Seven Points to Overcome Resentment of the Heart

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In the 36 Tear of the hijra, the first Civil War took place between the sahaba. our talk today is not about that it's about one anecdote. And from that anecdote, we'll begin our talk. As you're aware, there were a number of civil wars and the first of them the Battle of Jemen was between Aditi little Radi Allahu on one site, and Valhalla and Zubaydah and I shall the Allahu Anhu on the other side, and there's a story of that is not relevant to us today. One anecdote. As you're aware, it was a very tragic war. And in fact, our scholars say neither side wanted to fight but hell shaytaan caused this to happen, but for sure, there was a lot of tension, a lot of you know, acrimonious

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going to happen for political reasons. And unfortunately pled one of the actual number was shut up. He was killed on the battlefield the most famous martyr on that day was Tonhalle Rhodiola one and when he found out are these on the other side of the Allah one, he cried, and he said, bring Paul has son to me bring Paul has son to me, I'm gonna libinput Hell. So am Ron was brought, and Ali stood up and hugged Imran the son of palha. And he made dua for Paul Ha. And he said to Emraan, the Son of God, Ha, that Wallah, he, I am optimistic that your father and me are amongst those whom Allah revealed in the Quran the verse one is that I know Matthew so do to him in real in a one and

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other sort of them with a cabine we shall remove the hatred that was in their hearts, and they shall be brethren on couches reclining facing each other in Jannah. Now before I go on, imagine the situation on the one side, you know, perhaps the law has been killed, right? The forces that caused it, I mean, whoever did it is on the other side is obviously the side of it. Leola one. And Ally is distressed, he saddened and he hugs Emraan. And he says, Look, whatever happened. It's something what it wasn't intended, I didn't want this to happen. And whatever is in our hearts in this dunya, I am optimistic that Insha Allah, the both of us will get to Jannah and the both of us will be on

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reclining couches, and the both of us will have pure hearts. Two of the people in the gathering stood up angrily. And they said, Yeah, Ali are the Allahu Allah. This is not fair. How can Allah subhanho wa Taala cause them to enter agenda when we have been fighting them? Like either way, right? Or they're right. Like, this is not how they said they did. This is not right. You're the right person. They're going to the other place, not going up there. That's what they're trying to say. An added audio Vaughn became so angry, he said to these to get away from my camp and go to another land, you have nothing to do with me. And by the way, the fault some of the followers have

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added to the lawn, they always were a little bit exaggerating in his status. And we see this to this day as we're aware. So the point is that he hugged me Ilan, and He then gave him a gift. And he said, if you're ever in any need of anything, then consider me to be your elder brother, your uncle, I'm here for you. Now, this is the anecdote that we're going to start our brief kata today with, and that quarter is the reality of having a clean heart, even if there are issues in this dunya. You see, sometimes our preachers speak not precise language. And they say that forgiveness is the default and ideal. But when you look at the lies of the Sahaba, when you look at the reality of what

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it means, yes, it is good to forgive and forget, but sometimes you cannot completely forgive sometimes there is some negative in this dunya. But still, you must learn to overcome that negativity and have a pure heart. And this is something that we can achieve. If we teach the people that you cannot have any problem with anybody in this dunya Wallahi it is unachievable, even the Sahaba had back and forth verbally and sometimes politically and sometimes even yes with bloodshed as well. But believe it or not, in their hearts, they all recognize that in the eyes of Allah insha Allah they're all striving for piety in the eyes of Allah, they're wanting Jana, there was still

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some Hua despite the problems of this dunya This is the reality of struggling to maintain Islamic Brotherhood. You shall never attain full you know, lovey dovey type of brotherhood that doesn't exist in this world. Wallahi it has never existed and it shall never exist. What you can strive for, is you live a civil life with your Muslim brothers. Even if you disagree. Your heart should not hold any rancor, Ill Will the Arabic term is real which is in the Quran.

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One as I know Matthew sudo, the human healing, we shall remove the heal from their hearts. What does little mean? Heal means you want harm to come to your brother, this is what kill means, right? Another meaning of A is to tie up and chains. So it is as if you want your brother to be tied up and in chains, right? So the land is like chains, right? So the concept of you know, being tied down the concept of a type of punishment that is real. It is not allowed for the men to have real in his heart for his brother, even if he doesn't get along with him. Do you understand what I'm trying to preach here, that middle ground, you don't have to get along with everybody. You don't have to be

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lovey dovey with everybody. But you should strive amongst the righteous amongst those who are that are praying and fasting amongst the more meaning the silent and that would tuck in, that your heart is pure. You don't wish them any harm and evil in this world, much less in the Akira. And this is what we see in the reality of it. God Allah who is that I pray and I hope I'm optimistic that this verse in the Quran, it applies to me and even those on the other side of the battlefield. Now today's brief hot Euro, seven points from the Quran and Sunnah about how to practically achieve the lack of live that's the ideal to have no deal. Once again, I reiterate. You don't have to be friends

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or friendly with everybody there is a minimum what is the minimum? If you meet them, you say salam, that's the minimum, as long as you're saying salam, right? And there was a cordial Salam aleikum, Wa alaykum wa sallam there is no boycotting of the tongue. Right? Then in sha Allah, you are not sinful. Anything beyond this is good and the more you go, the better but the sin the Prophet system said it is not allowed for two believers for more than three days. As you know, we went over this in other lectures to boycott one another verbally so much so that if they meet in the street, they turn around and neither of them says salaam to the other. This is not allowed. Sometimes things happen a

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bad business, sometimes even between a man and woman a divorce takes place and there's a lot of hate, you know, just bad memories and whatever. Minimal Salam Yes, As Salam aleikum, Wa alaykum wa sallam, sometimes you don't get along with everybody. You don't have to go beyond this. And if you do more, the more the better it is, but it is not obligatory to go beyond the minimum J How can we overcome real in our hearts, I'm going to mention seven things very quickly. All of these are from the Hadith. One, two and three are in one Hadith and the beautiful Hadith in the Sunnah of a Timothy. In fact, this hadith is the most explicit Hadith about how to remove will, because it

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literally begins Fela Athan ly Allah Hina Calvo, Muslim and three things shall never allow him to remain in the heart of the Muslim, you can't get more clear than this. Three things if you do them. It shall eliminate that rancor that Ill Will you're going to sleep and you just wish to punch somebody you wish something would have no that's not have a pure heart. Even if you don't like the person that much have a pure heart as much as you can three things Number one, I will prophesy Some said it will also Allama Lilla. Doing your Amel Mukhlas for the sake of Allah. Whatever you do something, don't do it for other people do it for Allah subhanho wa taala. You train yourself to

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have a class. When you have a class for Allah, it will help you overcome your Hill. When you pray when you fast. When you give charity, you train your heart to always monitor Allah subhanho wa taala. And when you monitor Allah, it will become easier for you to let go of the grudge to not be so bitter and angry. Number two Manasa how to imitate Muslim in wanting the best and giving Naziha to the leaders of the Muslims. wanting the best the leaders here means both political and clergy and scholarship when whenever the Quran says we're not an Ahmed, one of the Quran says well el amor generally applies also to the political but as it been Abbas had and also to those of religious

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authority amongst you, these are the leaders the one in the political, the other in the spiritual realm. In other words, don't desire to see the downfall of the OMA politically and academically. Don't wish that the leaders are all evil and you find their faults and you put them down. Don't wish that the scholars and their inheritors of the process and oh, all our odema all our molvi class all this is not healthy. It's just not healthy to put down to make fun of to always find the faults of the leaders have a pure heart. This doesn't mean the leaders are all pious, but you should not busy yourself with the faults of the leaders. If you busy yourself with their faults, What have you

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accomplished and this is not to exonerate what they're doing as you're aware, but it is rather you are responsible for yourself and if you must, then wish good for the Ummah try your best to help whatever you can the leaders of the OMA and again

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It is not of the way of our righteous, you know, scholars to associate too much with the leaders either always putting them down, always praising them up, you let them be. But if you're going to constantly want to destroy them verbally, and the leaders of the Muslims in terms of the clergy and the roadmap, if you constantly make fun of them and put them down, then your heart is not pure. That doesn't mean all clergy are good, but you should not be following their false and making a big deal of it. So Manasa having Naseeha in your heart for the leadership means your heart is pure for the for the ones in charge is going to be pure for those under them. And number three will resume who am

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I to him, stick with the GEMA of the believers, be involved with your community Subhanallah One thing I've noticed Wallahi brothers and sisters, those people who are constantly constantly creating drama in the community or online, you never find them active in the misogyny you never find them being involved with their local ground community. And this is the reality across the globe. There are some people they have made a name for themselves, you know, creating drama putting you know so much fitna out there, and their local Masjid is unaware of them completely unaware. Our Prophet system said stick with the GEMA of the believers. humanize Islam be involved with your communities

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stick with the group of believers when you're interacting with other Muslims automatically you will understand we are all human I make mistakes, they make mistakes, you will be involved in something which is tangible good real good witches in our communities. So these three things are prophets as I said, if you do them lie you're Hello Allah hinda Kalibo Muslim you're called will have no hill number one is lost to Allah subhana wa Tada everything you do. Number two, have good thoughts and have Naziha you want to have good for the leaders of the of the Muslims. Number three stick with the GEMA of Muslims we move on to other things mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. Number four, the Quran

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tells us of the ways that you can remove him from your heart is to think of something that will be better for you when you get rid of that real what is that? Allah says in the Quran, from an Alpha was Lucha Judo who Allah Allah, if you forgive and you try to mend with your brother, Allah shall reward you. You see, when somebody does you wrong, you become full of your ego, I am not going to get let this go, I'm not going to. But then when Allah says to, don't worry about you and him, get me involved, I shall give you more than what he took away. For a Jew who Allah Allah, I shall reward you don't worry about him. When you think along these verses, you know message, what happens is you

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disconnect from the anger against him. And you connect with the Rama of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Don't you want the Rama of Allah, Allah says, Don't worry, I will give you a job directly. So for the sake of Allah, let go of the grudge. Now again, I want to be precise here. This does not mean that you must forgive him on the day of judgment. If somebody has really wronged you, it is possible to have no hill and still get your reward on the Day of Judgment. This is what I want to stress. I'm trying to teach us them in a practical and real manner, not in the flowery language that sometimes people preach that is beyond reality. Sometimes people really stab you in the back, they really hurt you,

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they really do something wrong, and you find it difficult to forgive them. And sometimes they do it repeatedly. You know what it is possible to live your life without any real and still get your full adjure from them and from Allah, how so? Go to sleep and have no animosity towards them in this dunya and say, in sha Allah on the Day of Judgment, Allah will give me what I need, that still you've achieved it, remove the animosity against him. Remove that hatred, because you know what, when you're bitter, when you're full of anger and rage Wallahi sometimes look at the brothers of use of you will go down a negative path and you will do something you yourself will regret. So you don't

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have to forgive him this you don't have to give forgiven the akhira forgiven this world. This is what Allah is asking you forgiven this world in this world. live a carefree life. Say hello. That's what the Day of Judgment is for. You go to sleep clean heart, no hill, and then you expect Oh Allah you said for a judo who Allah Allah. So in this world, I have no hill. But on the day of judgment, I want my hug, this is your hug. And if you do so you have achieved a higher MACOM than the one wanting revenge. So this is point number four, put Allah into the picture and Allah shall reward you. Point number five. Understand the number one tactic of shaytaan is to make these issues between

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you and your brother, a cause of disunity for the OMA and a hadith in Soho.

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hottie our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the shaitana Yes and your other features a little out of shape on has given up hope that he shall ever be worshipped in the Arabian Peninsula. Idolatry will not return there. As long as the OMA is here. There's no idolatry and beloved haram, and they're not gonna have idols over there when I can. But shaytaan has one tactic he has not done to get through through idols, what is he going to get you with fit to hurry she Boehner come causing ill will between you, that is the tactic of Shavon. So if you go to sleep, and your heart is full of anger and rage against another person, know that this is shaytaan winning, you don't want shaytaan

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to win, as I said, get rid of the anger and if you really must link it to Allah and say, Oh, Allah, you will give me what I want on the Day of Judgment. Again, I'm not saying you have to forgive everything. By the way, sometimes you should. When should you forgive? When should you hold till the Day of Judgment? It's a case by case basis, a one off mistake from a righteous person who comes to ask forgiveness, will Allah who you should forgive why shouldn't you forgive one off mistake? He says he's sorry, and he tries to make up to you then really you are being stubborn, if you don't forgive but persistent mistake and constant volume well, then maybe you have the right you know

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what, on the day of judge, but even then, keep your heart pure. So, next point, we said is to understand this is the plot of shape on point number six here second to last of the ways to prevent a deal from taking root in your heart is to follow the prophetic guidelines of not getting involved in riba backbiting avoiding the gatherings where an amoeba is taking place. Having good thoughts of your brother and not having Sue oven, minding your own business of the perfection of one Zeeman is to leave what doesn't concern him? Listen to me carefully. One of the main causes of hatred seeping into your heart is because you and I have not followed the prophetic methodology. We get involved in

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gossip. We're talking about other people. We're interested in what they say what happened there. Subhanallah follow the Sunnah cut off from that which has no business of yours. If some news reaches you think the best thoughts of your brother Don't get involved in riba avoiding a meme of somebody comes to you with no Mima turn it back and say you This is an imam you're spreading me am I don't want anything to do with this. If we follow the prophetic sunnah maybe 80% of the causes of real will come much of our when it comes because we have not blocked the avenues that our Prophet system told us to block. Talking about other people being sarcastic. Talking about an amoeba having bad

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thoughts when when something ambiguous and ambiguous phrase and ambiguous phrases heard shaytaan commas you read in the worst meaning than real is going to happen. So this is point number seven for solid point number six follow the prophetic methodology. And the final point

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is something that our scholars mentioned. There's no explicit Quran and Sunnah. But our scholars mentioned this. In fact, one can derive it from a weak Hadith in the Muslim ummah. You all know the famous hadith of when the process man was sitting, he said, A man shall enter from that door who is a person of Jannah you know, we've gone over this hadith many times. And you know, even Omar went and lived with him for three days. And then he found out this was a man, what did he say? Every night I make sure I go to sleep with a clean heart. So from this we get point number seven, Maha Sabha of the cult, check your heart early. If you find symptoms of rage, symptoms of anger. If you

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think of somebody and your blood begins to boil, well then you had better eliminate this that's just not healthy for you. It's not healthy for you to have that much rage against somebody who's lowering his head to Allah subhana wa Tada again, over and over. I'm not saying forgive on the day of judgment but forgiven this dunya if you're able to as much as you can let go of hatred and ill will and take it on the Day of Judgment. So one of the ways you do this more has saboteur knifes. If you allow the hatred to seep in, day in, day out, then you become obsessed with that person. When you wake up when you go to sleep when you're driving your car. You're only thinking about that person I

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wish he is destroyed out. What do you gain? What do you gain? Your life has become miserable, not the other person's Let go. Let go for the sake of Allah and you will live a pure life and Allah azza wa jal will reward you for all of that final Hadith and we conclude hadith is an urban major authentic that Abdullah Muhammad have no house said that somebody came to the process and said Yara surah Allah, which person is the best person au Nasi have been? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Could Luma Moon will call the Sudoku. Listen, everybody who has Moon will call mu is a bit of a technical advance where they actually miss clean heart math. We will call Sudoku. Listen,

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He said O Messenger of Allah, we know so do Cullison is the one who speaks the truth. But what is mumble called what is the one who has a pure heart? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said listen to this, who a ducky and Knuckey Allah the law is MFI he Walla Walla Hill, wala hassad a toughy a Nucky. He has taqwa in his heart. His heart is pure. His heart has no desire to harm somebody. His heart has no desire for vengeance. His heart has no hill. Literally it says there's no hill and we say the hill means your blood is boiling against somebody else. His heart has no limb and his heart has no jealousy. That is the person with the clean heart who is the best person the

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best person or the one who has a clean heart and a pure tongue and the proper system explained clean heart means know him and know him and no hesed So may Allah subhana wa Tada grant all of us pure hearts may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us all with ULb Salim May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all the ability the capability to live this life in a stress free life. This life is short brothers and sisters people are dying left and right we're beginning a new timeframe for many of us in this Gregorian calendar. It is the time for Maha Sabha to knifes think of the future think of the temporality of this world don't hold grudges let go for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada and live a

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life with a pure culture so don't let the day of judgment you will meet Allah with Alban set him to Zack Mala Sinha. I'm about to catch up

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