Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 02 Theme Cause Of Revelation

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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now moves on to discuss the general theme or undertone of Surah Al Kahf and the cause for its revelation.

The general message that Surah Al Kahf conveys is Allah’s guaranteed protection when we turn to him in times of difficulty, calamity and fitnah.

Verses 1 to 3 are elaborated upon in this lecture. Among them, the verses deal with Tawheed, Risalah and Akhirah which are the three fundamentals of Islam. We are also acquainted with the three pillars of Iman – love, fear and hope.

Hence, we witness sheer beauty in a mere 3 verses of this beautiful Surah.


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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena via hammerberg. We're starting our second lesson into sushruta calf. And as we had mentioned yesterday suited to the calf its primary theme is demonstrating that Allah subhana wa tada protects all those who turn to him for protection. And we mentioned that Sawtelle calf has many blessings and many football. And one point that we can add on to that is that the very name calf, the very name sorted calf has been mentioned by the prophet sallallahu Sallam as being the name for the surah. And there is clearly a similarity between the theme and the name in that what is the theme, a law will protect you when you turn to Him. And a

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cave is a symbolic place of protection, light, hard to hit off, but holiday photos were a lot protected the Prophet system where Allah sent the Quran down. So the name of the sutra is like a protection, it is similar to alcohol, and it is mentioned in the books of the sea. And it is the books of the sea, generally speaking, are not as authentic as the books of Hadith. So this is a narration and Allah knows how authentic it is that even Cathedral poverty have mentioned that the reason why the sutra was revealed, was that the kurush they had never heard of a prophet in a book until the Prophet system began preaching. So they asked some of their elders, another benhadad that

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had been married, they said to them, why don't you go to the root of yesterday? and ask them what is a prophet? And how do we know what is a prophet? What are the signs of a true prophet? So they went all the way to yesterday, which is Medina, and they spoke to the hood of Yerevan, they said, there is a man amongst us he claims to be a Navy, how do we know is he true or not? So they said, test him with three questions, test him with three questions. The first of these asked him, What is the story of the young men who fled seeking or loss protection?

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Tell us their story. The second is this tell us the story of that King whom Allah had blessed east and west, all of the roads to which is no permanent? What is the story of local name? And the third, ask him about the route? What is the route? And they said, the third question is a trick question. Because anybody who answers he's not a prophet, the first two he should know. But the second he should not know. Because nobody knows what is the ROI. So they said, Go and ask him these three questions. So another and rocket body returned, and they told the price, and the price went to the Profit System and they quizzed him. And they said, if you are truly a profit, tell us the response

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of these three. Who are these young men who sought refuge in a law fleeing persecution? Who is that King that Allah has blessed the east and the west? And tell us what is the root what is inside of us? What is the soul? And so our Prophet says, and he had been accustomed to gibril coming down at a certain time in a certain time of the week, so that time was tomorrow, and he expected you believe to come tomorrow at the same time. So he said, Just wait tomorrow until that time, and then I will inform you, and He did not say insha Allah, he was confident that is going to happen. And instead of one day, it was delayed. Some reports say three others say 15 days, and the kurush became happy that

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the Prophet says and promised them tomorrow, but nothing is happening until when Julian came gibreel came with so little Islam and so little calf and inserted his strong suits and calf. The answer to these three questions are given. Of course, the the question of the young man is the beginning of soldier calf. The question about vocab name is the end of social calf. So the beginning and the end of answer this and then asked for the root. We find this as sort of a pseudo pseudo buddy, is he? Well, yes.

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They asked you about the royal

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family, Robbie, say this route, it is from a loss command. And you have not been given anything of knowledge except a small amount, meaning you don't know what is the rule. We cannot to this day scientifically prove there is a rule talk about the rule. This is beyond our understanding. Also, one of the interesting things about students of Caf is that suited cap is in fact, if you were to count the words of the Quran, and some of the scholars must show that they have done this, you come to the conclusion that the exact middle of the Quran, the exact middle of the Quran is inserted calf and in fact the word that is in the middle is

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tough. Well, yeah, Terra de Latif and be Latif has many meanings of them is, be discreet be be and also it means Be merciful and be kind. So they say this is the exact middle of the Quran and of the interesting things about surah

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Kappa is that because it is the middle of the Quran. It begins with the exact same thing that the beginning of the Quran begins with, and that is Alhamdulillah. So even the middle begins with an hamdulillah because the first verse of surah telegraph is Alhamdulillah Allah De Anza Allah Akita. So the middle of the Quran and the beginning of the Quran, they both began with Alhamdulillah. We also see another interesting point, and that is that the end of certain Islam is very directly linked to the beginning of sorts of gaff, because the end of surah Esau says, What hamdulillah say Alhamdulillah, who has not taken a son? Well, let me

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say Alhamdulillah to the one who has not taken a son, and then what is the beginning of South Africa have a hamdulillah and then the second verse that they claim that Allah has a son that he does not have a son. So the end of surah Islam and the beginning of Soraka are directly linked together. Also, the beginning of surah camp begins Alhamdulillah Hilda De Anza, Abdullah Kitab, All Praise be to Allah who has sent down upon his Avenue. And this meaning is the Prophet says to them, the book, what am Allah who Eva and he has not made any crookedness anything that is incorrect in the book.

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And he has not made anything crooked in the book. And then Allah says, The book is straight, the book is full of human error so that Allah subhana wa tada may Whoa, about to severe punishment that is coming from him that essentially the middle

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meaning and give glad tidings to the believers who do good deeds, that they will have much blessings and reward. So these are the first verse of Surah Al Qaeda Alhamdulillah we have talked about this many times. And for those of you who attended the previous classes, you know, and for those who didn't, I can refresh your memory and health is a beautiful word. Because there are many words in the Arabic language that indicate praise, you have Mother, mother happens to praise you have sugar and chakra chakra means to thank and praise barrel hemp has a very specific meaning because the word mother has the word mother have means to Fletcher and many times mother is done out of a false sense

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of wanting to impress the person. Mother How could be done for truth and it could be done for falsehood, you can do to gain the favor of the one you're doing that for mother could be alive, mother could be false and that could be true. Sugar is only done in response to a good done to you. Somebody does you could use a sugar on you never say sugar on unless somebody has done something for you. So sugar is an exchange. Sugar is a tit for tat. As for a hand and hand has nothing to do with sugar and mother hand is to praise because the being that you are praising is worthy of that praise. So hand is broader. And Hamed is also more specific both of them it is broader and more specific how

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it is broader because it has nothing to do with what the being that you are praising has done for you. And held is also more specific in that you have to praise hand the one who deserves it because of him and not because of you sugar because what he has done for you. It could be because you want something back but how it is done because the being you are praising is worthy of that hand and him do Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhana wa tada Why Why is he worthy of praise and let the UN's Allah Allah Abdi kita because he has revealed upon his the book so the Quran is so powerful of a miracle that Allah deserves to be praised because of the Quran.

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Because we have the Quran, we say Alhamdulillah such a beautiful blessing that Allah has blessed the world with that we are thanking Allah and praising Allah because he has sent the book down. And in fact Allah mentions this and other verses as well to

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all blessings be the one who has revealed a fork on

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the hill kita. So we praise Allah for having revealed the Book, and he mentioned who is the recipient of the book, and that is Allah IBT upon his Now many people translate a slave, but the real meaning of Abdullah is not slave. The real meaning of abt here is worshipper. This is the actual meaning of art over here. That is because the highest praise of any human is to be worshipping Allah, this is the highest macom no human will be exalted unless he humbles himself in front of Allah. And the more you humble yourself in front of a lot, the more honored you are, and the one who has achieved achieved the height of humbling in front of Allah.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So when Allah says my avid, this is the highest praise that Allah can give to me creation, he is saying, This is my worshipper, he has worshipped me the way that nobody else has worshipped me. And if you notice, our Prophet system is referenced as in the most honorable places in the Quran, for example, when the Quran is being revealed and Hamdulillah, the ensalada de Kitab For example, when the Prophet system is being defended yesterday in sort of Bukhara, our father decided when cultural theory the main man has done Nana Dena, right our process is being defended. If you doubt what we have revealed to our habit, when Allah praises him by the

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greatest miracle that he was given, so handle the big o d e.

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r d e r, e to the one who has taken his art in the Night Journey is rolling Neeraj. So defending the process of raising the ranks of the process of talking about the mccobb of the process of in all of these locations, Allah subhana wa tada uses the term. And Allah says we have revealed the Kitab and the Kitab. It has two meanings to it, or the meanings of Kitab is the one that you all know and that is book cutter by means to write down. But there's another meaning of Kitab cuts with a circle also means a large amount. And that is why For example, katiba means a large group of men that are on an expedition is called katiba, because it's a large group, so of the meanings of Kitab is that this

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book has a lot of wisdom, a lot of information and of the meanings of Kitab is that this book has been written down and both of these meanings applied to the Quran. The Quran is that which is recited that Kitab is that which is written down Kitab Al Quran or complimentary Alhamdulillah Allah De Anza da da da kita Allah who Eva and he did not place any crookedness, any misunderstanding in it when I'm here to Allahu Raja, and this proves to us that the Quran and the Sunnah of the processes are linked together. Why? Because Allah says, This is the book I have sent to my abs, how do you know this is the book that I have sent to my How do you know this is my abs? How do you know this is

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my rhassoul? Examine the book. So the book is the credentials of the Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, how do you know Islam is true? You look at the book, what is the miracle of the process of you look at the book and what is the sign of the book? What am the agenda there is nothing strange, there is nothing that is misunderstood in the book. A human leaving the robot session either means it is straight and it is making other straight. It has two meanings by him. The book is strict, and it makes other straight. Notice in these two verses Allah negates crookedness, and affirm straightness. This is very similar to the beginning of Bukhara, that equal Kitab fee.

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There is nothing that's confusing, nothing that's crooked, it is a guidance. First you negate the evil, then you affirm the positive. The Quran has no evil and it has nothing but positive. Now, even if he has a limited team, and over here, there's no job it is a human, a human Leandra that Sasha de de milodon who this is a book that is going to world of a severe punishment from a law and also to give good news and glad tidings to those who believe what you mean.

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Who do good deeds that they will have much greater reward. What is this report it is not expressly mentioned, but the next verse clarifies Mark Athina fee Abba, they shall live in it forever. So therefore the reward is Jenna. Notice in these verses, Allah subhana wa tada combines the three fundamentals of Islam to heed the Sunnah and after tawheed, Allah is praising himself rusada for viewing a Book to His Prophet, for those who rejected will be punished those who accepted they will be rewarded, how concisely in a verse and a half the three fundamentals of Islam have all been summarized. Also notice the three pillars of Eman have also been referenced. What are the pillars of

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Eman, loving Allah fearing a lot and hoping in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And

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these are the three pillars of Eman And in this verse and a half just the beginning. Allah summarizes these three pillars Alhamdulillah He is worthy of being praised because we love We love Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Quran warns of a punishment. We're scared of Allah's punishment, and the Quran gives glad tidings of good news. So we hope for a lesser reward. So love, fear and hope are combined, as we said to hate

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and love, fear and hope all of these are combined in simply a verse and a half. One other point here, and that is that never does Allah subhanho wa Taala threaten except that he always gives glad tidings as well.

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Never does a love threaten with punishment, except that in the same context, he also has good news. The Quran always has both of these together. And that is to grief and that and also to shield to have to make scared and then Bashara to give good news. And the Quran combines both of these. And we should learn from this as well that Islam always brings about the two emotions together mankind we call it in English, the carrot and the stick, you need the carrot and you need the stick. You need the carrot, you need the incentive and you need the stick you need the punishment as well. And the Quran combines between these two. And one final point that we will mention here that Allah subhanho

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wa Taala mentions the Koran as being the ultimate criterion of him and of His Prophet and of the rusada and of the Yama all are linked to the Quran. And therefore and this is a point we have said many many times, but it is a point that is lost upon many of us Muslims, the Koran is the ultimate proof of our religion. If somebody asks us how do we know Islam is true? If somebody asks us How do you know the process of is true? Immediately our response should be it is the Quran. And the Quran is the living miracle and the miracle that is a miracle in every sense. In his recitation, in his hearing in his memorization, in his understanding in its implementation, the Quran is the ultimate

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proof and so it said calf will bring this up over and over again and inshallah we will continue our to see it from the next verse tomorrow was said on why they come to law. What about our cattle