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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The culture in Java includes a common practice of praying and standing, as well as a habit of swinging. The act of couping is crucial to avoiding distraction and should not be attempted, as it is a common act. Additionally, the importance of social distancing and avoiding touching others is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need to avoid distraction and to practice social distancing.
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Alhamdulillah horrible alameen wa salatu salam, Elijah lamballe mousseline while he was heavy as rain.

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And brothers, I would like to remind myself and knew about some of the basic things to do with Salah, which we tend to forget and ignore, and that results in a faulty Salah for ourselves and also in some cases May Allah forgive us. It

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creates faults in the sorrows of others.

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One of the most important things in Java

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is the famous Allosaurus rahsaan, where

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he saw a man cave, and he prayed.

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And that's when he after he finished his Salah,

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he gave an image around Brazil as a fella

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returned his alarm. And he said, Go back and pray because you're not great.

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So the man went back and he prayed again.

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And then again, and also realize all of our alarms that go back and pray because you're not breached.

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So again, he went in braids, and then he came back. A third time, Ursula is another is lm Trojan, go back and pray because you have not prayed. So

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this is how I know to pray. I don't know anything else. So please tell me how to pray. And also like Elijah explained to him and he said that

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he meant was all very standard rates in Korea, and so on. But one very important thing is that is he said in each of the positions, he's a day until your bones come to rest.

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So when you make a logo, he said, do it with this and make complete logo and your back is straight, and your bones comes to rest. And then you stand stand fully, completely,

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not half and then dive into the scissor no stand fully and completely. And then of course there are the ads in each of the positions. Then when you go and decide that you make sense. And then you wait you rest until your bones comes to rest. And that says that is a complete saga and you grow that as we add and then you sit between the pseudo and you make the draft. And then you go into the next slide.

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Another famous Hassan he said the worst of the people are the ones who steal in Salah.

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And as I was Allah How can you steal in Salah. He said you steal in Salah, when you do not do each of the movements of Salah properly

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where you do quit croco and another famous as he said do not make a joke, like a crore drinks water.

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You know,

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like like picking

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a point I remind remind myself when you is it's very important for us to do this for ourselves. And also to have a sense of stillness

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and to stand without movement.

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Now people do all kinds of things quite apart from scratching here and scratching their head and so on. People have a habit of standing and then they keep on moving back and forth like this and swinging and swinging. Now you want to swing go swing somewhere else and you stand and sitting next to me You ruined my Salah also.

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So it makes no sense I just there it is said about people like there's an alpha

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Saba that they would stand in Salah. So still and they will be reciting rereading longsword. So that means they will be standing up for a long day, they will stand still so still that sometimes a bird would come and sit there it

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is like a like a post you know that somebody has put a post in the ground. There's no movement, no order at all whatsoever is done.

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Absolutely no moment. I think very important for us to do that. The other thing is when we say it has a Wanaka has obeyed as monarchy when we say join your shoulders and join the feet. So Allah people have all kinds of concepts about this. This den with their feet wide apart.

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Now you have done a bit wider but there's no way your shoulders get jammed with a video because your foot is beyond the shoulder.

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So you have to stand in a way where the shoulder was the joint and the feet must be appropriate. Second thing they do is when the best manager will join the feet then literally the giant is a sense of almost like stepping on somebody else's foot.

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It must have consideration for people right

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in your in your armpit or something

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that says them directly. These are the kinds of things that

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if you try to go away he goes back to de Sala hora. The whole Salah now is you know you can't even get away from there.

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What do you rain in in Salah.

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is not permitted to you know, give a dig back

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in that 11. So, please understand that when you make the law let us improve the quality of our salah and the external others Li is as important as the cause of the Salah, because the external effects of the coup de Marana said the other day, the man was stroking his beard, and then the number of vellano he hit his hat. And he said that if you had no insight, then you would have Cujo in your, in your in your feet. So this the fact that you are stroking your beard and pulling a beard and so on, that means that even inside

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so the outside effect the inside and inside the outside. So let us when we pray, Let us stand, we will also have that consciousness that we are standing before Allah, and then pray in a beautiful way where our Salah is good for us and also good for the person next to us. So make sure that there is no disturbance to the person that because of your movement as a person and not being distracted, that when you stand, you don't step on the feet and you go into such that and so on and so forth. You know, keep your linear brain by us as we do what you have in that not do what you want, but I'm saying that you know, okay, okay, spread out a little bit. But when you're standing in, in in this

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up, then it's very important to make sure that you don't disturb others. The other big issue is the issue of gaps in the stuff, the straight line of the stuff. And the gaps in the sub. These are two major problems. As far as we are concerned, Angela, we keep on dividing and dividing. And melasma is gonna help us to remember and used to literally walk up and down the subway, sometimes you would walk up and down the sub, and with an arrow, he would straighten the stuff, he wouldn't even bend him over, he would walk from here to there,

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all along the entire sub to straighten this up before he before he would lead the Salah.

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And he said that the straightening of the syrup is from the Dhamma the Salah is that it's part of the of the of the establishment of Salah to straighten the stuff

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you know, and it is a famous Hadith and these are the heroes of Allah that the reason why it's so important to read the Sierra is the famous headings where there was one of those in the south, you're standing a little bit outside. Solorzano had an arrow in his head. So he pushed him with the arrow in his belly.

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Go back. So the man that I

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saw, he was bitten

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by didn't mean to hurt me, he said, You hurt me and I have to retaliate. Because you know, I won't get back my finger, how can you hurt me so

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retaliated. So he lifted up his shirt, the man is on his belly. And he says yeah, this is what I want to do.

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He said I wanted to give you

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so he pretended as if he was

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at the level of design of honor Is that a lot? Because you know that stuff is from the establishment of of Salah. And the other thing is the question of gaps rahsaan made a very easy read, he said that if you keep gaps in yourself, Allah Subhana Allah will put divisions in your heart. So Allah how much of that we have all the realism of it we need more and even in this budget, this is sometimes when you know there are some secondary there is one person is praying here and the other person praying 50 feet away on the other side under the house of Allah Jeeva you are standing as you can see someone is standing there Why don't you move and dance with a man

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but we have to keep on dividing inshallah, please do that. Then in the south and short the Suffolk strait and also ensure that you're standing next to a brother in the south shoulder to shoulder and when you stand is already resolved. It's not a competition or something like that. So don't get into that. Does that suggest that shoulder to shoulder and then ensure that the that our external part of the Salah in terms of all the movements of the salah and in terms of when we are standing to stand absolutely still without any movement that we do all these things so that the quality of our Salah embolden, that will also internally improve the internal quality of our Salah as well

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as Allah Allah Allah Highlander bill very wide it was made but I want to get

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