Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #318 – Muslims Believe In THESE Prophets- – Misconceptions About Islam

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the misconceptions that Christian leaders have about Muslims or Islam, including the belief that they don't believe in all prophets and that Islam is a discontinuity. They also mention the absence of the worship of the holy grail in many Christians' circles, leading to political rhetoric. The speaker encourages non-keyeways to dig deeper into the church's history.
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Probably the biggest, or one of the biggest misconceptions that Christians have, and many other people have about Muslims or Islam is that they don't realize we believe in many, if not all the prophets they do. Right? I've told lots of Christian friends that I had before I was a Muslim, that yes, we have not we, we don't just, you know, it's not optional. We have to believe in Moses, we have to believe in Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, job, you know, all of these prophets, you know, that you find in the Old Testament, yet we believe that they are prophets, and we have to believe in them.

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And that is a real head scratcher for a lot of

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a lot of Christians and people in post Christian spaces, I think because they're used to looking at Islam as something foreign.

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And so, even though Muslims understand that Islam as a continuity, and a further development of the same sort of divine communication that had been given to Jesus that had been given to Moses,

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they don't understand it that way. Or they don't realize that that's true, they kind of see it as a discontinuity as a rupture. And most people, some people don't even think that Muslims worship the same God,

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let alone believe in the same profits. So there's this kind of othering that happens, where everything that is about Islam and the Muslims just very, very foreign, different God, different prophets, different everything, and they don't really realize that

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it's actually a political issue that is behind making muslims seem very, very different. Like we always talk about the Judeo Christian tradition that makes me laugh, right? Because

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Where's where the Muslims in there? Like we belong right there with you? Because we have, if we're talking about what tradition we're talking about, we're talking about Moses talking about Abraham. Yeah, we also have that same tradition. So it's politics. You know, at the end of the day, that kind of includes two excludes one.

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And we would encourage non Muslims to, to dig a little bit deeper than the sort of political categories that are thrown at them, as that we are part of we are as much part of this tradition as you are. And we know that but maybe you don't

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