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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now delves into verses 9 to 13 which deals with the story of the people in the cave. This story reaffirms the basic fact that belief in Allah results in increase in guidance. The more blessed one is with the gift of Iman, the more ease he gains when trying to achieve more Iman or Faith.

Verses 9 10 and 11 summaries the story of the people of the cave.The story highlights numerous signs, and teachings for us to imbibe and inculcate that testify to the great Power of Allah and His Wisdom in managing His creations.

Listen intently to fully embrace and be mesmerized by the lessons of this story.


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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala Madame de vida, who start today with iron number

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nine of suited calf. And from this ayah onwards for the next few days, we're going to be talking about the story of the young men who entered the cave, and the loss of Hannah with Jada. In verse nine and 10 and 11, he summarizes the story. And then for the next page and a half, he goes into detail. So it is as if there is an introduction, where he summarizes it in a nutshell, and then there's a detailed analysis of every single incident that happened. So today we're gonna talk about the summary of the story and then inshallah, from tomorrow onwards, we'll go into the detail it is as if Allah subhana wa tada answered the question that the orange posed in two lines, and then he

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told them so much more information that they did not ask for. And Allah subhana wa tada begins the story by the question, I'm happy to announce habel kathiawar Rahim Academy iottie. Raja, did you assume? Did you think that the people of the cave, and the people of dar Hakim will translate or came in a while? Or have the most amazing of our signs? Meaning

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you are challenging the Profit System by asking him tell us of the people of the cave? And do you think that the people of the cave and their story is the most amazing thing that we have done? Rather, this is a very trivial matter. And there are so many bigger signs. And you want to question us about something that in the grand scheme of things, was something so utterly trivial, but you are amazed at it? You are you think it is a big miracle that it is in fact a very trivial miracle. So did you think that the story of the people of the cave was of the most wondrous of our affairs, so Allah is saying, This is what you're trying to test the Prophet system with. Whereas the truth, the

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signs of his truth are many more than this, his conduct his character, the Koran, all of this is a bigger miracle than the people of the cave and their story, but you're ignoring all of these big miracles, and you're quizzing him on something so trivial to see if he is a true prophet. And a woman tells us Hubble Cathy, we're rocking the people of the cave and that Hakim and scholars have different what is done okay. Some have said it is the mountain that the cave was in. Others have said that what theme was a inscribed tablet that was put on the caves entrance. So after the people discovered the sleepers, they inscribed something. So they're called the people of the cave and the

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inscription, in either case, the references to the same people, and that is the people of the cave. So a lot begins the story by saying, this isn't the biggest sign of the truthfulness of the Prophet system, but you're asking about it. Okay, I will tell you what you want to know. And Allah says, is our future to eat and calf that remember or recall, when the young men sought refuge in the cave, now the story begins and before we can destroy a quick summary that we mentioned, the sort of use of many, two, three years ago, of the wisdoms of the purpose of a law telling stories in the Quran. The stories of the Quran is a constant theme. Some of the scholars have said, One third of the Quran is

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stories, and this is not far from an exaggeration. One third of the coin is stories, and one third is theology. And one third is law. And this is not too far from the truth. So Allah subhanho wa Taala uses stories as a constant theme of the Quran. Why? Because every human being loves to hear a story, from child to adult, male or female, whatever your background, you will want to listen to a story. It's ingrained in us. So Allah uses stories. And Allah stories are not like the stories of men. A lot of stories are truthful woman as a woman Allaha DITA every single story in the Quran is a real story. There are no fables and legends, Allah stories Allah says in the Quran, or Santa cosas

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they are the best of all stories, and Allah stories in the

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locker they can have.

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In their stories, there are wisdoms and lessons. So every story in the Quran is a story of lessons of morals of wisdom. And one very interesting thing about the stories of the Quran. If you listen and compare the stories of the Quran, with the stories of the other books that are claimed to be revealed by God, one of the biggest differences that even the layperson sees, if you read any other book that says pretends to be from God, you find the stories are so dry and so much full of detail. This

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Son of so and so on the son of so and so they came from this place. They did this so many details that are superfluous you don't need them. The stories of the Quran usually nothing bearnaise no places, no gates, it's simply the crux of the story. It's simply the overall tip, what do you need to benefit from the story, there are no names or what they were wearing and where they came from. All of this is missing. But if you look at other scriptures, you read genealogies that are half a page Long's Sam, the son of so and so the setup so and so came from this place and did this and you get lost in what is the story, all of the details, they make you forget the content of the story,

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look at the Koran, hardly any names, hardly any names, look at the Quran, hardly any details that you don't need to know. Also one of the amazing things about Quranic stories, that so much information is implied. When you read the story, you piece together so many details, even in this story, we will see a love does not mention there was a king was trying to kill them. But we understand it. There is no law that says there was a king that was prosecuting them. But we understand they're seeking refuge in a cave. They said we believe in a law, we're not going to wish your false gods we understand what is the understanding of it, there was a king who was a pagan, he

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wanted to persecute the Muslims, they're fleeing away from him, no need to mention the details. This is the beauty of the Quran that Allah subhanho wa Taala conveys so much information in so few verses. And by the way, who are these people of the cave? scholars have different so much and some have said this as a group in this area, some have said as a group in that area. And without being facetious or joking. It is true to say that every culture in the world, every Islamic culture, swear by Allah that in their culture, there is the case of the Seven Sleepers, right? So you have people from Tunisia, from Algeria, from Morocco, from under those from from Syria from Jordan, every

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community and I do not find this surprising, even India, Pakistan, somebody's gonna say sleepers in my community. And in the end, Allahu Island, Allah knows where they will alumnos who they were, we do not know for sure who the seventh sleepers were, we don't know which area of the land that they will some have said they were early Christians. And this makes sense. However, this problematic in one sense only and that is if they were only Christians, then they

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would not be asking about early Christians. So others have said these were your living in the Iranian province because in Iran, the kingdom was as a recipient and at times he persecuted at times he was nice. So it is possible there are a group of you who it is possible that a group of nosara whoever they were, they were believers in Allah subhana wa tada and then the true prophet, and their society was a pagan society, their society was an idolatrous society. So what happened in the short version, which is the first two, three ayah, Allah says 1152 11 calf, the group of young men fear means they were young men in the prime of their youth fatigue, and so they're 2023 27. This age

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young men is our future to either give these young men they sought refuge in the calf for cardio, and they said

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he was out. Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and earth. And

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excuse me, for Cordova for Cordova

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de nada, I skipped over three verses Excuse me. So they said for pirate banner, so they made it. As soon as they entered the cave for

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Tina Muldoon. kurama. They said, Oh, Lord, give us mercy directly from you. attina, Milligan kurama

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Marina rasheeda and make our affairs firm and street. What is the show? It shows us that they were fleeing from a problem. They're seeking refuge in a cave and they turn to the cave. And the first thing that they do when they enter the cave, they make dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. So notice here there's a combination of two factors. When you're in a troubled situation, you have to do two things. Number one, something of this world number two, something of the actor number one, Dini, number two, don't try something spiritual, something physical, you're sick, you go to the doctor, you make your job list, you send your resume, you make dua, you don't have an education, you go to

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college, you make drop, you need both factors together, they go to the cave and they make drop. They don't sit in their houses and they say, we believe in Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will pluck us from the heavens and save us from the enemy. No, they flee for their lives. They're running from their community, they find a cave and then they turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect them. Our religion is a religion of action.

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So religion of activity, you're in a trouble situation, you're gonna have to do something to figure out how to get out of that situation. But when you do something, don't neglect a law. Don't forget about that because that's the most important weapon and that is the law is the weapon of the believer. So Allah says these young men, they said we are our Lord. Give us mercy directly from you. attina Muldoon, kurama Lana Mina Marina rasheeda make our affairs proper our affairs are broken make them in good order. So what are the logic for the robina Allah Danny him Phil caffee samina either, so we call them for Davina either identify him as an expression of Arabic. If you translate it

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literally it means we struck their ears, we put something on their ears, but the meaning here, they fell into such a deep sleep, that no matter how loud the sound, they would not wake up. Because what is the difference between light sleep and heavy sleep, light sleep if something happens, you wake up and a lie saying we covered their ears.

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We covered up their ears so that they couldn't hear anything, meaning it's an expression, they slept a deep sleep. How long see Nina Ida, many, many years to and this is a double emphasis in his book and other that emphasizes many, many years in Canada, some other is now home, then we brought them back up meaning we and Allah uses the word bafna, which is usually used to resurrecting the dead, indicating their sleep was just almost death. They were so long asleep they might as well have been dead. And of course we know that our Prophet sallallahu either he was sent them said that unknowable, a whole simple headed unknown, a whole mount sleeping is the brother of dying, literally

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gone to sleep is the half brother is the brother of dying. Why? Because there's a similarity when we go to sleep, our leaves our body, when we die, our roof leaves our body. The only difference when we go to sleep, the room is connected with some type of strand. When we go to sleep, the road is connected. When we die, that connection is cut off. That's the only difference. Otherwise, sleep and death are really the same thing. And that is the road exiting the body. And that is why most of humanity they die in their sleep. Because Allah subhana wa tada takes the source for sleep that he never returns them. This is the general rule. Most people that die in their sleep Allahu enforcer,

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hanaa hinomoto Timothy mannheimia Allah is the one who takes the souls of the people when they die, and those who don't die during their sleep, meaning the bulk of people they die during the sleep. So even the word that Allah uses, we brought them back, even though they're sleeping, they're not dead. Some of it is as if they were sleeping, why the analemma is veiny Asada Mallaby through amudha in order to test which of the two parties is more accurate for how long they remain in the cave. Now this is a reference to the fact that the hood had deferred how many years were the people of the cave sleeping and a lot of references later on in the Quran. And Allah is saying, you're testing me

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about their knowledge you yourself don't even though the full details. You're questioning me and trying to quiz. The Prophet Muhammad says Adam, are you a true prophet, and yet you yourself don't even know the historical reality. We brought them back and then we will see who has the more accurate information and alum inches of the Quran, some said 300 Some said this, some said that they don't even know the details. And in their ignorance and arrogance, they're challenging the prophecies and for details and Alon knows all the details. So what does Allah Allah say in the next verse, that no, no No So Allah can ever humble. We are the ones who can tell you their real story

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with truth. You don't know anything. You don't know the number of people that work as a lower mentioned you don't know how many years they were asleep as a local mentioned here you come quizzing the professor system. And we will tell you this and he will we will tell you even more episodic and never upon Bullock, we will tell you the real details and story in the home 52 men will be robbing him was it in our home, whether they were a group of young men in the home theater, and by saying they were fit here, Allah subhana wa Taala is praising that they were young men who broke away from their culture who broke away from their society. And this is something that is very true that

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generally speaking the young of society, it is the young minds that are willing to break away from the trends. They're willing to stand up against their culture, they're willing to speak the truth. Once you become older, you become entrenched in the ways of the culture. Once you become older, it's very difficult to break away from the trends of society. And that is why the people of Medina were younger they accepted Islam, the people of Mecca or the elders

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They rejected Islam. When you're young, you're more open minded. And that is why To this day, look at those who fight social justice and the causes and speak out against the government is generally the college crowd, isn't it right is generally the college level students, and this is around the globe Look around you. It's the college level horsepower roused up, they want to change, they want to do this, they want to do that. And this is it could be positive, it could be negative, sometimes the same age group, it can go to the bad side as well. And Allah mentions this in the Quran, with the story of the mood, right, with the story of the mood. That's

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what kind of in Medina Titi satola, used to that if

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they were nine, basically young men, mischievous men causing facade, and they went and they and they hamstrung the camel. So the same youngness it could be good, it could be bad. When it's used for bad it can go very bad. But when it's used for good, that subpoena law, the raw image that we get from our young men and women, it is unparalleled. And that is why our Lord praises young men and women who are religious, the Prophet says and praised young men and women who are religious. There is a hadith of Islam that EMA call that

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the Prophet system said, Allah subhanho wa Taala is amazed at a young man who has no turnings left and right meaning his Street, meaning his Mr. theme, Allah is amazed at a young man that he is not going astray. And in the authentic hadith motif of our prophets I send them said seven or the people there will be sheltered under the shade of a low when there is no shade other than his shade, and one of them was Shah buena Shafi, Reba Tila, a young man or woman sharp means young, which is like teenager and early 20s Cheb. Natasha Tila, Allah, He is raising himself up in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So here Allah is praising in the home, fitzy, attune to him, they were a group of

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young men, they believed in the Lord, visit the now home Buddha. So we increase their guidance. And this is the last verse here. But a very interesting point. Notice, there's a cause and then there's a reaction to the cause. There's a cause. And then there's a reaction, they've done something in return, something was done to them. Listen, in the whole situation.

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To him, first, in a home with a group of young men, they believed in their load. And so we gave them increased hidayah. And what does this show? It shows us, if you take one step to Allah, Allah takes 10 steps to you. If you go walking to a lot, a lot comes running to you. Every single step you take to Allah, the next step will be easier because Allah has come closer to you. And this is what our Prophet says that I'm said that whoever goes walk into a law law comes running to him, whoever walks one step two steps goes to this is a heavy, and what does this say? They believed in Allah. So we did in our home, we gave them zyada in their guidance. And of course, this also shows us a very

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basic fundamental pillar, which we all understand and believe that a man goes up and Allah causes it to go up that if we turn to Allah, Allah will increase our Mr. Emmanuel Bahar de la mulata. They use this ayah to prove there was a theological controversy in his time, does he man go up or down and inaudible how to use this very verse in Islam. In number 52, Armando gurobi him president, Buddha, they were a group who believed in the Lord. So we increase their hedaya even more, which means they had good idea. And then the Hidayat went up. And this also shows us and with this, we conclude, how do you increase your Eman and hedaya you increase it by turning to a law, every good deed that you

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do your Eman will go up every good deed that you do. Allah will bless you with more demand. So the more demand you have, the easier it is to gain yet more demand. The more demand you have, the easier it is to get more email. And as I said, every step you take in the religion, the next step will be easier. every step you take for a while the next step will be easier and will law what good news is this? Because when it comes to the religion, it's like a downward slope for us that once we start it becomes easier, easier, easier, and then it becomes a complete habit and this is of the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada it doesn't get more difficult. When you go to Allah the path becomes easier

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and easier in the home fear to be him was it in our home Buddha and we'll continue the story tomorrow in sha Allah who data was Santa Monica?