the new chapter. If that chapter was not written for you, Allah has something better written for you memorize these five points and inshallah we will be successful no matter what happens. May Allah bless me and you within through the Quran. Many makers of those who is vs. They understand and to implement is held on and held on throughout our lifespan. I asked Allah forgiveness you as well ask him for he is the whole food under a human

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and hamdu lillahi wa hidden I had a Samad Allah de la mia de la la mia coloca for Eduardo in the fifth

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points of this five point plan. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brought in one of the pillars of a man, and that is the pillar of Qatar. The pillar of HUD de la Hua Masha found the pillar of I couldn't do anything. It was a last decree I tried but Allah had another decree so whatever Allah decrees is going to happen. And this shows us dear Muslims, one of the biggest benefits of believing in Qatar is that Qatar brings a sense of peace to our lives. Other eliminates the doubt of the past. It eliminates the regret of indecision. What happened happened, hut De La Hoya Masha file you and I could never have changed the past. Yes, learn from your mistakes, but do

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not dwell in your mistakes. Yes, learn from a mistake you might have done but don't let that mistake dictate your future. Realize Allah had decreed something and that's it move on. And therefore one of the main points we derive from this beautiful Hadith and memorize this simple rule codder predestination yes it is difficult to understand the concept is very philosophically confusing, but one simple point we can all relate to clutter is never used to justify your future actions. It is used to console your past tragedies memorize this line cutter is never used to justify a future course don't say oh it's a less cluttered they don't i don't have a company no you don't know what

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is your future you don't know what is the last quarter try to open your company try to be successful try but then other can be used for the past Oh, I tried it didn't work out that alarm on my shelf I move on to something else never justify a future decision based upon color. That is a misuse and an abuse of color. Rather color can be used to console yourself for a tragedy of yesterday for a calamity of a few years ago. You can say Oh, but there are a lot that accident happened I lost money in the stocks such and such hot that a lot one shot five, okay, that's in the past. As for the future, you do not know a lot of other so expect the best from Allah harder and strive to get the

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best father and inshallah tada whichever path you go, it will be for your best color. Even if you don't arrive at the color you wanted. A last color for you will be better than your vision of your color for yourself. What Allah has chosen for you is better than what you have chosen for yourself. But you need to trust Allah and you need to have the positive thoughts of Allah. So you put in the effort, you have that high vision and whichever path you find yourself in and wherever you end up, it will be a loss other that is better for you and you only ended up there because you had positive thoughts of Allah and positive thoughts of others. So do your brothers and sisters never use color

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as an excuse for a future project? rather use color as a constellation for your past for your calamities for your tragedies, quarter Allahu wa Masha file, and do not go down this avenue of what if and how about and if only I had shut this door. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said opening this door is putting shade on in your head opening this door of how about this? And if only I had done that no, because that opens up doubts about a lot and doubts about color and there's no benefit in dwelling on the past. May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those who understand these beautiful prophetic wisdoms and act upon them along in need and for a minimal alarm etc. If you have

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they don't meet them at a level of weather harmony Hamon Illa for Raja wala Jane Illa, pata Wada, Maria, Juan Elijah feta, what I see on Elijah SATA allama Freeland, la one in La Nina Sabu, Nebula and wattage I feel una de la Linda de la mano robina in Nakuru for Rahim, Allah is an Islam al muslimeen Allahumma is that Islam I mean,

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Islam and Muslim in a moment Adana, our other Islam and Muslim in a suit and Virgil Rubinoff say, well, Jonathan Mira, Hafiz LBD Yakubu Aziz about the law in the law the American we have an embedded ibfc within the America the producer with a letter B can you help him engender he wouldn't say for the record in Lima in the law harmonica to use a Luna Allah nebby Yeah, you already know a man who suddenly la he was sending me this nema alomost suddenly was suddenly more than adequate and adequate. Asuka Mohammed was the he was a big marine about the law in the law to either Yeah, maybe it was a sunny day they were young and fresh. I will tell you about the

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corona Corona law

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name is Sarah

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