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The speakers discuss the importance of staying up late during the holy month to achieve success in Islam. They emphasize the need to showcase Islam during prayer and receive forgiveness for past mistakes. The holy month is highlighted as a significant month for Islam, with many events occurring during the time.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in early will start big Maine and we will take a pause from our regular series about 500 to the Fatiha and talk about the last 10 nights of Ramadan because it is of course the most pertinent topic. We already have the first odd night last night, and we're just beginning the remainder of the last 10 nights of this holy month. Realize My dear brothers and sisters that these last 10 nights of Ramadan are the holiest times of the year. Allah subhanho wa Taala has sworn has given us some upon these 10 Nights, while fidgety while Ayane in Asha, Allah azza wa jal swears by the budget by the dawn and by the final 10 nights

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and these are the final 10 nights while they are in Russia, and by the 10 nights and these are the 10 nights that Allah azza wa jal is getting accustomed by and I should know the Allahu Allah narrates in the famous Hadith Sahih Muslim missionaries that when the last 10 Nights came, the prophets Allah Allahu Allah he was setting them shed them Zara who was a Ottawa NEDA What are you call the Allahu? She said three things. Number one, shut them Zara who he would tighten his belt and tightening his belt as an expression, we should all understand. What does it mean, you buckled down? We said in English, right? What does it mean? You're going to buckle it down means you're gonna make

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things serious now, now is the final run. This is the end you can see it. And psychologically brothers and sisters, when you see the finish line, what happens when you see the finish line, what happens? You give it your all best, you're going to go and run, you're going to make sure you get there. That's when the enthusiasm gets the highest. That's what I said shut them at zero, he would tighten his belt meaning these are the 10 nights to do everything And subhanAllah many Muslims, they have what what it was called Ramadan burnout syndrome, that they burn out the first 10 days or the middle 10 days. And then when the last 10 nights come, they're the weakest of Ramadan. Some Muslims,

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unfortunately, are better on the first of Ramadan than they are on the 21st of Ramadan. And this really shows they don't understand no the first 10 days the first 20 days is exercise. Then when you see the finish line, that's when you give it your utmost. And the good news My dear brothers and sisters that those amongst us who were not that energetic the first 20 days now is the time we can really show our true colors. Now we can demonstrate to Allah subhana wa Tada that Insha Allah, we have righteousness in us because in the end of the day, what really matters is getting to that end of the line, what really matters. And even when you see recaps of the races and whatnot, what part

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do they show, they only show the last bit the very last bit when the runners come there, we're in that we're just beginning those 10 Nights. So I Aisha said when the 10 knights began, our profit system tightened his belt and by the way, some scholars said this is a keen eye. This is a an allusion to the fact that he abandoned worldly pleasures that might be halal on the nights of Ramadan by tightening his belt, he's abandoning those pleasures even though it is headed as you understand, but he would abandon them because he has higher goals in life. Right? So shut them at Zara who, number one, he tightened his belt. Number two, I hear the letter who he would stay awake

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the entire night. Even to me and others right? We do not know of the profit so seldom ever spending the entire night awaken everybody except the last 10 nights of Ramadan. That as a habit as a routine. He never spent the entire night in a bada except on the final 10 nights of Ramadan. So he would spend the entire night awake he would not sleep at night go to sleep after fajr so those amongst us who are able to spend the entire night awake worshiping ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala now is the time to do so. And I realized brothers and sisters that we live in times and in lands were must many of us have to go to work at 7am 8am The next morning, we cannot spend the entire night away fair

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enough for those who can take off and hamdulillah and by the way, my young brothers and sisters and by young I mean everybody that's college and below you Allah has blessed you that Ramadan is falling in the summer months Allah has blessed you that you don't have school right now and take advantage therefore of this because three years from now four years from now Ramadan will be coming to your new final exam times so thank Allah right now you don't have that. So take advantage and those amongst you who are don't have to go to school stay awake, not playing games and we and whatnot, but rather stay awake in summary, bother some vicar in some type of and I'm not saying it's haram to

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play games, of course, go ahead and take some rest as well. But there should be a solid percentage of this evening and that hamdulillah tonight we're having a program. Yes, we're having soccer go ahead and play but you're playing in between tarawih and pm. Keep that point in mind as well. Right? Yes, go ahead and have a good

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time you'll have a good breakfast you as well if you stay excellent but realize that the purpose of staying in the masjid is what? Zip Code and a bada Anttila to the Quran and yes, the body needs some rest so go and rest as well. So these 10 nights he would spend a week with a highlighter who the whole night he would spend the week in a bada indica in dua in Quran in tilava. And then the third thing was a call for Allah who he would wake his family up Subhan Allah, He would even wait awaken the women. If there were any children in the house. Those should also be awake, those who are able to pray those who are able to stand in Salah what a cover Allahu, and those sisters who are not able

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to pray because of their monthly cycle, they should still spend the night awake into an indica and doing something of benefit. Just because you cannot pray My dear sisters doesn't mean you don't do any bother. There's always drama, there's always dhikr there's always learning something new listening to an Islamic lecture, spend the night doing something that is pleasing to Allah and brothers and sisters, those amongst you who do have to go to work the next morning and you're not able to take off fair enough. But do something that you would not do for the rest of the night. spend half an hour, one hour, two hours, take advantage of an afternoon nap when you come home, go

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to sleep for an hour or two before if thought so that you can then spend the night awake as much as possible. Now you Kalevala who Neff son in law was you can't spend the whole night awake, spend 1/3 of it, one half of it 1/5 of it, spend something awake and those who can spend the night awake then Alhamdulillah this is the time to do it. So three things are Aisha said that he would tighten his belt and he would spend the night awake and he would awaken the family so not just the man of the house, the whole family should be in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala This is quality family time reading Quran doing vicar having enough Hill Salah together in the household or bringing them to the

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masjid as we have here pm as well. Also I shall narrated in the Hadith, in Sahih Muslim as well that when the last 10 Nights began the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he had he exerted himself like he never exerted in the rest of the year. So in this hadith is which is similar to the first one, but it's a different phrasing here. He never exerted himself as much as he did in these last 10 Nights. So these are the 10 Nights brothers and sisters to demonstrate to Allah subhana wa Tada. And of course, these 10 nights have been made holy, not just because they're the last 10 nights of Ramadan, but especially because there is the holiest of holy, this is the prize. This is the jewel.

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This is the crown the queen of every single night of the year. The holiest night is about to come on once upon us. And therefore this night has been couched in these 10 days, the holiest of holy has been decorated with these beautiful 10 days of Ramadan. And this holiest of holy is of course Laila to cuddle and Leila to Qatar is a Leila is a night that is so important that Allah revealed an entire Surah to tell us how important it is Surah will cover there is an entire chapter in the Quran, that is meant to indicate how important Laylat will other is and the lives of others a different topic and perhaps inshallah Huhtala we will come to that later on. But just one point

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here, and that is what does letters will other mean. What does other mean? There are many opinions very quickly for opinions. There's more than four very quickly for opinions. Number one, other means important tion through tion. So you say a person is a person of color. If he's a VIP, you'll see a person is a person of other if he's somebody of dignity. So the Leila is Elena of dignity Leila to 100 it is a night of great dignity. Number two, not the Leila but the person who worships Allah will become dignified. So Leila will cover is the night that if you worship Allah on that day, you become zoo codon. So both of these are similar in that the first opinion the night is blessing the second

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opinion the man who worships on the night is blessed by the will all of these opinions are right it's not as if one is right and the other are wrong. So all of these opinions are left to right so the night is blessed number one, number two, whoever worships on that night, Allah considers him a person of importance Zhu cada Allah raises his rank. Number three. Leila Takada can also be translated as the night of constriction, the night of narrowness, because other also means to to constrict, to not have a passage to get out. For example, Allah says in the Quran from unquote the woman who did it his co whoever sustenance dwindles. So Khedira means to to basically dwindle down

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to not have space, so later it will cover can also be the night of no space. Now, what does that mean? It means, as our scholars have said, that there is no space in the heavens in the earth for anything other than the angels. All of the angels have choked the passageways. There is no space

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As for anything else, as Allah says in the Quran, xs Zaghloul, mela Iike, all of the angels come down. And the angels are the most quantity of Allah's creation, every creation that exists, the angels are more than that. And that's why Allah says, Why am I Yeah, and then will you know the Rebecca Illa, who the number of the army of Allah, which is the angels here is something that is so massive, you cannot even imagine it. Only Allah knows the number. So the number of the angels is more than the number of everything else. And what happens later to Qatar, xs zu l Mara Iike. All of the angels without exception, they come down. So what do you think is going to happen when we

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learned from our traditions that every one of us has two angels, and there's a medical mode, and there is the mother of every mountain, and there's the angel of every raindrop and there's the angel of every tree, and there's the angel of every piece of land, there's an angel assigned to it. All of these angels are all congesting the highways above us. So it is laying that will cover it is a layer a night of constriction because all of them are here, and not just all of them are the one single angel that is so holy, and so blessings that Allah mentions him by name in the Quran. And Allah says, Whoever dares show animosity to Gibreel than I am his enemy, mankind I do want to Gibreel such

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a blessing, such a holy angel, this angel was the angel that witnessed the beginning of creation Adam Alayhis Salam, and he communicated with Nora with Ibrahim with his smile with the wood with Soloman with Musa whether isa with our Prophet system with every single prophet, he communicated, he was a friend to every prophet, he was a friend to everybody of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. This angel only comes down to communicate with the prophets and after the death of the Prophet system, there is no reason for him to come down. Yet Allah azza wa jal has blessed us on Earth, with one opportunity to be there when the angel Djibouti and himself comes down and that is laying that will cover the

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only night that later to cover when the angel Jibreel comes and the angel Jibreel by the way, so much can be said. But Allah subhanho wa Taala praises the fact that our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was allowed the opportunity to see God. Let me repeat that so that you understand, seeing God, in His original form was so magnificent and bless it and holy, that Allah mentioned it as a favor to the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam, it's a favor that I gave you a blessing that I gave you that you saw God so that the najem Nakamura, Amin Yachty Rabi Hill Cobra, he saw the magnificent eye of Allah, and the process of him said, this was Djibouti. And the Hadith mentioned this was

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Djibouti. So Allah said that seeing the angel Djibouti was the magnificent sign that was given to the process of them. And by the way, what do I mean by this? He saw God in hundreds of times, but he only saw him twice in the original form, in the form Allah created him. And that form our Prophet SAW said him said Gibreel, had 600 wings, and Gibreel could block the whole horizon. I couldn't see anything else for God said that. Everything was blocked, I couldn't see anything. Jabril is a massive Angel, a handsome Angel, a beautiful angel, an angel with 600 wings, an angel that is so large that you cannot see anything when you see Djibouti and our Prophet system saw him twice it to

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said once at the beginning of the revelation of the Quran, and the second time in Israel will Mirage and the first time he was terrified Yeah, even with death, fear is a million is a Maloney. That's that story. And then the second time he was not terrified, and that is what Allah says, Nakamura, Minaya. terribile Cobra, I go into a tangent, the point being on lay the two other what happens? This is that Angel and that's why Allah mentions him specifically, xs zileuton, Mala Iike to war row, Goofy, ha. The angels all come down, and the blessed Spirit, the Holy Spirit, that being whom the Christians called the Holy Spirit is in fact God, the Holy Spirit. Allah says we're raffia we're

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royal kudos, which is the Holy Spirit for us. This is Julian. So Julian himself comes down on this night, as one of the tab you're on the students of the Sahaba said, I seek refuge in Allah from being asleep. On the night Gibreel visits me. I seek refuge in Allah from being asleep when Jibreel comes down to this world 10 knights brothers and sisters, that's all it is. Now we're entering these nights every night of these 10 is a night of Ibadah a night of Tilawat a night of extra worship. If you're able to come to the masjid we have our PMS from two to around 345 and sore throat everyday in the masjid if you cannot come to the masjid do something at home but every one of us should do our

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best to show ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada extra efforts that we never showed throughout the rest of the year. These are the Knights of Judah niche the hub

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These are the nights of showing Allah azza wa jal that we want later to the other. And remember our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If you worship Allah on this one night woman, Alma, Laila to other believing in Allah and expecting Allah's reward, then all of your previous sins will be forgiven. One night brothers and sisters, we don't know which night it is, we do not know some scholars have said 21st Some have said 23rd Some have said 25th Some have said 27. Some have said 29. Some have said other than this, the fact of the matter brothers and sisters, it's just 10 nights when a yard in Russia just 10 nights and Wallahi if I were to promise one of you $100,000 for

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worshiping on 10 nights for spending distant nights, every one of us would be insufferable for that 100,000 Yet Allah subhana wa Tada says Laylatul Kadri Cairo men and fish out that's 83 years, 83 years a lifetime. Allah is saying one night, whatever the night is, we don't know. And yet on these nights, some of us get lazy. On these nights, we say Oh, I have this I have that. And again, let's be reasonable. You need to go to work understandable, but sacrifice as much as you can get the bare minimum sleep and the rest, do whatever you can. Perhaps tonight, perhaps tomorrow night, no doubt we emphasize on the odd nights, but we shouldn't be lazy even on the even ones. Allah knows what is

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the little other? Yes, on the odd nights a little bit extra. And if you have some days you can take off from work then take off so that you can worship on the 25th 27th and 2019 especially, these are the best days no doubt 25th 27th in particular and the 27th Yes, it is the most likely candidate no doubt about that. 27 as the most likely candidate, but we do not know for sure. And some of them are including me Tamia have said it appears that later to cover varies from every year to every year. And this to me seems to make sense that perhaps one year it is the 21st another year it is the 23rd So we try to worship Allah throughout these nights. And final point what is to be done on later to

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other later to codon is a night where we increase every action of worship. There's no new ritual that is done, we pray more. We give charity if we can we make dua we make vicar, lots of dua one of the main points of layer two other is dua. Why? Because Laylatul Qadr, I forgot to mention the fourth meeting of codon, and that is predestination SubhanAllah. And that is on this night everything is decreed. So I said first meaning is that it is the night of blessing. Second being a person is blessing. Third meaning the night of restriction or forgot the fourth and the most important meaning and that is the night of predestination. Allah announces the cuddle for the next

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year. Allah announces who will be forgiven, who will be blessed with a child who will be tested with a death what will happen so we want to be praying to Allah you know when the results of the exam are going to be announced, right imagine now on that day when the results are going to be put and posted. What is our situation? We're all making dua Oh ALLAH just make me pass Oh Allah, even though it's been done some days before the professor doesn't grade right then and there we hope he doesn't great right then and there. The professor has already graded he knows the result but the announcement time that's when you panic isn't that the case? You don't panic when he's grading

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because you don't know when he's grading? You panic when the announcements going to happen? That's when you're praying to Allah Oh Allah let me pass let me get an A right let me get there. What is it 44 In the MCAT details I don't know whatever it is right? You're making dua to Allah. Now on Leila to other Allah will announce to the angels Tada. So what should we be doing? dua to Allah because final point, our prophecies that have said, nothing changes other other than to so it is possible that our dua on later to other will avert a calamity, it is possible that our dua later the other will cause us to be forgiven. It is possible that our do our alleged other will bring about a

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blessing that if we did not make dua, we would not get that blessing. So now is the night to make dua and Isha as the Prophet says, and what should I make dua and a process and I've said Allah who made Nikka fu One, two hibel Alpha 510 Allah you are the one who loves to erase sins, so erase my sins, and and so therefore erase my sins, you will love to erase sins, you are the AFO you erase sins, you love to erase and erase all of my sins. This is the most important, but every dua that you can make of this world and the next is something we should be doing on these nights. May Allah azza wa jal allow us the opportunity to be awake and worshipping Him when the angels and especially Angel

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Jabril comes down. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the tofield and the baraka to be standing in prayer to Him on Leila to cuddle. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our Ibadat on little other May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah calls all of our previous sins to be forgiven as we pray on that night was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh