Yasir Qadhi – Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 03 Speaking False Of Allah

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the confusion surrounding Islam and the media's use of lies and false accusations. It highlights the actions of different leaders and discusses the importance of strong faith in Islam to avoid harms and suffering. The speakers emphasize the need for a constellation to alleviate sadness and the importance of testing one's faith. The use of "has no knowledge" and "has no knowledge" to cover up lies and false accusations is also highlighted.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah so we're still doing sola telegraph. After Allah subhana wa tada praises himself and establishes the noble and resolve of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and describes the Quran. We are now in the fourth verse And Allah subhana wa tada mentions the purpose of the Quran or one of the purposes of the Quran, where you will need a Latina Pousada la mala whom became a woman one idea by him Kabbalah to carry metal into human for him, he acuna Illa Khadija and so that this Quran and this messenger may warn those people who claim that Allah subhana wa tada has a child. They don't have any knowledge of this neither them

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nor their fathers before them what a monstrosity comes from their mouths.

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What an evil lie their mouth otters cover up kennametal for him in New York una Illa. Khadija they are saying nothing except lies. So in these two verses, Allah mentions one of the main purposes of the Quran, which is what which is to negate false accusations about Allah and to affirm what we must believe about Allah subhanho wa Taala we have no knowledge of who is Allah except through the Quran. And Allah subhana wa tada criticizes anybody who claims that Allah subhana wa tada has a child. Now this verse came down in Mecca, and in Mecca there were no Christians or Jews. So therefore the addresses are the Quran. And the Quran Schuster claim that Allah has daughters. And the word wellard

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in Arabic doesn't just mean a son, it means a child. And so Allah subhana wa tada is saying, I have revealed this or on to learn those Careful, don't say this, anyone who says Allah has a child or children or daughters or sons, this is not true murder will be human in how do you know this? Do you know this? Where do you get it from? The one excuse they say our forefathers said it, our culture, our tradition. So Allah says, neither you know your forefathers, one or the other if you don't know anything. And this shows us brothers and sisters, that one of the greatest calumnies. One of the greatest sins in Islam, is to speak about Allah without knowledge, to speak about Islam without

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knowledge, a lot of challenges those who speak lies about Allah, where did you get this from? Who told you this man will be humiliated me neither them nor their forefathers they know this. And the Quran tells us that one of the plots of shavon Allah says in the Quran that she found commands you to associate partners with Allah one Taku Allah wa Hema Allah tala moon, and one of the tricks of shavonne you speak about a law without knowledge. And this is one of the biggest problems, you cannot deviate from the tree. Except if you speak of also think about it, you cannot deviate from the truth, except if there is a lie about Allah, a lie about Islam a lie about truth or hate or true

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rissalah. And where do these lies come from? shavon tells a lot I will commend them to do this and I will tell them lies. So anybody who speaks without knowledge of Allah and His messenger and the Quran and Islam, this person is getting his information from shape on this is what the Koran tells us. And Allah subhana wa tada negates any false information. You have no knowledge neither you nor your forefathers, what a monstrosity comes from their mouths cover that skeleton. For him, in your corner in the candy bar, they are saying nothing but lies and no person on earth likes to hear slander about himself or herself. Do you like it? If somebody says about you something that is

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false, we are it is ingrained in us that we despise. we despise falsehood, we despise lies, it is ingrained in us that when we are slandered, we want to defend ourselves. And this feeling comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. He put it in us and our Prophet sallallahu Sallam clarified this, he said, there is no being who is more patient than a law. They slander him, and they allow about him and they accuse him of having children and he still provides for them. If your enemy lied about you, could you be generous to that enemy? If your enemy accused you of a crime of a false? Could you be generous to that enemy? No, Allahu you could not yet our purposes that have said there is no ba who

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is more patient and more forceful.

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that allow they lie about him. They even reject him. They deny Him, they attribute children to him. But what does he do? He continues to give them the risk, he continues to give them their sustenance. Also notice Allah says, what a lie comes from their mouths. Because to say that Allah has a child cannot come from the intellect. It cannot come from knowledge. It cannot come from a book, where does it come from? They're literally invented from their mouths, governments can imitate a fly him. It's just rote. It's hot speech. It doesn't have a basis in the intellect in the scripture in the article. All of this is coming straight from their hot air cover. That's pretty much the definition

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of why he came and then to affirm how evil it is. They are saying in your courtroom in the ketubah. They are saying that which is not true, it is a lie, and to lie about Allah subhana wa Taala is of the greatest crimes and the Quran tells us sort of ammonium the Quran tells us that when the creation around us, when the heavens and the earth when the mountains hear that certain beings attribute a child to Allah, those mountains they went to Colombo, how dare undoubtedly, da da, that they have claimed that a man has a child

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and it is not befitting it is not appropriate that a man begets a child limited what am you let me go ahead so Allah says one of the main purposes of the Quran is what is to correct misinformation about Allah subhana wa tada and then verse number six and seven Allah subhana wa tada says, follow

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surely it is very likely fella I like showed it is very likely. Back here in Neff seca. You will cause use of the word doc is very deep, there is no English equivalent. Bukhara means to literally it means to die from depression, to die from depression. And Allah azza wa jal is telling us that you're a pseudo low. If you continue down this path, you will cause your own destruction by your grief. Why is he sad was the grief coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala clarifies for that I look

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at him in following their footsteps in the mute mean, we'll be having a DC assefa if they don't believe in this speech in this court, out of grief for them. So this verse is so profound because it shows us many things. First and foremost, the sheer eloquence It is as if the Prophet system is following their footsteps on Atari. They are turning around and walking away, and our school system is going after the one after another. And in that going around and in the following them. He is feeling depressed. Why is he feeling depressed? Because they have rejected him? No, because they have rejected a law.

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And they chose us as well. the sincerity of the process of them will love him. Most of us when we preach, we are calling to our own egos in ourselves. When we're in an argument we want to win we don't want the truth to in our profit system. He wanted the truth to win not himself. And Allah clarifies this in the mute men will be had et you are concerned because they don't believe in the Quran, not because they have rejected you, but because they have rejected Allah subhana wa Tada. Also notice over here that Allah mentions the processes that are before he mentioned the rejecters. And the point here is, Allah has told us the Koran and the role of the Quran. Then what is the

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response? He didn't say they rejected the Quran. Rather, Allah addresses the process of in the single in the first person. And he says, basically, he is saying to him, calm your grief down, console yourself. Don't take it to this level. If you continue, you will cause destruction and harm to yourself if they don't believe our Lord did not address the courage for rejecting the Profit System. Our Lord address the Profit System for his grief and having been rejected. So here's a look here about the rejected or the firmers, who does not care about the moment or the calculator does not address the comfort here. Our vote is concerned about the group. That was

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wonderful, he rejected him and he himself concerns the law and this is multiple times in the Quran half a dozen times at least. Allah subhanho wa Taala calms the Prophet system down and this shows us the macom of the nebby it shows us the status of the result summit La Jolla He will send them that even Allah subhana wa Taala is consoling him. This also shows us that the one who is on the path of Allah, Allah cares about him infinitely more than the one who rejects the path, the one who rejects he has rejected the one who is on the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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concerned with him, it also shows us that our load that our load consoles are processing in distress and from this we gain the simple sooner when we find somebody in a dire situation we should give them destroyed consoled them, we should give them words of comfort, these words of comfort, if you will see that has happened. A calamity has happened. a loved one has died financial problem, anything that happens, the heart is grieved, what should be done a lot of consoles the processes and how about us when we are in grief, we need that constellation even more. And that is why our Prophet says and made it a Sunnah when he found somebody in distress, he would give them words of comfort.

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And when when Jaffa died, he visited the house of Jaffa his cousin, he physically put his hand on the children of Jaffa the orphans and he may draw for them and him he praised the women of Jaffa the wives of Jaffa for their patients. So these are words of consolation Allah console, the Prophet says in the process of console the Sahaba we as well when we find anybody in distress, and a legitimate distress, we should give them words of comfort. Also notice here our Prophet systems concerned for his people was so much Allah used a very harsh word bow. And bow here literally means as even a bass translated, he explained back that means move the liquid. Nuff said, you will kill yourself out of

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grief, that grief will consume you. Why was he grieved because he loved his people so much. So anybody who wants to call to Islam, you need to have that genuine love for your people. You want to have your people to love this religion and to love Allah like you, not for your ego for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala no doubt this love can go to an extreme to the point that it will prevent you from living normally. So in the beginning of the tower, our Lord told the process that um, check it back, keep it in check. Don't take that grief that much. And I thought in going in their footsteps if they do not believe in this book, and then Allah says two more verses in that Jana

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Island disease, Xena Tada. We have made everything on top of this earth, a decoration for the earth, Xena Tila, so everything on top of the earth and that is men and women. palaces, beautiful trees, rivers and oceans, everything that we see, it is a beautification, not for Allah for this world zealots Allah, Allah does not need this world. This world is not the permanent world. Allah is telling our prophecies and all that is on this world and above it, it is a beautification for this world, why Lenovo home, we are going to test all of them at your home is no hemella who does the best deeds, not the most deeds, rather the best deeds, Allah is not looking for quantity, Allah is

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looking for quality, all this there is on this world that is a test for them, their money, their children, their women, the possessions that they own, all of this that is on this earth, we are going to test them and we will see who will do not the most the best. And this shows us it is quality will law he a person can give a million dollars, and another can give 10 and it is possible that that million is worthless in the eyes of Allah and that 10 is worth millions and billions it goes back to the intention, a prophet can pray to America and that look, I can be more precious than this.

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And another can pray 200 and it will be thrown back at him because his intention was wrong. They never do a u haul * and all that they have no white What is the manassa? What is the reason why this first comes after the previous one scholars say that perhaps it is natural for a person to feel. Why do the Quraysh Why do those who reject a law have so much wealth, so much power? Why are they at the pinnacle of civilization? Why do they all Why do they control? Why don't we have this? So and this was the case in early America, the arrays had the power the Orisha there is the Muslims were the ones persecuted. So what did the law say? All that they have? This is a test for them.

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Don't put your heart on this. Because the next verse clarifies what in eluna. Look, verse number six says in the next verse, we're in the jar. We have done, we will do we have done this, we will do something else. What have we done? We have made the world Xena a beautification. What we do, we will make this whole world Saeed and Judah and so it means flatland. And Judah means in fertile without any greenery. So Allah is saying all of this beauty that you see it is temporary and a time will come and of course this is yarmulke because Allah says in the Quran on that day, this world will be substituted for another world yo Tibet.

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So Allah says

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Don't be deceived by this greenery by this finery by this power by all that they have because the time will come when what this whole world what

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they have Sorry, sorry it means flatland there will be nothing. The Quran tells us the mountains will crumble, the Quran tells us that everything that is here will be destroyed. So Allah is saying, Just wait. A time will come when all of this world will be flat, and Judas and Judas means in fertile, there's no greenery. There's nothing that's going to be there. And so our Lord is telling the Prophet system and through him he's telling us, don't be, don't be deceived. Don't be disillusioned by the greenery of this world. This world. It is a Xena for this world only it is a beautification for this world and the real beautification will be in the next world and inshallah

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tomorrow we will start the story of the men in the cave was Santa Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakato

This lecture sees Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discussing verses 4 to 8 which majorly mentions the purpose of the Qur’an and the Prophet ﷺ concern for mankind.

It is binding upon us to negate false accusations about Allah and affirm what we must believe about Allah. Whatever is to be known about Allah can only be achieved by reading the Qur’an. Allah criticizes anyone who says that Allah has children.

Verses 6 and 7 deal in its sheer eloquence, the concern the Prophet ﷺ had for his Ummah an how he was forever worried about them. But Allah consoles him time and time again as is seen in the Qur’an which in turn even tells us to do the same when we cross paths with a person in distress.

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